SIG SAUER Honors Britt Slabinski with Commemorative MK25 Pistol

SIG SAUER Honors Britt Slabinski with Commemorative MK25 Pistol
SIG SAUER Honors Britt Slabinski with Commemorative MK25 Pistol

NEWINGTON, N.H.-( In recognition of National Medal of Honor Day, SIG SAUER, Inc. is honored to announce the production and presentation of a commemorative MK25 pistol to Congressional Medal of Honor (CMH) recipient Command Master Chief (CMC) Britt Slabinski, and the release of a short documentary, “For Service As Set Forth: The Story of CMC Britt Slabinski, Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient.”

CMH Britt Slabinski, a U.S. Navy SEAL with the rank Command Master Chief, was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor on May 24, 2018 by President Donald Trump for his actions during the Battle of Takur Ghar in the mountains of Afghanistan. Slabinski is credited with rallying his teammates to rescue a stranded member of his team that had fallen from their helicopter after it was hit by enemy fire.

The unique distinguishing features of the commemorative MK25 pistol crafted by SIG Custom Works are:

  • MK25 Pistol: the MK25, a SIG SAUER P226, was carried by the U.S. Navy SEALs throughout the service of Command Master Chief Britt Slabinski. The slide of the commemorative pistol is finished with a high polish to indicate the ceremonial presentation of the pistol, and the frame is a matte black finish, the original standard issue finish, as a nod to the warrior. All pistol engraving is done in 24k gold;
  • Right Slide Engraving: the phrase “For Service As Set Forth,” which is the first line of the Congressional Medal of Honor Citation, and CMH Recipient Britt Slabinski;
  • Top Slide Engraving: a likeness of the Congressional Medal of Honor is engraved on a raised piece of metal recovered from the World Trade Center, and six stars representing the unit of CMH Britt Slabinski;
  • Left Side Engraving: the phrase “No Day Shall Erase You from the Memory of Time” displayed at the World Trade Center Memorial;
  • Pistol Grips: traditional presentation custom grips made of American Black Walnut. The right grip features the Red Unit Medallion, CMC Britt Slabiniski’s SEAL Team, and the left grip features the SEAL Trident.

Additionally, SIG SAUER is honored to release the video feature, “For Service As Set Forth: The Story of CMC Britt Slabinski, Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient,” to honor CMH Britt Slabinski’s service to our country. This is an in-depth look at CMH Britt Slabinski’s service, and the features of the commemorative MK25 pistol including interviews with CMH Britt “Slab” Slabinski, Retired CMC Steve “Mato” Matulewicz, Ron Cohen, President and CEO, SIG SAUER, Inc., Tim Butler of SIG Custom Works, and retired New York City Police Officer Frank Pinto.

On National Medal of Honor Day on March 25th, and every day, we honor those whom have served and sacrificed for the United States of America in the defense of freedom.

The commemorative MK25 was previously presented to CMH Britt Slabinski in a private ceremony at SIG SAUER Headquarters in Newington, New Hampshire by Cohen, Matulewicz, and Butler.


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  • 7 thoughts on “SIG SAUER Honors Britt Slabinski with Commemorative MK25 Pistol

    1. Outstanding!! Any CMH awarded service member should be praised. Thanks for looking out!!

      Does SIG plan to make USMC versio pistol?

    2. Thank You Sig Sauer for your tribute to this Hero. It appears that to mater what is written, or how it is presented, someone will try to find some fault. I wish I had one in Viet Nam.
      USMC Ret.

    3. Respect and gratitude to CMH Brett Slabinki.

      Not to minimize the story with regard to paying homage to a true hero, but certain other parts of the video seemed to me to be a thinly veiled PR project. Sig Sauer is in some hot water for illegal activity pertaining to their redirecting shipments to prohibited countries.

      I just think that if Sig’s motivation were to solely honor CMH Slabinski, they would have left out any and all aspects that spoke to Sig history, their 30 year run supplying MK pistols to the Seals, etc.

      I am glad that this brave hero is being honored, however, I just find myself questioning Sig’s ulterior motivation.

      1. MAGA,
        I too respect and am grateful to CMH Slabinki. Your complaint, however, shows what many of us know, and what makes us ready to move forward, leaving behind capitalism, which is the real reason Brett Slabinki was in Afghanistan and the reason for all of these wars and the mass slaughter. Disparaging Sig Sauer for promoting itself when you believe it was in bad taste reflects a first foot forward. I hope you’ll thoughtfully consider this. There’s got to be a better economic system out there than that which the 1% has compelled all of us to engage.

        1. Dear iota-

          There are bad actors in all types of economic systems- Capitalism has taken people out of poverty more than any other. The fact it sometimes is used by bad people to do bad things doesn’t make it inherently bad. It is the engine that created this country and central to the core of the American Dream- that which is sought after worldwide- by people from “better economic systems”

          Don’t like capitalism? Fine- there are a host of other countries willing to take you in- perhaps Venezuela. When you go, please don’t forget to take Ball-less Cuck Bernie and the Human Tater Tot “AOC” with you.

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