Talking Out Both Sides of Your Ass

Art by Michael Ramirez

Democrats On Voters Immature, Ignorant and Illegal
Talking Out Both Sides of Your Ass

USA –-( Talking Out Both Sides of Your Ass, err I mean Mouth.

Democrat's agenda in painfully clear, they want to load eligible voting ranks with the three “i”s, Immature, Ignorant and Ilegal, as it is the only way they can guarantee a win.

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Two-time Pulitzer Prize winner, Michael Ramirez, combines an encyclopedic knowledge of the news with a captivating drawing style to create consistently outstanding editorial cartoons on Ammoland Shooting Sports News.

“An editorial cartoon is not just a funny picture,” says internationally known editorial cartoonist Michael Ramirez. “It is a powerful instrument of journalism, sometimes sharp and refined, its message cutting quickly to the point, and other times, blunt and overpowering, seizing the readers' attention with its dark imagery.”

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  • 13 thoughts on “Talking Out Both Sides of Your Ass

    1. The Mueller (waste of money) Report vindicates the president, today. Nancy Pelosi said that trying to impeach the president was not worth the effort, last week. Did she get a sneak peak or know all along that the whole thing was a hoax?
      Now that it is over, shouldn’t we be reexamining how this farce got started? Special counsel investigations can only be based upon allegation of a crime, but collusion is only a SEC violation. The FISA court put out a 99 page report detailing how they were deceived. Who is being indicted for that? At least twelve people at FBI and main Justice are known to have been in on the attempt to prevent Trump from being president, and the later attempt to get rid of the president. Who is under arrest for that?
      Twenty-five million dollars paid to 17 rabid, libtard, democrat contributors over a two year period. Where is that audit?

      1. Libtards play their political game; because they can, not because it’s the right thing to do..
        I think you’re correct about Pelosi backing off. It’s just another “save face” lie, being used for political posturing.
        She didn’t stop the Trump assault when she made the “not worth it” statement!
        They’re all wolves, lining up to get the Mueller report first, so they can spin it against Trump, to hide their improprieties…

      2. @ Wild Bill Damage control that is the program for today because we wasted two years and all that money you mentioned. Now we have to look like we did our job. There is a lot of talk on Hannity of getting closer to the perps and talk about doing something them. I’m not convinced this will ever happen. They already have enough on some of them that they could have locked them up, including hilary. It appears the two level justice system is working full time.

          1. @ WB,
            It is sounding like it, I hope they will do more than talk..
            The call for justice is out on the Obama and Hilary camps for starting it all.
            The Libtards in office need to face a day of reckoning as well!
            ..They should be looking for high crimes and misdemeanors in their own mirrors!

    2. The biggest thing that the Demo-Rats don’t want is voter ID’s, Almost every place of business requires some form of ID when making purchases, bank transactions, or credit card uses with another form of ID, so why is so against the Demo-Rats being able to back up your ID, to vote? I have heard every excuse in the book because it is so hard to get, right most states have ways to get ID’s to people who don’t drive the ID”s free of charge and also when it comes time to vote most are provided with transportation also, this is all on the Demo-Rats agenda to disrupt the election balance, and unverified voters, illegals, and whoever they can stuff the ballot boxes!!!!! Also a suggestion do away with the electronic machines and go back to full paper votes as it has been proven that the machines are prone to hacking, also if you can’t read the forms you shouldn’t be voting!!!!!!

    3. Face it, we all need to vote, get new voters on the rolls that share the same political views, stop mail in votes, stop forciblly enrolling people at dmv that dont want to vote, have a law that requires identification to vote and more than anything, a national voters day off so we all have the time to vote but for those who cant make it for physical reasons they can mail in thier ballot. Dr. proof required.

      1. @ musicman I was with you up to your last sentence. A mail in vote can be done by anyone and everyone. That only opens the easiest way to forge a vote. Early voting is ok as long as it is in person so the worker can match the face to the ID. Military and over seas could be handled on the base with the results sent by the leaders or designated people. All that would tighten things up and make the vote more legitimate.

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