This Wednesday on Shooting USA – The SCTP Nationals

SCTP Nationals
SCTP Nationals

Nashville, TN -( It’s time for a personal best at the Scholastic Clay Target Nationals in Ohio, with thousands of youngsters participating in the most successful youth shooting program of all time.

Plus, Hand building 1911s the old way at Les Baer Custom. It’s the same process developed by pistol smiths in the 1930s, still used to create exceptionally accurate handguns.

Then, John and John Paul of JP Enterprises begin a rifle build-up for accuracy.

And Colt Pro Shooter, Maggie Reese has a rifle Pro Tip on Grip and Stance for fast transitions. More Info…

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We’re pleased to welcome New Show Sponsors to Shooting USA:

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All are helping present the longest running Sports Shooting Show in Firearms History. Shop their solutions that will improve your sport and your personal defense.


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About Shooting USA:

Shooting USA

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