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USA –-( Trumps: Winfinity War.

President Trump has made progress cleaning the swamp of traitors, but there is still much work to be done. Trump – Pence – MAGA 2020.

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  • 36 thoughts on “Trumps: Winfinity War ~ VIDEO

    1. Do the research. I voted for this President, but something changed when he had his first meeting and shook hands with President Putin at the first G20 Summit meeting, on July 16, 2018, in Helsinki, Finland… please do not be fooled. this president is compromised by the Zionists,too. he is following the NATO,Neocon garbage. he said he would work with Russia to fight ISIS…He is doing the opposite. Same on his largest voter base, the 2nd Amendment folks…he validated the RED FLAG LAWS that are disarming the people who voted for him. he is following the geopolitics that George Soros instituted in 2014 in Ukraine by supporting Petro Oleksiyovych Poroshenko the fifth and current puppet President of Ukraine, in office since 2014… now keeping us in NATO acting aggressively in Russia’s backyard.. starting a reopening of the arms Race, following the LIES of the EU controlled UK…. WAKE UP HAVE YOU HEARD THIS president PRAY in Jesus name? Why did he sign quietly and support the Noahide law? President Trump turned his back on 5 million legal gun owners and NO ONE IS FIXING the voter fraud, so tell me how is he going to win I really CAN NOT SEE IT.
      Vice President Pence asking Germany to invade Russian waters, Pence Asked Merkel to Provoke Russia by Sending Warships to Crimea, shows HOW BAD AMERICA IS FALLING. it is really sickening. Interesting that Petro Oleksiyovych Poroshenko allows NAZI symbolism on his military equipment.

      1. @David Pistorius

        Dava Golino has been caught making racist anti-semetic comments here on ammoland before. So lets go ahead and define what he is crying about.

        Zionist~ Noun
        “A supporter of Zionism; a person who believes in the development and protection of a Jewish nation in what is now Israel.”

        As someone who was raised in a Christian household and is fairly studied when it comes to the scriptures I will go ahead and say that I guess I qualify as a “Zionist” by that definition. A people who have been persecuted more than any other throughout history, over a period of ten millennia, who several nations and empires have tried to exterminate, I DO BELIEVE they have a right to their own country. Interesting, I think it was the Nazi’s who last tried this on a global level openly(Many Islamic nations want it, but have not openly tried it… yet)

        Factual point on your Russia Claim… Russia is not there just to “Fight ISIS”, they are also there to attack the Kurds and non-ISIS rebels in an attempt to back Assad because they want access to the Mediterranean which they currently have only if turkey gives them permission. This was a weak point for them historically, as the USSR had to operate their Atlantic Navy out of the North Sea via the Baltic, or the Barents Sea which is north of the Artic Circle and not always safe to travel year round due to the weather. It would also give them control over a fuel pipeline to Europe.

        Russia is not a good player in this, it is a villain. Russia invaded the Crimean peninsula unjustly, as they are doing in the Ukrain. Some of us here actually study history and can call you on your BS. And Dava, sorry but your racism towards the Jewish people is not welcome here either. You mention Jesus by name, but you show you don’t know him. Funny how Putin is acting just like Hitler did just before he invaded Poland. It seems you are searching for a Chamberlain

        1. @ Revelatory….You might want to read Rev. 2:9 and Rev. 3:9. It is well known amongst people who study this stuff, that “all Zionists are not Jews, and all Jews are not Zionists”. You can check out what the Anti-Zionist rabbis of Neturei Karta have to say about Zionism being a heresy to any Torah True follower of the Hebrew religion. They number in the thousands but get very little press because the Zionist Khazarian Mafia owns the Press, the Education System, and much of the US Giverment at this time. They own the printing presses at the Federal Reserve, so they can print up as many pallets of $100 bills as it takes to buy all the crooked TRAITORS off. And they have been doing exactly that since 1913.
          And please notice that I said “Khazarian Mafia” because it is a fact that 90% of those who call themselves “Jews” these days are in fact “Eastern European AshkeNAZI Khazars”. That means they have zilch Semitic blood in their veins, and they are not descended from Abraham. Therefore, their claim that “God gave the Holy Land To Us” is totally invalid. If you believe the Bible, God gave that piece of Real Estate to Abraham and his children, and he had 2, Isaac and Ishmael. Abraham was going to anoint Ishmael as the boss on his deathbed, but the mother of Isaac put a hairy animal skin on the arm of her Isaac, and blind dying Abraham annointed Isaac, through the deception of the mother. It sure is a shame that Hagee didn’t tell you all this, but what can you expect from a fat pig false prophet these days. There are lots of them around now, in these last days, as they say. And as far as the story of the Nazis persecuting the Khazars, it was only the Zionist ones he put in camps. You see, in 1933 it was in all the world newspapers, in all giant fonts at the top of the papers, “JUDES DECLARES WAR ON GERMANY”. So, Just like we put the Japs in camps, so did they. Especially after the multiple assassan attempts the Zionists tried against Hitler. But not all the Khazars in Germany were Zionists. Those false prophets forget to tell you about the 150,000 Ashkenazi Khazars that Hitler had working for him in his Wehrmacht. “Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers” by Riggs is a recent book that documents many Jews who spent the war in German uniforms. Google it up and order it at your local library. It’s for real, unlike the BS we have been fed by the Holohaux Industry. And keep in mind that it was the Zionist Jews in Switzerland who were the recipients of so much of that gold from the teeth of people who died of Typhus and Dysentery toward the end of the war. And their famous motto amongst themselves was “The More Blood The More Reparations”. Even back then, before the war ended, they had the Holohaux all planned out. Because they did the same thing after WW1, but not on the same scale. But all the newspapers screamed “Six Million Jews Dead” after WW1, because they owned those newspapers. I hate to tell you this, but if you believe that BS story, then you have been had by the biggest shysters, the most shameless lyres, that this world has ever seen. They are experts at always being the victim, who is only trying to pray in the desert, but someone is always picking on them. WHAT HORSESH*T. And where do you think all those Ashke-NAZI Jews went after WW2 ? That right, over to Palestine where they bombed Israel into existence. And do you know what the King David Hotel and the WTC Complex have in common ?
          The answer is that they were all blown up by psychotic Khazars dressed up as Arabs. Have a good day and don’t let your Cognitive Dissonance give you a headache.

          1. @The Holy Crow

            Speaking of Dissonance, thank you. You just admitted you find Hitler and Goebbels trustworthy. You kind of made my point for me.

            You see, I love when people who think they are smart try to offer up single line scriptural quotes, but in the process demonstrate their stupidity. The act of quoting one little line in the hopes it is a “Gotcha!” moment never ceases to amaze me.

            You see, the verses you are quoting have a little more going on behind them. They are not just to jews, but CHRISTIAN churches… Chapters 2 and 3 mention 7 of them directly, and speak of true Christians as opposed to people professing to be Christians. I’ll cite Jesus on this shortly after providing more context for revelations.

            Revelations 2: 8-11
            “8 “To the angel of the church in Smyrna write:
            These are the words of him who is the First and the Last, who died and came to life again. 9 I know your afflictions and your poverty—yet you are rich! I know about the slander of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan. 10 Do not be afraid of what you are about to suffer. I tell you, the devil will put some of you in prison to test you, and you will suffer persecution for ten days. Be faithful, even to the point of death, and I will give you life as your victor’s crown.
            11 Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the churches. The one who is victorious will not be hurt at all by the second death.”

            Jew here is in reference to the jewish practice of circumcision, or the original covenant made with the Hebrews after they came into the land of Judah, mentioned in 2nd Kings. Now, you referenced Abraham, who predated Jews by quite a bit. Why is this important? Abraham was a Descendent of Shem, through Terah, and from Shem is where the term Semite or Semetic comes from. These are the ancient Hebrews, or pure bloods. Now they also intermingled with other people, such as Midians and Egytians. Now, God also destroyed the twelve tribes, the kingdoms Israel and Judah (the Kingdoms of the Hebrews), using the Assyrian and Babylonian empires to scatter them throughout the known world for the first time. Other points in history where they were reconquered after becoming independent again led to more dispersion and “watering down of blood”, or your claim of Semitic blood as it were. Over and over this repeats through history, not just to current day, but even by the time of Jesus who technically was Aramaic(Northern Judeans who had mixed blood heritage of Judean, Arabic, and Phonecian/Greek) but still considered to be Jewish by heritage and not outcast like the Samaritan peoples who descended from ancient Israel and therefore also from the 12 tribes. This contrasts with the lineage of Simon Peter and Paul/Saul, who were “Hellenized Jews”, and considered Roman, also being citizens of Rome which interestingly enough is why both traveled to Rome to stand trial and execution for their Christian faith.

            Properly understanding this dissemination is important especially concerning the book of revelations, or Neturei Karta since you brought them up. You see I am very familiar with Ezekiel chapter 37 and the prophecy of the reformation of Israel(as in the descendants, not the kingdom). Key to that prophecy is the fact that Jews still residing in Jerusalem are not mentioned, but it specifically mentions the pulling together of the “Jewish people” from the four corners of the earth. Since you so kindly chose to provide the passages for us, this brings us, finally, back to Revelations. Chapter 2 references people who were Jewish but broke God’s commandments, thus invalidating their jewish status (See Jesus Scripture A and B). As each of the seven churches is named there are those who are called to repent, those who are called to reaffirm their faith, and then those listed as false teachers within because of practices they are holding or teachings they merely tolerate.

            False Teaching.. That’s something that is talked of at length in the new testament, and warned expressly against. So can you explain to me why you were quoting Revelations 3:9 to support Neturei Karta (living in Jerusalem since ancient times), when the actual scripture is talking about the church in Philadelphia, one of the seven Galatian churches set up by Paul. GENTILE churches.

            But there is that whole matter of Jew and Gentile being alike under Christianity, so no biggie right? I mean that whole incident with peter receiving a vision of three after his denial to teach him to accept gentiles, or Paul rebuking him in front of the church when he failed to follow his own teachings on that message… Again, those who truly practice, and those who don’t. Not what blood is in who’s body.

            Then again, you already acknowledged that. You brought up the issue of non practicing individuals who happen to be descended from Jewish lineage. People like George Soros, who is an admitted ATHEIST.. Hmmm Non practicing again, not keeping the commandments(Again, foot notes A and B).

            I am also familiar with what happened during World War 1 and after. The Russians, wow look, Russia/USSR as villains again, issuing pogroms(genocides) against the Jews. But did it start in WW1? No, maybe if you knew history as well as you are pretending you would go back to 1881 for Russia, and all the way up through the 1970s.

            Now, I do not know what you are trying to claim to be, but I know what you are not. You allude to a “Jewish Mafia” running the US Government, Media, and banks. You also use the term Ashkenazi. This also comes particularly from Russia, as they were Jewish settlers who moved into the Holy Roman Empire fleeing persecution in Byzantium shortly after 1000AD, and from there migrated up into Russia when they found persecution in Europe under the Catholic church. So we have a more commonly used Russian name for jews, denial of the persecution of jews in Russia both before and after WW1, denial of the Holocaust under the NAZI(short for National Socialism, National Socialist German Workers Party proper), hey looks like someone is trying to pull a fast on alluding the names are similar.. One minor little problem with that. Bad Arolsen, Germany. You see, in NAZI Germany, you had to cross every T and dot every I, or you risked getting shot by the Gestapo, so they were very adept at record keeping and not just precision engineering. It is documentation as well as the survivors and even the soldiers who carried it out that proved the Holocaust of WW2. Then there is the little bit of dissonance in your timeline, we “put the japs in camps” in 42 but you acknowledge the Nazi’s started persecuting the jews in 1933 because of it? And yes, I do know the two historical factors Hitler used as the actual excuses for the holocaust which is why I’m mocking you with that last sentence, it was the Ottoman Empire’s genocide of the Armenians and Russia’s Holodomor in Ukraine.

            But wait, you stated in your comment you trust Hitler and Goebbels as upstanding individuals telling the truth, “And you can google that” is what you said I believe. So what we have is a Holocaust Denier who fears a world wide conspiracy that smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels from New York are trying to overthrow the world so Islam looks bad because the bagels pretend to be arabs. Plain Translation, You’re a retard.

            Some of us here actually have a grasp on history, scripture, and most importantly Reality. How’s that for Cognnitive Dissonance.

        1. Wait Jeffrey! Didn’t you tell him, Kool-Aid is Jewish, started by the Kraft food company, which was started by Robert Kenneth Kraft, son of a lay leader at Congregation Kehillath Israel, a traditional Jewish synagogue!

          Dava Golino has been drinking Jew Juice for years and never knew it. All is lost! ALL IS LOST!

          Whether it is the flat out racist Golino, or the nutcase Holy Crow who now thinks he can demand when or how God decides to reform the nation Israel, or who can have membership. Apparently one whiff of a delicatessen is enough to set their psycho conspiracy overdrives into high gear.

    2. Trump did not pass any Red Flag statutes; ban any gun parts; or increase work visas. Bill Barr is still an unknown quantity. The foreign aid might be a good investment.
      We don’t know yet. It was Pelosi and Schumer that impeded fence funding. Trump is still coming up with funding and working on the WALL not fence, only Dems call it a fence.
      It takes time to get out of debt … ask any experience person.
      Oil production is up. America is a net exporter of oil.
      Trump is not perfect, but is better for the American people, than any democrat national socialist that you can name.

    3. Another extremely violent video that our POTUS endorses as he is a vile and violent person. His history during his campaign undoubtably supports. At one of his campaign speeches he said: “If you do (hurt him), I’ll defend you in court, don’t worry about it”. Expect to see more such despicable actions by this man as 2020 nears. I continue to distance myself from those who support such violence. We should be a country as one, not embattling each other.

        1. @DIF, As I recall, we hired Trump because he was not a smoothly polished politician. It is the politicians and judges that have forged one link at a time in the chains of slavery, over the past two hundred years, not vile real-estate developers.

      1. Howl …are you doing GWD?

        I don’t believe Trump created, or endorses this ‘fake video’ of himself, that you’re protesting as “violent”.
        Why don’t you protest the fake news in the main stream media as VIOLENT?
        Did you know YOUR elected leaders Abort/Murder unborn/Newborn babies?
        That is VIOLENT. If you would take the correction!

        You missed your chance to distance your self from Conservatives a couple years ago too….
        I believe that Long Black Train has left the station already…
        Would you please ask your Libtard friends in DC, for another ticket to get on board WITH THEM?

        Thanks so much for getting on down the road.. we do appreciate it!

      2. This is sarcasm, right? Please say you’re not serious. That video was honkin’ awesome! You call for unity—then join us. We are America. Simply put, anything else is NOT.

        1. @ChiptheBarber

          No, Green Watch Dog is a full blown Lying, hypocritical, Gun Control supporter from the Wackadoo fringe. He is quite serious. He pulled the same nonsense on the other GeekzTeam video they ran here.

          He is well known to most of the Long Haulers and Old Timers here, including Vanns40(if you get a chance to talk to this guy he’s great), Wild Bill, tomcat, and myself. So here is what you need to know.

          He claims to be Pro 2A but supports almost all of the radical left Gun Control agenda including
          1. Red Flag confiscation orders
          2. private sales bans (Universal/enhanced Background checks)
          3. National Registration
          4. National licensing schemes(meaning no possession without a permission slip)
          5. “Safe Storage” regulations (firearms in the home must be renedered inoperable or locked up)

          and has mentioned support for these as well in passing
          1. Magazine capacity restrictions
          2. “Assault Weapons” bans

          When it has been pointed out that his ideas violate the Constitution and the Bill of Rights he stated, and I quote….. “The Constitution means nothing to me”

          He has also tried to quot The Brady Campaign(Formally Handgun Inc, and the group responsible for the 1994 ban) as a reputable authority on “reasonable Gun Safety”

          He’s as evil and vile as they come, plain and simple. Do not trust him, don’t welcome him into your home, if he asks for your daughter’s hand in marriage file a restraining order against him. Steer well clear.. He’s a villain and enemy of the Constitution.

          1. The revelator,
            I do not lie. Not true my friend! The Constitution means my freedom. I am grateful to live in this country as well as you!
            Yes— I, The Green Byte Watch Dog, support ERPOs. I will protect my family as well as yours by splintering in the front door, and digging my knee deep deep into the shoulder blades of perps who attempt to harm others. Even if it happens to be a frail old woman, man or alien. For the other subjects, you are bending what else I have written in the Land of Ammo Land up to 180 degrees.

            1. @ The Green byte Dog
              You accused Rev of turning your comments 180 degrees. You must not be cognizant of what you write here. If you push this I’m sure Rev could bring up your comments and show you. You are so far off to the left you never see the sun, and we all know it. Many here have taken pot shots at you for your stands on Constitutional and 2A subjects. Give it up, you are singled out.

            2. @The Green Watch Dog
              Pay attention you’re about to get royally spanked… Publicly.

              Stating “You Do Not Lie” is a lie in and of itself because, Yes, you have lied. You are a habitual liar. Lets go back over your biggest lie.

              “I, Green Watch Dog, am Pro 2A” Now why is this a lie? Because as you admit in your reply, you support unconstitutional Infringements on the Second Amendment, namely ERPO’s or red flag confiscation orders which violate

              1. The 2nd Amendment (Keep and Bear Arms)
              2. The 4th Amendment (Security of personal belongings against seizure)
              3. The 5th Amendment (Right to know your accuser, and due process)
              4. The 6th Amendment (Right to act in your own defense, and have your case heard promptly)
              5. The 7th Amendment (Right to trial by jury)
              6. The 8th Amendment (No Excessive punishments~IE losing your rights without committing a crime)
              7. The 9th Amendment (Individual rights may not be infringed upon just because they are not listed in exact detail at any level of Government)

              Now, that is what the constitution says. Having pointed that out to you yet again I may now point out your other lie you made in your reply.
              “You are bending what else I have written on Ammoland.”

              There is no bending or twisting. I took exactly what you have said previously and highlighted it, then contrast it to most of the other things you have said. I also kept track of when you would lose arguments and disappear from an article, only to show up on a different article a few days later trying to push the same idea you lost an argument with days before, I.E. pushing a lie..

              You want to talk about the constitution? LMAOROTF Do you remember your response to Wild Bill after he and I got on your case about how Red Flag laws(ERPOs) violate the constitution on January 7th, 2019 at 9:33PM Eastern time? I DO… And I Quote….

              Green Watch Dog
              Jan 7th 2019 @ 9:33PM -5GMT EST
              “My allegiance to Christ trumps my allegiance to this country and its founding documents.”

              You Were quoting a journal at the time as your reply to a constitutional argument made by Wild Bill and Myself. It was at this time that you lost the first of the two scriptural arguments you tried to engage me in. I can only call them arguments loosely however because once I started citing scripture you ran away with your tail between your legs both times because you had no way to refute it. If you tried, you would have been denying the bible which would have only highlighted even more that your idea of Christianity is not what Jesus preached, but your own opinion which you want to use Christianity as an excuse to implement and silence others who try to point out facts showing your lies and hypocrisy.

              Would you like both scriptural arguments reposted here? I can do so as soon as I see your reply if you ask. I have both saved and ready to go. 🙂 🙂 🙂
              (Yes Tomcat, I can and have cited his own comments against him and do so gladly.)

              You are a habitual LIAR, a hypocrite, a panty-waisted coward who knows zilch about the Constitution. We know you for exactly what you are, and the name Green Watch Dog is always going to be associated as the name of a lying Cur that is of no redeeming value here on ammoland.

              So you try and splinter my door if you want. I’d wager a hundred bucks here that if my door is ever splintered it wont be you coming through because you know exactly what I will do to anyone breaking down my door. Nobody else here out of the old-timers who have been here for years would take that bet even as “Even Money”. But that’s the difference between the old timers here, We don’t threaten to go out and Harm people, while you on the other hand make a habit out of stating your desire to make sure it happens to those who have told you to take your opinions and shove them up your sphincter, and you have stated you want ERPO’s in place to do it even describing your position as being “At war” with those of us who are Constitutionalists and wont comply with your nonsense.

    4. So “winning” is supporting Trump who:
      1) Wants to destroy Bill of Rights 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th Amendments with red flag laws?
      2) appointed anti-gun attorney general William Barr?
      3) banned bump stocks illegally?
      4) approved almost a trillion dollars in foreign aid but can’t find 5.7 billion for a fence and now says he never meant a wall?
      5) said he would zero out the debt but we are at 23 trillion in debt?
      6) who said that he would end Obama care?
      7) who said he would get US oil production up with dealing and end foreign dependence on oil but ensured that Arabs’ oil business is safe?
      8) who now says we need more foreign workers?

      1. @BB, Business is up. Employment is down. Taxes are down. Trump has done more good for the American people than the last ten presidents. So just dry up, Baba Yaga.

          1. @Bill N, Yep, I did mean unemployment, and thank you for making the correction.
            @OM, If we can just get the Libtard party to declare armed rebellion first. Then we can use the DOD logistical tail and “help restore order”! Nothing better than a good ambush.

        1. @Wild Bill

          Donald Trump is by no means a friend either, please remember his current and past actions on Anti Second Amendment issues.

          1. The Bumpstock Ban he ordered personally(And unconstitutionally)
          2. “I say we take the Guns first, then worry about Due Process”

          Have you seen Senate Bill 7, or heard what Lindsay Graham has said about it? He has scheduled a hearing for it March 26th, and this was just last week.

          “Graham, who has become a close ally of the president, said that he and Trump had discussed the matter. He noted that there was “a lot of common ground” on aspects of the proposal.”

          This is the Red Flag bill that Rubio initiated, and according to the bill “Allows Government to confiscate firearms with no recourse for up to one year”.

          So someone asked me last Friday at work when I told them about it, and this was my reply.

          “Donald Trump has kept his campaign promises, to be sure. He promised us that we would get so sick and tired of winning we wouldn’t know what to do. This is true, he has had nothing but victories. Sometimes for those who voted for him, sometimes for the Democrat party/socialist left, and on some level everyone is sick and tired of that.” ~The Revelator

          1. @ REV

            I looked at the yahoo article you posted the link for.
            It doesn’t say what kind of common ground Graham and Trump share…

            The article also goes as far as saying that if SB-7 were to pass the legislature, Trump has vowed to veto it!
            Graham may be name dropping for political gain?

            Take a look at this section of the article:

            “Graham, who has become a close ally of the president, said that he and Trump had discussed the matter. He noted that there was “a lot of common ground” on aspects of the proposal.

            The hearing has not yet appeared on the committee’s public schedule and the senator did not say who may be called as a witness.

            But holding a hearing on gun control is nonetheless a remarkable development in the GOP-dominated Senate, whose Republican majority has historically opposed any new regulation on gun ownership.

            In February, the House of Representatives held its first hearing on gun control in eight years, and passed the first significant legislation on the matter in more than two decades. Democrats secured control of the House in January.

            The legislation would strengthen existing background check requirements for gun sales and transfers. The NRA blasted the bill as ” extreme ,” and Trump vowed to veto it if it passed the Senate, which appears unlikely.”

            I did go ahead and ask Trump for his answer on the matter, when I filed the survey from his GOP site earlier…

            Let’s keep our fingers crossed, hope for the best.. And keep our eyes open at the same time!

            1. @Wild Bill and Walter Goddard

              What trump stated he would Veto was the House bill, not the Senate bill

              Please remember, it hasn’t been bad advice given to him. The incident where he jumped in and said “Take the Guns First” was one of his spur of the moment decisions made in a press conference.

              We also have the video of him publicly owning that he himself “Ordered through executive action” the formation of a ban on bumpstocks. I can show the video again, its not someone else saying it for him, its his own lips moving and speaking the words.


              Go to the 2:55 minute mark. You will hear him mention the unconstitutional action he took on bumpstocks AND “Common Sense Security Measures” referencing Red Flag laws.

              As far as the NRA “Blasting it”, I still have the video of Chris Cox saying the NRA is behind9supporting) Red Flag laws.

              Anytime the nonsense of dismissing his actions as “Bad Advice” or worse, idiots claiming “He’s playing 4 dimensional chess against the left! Its part of a grand plan!” you guys should be hotfooting it for the hills. He has got to be raked over the coals and held accountable for every thing he says and be made to know he will be punished by losing support in 2020. When it comes down to a full blown civil war or revolution because of the governments violation of the bill of rights and attempt to implement socialism, I would rather see a villain in the white house who we know everyone on the center to the right will unite against than a clown who will split the right just because he claims to be a republican.

              Yes the house hearings were the Democrat looneys we expected, the Senate bill is from the GOP.. Don’t forget that. Again, please please remember that Chuck Schumer will vote for a small bite now. Who can we count on in the senate? Cruz probably, Mike Lee and Rand, and Ben Sasse. Those are the only ones I can say for sure will absolutely stand their ground. We know Collins, Cornyn, McConnel, Graham, and Rubio wont. They will dive headlong into it and side with the left to trash the constitution Gang-of-Ocho 2.0 style.

          2. @Rev, Yeah, Trump gets plenty of bad advise. Most disappointing, too. I think Trump has read less of the Constitution than the green rat fink. I guess that is what a guy gets for hiring a real-estate developer to be the manager in chief. But he is better than the professional politicians, and I am hopeful that the BATFE will be found to have overreached its power.

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