Walk The Talk America (WTTA) Partners with Eagle Imports

Walk The Talk America Partners with Eagle Imports to promote mental health awareness with conscientious flyer.

Walk The Talk America flyer to be inserted in every new Bersa, Metro Arms or Avidity Arms firearm starting in late March 2019.
Walk The Talk America flyer to be inserted in every new Bersa, Metro Arms or Avidity Arms firearm starting in late March 2019.

USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- The current climate in discussions concerning gun violence and suicide by firearm in the United States tends to revolve around two subjects with one glaring stigma: the negative perceptions of the gun industry and mental illness.

What if a healthy dialogue can be forged between these two subjects? Can some concrete steps be taken in a positive direction so that we can “walk the talk” and bridge the gap between them?

Walk the Talk America (WTTA), a non-profit initiative supported by firearms importer, Eagle Imports, Inc., believes that yes, the steps can be taken to make this possible.

“We are the first organization opening the dialogue between the firearms industry and the mental health community,” said Michael Sodini, owner of Eagle Imports, Inc. and Founder of WTTA.

WTTA is taking the initiative to foster relationships with firearms companies that are willing to not only support and spread awareness when it comes to mental health, but to also take action.

Working with Eagle Imports, Inc., WTTA is pleased to announce its Mental Health Flyer Program. Every purchase a new Bersa, Metro Arms, or Avidity Arms firearm comes with a flyer that provides a link to a free and anonymous mental health screening (wtta.org/love) from Mental Health America. WTTA’s goal is to have such a flyer, providing free awareness and support, included with all purchases of a firearm within the next two years.

Boxes will start shipping in late March or early April 2019, and in a single year, over 50,000 flyers will be distributed.

“Our future plans and policies are not only going to change the current culture and evolve awareness, but it will also save precious lives. Let’s work together to give the world a little more love and understanding. Let’s walk the talk together,” said Michael Sodini.

Screenings at WTTA.org/love allow individuals gain a deeper literacy regarding their present conditions and/or symptoms. By gaining a new understanding, the screenings can provide the ability to: recognize improvements at earlier stages, become aware of warning signs that preclude a relapse, and learn more about self-management.

Michael Sodini is working to increase as much awareness as possible about Walk the Talk America and the initiative’s big-picture mission. Currently, WTTA is proud to have the support of industry leaders such as the National Shooting Sports Foundation, Armscor, Gunvault, Renzulli Law Firm, Laura Burgess Marketing, Davidson’s, and Lipsey’s.

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Walk The Talk AmericaAbout Walk the Talk America

Our mission is to fund research and development for outreach and promotion of mental health to reduce the misconceptions and prejudices that exist when it comes to mental illness and firearms. We believe we can be a catalyst for change by working with experts in the mental health industry. www.walkthetalkamerica.org





  • 4 thoughts on “Walk The Talk America (WTTA) Partners with Eagle Imports

    1. I don’t see any .gov or HHS here. I do see anonymous, however. It says screening, not visit a shrink. This is done by a gun manufacturer, not likely they’d want to drain their own pond. What I do see here (in the replies) is a little paranoia, itself a mental health issue. My only problem with this idea is that it is relegated to gun purchases. It would be nice to see fliers distributed to schools, maybe printed on bags in grocery stores. Get the word out to everyone who may benefit from an anonymous discussion of their psyche. Maybe someone could or would get help.

    2. With the combination of the A C L U and the Demo-Rat Party, this it really going to be like wizzing in the ocean and waiting for it to rise! The A C L U went and fought for the rights for those in state run institutions years ago, so most were closed because of no funding, now to get someone checked for a problem it takes so much time, most are carrying out something hostile long before they can get help! The Demo-Rat Party is pushing the Red Flag Laws in all states to try to justify taking guns by just saying somebody has a problem with no due process to existing laws, if anything these Red Flag Laws should be taken to a standard to pointing out that the Demo-Rats should have those laws used against them as they are a threat to themselves and other people on a larger threat to the general public then anyone trying to get help themselves, they want these laws, lets use them to the fullest extent, just drop a dime on them that’s all it takes to use that law against us!!!!!!!

    3. While, this all seems like a good thing, … to mediate between the Government, Society, and Counsel/Gun owners, but what’s to stop it from being used as aTrojan Horse? .. An anti-Patriot law.
      One in which the Psychologist, or Psychiatrist, reasons that you’re a risk to yourself, or to Society, and by the the new ERPO law, reports you to the authorities, and KNOCK KNOCK, IT’S NOT A JOKE!

      ANY LIFE CHANGING event can trigger: emotions, fears, or anger; when a divorce, a death, a terminal illness, an accident, pregnancy, or a tour of war occurs, etc… How a person deals with it, is as individual as the life they’ve lived.. All the particulars that made that person who they are.. How we reiterate/speak, reason, or process life’s pulling the rug out from under us, doesn’t always come across to an anti-2A/gun/professional as “text book”..
      If it doesn’t line up with their acceptable measure, should we expect a knock on the door by the law; with a warrant in one hand and guns drawn in the other?

      Big Brother has invaded our Mental Health and Privacy, under the guise of save the children/innocent…
      They have already taken away our rights as parents, using the Courts, and Schools.
      The Schools/Courts/LGBT forced doctrines upon or children; which are contrary to reproductive life/nature, and then interfered with our protests. The LGBT claim intolerance against us, but won’t tolerate our ideas of “normal”…
      This/and other cultural failures have created maladjusted youth and adults, that cannot process life in a rational/natural manner, and go postal..

      There is a terrible cycle at work here.
      We are given inalienable rights by our Creator to bear arms..
      We are also made to procreate, and have children.

      We cannot sit by and allow Government to interfere with our parental rights/responsibilities, and then punish us for maladjusted children.

      It’s time to remove the pied piper from Government!

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