Washingtonians Deserve Real Solutions, Not Bans Offering False Promises

Opinion: Duane Liptak is Executive Vice President of Magpul Industries Corporation, a manufacturer of firearm accessories.

Lexington, MA Residents Wants Gun & Magazine Bans
Washingtonians Deserve Real Solutions, Not Bans Offering False Promises

Washington – -(AmmoLand.com)- Lawmakers in Olympia are convinced they’ve found the solution to solving the crime problem. Reducing crime, they seem to agree, is just a matter of reducing the capacity of how many rounds of ammunition can go into a magazine. They just can’t seem to agree on what that number should be.

The fallacy is this has been tried and it didn’t help. This proposed legislation doesn’t do anything to punish or deter criminals. Instead, it only affects the law-abiding. We know that public safety isn’t improved by reducing rights.

We’ve been down this path. Five years ago, we proudly called Colorado our home. Our state legislature focused their attention on the wrong issues, blaming our industry and magazine capacity instead of the criminals for their crimes.

We warned the lawmakers that shifting the blame would have dire consequences for the safety of Colorado. Despite overwhelming opposition from law-abiding Colorado citizens, the legislature passed and then-Gov. John Hickenlooper signed a magazine ban into law, very similar to the law being debated in Washington.

Our company left Colorado for Wyoming and Texas, where we knew our business wouldn’t be scapegoated, and where lawmakers are focused on real solutions. Two Colorado state lawmakers were recalled from their seats, and another resigned in the aftermath of the bill being passed. Colorado lost $85 million in annual taxes and hundreds of loyal employees. Those tax dollars and our rights are welcomed in Wyoming and Texas. But…the real impact was on the law-abiding who were now living under the new law.

Sadly, we were all too accurate in our predictions on the effect this would have on crime. With both the newly minted background check law and the magazine capacity limits in effect, while the law-abiding were denied their rights, crime grew, and criminals grew even bolder. Colorado’s Bureau of Investigation reported last fall that violent crime had increased by 25 percent since 2013.

Citizens of the Evergreen State deserve better. They deserve the facts, straight from the FBI. More violent crimes are committed with clubs, knives, and fists than with firearms. When criminals do use guns, they overwhelmingly use illegally-obtained handguns—which, by the way, are unaffected by well-meaning but ineffective background check laws. When they shoot those guns, they fire an average of 3.2-3.7 rounds, far below the arbitrary 10 or 15-round capacity limit being debated. Criminals, you see, can choose the time and place of their acts, and generally act in groups. Law abiding citizens defending their own lives are reacting to the actions of criminals, and potentially numerous attackers.

As another point of fact, the standard capacity magazines that Washington lawmakers want to ban were already banned once by the federal government, from 1994-2004, along with a ban on so-called “assault weapons.” The Centers for Disease Control studied it and found these measures had no impact on reducing crime. In fact, crime across the United States has fallen 17 percent since the ban expired.

Duane Liptak
Duane Liptak

Other communities are safer than Colorado because they are focusing on real solutions. Other states are submitting all disqualifying mental health and criminal records to the FBI, to maximize the effect of the existing federal background check laws that are already in place and have been since 1993. They are partnering with programs like Project Childsafe® to ensure guns are responsibly stored when not in use–voluntarily. Through effective, FREE programs including the NRA “School Shield” program, they are making schools safe with real security measures instead of pretending that violent criminals are deterred by “gun free zone” signs. They are locking up criminals who would “straw purchase” or buy guns for those who can’t because they’re disqualified.

These states are catching and locking up criminals who smash into gun stores and steal guns that are used in subsequent crimes or traffic in illegal guns stolen or imported from other sources. And, they are prosecuting and sentencing actual violent criminals instead of trying to disarm or disadvantage the law-abiding citizen.

When lawmakers shift the blame and focus on an object they don’t understand instead of the criminals who they must confront; the true victims are the voters.

Don’t let the false promises that were sold to Coloradoans be peddled in Washington. Tell your state senator, representative and the governor Washingtonians’ want more than illusion of action. Washington deserves real solutions.

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    1. Well, I live in Texas and, a ban on “standard capacity” magazines just means, I hide my magazines until the revolution begins.. l wont start it but, if it starts, :
      I’ll be a participant. “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”! It seems pretty simple to me.

    2. Since our once-great state of Washington is now run by democrats along the I-5 corridor (the highest population areas), facts don’t mean squat. We’ve been Californicated and our two state senators, representatives from Western Washington, and our block-headed governor Inslee (Carbon Tax Jay), are all democrats and have their own agendas. It won’t do any good to call or write to them because they’re strict party-liners, and vote for the good of the party, not the people in their state. I am planning on abandoning this state unless Eastern Washington can secede and form it’s own state independent of Western Washington. Seattle is wringing their hands over homelessness, the drug problems because of free needles and free injection sites, needles and crap on the streets and sidewalks, people pitching tents wherever they want, tying the hands of the police to arrest anyone for anything short of murder (theft is rampant), and being declared a sanctuary city thanks to the city council, and the state being declared a sanctuary state under the guv. Oh…and now we have an addition gas tax of 30 more cents per gallon, giving us about the highest gas taxes in the nation. The ruling class also wants a state income tax, and they probably won’t do away with the state sales tax. Welcome to paradise.

      1. Well stated and accurate. I have lived in Puget Sound for over21 years now. The quality of life has eroded significantly since 1998. Progressive destruction Its everywhere. The stench is nauseating. Everett WA. Home of Boeing Plant and the 737 production plant City of Everett is now also a Sanctuary City with a Libtard Mayor. Some think the Mayor of Everett WA is actually a Man dressed up as a WOE-Man. Much strangeness over there. It gets better though. We have a Trestle Bridge that takes traffic over the Snohomish River Valley in need of major resurfacing. They can not finish the job of repaving. It is a complete Joke.They claim its because of the RAIN? What? State Lawbreakers have been unable to figure out how to finish paving the bridge. Its taken almost two years now. Meanwhile up North in British Columbia, we are laughed at over not being able to finish the pavement job.

        Yes, that is correct. In Canada they pave roads in the Rain, but not in WA State. Why so? MONEY. The longer they wait, the more they get paid. They will conduct an environmental impact study to protect the Salmon in Puget Sound. Which by the way, for the Second Year in a row now, Salmon Fishing Season in Puget Sound has been canceled again. Thats right. NO Salmon in PUGET SOUND. But the Libtard Left Lunatics will make life hard on everyone whilst they STUDY the issue. Idiots run WA State. Our two bought and paid for United States Senators Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray, never return mail or emails. Never. They do not respond. So we have ZERO Representation. That is a Fact of the matter that I challenge anyone to dispute. Anyone? Gun Laws in WA State have been shredded. Next Door in Idaho, they welcome all Gun Owners as they are a Constitutional Carry State. The entire West Coast will be Gun Free Zone, very soon. I sold my property two years ago and we are now preparing to Exit the State. WE have had enough of the Cali-FORNICATION of Washington State. Trout Fishing in Idaho anyone?

    3. There is a great youtube video from Sheriff Ken Campbell, Boone County Indiana.

      Search for sheriff magazine capacity, his words ring true today as in 2013.

      It shows there is no difference in magazine capacity.

    4. Excellent fact based article. Good summary of why this kind of legislation is simply ineffective, and worse. It’s political laziness in not getting after real solutions to fighting crime, and not focusing on providing justice to the actual victims of crime. Good factual examples cited of how this kind of silly legislation actually harms the 99% of our citizens that are law abiding…without even mentioning our constitutionally guaranteed 2nd amendment rights, since these politicians apparently don’t consider the 2nd amendment part of our constitution any more. Well done sir.

    5. They’re not doing any of his to make anybody safer. It’s obvious. They’re doing this to disarm the populace. They can’t fool us anymore.

    6. When they do pass this nonsense, they better grandfather in every mag that people already own. We know they are going to pass this, it’s what’s in the fine print I’m worried about.

        1. Don’t bet on it!

          Remember, these are the same people who believe that handing hypodermic needles to heroin addicts, and so-called safe places to shoot up, and who allow people to defecate on the street, and raise the minimum wage so high it forces the closure of hundreds of businesses, and believe all of this is superlative public policy, will have no trouble leaving out any grandfather clauses.

          Get ready for it.

    7. ‘Law-abiding’ citizens can only be law-abiding for so long… then we’ll be outlaws because the government made us into outlaws… And once you’re an outlaw, you’re REALLY FREE, because once you’ve broken the ‘law’, everything else is pure gravy.

      In for a penny, in for a ton.

    8. Why do I ‘need’ a 100rd drum magazine?? TO P.O. liberals, of course!!

      If these commiecrats want to keep banning stuff, we’ll keep reloading…

      And when the time comes, we’ll see how Lexington & Concord 2.0 works out for them.

      1. @Will Flatt: You need the 100-round magazine or whatever other item you desire, simply because you desire it. NOTHING pisses me off more than a conversation started by someone else that begins, ‘why do you (or anyone) need [Fill in the Blank]?” or “Nobody needs to have [Fill in the Blank].”

        No one determines someones else’s need, except the individual themselves. I know people that think whatever item(s) they have should be sufficient for everyone. It’s that type of thinking that allows for people that hunt to not stand up for gun rights for all. The Second Amendment is not there to protect us from tyrannical wildlife.

    9. No matter how many statistics you produce the Kool-aid drinking liberals will ignore them and listen to their masters.

    10. Point well taken. Have a look see as to what trickery is at work in Olympia WA. In the current Legislative session for 2019, below is a list of the attempts to destroy the 2nd Amendment in WA State. The list is long. Most of these Bills introduced are from the House, and the remaining 3 are from the Senate. Some made the cutoff deadline of March 14th, 2019 for further con-sider-ation towards passage, others did not. Read the text for yourself. A link to the WA Legislator Bill Search page is provided below the list of WA State Gun Grab Bills. Those silly Demoncrapers……

      **Madness and CONFUSION is what we have here: THE GUN Grab Law Breaker Bills in WA State:
      House Bills: HB1010, HB1068, HB1222, HB1225, HB1465, HB1739, HB1786, HB5061, HB5062, HB5143, and HB5174.
      Senate Bills: SB5027, SB5181, AND SB5745.
      Here is the link to read the hundreds of pages of text. Simply enter the Bill Number to read the pdf docs.

      What a flipping mess……

    11. Man when this bunch of idiot’s get started they can’t decide how to stop! Proof that ‘STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES’!

    12. Washington needs to make guns, ammo, and magazines as well advertised, and as readily available as Pot.
      Or maybe that’s the problem, with Legislators being recreational users, they have focused on the wrong things.

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