20% of Ignorant Voters Think Owning a Gun is Immoral


Proud NRA Protestor with Vulgar Sign Cropped
The young woman above is almost certainly one of the minority of Americans that believes owning a gun is immoral. Even the smallest bit of education could change that.

Arizona -(Ammoland.com)- The young woman above is almost certainly one of the minority of Americans that believes owning a gun is immoral. A recent Rassmussen poll revealed that 20% of registered voters in the United States believe owning a gun is immoral. From jacksonville.com:

Beyond specific issues, the attitudes being voiced by many progressive Democrats seem almost designed specifically to antagonize Midwestern voters. Twenty percent of all voters consider owning a gun immoral, and 20% believe it is immoral to call for limits on government. Eleven percent think eating meat and having children are also immoral.

The specific Rassmussen poll was taken on 23-24 March 2019, at scottrasmussen.com.

In the poll, 9% thought owning a gun was very immoral. 11% thought owning a gun was somewhat immoral.  15% thought it was not very immoral, and 58% thought it was not at all immoral.

The poll was of registered voters, which is helpful. It would be interesting to know what the numbers would be of likely or actual voters.

It is not surprising that a very similar number thought to limit government was immoral.

9% thought it was very immoral; and 11% thought it was somewhat immoral, with 53% saying it was not immoral at all.

This poll reinforces the idea there is a significant overlap between those who do not want any limits on government and those who oppose people owning firearms.

Those who think it immoral to own firearms are about evenly split between men and women, with a few more men than women.

Those who think it immoral to limit government, have a few more women than men.

About a year ago, I wrote an essay explaining the mindset of consciously unarmed people. I wrote this:

If you have chosen to be unarmed, you probably do not have much knowledge about firearms and firearms technology. Learning and knowing about firearms is one of the costs that people avoid by choosing to be unarmed. When gun owners point out technical mistakes in articles and legislation concerning guns, it strikes you as meaningless babble. Semi-automatic, automatic- who cares? You are not interested in guns, so technical distinctions are considered unimportant.

Because you have chosen to be unarmed, you know you need an armed protector to keep you safe. That would be the government. To make such a choice, you assume that government is benevolent, concerned with your safety, and available in time of need. It helps to assume the need for an armed protector is minimal. Thus, unarmed people constantly attempt to minimize the need for armed protection.

This explains the arguments put forward to claim that crime is not a problem, the government could never become tyrannical, attempts to minimize the danger of wild animals and the desire to minimize government ineffectiveness during emergencies. It explains why so much effort is expended to discredit the number of times firearms are used for self defense and to prevent crime.

People who believe that owning firearms is immoral are almost certainly consciously unarmed.  Today, in the United States, no one forces people to be armed, though there were laws to require people to be armed in the colonies and the early history of the United States.

The vast majority of those who believe guns are immoral are urban dwellers. It is hard to sustain this belief if you live in a rural area where guns show utility in everyday life.

It is hard to sustain the belief if you are exposed to examples where guns are used effectively for defense against humans, as are most police and military people.  This effect is why the Old Media spiked self-defense stories for decades.  Those stories are still spiked, but many more are becoming known to more people, because of AmmoLand News.

The vast majority of the media almost certainly fall into the minority that consider owning guns to be immoral. How did that happen? It is simple. People in the media have been overwhelmingly chosen by those who believe in Progressive ideology. Progressive ideology believes limiting government is a bad thing.

If you let slip that you did not believe in Progressive ideology, you were not promoted. Those who do not believe owning guns is immoral do not move up the ladder of promotion. I have seen it happen. If you are in the media and do not toe the line to show a belief that limiting the government or owning guns is immoral, you are not promoted.

The First Amendment seemed an exception. But limiting government control over the Media was only promoted by the left when they controlled nearly all the media. Now that there are alternative voices to be heard like AmmoLand News, the Media is certain the First Amendment is a bad idea, or at the minimum, the First Amendment should only apply to Progressives or people on the left. Constitutionalists need not apply.

Having 20% of the population believe limits on government, or gun ownership (one of those limits) is immoral, is a dangerous thing in a republic designed to be limited, by its very structure.

It is why we have people contesting the results of the last election. It is why we have calls for the destruction of the electoral college and the First and Second Amendments. That percentage can be reduced by education, especially of the young.

For the present, it is a clear and present danger to the Republic.

About Dean Weingarten:

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of constitutional carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and recently retired from the Department of Defense after a 30-year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

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Jim is a total hypocrite and doesn’t realize it.. Sounds like he believes choosing not to vaccinate is immoral. What *is* immoral is lobbying the government to force people to vaccinate (taking away the choice just like taking away the choice to own and carry firearms). You can inject yourself with whatever floats your boat but I’ll be damned if I let others choose what to inject into me and my family.


These people need collars with bells so we always know where they are. Scary, brainless TARDS among us. It’s like a alien face of retards has been taking the place of thinking, rational people. These are the same people who don’t believe in VACCINATING THEMSELVES, OR THEIR CHILDREN. We can only pray that they devise a VACCINATION for ignorance soon.


She doesn’t look like she has two brain cells to rub together and she might even be hoping the sign will bring some action her way. The progressives hate anything that stands for the way of life in the US. They have enjoyed the success of living in this nation but think it can be changed to something that is much worse, socialism. Bernie let the cat out of the bag when he said he would not contribute to the extra tax it was going to cost to initiate his medicare for all scam. If it is free, the progressives… Read more »


Owning a gun is fine. Shooting the wrong person is immoral! That young woman should not be using bad language. It is unladylike.


An elderly Jewish woman (who LOVED Obama) said to me: “Guns should be outlawed, then only the police and the military would have guns, the way it should be.” . . . I said, “Oh, you mean like Nazi Germany, yea, that’s a good idea.” In all this discussion, where nobody seems to care about the opinion of law abiding AMERICAN GUN OWNERS – it is THEIR OPINION THAT SOLELY MATTERS! The Second Amendment is in place to facilitate DEFENDING FREEDOM! In seizing freedom the first attack is always DISARMING THE CITIZENRY! The Second Amendment intends SHOOTING rifles to defend… Read more »


Owning a gun is fine. Shooting the wrong person is immoral! That young woman should not be using bad language. It is unladylike.
Women have an advantage as they can strap holsters with revolvers to their thighs under their dresses. Then they have deadly concealed weapons ready to blow you away if you give them cheek.
Be nice boys!


Wonder how she would feel about guns after some crack head rapes her and leaves her for dead?
The idiotic and just plain stupid nonsensical spewings of democratic guttersnipe simply amaze me.

Scott W Sharp

I agree. Then and only then will she be looking for someone with a firearm to keep her safe. A girl said to me the other day i hate guns and cops. I said so if someone breaks into your home the first person you call then is a cop with a gun. Seems like she is just a follower of stupid people.. But i agree if she is ever hurt she will then understand the 2nd i am a edc person i will always have your 6 on this issue. Have agreat day..

David Blakeman

She is one of the 20% of people that want to be SLAVES, Instead of gun control lets try CRIME CONTROL. Let me ask you a question: I see you being attacked by some lowlife thug, 1)Shall I take my legally carried gun and come to your aid or 2) mind my own business and keep walking on down the road? As for me I will be a citizen. Molon Labe


FCK the DNC the Commies

Jack Mac

I can not tell you how much discuss that I have for people villainizing the NRA. I do know someone that has been disinherited form a will because of it That should give an indication of by feelings.

This does bring back the issue of the NRA’s Board most recent FCK up with bump stock and red flag laws. The person holding the sign could be a NRA member.


And 100% of Hillary and Bernie voters are corrupted, useless, AntiAmerican, freedom hating douchebags. If you hate America so much, GTFO. Move to North Korea – it should be your ultimate paradise.


I’ll dumb it down further. If whiny gun-hating perversion worshipping iconoclast god-hating nanny state activist triggered snowflakes hate American values so much, why don’t they go back into the jungle, run a bone through their nose and enjoy your child sacrifice cargo-cult transsodomy religion that hates all whites in your malaria-infested habit that you came from. THIS ISN’T EAST GERMANY. you are not coerced to stay in America any more that you should coerce use the USA to be worse than a savage. GO ROME or GO HOME. Perverts gaming the government to protect their perversion against discrimination and play… Read more »


When the bitch holding the sign is being raped by three thugs, hold your FCK YOU sign up… Sit back and watch.


20% are idiots and I’ll bet they are for abortion!


I don’t fully understand the outright rage that these people have with the NRA. Full disclosure, I used to renew my membership every year, eventually started to see that the only thing they were giving me was a monthly magazine and a monthly letter to ask for more money. Every time a legislative crisis came up or a tragedy happened involving firearms, they were either utterly silent, or chose to appease the opposition rather than fight for their members. They do some good work and training, but I’d be willing to bet they do not speak for most gun owners.… Read more »

Heed the Call-up

JW, 100% agree.

Jim Leow

If you believe the NRA is not a viable option to help protect your gun rights, then I truly hope that your are able to find a group that does. There are usually about 6 or 7 of them listed in these articles, complete with email addresses to alllow you that choice. I know many that berate the NRA and its actions while keeping their wallets or purses secured to allow themselves the extra bar night out every week. A yearly membership costs far less than a night out. Don’t cry when it is too late!

Charles Moore

There are other groups (SAF, GOA, etc.), but let’s all be realistic for a moment; collectively, they simply do not have the clout that the NRA possesses. Support them all.


The real proof of how effective an organization is, can generally be measured by the degree of “outrage” coming from the other side. No other organization gets the attention of the anti-gunners like the NRA. They are certainly not perfect, but I’d say they are the best bet we have to protect our Second Amendment Rights.


What percentage of that 20% thinks it’s ok to kill babies (infanticide). F C K DNC.


About 100%, do it for the children they say…


You know what OTHER humans think it’s OK to kill babies? Aztecs. They also believed in holding a naked man on a stone and carving out his heart while concious and savoring the tender raw juicy flavor as the carver eats it raw in front him as he died was necessary to bring the sun back during the middle of the day. Basically the guy had his chest cut open and the last thing he saw was a warrior chowing down on his removed beating heart much like you’d have a veggie burger today. Human flesh mandatory, cooking optional, conciousness… Read more »

H. Spires

I wonder if the 88 year old grandfather that was stabbed at a California McDonald’s thinks owning a gun is immoral? He was having a meal with his grandson when a driver crashed his car into a Carl Jr.’s across the street. The driver got out and walked across the street to the McDonald’s and stripped off his pants. He entered the restaurant and stabbed the older man. An armed security guard at the McDonald’s shot him before he could do any further harm. Is it that bad in California? McDonald’s now has armed security guards? He probably saved the… Read more »

Harold Wayne Price

Her sign should read DUM

Wild Bill

@HWP, That is what she is saying, alright, but she can not spell, either!

Fabio Otero

Good for her. We shall reconvene a day after she gets “FCK”(ed) by a criminal for not having the means to exercise her self defense rights.

Roger Vasquez

There are two types of people on this earth. Those with cause and effect genes. And those without cause and effect genes. Training, education, experience, move the cause and effect gene holders forward. But- no matter how much you try to train, or educate, those without the cause and effect genes, they will never “get it”. They are not capable of receiving, or gaining experience. There are some humans that even Sam Colt, can’t make equal!


If you don’t like it here in America because you can’t seem to make Freedom go away, please pack your bags, and don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. You won’t be missed….


I agree Go Rome or Go Home. There are also liberals who infest the USA to flee a country where she was forced to keep her mouth shut then piss and moan with the hopes that she can make it a country where she is forced to keep her mouth shut.

Trivia Question: Name the Abrahamic religion whose members can be holding a severed human head.
I’ll give you three guesses and the first two don’t count.

Nanci K Burns

The sons of Ishmael.


Only the NRA is immoral


Ah yes another slogan man with nothing else to add. Sorry, I should have said JAT (just another troll). Amazing how they keep popping up on forums like this. Carry on “Joe” we need our chuckle for the day.

Dan Schwager

I would say they are Public school educated by Democrat Union Teachers that teach the Party line. When they go to collage it’s the same and if they straight to work and join a union it’s the same. Our schools are making robots for the Democrat party. Don’t think for your self think what the party says.


Ignorance can be cured with education, so long as education is based upon the truth and facts. In this country the truth, facts and honesty are no longer valued by politicians and liberals who only want power and money and are in league with the media to spread propaganda, not truth. Stupidity is denial of the facts and truth when they are made available and refusal to want to learn, and as Ron White so succinctly put it, “You can’t fix stupid”.

Gas Block in WA

The same morons that believe guns are immoral cannot name the three branches of the US government. Public education system fail.


sooner or later, “public” anything takes on the characteristics of a “public” toilet. anyone can show up & leave their waste. especially true for education & transportation.

Get Out

Hmm,maybe she’s pro-gun at heart? Does her sign read Free Country Keeps NRA?


Abortion— GOOD……….Guns…..BAD; that about sums it up…

Green Mtn. Boy

You are on to something there as in Vermont the legislature wants to add after the abortion language “Shall Not Be Infringed”, Time will tell if that works any better than it does for the 2 nd. amendment. Alth0ugh the Left in Vermont is admitting that they really do understand that particular admonition by adding as a purposed addition.


taxpayer-supported baby murdering not immoral?


That young woman needs to know that gun rights ARE women’s rights. Not too many altruistic rapists crawling around the Earth.