Conservation Frontlines E-Magazine Vol.1-2, April 2019 ~ READ for FREE

Conservation Frontlines E-Magazine Vol.1-2, April 2019
Conservation Frontlines E-Magazine Vol.1-2, April 2019

USA – -( Welcome to the second issue of Conservation Frontlines E-Magazine. We received many encouraging and congratulatory messages after our inaugural edition went online in January. With the April issue we continue providing you with detailed information and background articles, in line with our stated purpose.

Enjoy this second issue – you can download the PDF of the complete Conservation Frontlines E-Magazine at the link on this page, or you can access individual articles directly at the links below.

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Gerhard Damm & Kai Wollscheid
Joint Editors-in-Chief

Conservation Frontlines E-Magazine Vol.1-2, April 2019

Conservation Frontlines

About Conservation Frontlines

Hunters can learn more about, and non-hunters can discover the wide-ranging facets of hunting and its conservation linkage. We aim to catalyze positive exchanges between non-hunting and hunting conservationists. Hunters and non-hunters alike need ‘greater independence of thought’ to form broad-based conservation coalitions to perpetuate wild landscapes and wildlife. We will not be side-tracked by the noisy extremists on both ends of the spectrum. Conservation Frontlines wants to spark conversations, shift perspectives, and inspire new

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The good Dr. doesn’t understand Bamboozle


Grobler or Goebbels who can tell the difference between these lying progressives. Every time they open their mouths a lie comes out and freedom takes another death kneel.