Discreet Concealment Errors


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Discreet Concealment Errors

Ft Collins, CO –-(Ammoland.com)- Carrying pistols concealed in public as you go about your daily business is serious business.

A careless moment that inadvertently exposes an otherwise concealed pistol may garner the unwanted attention of a nearby criminal who is eager to wrest the gun from you forcibly, or the attention of a snoopy bystander who is keen to report you to the police.

Happy outcomes are unlikely, either way.

Last week in MD, a fifty-ish man (a retired state corrections officer), who was legally carrying a concealed pistol in the waiting area of a medical facility in the middle of the afternoon, was forcefully confronted by local police.

Without warning, the man was physically grabbed by responding officers, thrown to the floor, and restrained.

After viewing the man’s ID, including his state-issued CCW license, and interviewing bystanders, the officers released him, apologized, and departed without further incident.

The man was not taken into custody, nor charged any crime.

The man involved has subsequently threatened to sue police and the town where the incident took place, but his “injuries” do not appear to be more than superficial.

Here is the critical learning point:

“Man-with-a-gun” calls to police can become greatly exaggerated as they are relayed from the complainant(s), through the System, and ultimately to the officers who respond to the call.

In this case, a woman who was also in the waiting room noticed at least part of the man’s “concealed” pistol inadvertently exposed as the man walked to a restroom.

The woman nervously informed the receptionist, who in turn, quietly called the police.

By the time the information was re-translated to responding officers, it had metastasized to “… a-crazy-man-threatening-others-with-a-gun!”

Which is what triggered the officers’ aggressive response, the man in question, of course, did nothing of the kind.

This kind of “story inflation” is not uncommon, mainly when guns are involved.

Our inherently-dishonest, sensation-oriented, hyperventilating, gun-phobic media is responsible for much of this.

Knowing all this, it is imperative that Operators, who routinely go armed, understand and acknowledge the criticality of selecting legitimate concealment methods that make the preceding unhappy narrative extremely unlikely.

Concealed pistols need to be continually out of sight, and out of the conversation.

A “casual approach” to this issue will yield unhappy outcomes, as we see.


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About John Farnam & Defense Training International, Inc
As a defensive weapons and tactics instructor John Farnam will urge you, based on your own beliefs, to make up your mind in advance as to what you would do when faced with an imminent lethal threat. You should, of course, also decide what preparations you should make in advance if any. Defense Training International wants to make sure that their students fully understand the physical, legal, psychological, and societal consequences of their actions or in-actions.

It is our duty to make you aware of certain unpleasant physical realities intrinsic to the Planet Earth. Mr. Farnam is happy to be your counselor and advisor. Visit: www.defense-training.com

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Steve Druzynski

You want total carry freedom move here to Arizona, I mostly conceal carry but every now and then the tee rides up exposing my EDC but here in Tempe nobody freeks out, nobody even gives it a second look…..mainly cause 90% of them are carrying too…..I live where temps hit 110°+ and bike everywhere so it can be hard to completely conceal but AZ is OK with that…


The solution to this is LAWSUITS. You sue the EVERYONE involved. Especially the criminals pinned to badges for their HAPPILY willful excessive violence. Nothing changes unless there are negative and painful consequences for such misconduct. The FIRST step is to lobby HARD for the official legal end to the insanity of “qualified immunity”. NO OTHER JOB allows someone to break the law, commit assault, mayhem an even murder, LIE about it and suffer ZERO repercussions while forcing the taxpayers to foot he bill for such crimnality. Till badgemonkeys pay for their will full criminality out of their own pockets they… Read more »

Stoney Spur

Here is a bit of advice. Better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.

Joe B

Try a ride along with police. You would be amazed what they have to put up with. Did you not read the part where it
By the time the information was re-translated to responding officers, it had metastasized to “… a-crazy-man-threatening-others-with-a-gun!”. How would you respond?

Chris Mallory

Kentucky has always been open carry. Carrying concealed is what highwaymen and outlaws do. Honest men bear weapons openly.

Sam Ho

You wrote, “Honest men bear weapons openly.”
So do idiots…
It is no ones business that I am armed.

Wallace Curry

Either way, if carrying concealed, be as discreet and circumspect as possible. Think about what clothing you’re wearing. If, then, some Libtard does see your firearm and, being triggered, decides to contact LE, don’t be cronfrontational. Be calm and reasonable. Less likely to have Barney Fife look for some excuse to arrest you and seize your gun.
Carry on. Molon Labe.


Don’t sue the cops, sue and prosecute the person filing the false report.


The thing is, if one person doesn’t have a gun, and some stranger in the room does, and the unarmed person does not know the armed person’s motives, there is going to be tension. The report, then, is not false, although it may become exaggerated. In the same situation, I and maybe even you might call the police as well, truth be told, since we would not know for sure that the gun is being carried legitimately (and we might wonder why a careful and responsible concealed carrier, as opposed to a malicious criminal, would allow his weapon to be… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Bill, Perhaps a modicum of conversation, first.

Gunny Doug

Besides a modicum of conversation, simple profiling and relying on your spidey sense would allay any fears or sound the internal alarm. As a VA resident who carries where ever it is legal to do so, I can spot a concealed weapon easily enough and am %99 44/100 sure that they are not a concern.. In this case, he got up, went to the WC, came back. And the problem was? I would venture a guess that the problem was hoplophobia exacerbated by the MSM propaganda that any and all persons carrying a gun are suspect and should be treated… Read more »

Sam Ho

Well said


Perfectly stated!

I would also hate to have to call the police because the nurse had a pair of pointy scissors on her desk…I was afraid she might jump the counter attack and stab me with them…I just didn’t feel safe!

Chris Mallory

The cops committed assault and battery under the color of law and should spend the rest of their worthless lives in prison.


Washington State had a similar problem some years back. Open carry was legal, and the state had gone SHALL Issue on Mother May I Cards. The law as written made “brandishing” a crime…. the public were ignorant and paranoid. 911 operators were uneducated, and most local cops were as well, even some State Patrol Members. Cases of accidental revealing abounded, many gun owners got paranoid over the reports of innccents being jailed, arms confiscated, permits pulled…. The State’s Attorney General at the time, a really good guy (Rob McKenna?) was reviewing some of the cases before the state courts, and… Read more »


Keep in mind who causes most of the problems in these cases. Women. Women get people hurt and killed because they aren’t smart enough to keep their noses out of others’ business.


Are you called “Dusty” because you just crawled out from under a rock?

Wild Bill

@JDL, You just got Crusty the Troll paid. But I understand, it is hard to let stupidities that obvious go by unchallenged.

James Wagner

A problem all good people should be aware of is the mass exodus of liberals from NY, NJ, CT and the rest of the BLUE STATES to our great conservative states. These simple minded fools flee these states and bring the mindset with them. Stay in your LIBERAL SLIME STATES AND LEAVE US HAPPY AND FREE.

Richard J. Miskanis

I don’t know if they are “fleeing”… or if it is a planned take-over of the Red States. When you have billionaires financing the anti-gun Liberal cause… Who knows. Just make sure that EVERY like-minded person you know gets to the Polls on Election Day!!! We’re fighting hard in California. NRA and CA Rifle & Pistol Association are really starting to make headways out here. I do what I can and encourage others to do the same. The crap laws that are made here in the “Land of Fruits & Nuts” are the law that will come to your State… Read more »

Herb Usilton

Been carrying free here in my state since I was eighteen never had a problem with people seeing the gun . I do suppose the overly paranoid individual can cause an reaction to the gun or anything they deem unsafe to them .

Carry on


A decade ago, Oklahoma had so large a problem with unwarranted firearms-related complaints to police that the court system became ridiculously “clogged up” with such cases, with a backlog averaging two years. At that time, even the accidental (or unknowing) displaying/brandishing of a concealed weapon was (at least technically) completely illegal.

Our legislators were responsible and smart enough to rewrite the law to allow either open or concealed carry with a handgun permit. Solved the problem, with no adverse effects at all. I’m pleased to live in this gun-friendly state.


FL has a similar law. if the wind blows your jacket you can lose your permit.


That is not true. FL Statutes on open carry states that a brief visual display from an intentional manner is allowed for licensed concealed carry users. Not sure when the law was updated, but it was a year or so ago: It is not a violation of this section for a person licensed to carry a concealed firearm as provided in s. 790.06(1), and who is lawfully carrying a firearm in a concealed manner, to briefly and openly display the firearm to the ordinary sight of another person, unless the firearm is intentionally displayed in an angry or threatening manner,… Read more »


Obviously you have not read the Florida Statutes. If you don”t know what your talking about then just listen.

Robert Dinicola

Except as otherwise provided by law and in subsection (2), it is unlawful for any person to openly carry on or about his or her person any firearm or electric weapon or device. It is not a violation of this section for a person licensed to carry a concealed firearm as provided in s. 790.06(1), and who is lawfully carrying a firearm in a concealed manner, to briefly and openly display the firearm to the ordinary sight of another person, unless the firearm is intentionally displayed in an angry or threatening manner, not in necessary self-defense.

Allen Thompson

Alan you should look up statute 709.06(1) where it plainly states that if a person that is legally able to carry concealed if the wrapon is briefly shown not in a thteatening manner is ok. Thats not word for word of course but in laymens terms its fine. You can look it up yourself.


Texas is an open carry state with a license to carry permit. It started as concealed but was rewritten to allow open carry.