Gun Control… and Three Impossible Things Before Breakfast

Faster School Training Safety Students Guns Teachers
Faster School Training Safety Students Guns Teachers

U.S.A. –-( I listened to Florida legislators argue why school staff should be disarmed. I shook my head because their foolishness was so strong. This is the time when legislators need commons sense.. even if we have to give it to them good and hard.

Their arguments sound like this:

  • We should protect our students with plastic no-guns signs since you can’t prove that a teacher won’t go crazy and shoot people.
  • Any gun at school could go off, so we can't guarantee the safety of students and staff.
  • Teachers are not trained Navy SEALs so they shouldn’t be allowed to have guns around our children.
  • It is too expensive to hire Navy SEALS to protect our children, so let’s do nothing. And besides, we shouldn’t allow Navy SEALS in our schools because they have guns.

In short, the reason we should leave our children unprotected is that improbable things will happen, and bad solutions are worse than what we have now. That means we should leave our children at risk or do something irrelevant that the politicians want to do anyway.

I’m not convinced by these false choices. The choice isn’t between the perfect solution that we have now, or giving every teacher a gun. Perfection isn’t an option.

The choice isn’t between replacing all our teacher with combat veterans in armor, or hiding behind plastic signs.

These false alternatives ignore our real world experience. Protecting our students isn’t something we could do, but something we’ve already done in dozens of states. We have thousands of armed school staff going to school every day. They bring their gun and their medical kit with them to work the same way they carry them as they go shopping and go out to dinner.

You don’t see the armed defenders around you, so you assume they don’t exist. Let me assure you. They are there.

The police say they can’t get to the violence in time to stop the murders. So what are we going to do to save lives until the police arrive? We face a simple choice. The next time a murderer comes to school, do we want trained school staff who are at the scene to be armed or disarmed?

This isn’t a self-defense problem; it is a psychological problem we have recognizing violence. Dr. William April described our problem this way,

“To properly plan for violence, you must first admit and accept that the world is not as it ought to be.”

Life as it is

Recognizing evil is easy to say, but it is psychologically quite difficult to do. The sad fact is that some people would rather look the other way and let our kids get killed than admit that some people are violent. These idealists do more than put themselves at risk: they put all of us at risk if they force us to adopt their blindness.

The question for us today is if Florida legislators will recognize this imperfect reality. Will we allow politicians to play political games in front of the press.. or will we apply enough political pressure that Florida legislators protect our children the same way they protect themselves at work?

Yes, Florida legislators can bring their guns to work. If an armed defense is good enough for the legislators, then it is good enough for our children too.

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The original article is here. Rob Morse writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Clash Daily, and on his SlowFacts blog. He hosts the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast and co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast. Rob is an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.

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    1. I am starting to think that legislators that advocate for keeping teachers from being armed are sacrificing children on the altar of gun control. Let’s let more children get killed so we can pass enough “gun control” laws to get everyone disarmed and confiscate all those “terrible guns”. It really seems that this is what the legislature, and not just in Florida, is working towards. And, let me guess. the legislators making these absurd statements are all Democrats. There may be a few RINOS in there, but I’ll bet a dollar that the overwhelming majority of these legislators are Democrats, or as I like to call them, TRAITORS! Voters nationwide need to step back and take a serious look at what these idiots are proposing, and look at their proposals very carefully. I believe that there is nefarious intent here.

      Phil in TX

      1. After Columbine, Wayne LaPierre indirectly asked President Clinton what level of death was acceptable to achieve Democrat dreams of gun control. He was excoriated in the national media, but the question has never been answered to. I contend the gun-grabbers really don’t give shit one about dead kids in schools, Jews in the synagogue, movie goers in a theater, soldiers on a military base, or especially citizens on the streets of Chicago. It is the constant body count they think will eventually get them full civilian disarmament.

        Tell me I am wrong Sen. Murphy, Feinstein, Harris, Booker, etc.

    2. @Thomas Patitucci; You hit the nail on the head about mental institutions, and this can be traced back to the A C L U, pushing for the rights of those in institutions, it takes an act of God to get somebody checked today, before anything happens! V/T, Sandy Hook, Texas Church, and last year, Douglas High, just some examples of people trying to get help and the system failing!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Scammy Crooks… the guy should have been institutionalised, but was not. In any case, he was legally debarred the use of arms. So he murdered his Mother to get hers. No background check or waiting period requried.

        Texas Church.. Sutherland Springs, I am guessing? Individual had been convicted of felony assault, felony domestic violence, felony attempted murder of his son, then given a dishonourable discharge from the Air Force. That amounts to FOUR disabling events, making him a Disqualifid Person for possession of arms. HOW did he get his guns? Simple.. two different Air Force desk jockeys FAILED to forward the criminal record of his “disqualifying events” to NICS, so they did not know. Thus he bought his guns legitimately… from the standpoint of the sellers.
        Until CONSEQUENCES regularly fall upon desk jockeys whose responsibility it is to forward disqualifying records to NICS, making them accessories to the crimes committed in direct result of their FAILURE to do their assgned duty, such incidents will continue. Many states now have laws that if I do not comply with silly mandatory storage requirements, and a minor accesses one of my guns and hurts someone with it, I am an accessory to the crme committed with my gun. Same principle should apply here. Those charged with the reporting have a solemn duty to perform. Their failure costs dozens of lives a year. MAKE THEM CULPABLE.

        Douglas High… again, the perp had committed FOUR felony level crimes in his recent past…. felony assault on his Mother, hospitalising her. Felony domestic violence for that asssault. Felony assault (victim hospitalised) against a fellow student at his school, Possession of a deadly weapon (large knife) at school. ALL FOUR of these, had they been reported to NICS, would have stopped his purchases of his rifles. WHY were they not reported? Simple. the sheriff’s office (SO glad to learn Isreal the Coward of Broward has finally been officially removed by the governonr, and that removal upheld by the State Supreme Court) and the School district Board preferred to get their $Mn54 prize money for reducing their ARREST rate of school age kids, while not changing their CRIME RATE. Again, had he been charged with any one of those felony level crimes he could not have “legally” bought those guns. WHEN will those responsible for their part in enforcing existing gun laws be made to account for their failures?

    3. I always hear from these so called educators “it’s all about the children”. But in fact it’s really all about the money. Ever see what a school superintendent makes? These people could care less because they are constantly resistant to any form of armed deterent. It’s time to hold these overpaid bureaucrats accountable for risking the students lIves. If we did, schools wouldn’t be such a soft target for perpetrators who kill unarmed children.

      1. Cha ching – follow the money. Last I knew the typical school district has nearly as many administrators as they do actual teachers – and the ratio is NOT improving in favor of the teachers. And some folks can’t figure out why the teachers are not getting adequate pay. And many (most?) of the teachers are willing to invest their own money in trying to actually do their jobs. Yet bureaucrats don’t think they should have the tools needed to actually do that job, which includes protecting their students.

    4. My question will always be ( WHAT IS THE PRICE OF A CHILD’S LIFE???) All kinds of LIP SERVICE for 20 years, but still no answer to my valid question, only Pure LIP SERVICE ONLY!!!!!!!!

    5. These current problems with school shootings didn’t seem to exist in the 50’s and 60’s when firearms were less regulated and more prolific – so what changed? One change was prior to the late 1960’s parents, and to a lesser extent, teachers, were free to discipline their kids pretty much any way they wanted. It was not unusual for the school assistant principle to spank misbehaving kids with a paddle or have disruptive kids reprimanded in class or have them stand in a corner by themselves in the classroom or in a hallway facing a wall in view of their peers. On the home front, punishments, which could be more severe, lead to the rise of interventions by social services. Once kids realized they could bring the wrath of the government down upon anyone (parents or school) who disciplined them, efforts to punish bad behavior degenerated into cajoling and kids acknowledgement of and respect for authority vanished. Positive reinforcement over the years has now allowed this situation to morph into where even differences of opinion are considered excessive punishments to the point kids demand (and get) “safe spaces”. I don’t pretend to know if this is the only cause of today’s problems – but it does address the heart of the problem, which is lack of tolerance and respect for other people and authority.

      Another change was the ACLU”s effective lawsuit against mental health hospitals in 1972 that mandated expensive reforms that eventually forced several to close down. Maybe the reforms were justified but the end result was an increased reliance on psychotropic drugs to be self medicated by potential patients who were turned loose on the streets

    6. In my days in school there was no such thing as a SRO. Time for schools to get into the present and do what needs to be done to protect our children. Mostly we need to expose the MSM as terrorists, making our children feel that they are in imminent danger when they are safer than they ever have been to advance their anti-gun narrative.

    7. And not one person has a solution on who is going to protect who…This gets us back to,
      Hoplophobia, n. Irrational, morbid fear of guns (c. 1966, coined by Col. Jeff Cooper, from the Greek hoplites, weapon; see his book Principles of Personal Defense). May cause sweating, faintness, discomfort, rapid pulse, nausea, sleeplessness, nondescript fears, more, at mere thought of guns. Presence of working firearms may cause panic attack. Hoplophobe, hoplophobic.
      The actual number of undiagnosed hoplophobes is unknown but believed to be in the tens of millions.
      Read Dr. Sarah Thompson’s brilliant essay on the medical nature of this affliction, the article that got the ball rolling on serious medical study of a condition affecting millions of Americans.
      Read Dr. Bruce Eimers’s insightful short description of the problem.
      Hoplophobes are dangerous. They should not be involved in setting public policy.
      Hoplophobes are victims. They are sick and need help.
      Hoplophobes deserve sympathy. It’s not their fault they are afflicted.
      Hoplophobes should seek treatment. Help shoot for a cure.

    8. I fully agree, I am a Golden Eagle NRA member, however, there is more that can be done beyond metal detectors and armed teachers/guard at schools. If one reads about many of the shooters they are mentally ill people and passing a law saying they can’t have a gun is just another feel good gun control effort and is even more harmful by keeping guns from women who have been treated in the ER for rape or other trauma. The is to reopen the mental hospitals that many of these people should be in way before they commit these heinous act.
      As a retired Mental Health Professional I have seen the state Mental Hospitals closed, millions of people are just out there. They on the streets of our cities or living with others. Many are prone to violent outbursts other obtain guns and act out there delusions. The time has come to look at this realistically and reopen these institutions. The parkland shooter is prime example of a system failure. this kid should have been institutionalized as teen.

      1. Absolutely right, Thomas. I’m a retired, RNC, Psychiatric Nurse Generalist. I share your convictions 100%. Patients who need long-term mental health intervention are being treted for 3-4 days, then turned loose on the community via “half-way” houses. Once there, they drift away and we wind up in a few weeks or so, with severely mentally ill patients re-admitted against their will, to get treated again. It’s like a revolving door.

    9. As usual, a total miss and misdirection of the real point. Which is not the fake subject of gun control. Which is really just another name for communist gun confiscation. Since law abiding citizens never have been, nor ever will be, part of any problem. The problem is crime control. But, addressing crime control will center around the democrat voter base. So that won’t happen! So when ever you hear the fake problem of “gun control” mentioned, correct the term to “crime control”, or use the appropriate term of democrat voter control.
      Just like using the communist term “rule of law”, instead of what we have in the U.S., which is Rule of Constitutional Law, the exact opposite of rol. There is no we the people component in rol. Example- the bragged about rol government in Afghanistan. Conversely, roCl is of the people, by the people, for the people.

    10. The big question that needs to be answered is why are legislators still arguing why school staff should be disarmed instead of armed. They need a brief on past school shootings and made to understand that’s what happens when school staff were disarmed.

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