“I Support the Second Amendment, BUT…”


Second Amendment But Liars Democrats Fake Lies
“I Support the Second Amendment, BUT…”

Ft Collins, CO –-(Ammoland.com)- “I support the Second Amendment, but…”

Common refrain of mendacious gun-grabbers.

Any time a politician uses the word, “but,” he has effectively erased everything he has just said.

I am frustrated with politicians and political groups who pick and choose which parts of our Constitution, particularly our Bill of Rights, they like, and simultaneously pretend pieces that don’t fit their agenda don’t exist and can thus be ignored.

“Due Process,” for example is written in stone, particularly when it comes to the rights of accused violent criminals and illegal aliens.

Due process does not apply to innocent American gun owners, who have never even been accused of a crime.

If it did, “red flag laws” would never see the light of day.

On this issue, even the ACLU has finally found common ground with the NRA. Such a wake-up call for the ACLU required at least some intellectual honesty on their part, something for which the ACLU has never been famous.

Our Fourth Amendment rights are sacred too, for all Americans, except, of course, gun-owners.

And, our Second Amendment rights, as clearly, boldly stated in our Constitution, and reaffirmed by our Supreme Court, still don’t exist in the minds of many who otherwise “like” other parts of our Bill of Rights.

I identify these dishonorable “pick-and-choosers” for what they are: Constitutional criminals.

The presumption of innocence is another fundamental tenet of Western Civilization. It is increasingly abandoned in a rush to enforce orthodoxy. High-minded claims to act in the name of “tolerance,” “compassion,” and “diversity,” are all fluff, a commitment to these principles is purely abstract.

In practice, these Constitutional criminals are cruel, brutish, intolerant bullies, who demand total conformity. Their goal is never to persuade, nor debate. It is to humiliate and vilify all who hesitate to support them. Their ultimate objective is to destroy independent thought.

They are not good people, nor good citizens.


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    1. Got an idea…I believe in some of the third world countries, when they caught a thief , the would cut off a hand .
      So if someone is caught with a stolen firearm mandatory amputation of a hand might be a law with enough deterrent to actually work , What do you think ?

      1. Fortunately/unfortunately (depends on your perspective) we have the 8th amendment that keeps our government from that type of treatment. Not saying I’m against citizens doing it but that’s a whole nother topic.

    2. I see this is the place where pseudo-intellectualism and partisan bias fell in love with their guns and forgot to have a point.

    3. Speaking of studying, there states with more lax firearm laws that have lower firearm related deaths than California. And let’s not talk about DC. If any firearms are allowed by “reasonable” laws, you’ll still have Chicago since there will always be access.

      Don’t let your DI hear you call it a gun.

    4. This article is an ignorant militant hate tirade of crap. Pathetic AmmoLand posts this kind of garbage. I guess AmmoLand really stands for AMmo Sales. Anyway you can. Cowards and bullies with guns. Pathetic..

      1. I’m impressed. That was a fairly unhinged, incoherent rant. At least Bryan tries to make some sort of sense when he posts as TGWD. You are just angry and libelous. I expect Bloomie’s money to buy better trolls. He wasted it on you. Keep it up and you WILL out yourself like he did.

      2. @o swill, don’t need a gun to get bulge on a tub like you. (With apologies to Kurt Russel.) Why don’t you wise up. You come to a site with many, many knowledgeable people, and you attempt to spread prevarications. No wonder you get picked apart.

    5. “Mendacious gun grabbers”. Addressing Americans who are concerned about our gun violence epidemic and who support the types of gun safety laws that have been proven to work like that is guaranteed to reduce levels of respect and understanding . States with stricter gun safety laws LIKE CALIFORNIA have lower gun violence rates than states with lax laws, like Mississippi or Lousiana. Had the author of this hate article bothered to do any studying he’d have known that.
      One of the hallmarks of a RESPONSIBLE gun owner is that he or she EMBRACES gun safety laws that reduce ce gun violence. IRRESPONSIBL:E gun owners attack gun safety advocates, insult them and threaten them.
      In summary, this Marine Corps infantry officer veteran thinks all you wanna be rambos out there need to do some reading about America’s gun violence problem and the laws that are making all of us safer.
      Or just stay stupid mean, dangerous and a joke. Wussies. Nothing worse than a mean dumb ass with a gun.

      1. och will,
        are you that stupid or just playing? state which gun safety laws have reduced violence. more people are killed by hands and feet that so-called assault weapons. 500,000 to 2.5 million defensive uses of firearms save people each year. most firearms deaths are suicide. (cdc). rights are just that RIGHTS. something that no one can take away. just because you were in the means absolutely nothing. I pity the men you commanded and wonder how many were killed because of your ignorance. you sir are stupid, dangerous and a joke wussie.

        1. @Greg, I just love it when the low level propagandists fake facts, replace logic with emotion, and imply impossible concepts (inanimate objects being violent).
          If O Swill’s claim to be a Maring were true, then he could recite his MOS. I have asked him before, but he never replies.

      2. och: Apparently, you pay no attention to HISTORY. EVERY GENOCIDE IN THE LAST 300 WAS PRECEDED BY “GUN CONTROL”. If you don’t like guns, DON’T BUY ONE!. And don’t even THINK about trying to take mine.

      3. Violence is a HUMAN trait, suggesting that tool is responsible for how it is used is not the best way to handle the problem. Prohibition is a difficult proposition, for these tools will always exist and can always be made, and have many legitimate uses. People who truly want them will obtain them except for those who would never consider ever running afoul of the law in the first place.

      4. Presumably you remember your Oath. Please explain your assault on the Second Amendment in view of that Oath. Either you failed to understand either the Oath or the history of this country or you are deliberately breaking that Oath. Please enlighten us, enquiring minds want to know. Also, please answer my question about the origin of your handle. The song or are you asking?

      5. Let me ask you question, have you ever handled any firearm.??? Gun safety laws are a made up name to fool folks into giving up your rights. Do you even know the 10 safety rules to handle any fire arm?? That’s the problem no proper education on the subject. I have been shooting for over 40 years. Never have had a accident, or a violation of any law. Why be cause I know the rules. Here they are 1 all fire arms are always loaded , never assume it’s unloaded until verification. 2 piont the muzzle in a safe direction at all time 3 if you don’t understand the firearm don’t handle it until you have proper instructions. 4 be sure of the caliber ammo that goes to said firearm that you are using 5 keep all ammo and fire arms stored in separate areas and away from unauthorized use and locked up. 6 Never handle any firearms while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.7 be sure of your back stop and what is beyond your target area.8 never point a firearm at anything you are not willing to shoot. 9 be mindful of opstructions in the barrel.ie a squib, which is unpowered cartridge that did not send the projectile down range and is lodged in the barrel. By reloading the fire arm and pulling the trigger can cause the gun to exspolde. 10 never shoot at rocks water or any hard surface. This can cause a ricorshae send the bullet in a dangerous direction twords you or down range. A bullet from a 22 long rifle can travel 1.5 miles in seconds in this situation. Always use caution while handling any fire arm. They are a tool not a toy, they are to be respected. If you can not handle responsibility or in sure how to follow the local laws and rules. Then don’t touch it, take a course in the subject learn from a certified instructors in the field. Your hunters Ed courses in your state are a good place to start. In other words don’t judge responsible gun owner’s over the fools who cause these issues. Iearn about it keep ,emotional crap out of it. So please don’t group all of us ligit safe gun owner’s in one boat. It’s the same as calling a person who has a beer with dinner and calling the a alcoholic. Not cool.

      6. you’re wrong on all counts. Gun laws are nor followed by CRIMINALS. It’s what makes a criminal a criminal. They break laws . And we law abiding firearm owners don’t do all those shootings/ murders. But the gun laws only affect US.
        We don’t have a “gun problem”..we have a CRIME problem. And a justice system that keeps failing to properly sentence criminals to keep them off the street. If you’ll do a little research, you’ll find that most any 2nd A supporting state has drastically lower crime rates/lower gun deaths. If a person really wants to kill another, he on’t have to have a gun.
        BTW last year more people were killed with hammers than rifles. Imagine that…gonna ban hammers?

        But it appears that’s over your head. Pehaps you should read the 2nd A.

        I highly suspect you may be a stolen valor type. As it is very hard to fathom / imagine a US marine veteran not upholding the 2nd A. But if you are indeed a veteran, I will thank you for your service to our country.
        BTW, We don’t need more ‘gun laws” to keep me safe. Our firearms we carry do that just fine. Surely you understand that..right?
        FWIW/AFAIC, you can stick your anti 2nd A sentiments/”we need more stupid gun laws” opinion where the sun don’t shine.

      7. Here’s an idea, lets enforce the current gun laws before piling on more useless gun laws that can’t be enforced?

        1. I have a better idea. Any gun related laws that are not enforced across there jurisdiction within a 2 year time should be removed.
          Why? Because if they keep making laws to compensate for the ones that aren’t enforced, one day they will have enough to completely block firearm ownership in it’s entirety, and then they will start enforcing all of them.

      8. och will – you state you are a Marine Corps infantry officer veteran. Ok. Here is my question for you:

        Have you thought about the oath you took as a commissioned officer? Do you recall what you stated?
        I, [name], do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.

        I remember.
        I took my oath of office over 33 years ago. It does not expire.

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