FLASHBACK: Joe Biden’s Yuck Factor ~ Warning Disturbing Groping Video

This Op-Ed first appeared on AmmoLand News September 4th of 2015 and here we are in 2019 and groper Joe is back on the touchy-feel-you tour.

Joe Biden Kreeping all over Defense Secretary Ashton Carters wife
Political observers of all stripes balked earlier this year at photos of the creep veep wrapping himself around the wife of Defense Secretary Ashton Carter — and nearly nibbling off her ear while he deep-massaged her shoulders. Poor Mrs. Carter, helpless in front of the cameras as her husband spoke just inches away, exhibited the body language of a shell-shocked hostage.
Michelle Malkin
Michelle Malkin

Los Angeles, Calif. -(Ammoland.com)- Next week, as rumors swirl of his possible entry into the 2016 presidential race, Vice President Joe Biden will appear on liberal comedian Stephen Colbert's new late-night CBS show.

The host is a professional clown. The VIP guest is a political clown with more baggage than the Kardashians during Paris fashion week.

Setting aside the past plagiarism, fabulism, K Street cronyism, chronic gaffes and the stagnant aroma of 4-decades-old Beltway entrenchment, though, Biden's two biggest cultural liabilities currently on the table (and everywhere else) are his grabby paws: Groper One and Groper Two.

Seriously, those two troublesome tentacles need to be wrapped in yellow caution tape and stamped with a trigger warning. Joe's yuck factor is no joke.

Political observers of all stripes balked earlier this year at photos of the creep veep wrapping himself around the wife of Defense Secretary Ashton Carter — and nearly nibbling off her ear while he deep-massaged her shoulders. Poor Mrs. Carter, helpless in front of the cameras as her husband spoke just inches away, exhibited the body language of a shell-shocked hostage.

She's not alone. YouTube, Tumblr and blogs spanning the political spectrum have documented the serial space invader's public displays of overzealous affection. The Internet meme magic that helped propel Barack Obama to millennial icon status threatens to sabotage his sidling sidekick.

I can report on Biden's cozy relations with trial lawyers, bankers and lobbyists 'til I'm blue in the face. But none of that sticks in the minds of average voters as much as the indelible impression of instability and ickiness he has left across social media:

Margaret Coons, the 13-year-old daughter of Sen. Chris Coons, D-Del., grimaced when the coarse whisperer nuzzled up to her at her dad's swearing-in ceremony.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's elementary school-age granddaughter pursed her lips unhappily as Biden clamped himself around her face while he planted an uninvited smooch on her head.

Reporter Amie Parnes tried to block off Biden's pincers as they crept too close for comfort from behind and climbed up her torso during a Christmas party photo.

If liberals are looking for an alternative to the sordid grotesqueries of the Clinton years, they'll need to look harder. Biden may have authored the Violence Against Women Act in the 1990s, but it's not enough to mitigate his ongoing invasive image problem. On college campuses, militant feminists partition off “safe spaces” to protect women from male menaces. But when close stalker Joe is on the campaign trail, there will be nowhere for unsuspecting victims of all ages to hide.

Joe Bidden Has No Boundaries
Joe Bidden Has No Boundaries

The creep veep's apologists excuse his behavior as harmless good fun. Affectionate Uncle Joe's just, you know, “old school.” But after an entire campaign season spent tarring Republicans as sleazy misogynists waging a “war on women,” Democrats can hardly afford their own cringetastic standard-bearer whom women, teens and young girls cannot bear to be around.

With Biden in command, America will have a hands-on president. That is not a good thing.

About: Michelle Malkin
Michelle Malkin is the author of “Culture of Corruption: Obama and his Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks and Cronies” & “Unhinged: Exposing Liberals Gone Wild”. Her e-mail address is [email protected]

  • 30 thoughts on “FLASHBACK: Joe Biden’s Yuck Factor ~ Warning Disturbing Groping Video

    1. Making excuses for a child mollester makes YOU a child mollester too but democrats don’t care although they will have hell to pay. They support demonic behavior meaning that they are also demonic as they oppose GOD as did lucifer who paid an eternal price.

      1. Creepy joe is an evil reprobate; sin sick and mentally sick. He sees himself as all powerful–a power he must exhibit on camera by capturing every person he comes into contact with as he did by taking a state trooper by the leg. (best understood by watching him take Hillary Clinton captive and refusing to honor her wishes to be released as he has captured so many others from children to the elderly.) (Focus only on kids and you will miss the big picture). As our president, what will this pervert do to express his power? Only an ignorant fool would be willing to find out so let’s pray that those who defeated this molester the first two times will again step up to the plate to keep America great.

    2. Watch the video very closely for her last reaction.

      She initially reacts to biden’s touching and whispering. He steps a little to camera-left, but she reacts again – like she’s surprised. He hadn’t whispered again and he wasn’t touching her – with his hands. The first time I saw it, I wondered if he did something to her with his penis. I think he’d do it.

      Also note, her surprise wasn’t “holy sh*t, what the f*ck is he doing?” It looked more like a momentary unexpected thrill.

      The libs know they have to support each other, or else it’s divide and be conquered time. So they’ll minimize or ignore anything their own kind does. However, she may actually enjoy the attention. They could even be having an affair.

      Gross, I know, but many people cannot resist the aggressive, overconfident charisma of a narcissist, especially one with sexual tone (like how celebrities draw an audience in).

    3. Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

      Being an unfortunate victim several times, I’m a Laymen’s expert…

      (Note: His actions with adult women might be a cover for being a pedophile.)

      Entitled (including to cross boundaries and break rules).

      Attention-seeking. He’s the center of attention. Not the child or the person being sworn in.

      Controlling. Their way or the highway. After all the bad publicity, why is he still behaving this way? He has to exert power over all, especially women (“the weaker sex”). They usually target people they perceive as weak, understanding, forgiving, desperate, or naive.

      Blame. They deny obvious facts and logic and shirk responsibility. He doesn’t apologize and insinuates it’s everyone else’s misperception.

      They use cliches a lot to substitute for real feelings. He uses the same material many times. How old are you? No boys til you’re 30 (aka stay a virgin). You’re beautiful. God love ya. Am I blocking anyone? (He didn’t care. And that’s clearly the photog’s concern).

      Arrogance. No explanation needed. And that near-permanent cat-who-ate-the-canary expression is classic, from my experience. He probably thinks he’s giving the women a thrill.

      They covertly abuse – emotionally, sexually, psychologically.

      Sadistic. They enjoy causing pain, discomfort, anguish.

      Pride. They covertly flaunt what they’re hiding – just itching to tell you how they fooled you.

      In one video he told a girl his butterfly (granddaughter) went to sleep and woke up with a snake in her bed.

      1) butterfly refers to the vagina – similar shape.

      2) snake – his penis

      3) bullsh*t story – out of context and unlikely a real snake was there. Either he molested his granddaughter or he enjoyed hiding (his perverted thoughts) in plain sight.

      Just before that story, he was buttering up the girl’s grandma. He said: “Now my daughter is beautiful and she loves me very much, but my grand kids…” etc.

      The expected, logical remark would be: “I LOVE MY DAUGHTER VERY MUCH, but my grand kids…etc”

      Two times at work, someone told a guy how sweet his dog is. He has many narcissistic traits. He said, “Yeah, she loves her daddy.” The dog was getting compliments, not him. He has never said HE loves HER. They must how how loved they are because it means they are lovable and wonderful.

      They always have an addiction. Drugs, sex, porn, cigarettes, exercising, or whatever.

    4. Opening words of article: By the women Stephanie Carter he has his hands on shoulders.

      Biden grasped a Cabinet official’s wife, and the photo went viral. Now, she says everyone had it wrong.


      The moment was described as “creepy” and “extremely odd.” In today’s parlance, it screamed #MeToo.

      Except to Stephanie Carter, the wife of the former secretary of defense, Ashton B. Carter, it was anything but.

      Four years ago, observers puzzled to understand what Vice President Joe Biden’s hands were doing on her shoulders during her husband’s swearing-in ceremony on Feb. 17, 2015.

      She was troubled, too. But not by her interaction with the vice president, as she affirmed in a Medium essay published on Sunday. Instead, she resented how a tender moment between friends was reduced to a single misleading image, caught in the maw of online punditry. In the essay, titled “The #MeToo Story That Wasn’t Me,” she recounted how the vice president had whispered his thanks into her ear and “kept his hands on my shoulders as a means of offering his support.”

      Nothing like hearing the truth. Phony site of useless frauds

    5. Why don’t you find out ALL the facts first. None of you seem to mind having a president that likes prostitutes, is a habitual liar and is too much of a coward to put on a uniform and fight for his country.

        1. Not only Bill Clinton, the whole mess of them, Biden included. He could have volunteered for Vietnam as well, he was born in 1942. The current crop of our Legislatures could have also volunteered for the Military and possible combat, but who among the lot has even served in any branch of the Military? The U.S. has been steadily at some sort of conflict almost continuously since WWII, with only short breaks in between. During my 21 years in the Military, deployments seemed like every other year. Also, there Philip Exman what exactly have you done for your Country? Did you serve? If so, did you serve in Combat? If not, go crawl in your hole as Donald Trump probably has done far more for this country than you ever have.

    6. Everyone has been laughing at this clown for years. He is a psycho and everyone knows it. Obuma kept him on as VP because he was a good deterrent to a assassination attempt , no one wanted him to be confirmed to the office of Prez.
      I think he is one step farther than bat-shit crazy.

    7. Biden’s creeper actions go back a long long time. It just baffles me why the GOP has not done anything about him. It takes democrats to try to shut him down with it. I’ve noticed his body language and actions since before he was VP. Republicans have to have seen the same things.

      1. Yeah Biden is a scumbag, but it is entirely the fault of each of these women for NOT stopping it while in the act – PERIOD! He gets away with it because they let him!

    8. Liberals and Democrats don’t see anything wrong with Biden’s actions. They think any kind of sexual deviancy is perfectly normal, acceptable and should be taught to children in grade schools. Is it any wonder this country is in such dire straights?

      1. Excellent point. Now apply that to Hollywood, the other medias and especially most politicians and we have our answers and insights into how these perverts function.

      2. I see plenty wrong with it. It’s not normal at all. It’s intrusive, patronizing, inappropriate and unprofessional.

      3. I see plenty wrong with it. It’s patronizing, inappropriate and unprofessional. Giving it a pass is dangerous. It gives the wrong impression to our children.

    9. That’s awesome! Look at the women, little girl’s, and even octogenarians trying to back away from Joe’s unwanted attentions. Ashton Carter should have split his nose wide open for that grope-up of his wife!

    10. What the blue blazes is wrong with you bloody Americans!?.
      One, just one, ‘hands on’ creepy, crawly, touchy-feely skin to skin ‘SMOOTH’ sliding of his hands, his type of filth would’ve got this PERVERT strung up on charges here in Australia.
      People, get a grip!, dismiss his high position in high office, stop being scaredy cats, this Joe bidden is a transgender SEXUAL PREDATOR, in Political clothing.
      Destroy him!.

    11. That county mounty over the left shoulder looks like he wants to arrest the Creepy Old Uncle for groping. Gods know any of us that performed such an action would be hauled off in cuffs so what gives his wandering hands immunity from physical assault? I say break his fingers if you’re touched like that. I would, especially if some dude grabbed my knee and he wasn’t resetting a dislocated joint.

    12. The poster above kinda beat me to the punch. I was gonna call him ”Ol Shotgun Joe’ too. I think this total moron said to “just fire two shotgun blasts through the front door” ! Biden is off the charts fu$kin nuts and has been for awhile and I mean that literally too.

    13. “Creep veep”, Hahahaha! I’ll bet Ol’ Shotgun Joe wouldn’t have his hand on that trooper’s leg if the SS hadn’t made him take off his .357.

      1. Interesting point you make. These ‘power elites’ don’t even trust the law enforcement officers they use as props in photo ops.

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