Daily Gun Deals: MTM AC3C 3-Can Ammo Crate $24.99ea, FREE Shipping on Two or More

MTM AC3C 3-Can Ammo Crates (.50 Caliber) Deal
MTM AC3C 3-Can Ammo Crates (.50 Caliber) Deal

USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Buy Online Button ClearAmazon has a sale going on the MTM AC3C 3-Can Ammo Crate for just $24.99 and you can get FREE shipping if you order two or more. That is over 40% off with the free shipping for these great ammo boxes.

A rugged tactical carrying crate for multi-caliber ammo storage and transport. Comes with three, O-ring sealed 50 caliber ammo cans (AC50C) for multi-caliber ammo storage. 50 caliber ammo cans are a convenient size to store all types of boxed or bulk ammo. Each can nests within a rugged polymer crate to form a compact storage and transportation solution. As versatile as they are sturdy, loaded crates are stackable, with carry handles and tie-down points on either end for ATV attachment. Made of rugged polypropylene to last. MTM is family owned and operated. MTM Molded Products Company is a plastic injected molding facility with a primary focus on the shooting sports. Established in 1968, MTM began with a simple idea of storing ammo and currently offers a broad range of products: ammo boxes, ammo cans, ammo crates, handgun cases, reloading supplies, dry storage, shooting rests, target stands, and gun maintenance supplies specifically designed for the shooting sportsman.

MTM AC3C 3-Can Ammo Crates (.50 Caliber) $24.99 40+%off FREE S&H

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MTM AC3C 3-Can Ammo Crates (.50 Caliber) Cart Check 04/27/2019:

RMTM AC3C 3-Can Ammo Crates .50 Caliber Cart Check
RMTM AC3C 3-Can Ammo Crates .50 Caliber Cart Check

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First: Would not allow me to change quantity to 2. Second: Offer is for PRIME members only. I can add this item to list of items Amazon sells this way. In short, sale lost because of Amazon’s adding this item to their increasing number of items sold with discount only to PRIME members. Guess this is their way to try and get more money from customers by having them sign up for PRIME.


I set the quantity to TWO as in the description and Scamazon does indeed give free shipping WITHOUT Prime.


By the way, look for the shipping choices at check out. Scamazon does not default to the FREE option! I just ordered four.


On the description when you put it in your browser I put in for the 4can type. Your site pulls up the 3 can crate; but the video shows the 4 can item! ???

Kurt Jansen

Mike Ross is right, there is no free shipping unless you are already an Amazon Prime member.


$27.26 + $11.49 shipping if you aren’t an Amazon Prime member.