Notre Dame: Where it Was, as it Was


Notre Dame Cathedral Paris France
Notre Dame Cathedral Paris France

USA – -( As Callista and I sat watching the terrible fire in Paris that was burning the Cathedral of Notre Dame, our thoughts went back to the many times we had visited Paris. We always visited the great Cathedral. On a number of occasions, we went to Mass there. One unforgettable Mass, they had brought the great bells down from the bell towers, and they were placed right in the middle of the Cathedral. We were sitting just a few feet from one of the bells. When they rang it during Mass, you could feel it in your bones – the vibrations were so powerful.

Notre Dame is one of the greatest examples of gothic architecture. When you stand inside, you feel lifted to the heavens by the very shape of the building. Consider that prior to 1900, the overwhelming bulk of visitors lived in small houses. The scale and majesty of Notre Dame must have been overpowering.

Such a symbol of Western civilization and Christianity cannot be allowed to disappear. As President Trump said, “It's one of the great treasures of the world… it might be greater than almost any museum in the world.”

President Trump noted the tragic fire transcends politics, saying Notre Dame Cathedral “is beyond countries, that's beyond anything. That's a part of our growing up. It's a part of our culture. It's a part of our lives. That's a truly great cathedral. And I've been there, and I've seen it, and … there's probably no cathedral in the world like it.”

Callista and I were delighted when French President Emmanuel Macron said, “We'll rebuild this cathedral all together, and it's undoubtedly part of the French destiny and the project we'll have for the coming years.”

President Macron appealed for international support to help rebuild this great monument to our way of life.

Here in the United States, Monsignor Walter Rossi of the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception (the largest Catholic Church in America) announced the Basilica was helping raise support for Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris:

“The Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, in solidarity with the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris, is welcoming donations through a special online collection in the wake of the devastating fire on April 15, 2019.

“The National Shrine, also called America’s Catholic Church, is facilitating donations and prayer intentions through a special website at to support Notre Dame and those affected by this tragedy.

“The devotion of the faithful made the Cathedral of Notre Dame a welcoming place of worship and pilgrimage for more than eight centuries and now will rely on the generosity of the world to rebuild this sacred place of worship.

“The Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception encourages those whose lives have been touched by this iconic Cathedral, to support the effort to resurrect and rebuild this church which has touched the hearts and souls of the world.”

Over Christianity’s long history, many cathedrals and churches across the world have been destroyed and rebuilt.

Notre Dame de Paris cathedral interior
Notre Dame de Paris cathedral interior

The best example of a determination to rebuild, however, is in Venice, Italy.

Two weeks ago, we visited Venice. Our trip there convinces us that the great Cathedral can be rebuilt to once again dominate the Parisian skyline and serve as a symbol of Christianity for all the world.

In 1902, the great tower, the Campanile, collapsed in St. Mark’s Square. It was 322 feet tall and weighed 14,000 tons. Roderick Conway Morris wrote a great article ‘Where it was, as it was' describing the determination of the Venetians to rebuild the magnificent historic monument to their city’s greatness.

The Tower had been used to scan the horizon for potential attackers and to serve as a beacon for Venetian ships coming home. Originally built between 900 and 1200, it was finally completed in 1513. For 400 years, Venetians and visitors had seen the tower as a solid landmark that symbolized Venice.

When it collapsed, there was some brief thought to building a different, more modern design. The public outcry was overwhelming. It had to be built “where it was, as it was.” Ten years later, in 1912, the Campanile was reopened, and it met both criteria exactly.

You can visit Venice today and see this triumph of the human spirit.

I am convinced that in the near future you will also be able to go to Paris and see the great Cathedral of Notre Dame where it was and as it was.

Your donation, however small, will help renew our civilization.

Your Friend,

Newt Gingrich
Newt Gingrich

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  • 22 thoughts on “Notre Dame: Where it Was, as it Was

    1. The owners of ND cathedral should take it public. Sell shares. Sell 49% in an IPO. Then they’d have enough cash to rebuild and improve it.

    2. @ Rattlerjake The outside walls are cement and block. The roof and spire were the main parts that burned. That includes the ceiling inside and a bunch of walls inside. It is so old and beyond any building codes that it went up like a tinderbox.

    3. I just saw an article, with pictures, where people claim they saw images of Jesus in the flames. I am not swearing to the veracity of these statements or the images, I am just telling you, so that you can check it out for yourselves.
      There are also a lot of people who think that the Muslims caused this, pointing to the other 500 to 600 Churches that have been desecrated in the past few years, after the Muslim invasion. And I saw a video of someone in a “Sheikh Costume” walking high up in the scaffolding, put forth as evidence that the Muslims did it. That claim immediately brought to memory of the phone call the police received on 911, that someone saw some Palestinians, dressed up in “Sheikhs Costumes”, mixing up a bomb in the back of a truck. The only trucks found on 911 that had explosive residue in them was the one with “Urban Movers” painted on it, that was being driven by the “Dancing Israelis”, aka “The High Fivers”. That truck was stopped by officer Scott DeCarlo of the East Rutherford police dept., and he arrested the “Dancing Israelis”, as they are so infamously known as amongst those paying attention. The dual citizen Son of the Devil, Chertoff, had them released and flown back to Israel, where they went on a television program and told the world that their purpose was “to document the event”. And, of course, there was the truck that exploded in NYC with a mural of the towers with a jet plane, and also the truck with explosives caught under the GW Bridge on the Fort Lee, NJ side, where all the cables were anchored into the ground. I wonder who owned those 2 trucks ???

    4. The loss of Notre Dame is a world-wide (with the exception of the Muslims) tragedy if from nothing else, the historical significance of the structure. I hope and pray that it is rebuilt and if there is one group or individual responsible for the fire, if deliberate, that they are punished. I am disappointed in hearing that the sorry POS passing for a Pope, in the Vatican is not going to provide one penny to rebuild Notre Dame and is only providing “lip service” to encourage others to donate while sitting on more wealth than most small countries are worth.

      1. The Vatican IS a small country, just like “The City of London” is, and the “District of Columbia”. The Vatican houses the Vatican Bank. The one mile square City of London houses the Rothschild owned Bank of England, and the District of Columbia houses the corporate headquarters of the Federal Reserve. Each of these banks is owned and operated by members of a banking cartel known as “The International Bankster Gangsters”. Karen Hudes, known as “The World Bank Whistleblower”, claims that all the money that Americans pay in income tax goes 60% to the Vatican and 40% to the City of Londen, after being laundered through the Porto Rican offices of the International Bankster Gangsters. And if you don’t think they are gangsters, just you try not paying your F’ing taxes every G’damb year, homeboy. Watch Aaron Russo’s documentary on the subject called “America:From Freedom to Fascism”, free on the web if you google it up, for further elucidation.

        1. Researchers are finding out that the IBG (International Bankster Gangsters) have been around for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Ancient Babylon had their version, and the Egyptians, and then the Phoenecians, and now the Rothschilds and their infiltrated Vatican, they
          Are the banking cartels of our present day. They have been honing the magical art of creating money out of thin air (The Mandrake Mechanism), charging interest on it that keeps everyone subservient (Usury), and buying up all the “real wealth” with their “fictitious wealth”. This is why they hate gold, and a money system that is backed by gold, because they can’t just create out of thin air, more gold. It takes real work and effort to produce gold, and every time they want to have a war, they can’t just print up the financing (more gold), like they can do with their federal reserve printing press. And war is what they love the most ! The IBG gets to loan their fictitious wealth to both sides, and no matter who wins or loses, they are guaranteed payment of the principle PLUS INTEREST, from the taxpayers. And if they don’t pay with fictitious wealth, then the IBG gets to foreclose on the REAL ESTATE of the defaulting country. Karen Hudes says this is what happened to the USA, after the debts from the Civil War became unpayable. The IBG foreclosed on the USA and turned it into a CORPORATION (The Act of 1871), and failed to inform the populace that they had just been F’d, with a capitol F. The Pope and the Rothschilds now owned us, and set up their Federal Reserve Banking system, eventually getting control of all the nations gold by first declaring it illegal to own, and then getting it put all in one place (Fort Knox), and where had it gone from there (No true audit since 1953) ? And they set up theirs IRS which was used to teach lessons to anyone who didn’t like the new system, and to drain the profits of hard work out of the country, and into the hands of the IBG. And now take a look at who supposedly owns about 90% of the land out west, where all the minerals are (gold, silver, uranium). It is the Federal Government. Even though the Constitution forbids it, the Fed Gov claims to own a whole lot of land. Whatever, you may ask, ever happened to “Forts, Ports, and 10 square miles” ??? Just like the word “Infringed” has been infringed, and coinage of gold & silver being legal tender has been replaced with paper with ink on it and digital blips on a computer screen. And what’s with all this spying on legal citizens when they told us it was foreigners who did 911. I reckon they don’t believe their own lies, do they ?
          It’s no wonder these IBG lackeys want to disarm America before they awaken to this reality.

      2. Notre Dame is a monument to false religion, not to GOD! The catholic church and catholicism violates what GOD told us in scripture. Catholicism is NOT Christianity, just as mormonism is not Christianity, just as Judaism is not Christianity. True Christians need to resist the temptation of helping to fund the deceit and blasphemy of catholicism!

      1. The English have called the French “frog eaters” shortened to “frogs” as a since the 16th Century. It was a way of poking fun at them because the French ate frog legs. A friend of mine from England says he’s half frog because his “mum” was French. While he was here in the States I took him frog gigging and fed him frog legs. After that he was a fan of the delicacy.

      2. Notre Dame

        I thank God that while I was on active duty in the U.S. Army, I got to take a train from Frankfurt to Paris, and see Notre Dame and more.
        I thank God that the damage was not more extensive.
        I thank God that injuries were minimal.
        I thank God that so much of the world understands and appreciates the importance and significance of this great monument.

    5. I understand sorrow over it burning.but rather than worry about rebuilding worry more about homeless,children and the future.

    6. Someone told me that the Socialist government owns the building. That the Church leases it from the government. Is that true? If true, how did that happen? I am not Catholic and I did go online and give a few bucks. Worth it for the historical value of nothing else.

    7. Notre Dame University has an endowment of around 6 Billion. – yes that’s with a B. And there is Notre Dame Seminary. I don’t have any dollar figure that they’re worth. Then theres the Vatican. It makes me wonder how much these 3 alone have thrown into the Kitty?
      One more thing! Was any of this insured?
      I believe that there are A lot of bleeding hearts that will fall for the “We need your help to rebuild” trap.
      While I agree this was a terrible loss the Roman church isn’t exactly on poverty row.

      1. Notre Dame is a monument to false religion, not to GOD! The catholic church and catholicism violates what GOD told us in scripture. Catholicism is NOT Christianity, just as mormonism is not Christianity, just as Judaism is not Christianity. True Christians need to resist the temptation of helping to fund the deceit and blasphemy of catholicism!!!

    8. I see the Frogs have collected a Billion dollars so far for the re-build.
      I’ll bet you a Billion that the new spire faces mecca.

      1. @conrad, No, the Frogs have collected only pledges of a billion dollars. Unfortunately, the first estimate of costs to repair is eight billion dollars to repair. And because it is France, those figures will double or triple. Then the French (read socialist) Government will figure out that it is a way to keep people employed. Then …

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