Police Aren’t Enough

Imagine this is what you see in the rearview mirror.
Police Aren't Enough

U.S.A.-(Ammoland.com)- Sometimes, during my drive to work, I listen to Clarence Maurice Mitchell IV, host of the Baltimore's WBAL C4 radio show. Mitchell was formerly a member of Maryland's House of Delegates and its Senate. In recent weeks, Mitchell has been talking about the terrible crime situation in Baltimore. In 2018, there were 308 homicides. So far this year, there have been 69. That's in a 2018 population of 611,648 — down from nearly a million in 1950. The city is pinning its hopes to reduce homicides and other crime on new Police Commissioner Michael Harrison.

Another hot news item in Baltimore is the fact that Johns Hopkins University wants to hire 100 armed police officers to patrol its campuses, hospital and surrounding neighborhoods. The hospital president, Dr. Redonda Miller testified in Annapolis hearings that patients and employees are “scared when they walk home, they're scared when they walk to their cars.”

Philadelphia's Temple University police department is the largest university police force in the United States, with 130 campus police officers, including supervisors and detectives.

In 1957, I attended night school at Temple University. There was little or no campus police presence. I am sure that people who attended Johns Hopkins, University of Chicago, and other colleges in or adjacent to black neighborhoods during the '40s, '50s and earlier weren't in an armed camp. In the nation's largest school districts that serve predominantly black youngsters, school police outnumber, sometimes by large margins, school counseling staffs. Again, something entirely new. I attended predominantly black Philadelphia schools from 1942 to 1954. The only time we saw a policeman in school was during an assembly where we had to listen to a boring lecture on safety. Today, Philadelphia schools have hired more than 350 police officers. What has happened to get us to this point? Will hiring more police officers and new police chiefs have much of an impact on crime?

No doubt hiring more and better trained police officers will have some impact on criminal and disorderly behavior — but not much unless we create a police state. The root of the problem, particularly among black Americans, is the breakdown of the family unit where fathers are absent. In 1938, 11 percent of blacks were born to unmarried women. By 1965, that number had grown to 25 percent. Now it's about 75 percent. Even during slavery, when marriage between blacks was illegal, a higher percentage of black children were raised by their biological mothers and fathers than today. In 1940, 86 percent of black children were born inside marriage. Today, only 35 percent of black children are born inside marriage. Having no father in the home has a serious impact. Children with no father in the home are five times more likely to be poor and commit crime, nine times more likely to drop out of school and 20 times more likely to be in prison.

Our generous welfare system, in effect, allows women to marry the government. Plus, there is shortage of marriageable black men because they've dropped out of school, wound up in jail and haven't much of a future. Unfortunately, many blacks followed the advice of white liberal academics such as Johns Hopkins professor Andrew Cherlin who in the 1960s argued that “the most detrimental aspect of the absence of fathers from one-parent families is not the lack of a male presence but the lack of male income” Cherlin's vision suggested that fathers were unimportant and if black females “married the government”; black fathers would be redundant.

Most of today's major problems encountered by black people have little or nothing to do with racial discrimination and a legacy of slavery. People who make those excuses are doing a grave disservice to black people. The major problems black people face are not amenable to political solutions and government anti-poverty programs. If they were, then they'd be solved by the more than $20 trillion dollars nation has spent on poverty programs since 1965. As comic strip character Pogo said, “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

About Walter E.WilliamsWalter E.Williams

Walter E. Williams is a professor of economics at George Mason University. Williams is also the author of several books. Among these are The State Against Blacks, later made into a television documentary, America: A Minority Viewpoint, All It Takes Is Guts, South Africa's War Against Capitalism, More Liberty Means Less Government, Liberty Versus The Tyranny of Socialism, and recently his autobiography, Up From The Projects.

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    1. I used to go to the Inner Harbor about every two years, has gone downhill fast, drugs, panhandling and hood rats ! We easily dropped over a grand each trip. Now, if you go a block out from the actual harbor you are taking a chance with your life. The criminal elements have moved in bigtime. I have a friend that purchased a house two blocks form the harbor, paid VERY much for it, now wants to sell it…. He can’t get 1/8th of what he paid. NOBODY but the thiugs in the area now. Maryland doesn’t reciprocate with surrounding states on the concealed firearm carry issue so Maryland no longer exists on my vacation list. Their draconian anti gun laws are costing the state dearly, guaranteed. Their laws do NOTHING to stop the overtaking of a great tourist and money making area, the ONLY thing their laws do is disarm the law abiding citizen. If i cannot protect my family at that moment it is needed, I don’t/WON’T visit that area.
      Calling 911 is useless when there is ZERO TIME and that thug is robbing, raping murdering your family member.
      Yeah, the Rino/Dem rule has turned another “once nice” area and state into a criminal SHIT HOLE, that you can do nothing to protect yourself in ! Sound familiar N.Y., Cal, Ill, N.J. and the other Dem/RINO operated criminal hotbeds ?

    2. It’s all about the votes. A democrat, and RINOs, will do anything for a vote. That must mean they have a job that is too lucrative to take a chance of losing it. I don’t know what LBJ was trying to do except he was a pure democrat and stunk like one. Term limits would help but prying the gravy train away from these people would be harder than pulling teeth. If they had to think about their job and where their next meal was coming from they would not have time to commit so much mischief.

    3. As the song says, “Things aren’t what they used to be.” In September 1973 I was attending AIT at Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Al. One day I decided to walk into Huntsville to take pictures of its downtown area. I came back a different way and had a strange experience. I walked for about a half a mile through a neighborhood and there was nobody on the street. There were numerous people looking out their front picture windows from behind the curtains. When I got back to base I mentioned it to a couple of people and they said that it was part of the “Negro” area of town. As to why no one was on the street and many looking out their windows they said it was probably because a White person was walking down their street and they didn’t want to risk any trouble.
      Two and a half years later a friend of mine and I had rocks thrown at us by “Black youths” as we jogged through a low income housing addition in OKC.

    4. Each person must take responsibility for their own safety. Police only exist to show up and draw a chalk outline of your dead body. Police rarely prevent crime, they mostly investigate crime that has already occurred.

    5. Very well written and reasoned article.
      Not mentioned is why so many fathers are missing from black homes.
      This is an unintended consequence of the war on drugs.
      Locking up tens of thousands of black men has had a negative effect on the next generation.
      I would also put a lot of blame on “ hood culture” with its glorification of drugs, crime and money.
      None of the problems of our inner cities will be solved until the black community takes a hard look at itself.
      Any gun control or loss of liberty in my suburb will have no defect on black on black crime and violence

    6. Once again Professor Williams identifies the problem, identifies the failed policies that have allowed it to become a disaster, and prescribes a cure.

    7. With the American “Justice” system controlled by liberals and with too many cowardly cops (there are many good cops out there) enforcing anything classified as a law and with the double standard applied to anyone classified as “special” due to race, color, sex, immigration status or sexual perversion, vigilantism is becoming more and more the only thing available to us “non-special” citizens to obtain justice. It worked in the 1800s and it looks like something that may need a resurgence if the Democrats and liberals get there way, and maybe even if they don’t.

    8. The democrat plan, break up the family, give them support monies called welfare, then they will be forced to vote for the rats who sign the checks. As now evident, their plan worked.

      LBJ and democrats of that time, were equally as racist as those democrats who started the KKK. Remember Hillary kissed the hand of the Grand Marshal who was a democrat member of Congress for decades, he was her mentor as she stated!

      Now the rats double down pushing reparations, which is just another welfare scheme to get votes and keep blacks enslaved.

      Our history of slavery to this day tears at the our hearts. A dark time in how we treated our fellow man. But this pales in comparison to what these racist rats have done the last half century, generational enslavement via welfare schemes!

    9. Instead of listening to somebody like Walter Williams he will be crucified and called an Uncle Tom. The breakdown of the family unit has been a large part of the problem in today’s society for all races. What will the next generation be like? They have no idea how a family is supposed to function or what the parents are supposed to do. Instead, we are allowing the schools to bring in speakers for the alternative lifestyles such as the gays and gender benders.

    10. Absent fathers are problem for any race. Unfortunately people are unable to see solution. Lack of common sense. Thanks for your article. I was blessed to have been raised by my dad. Cant imagine what it been like without him. We also need to tell the people speaking the loudest to be quiet. It’s time for an intelligent person to take the lead. Democrats dont belong to a party. They joined a cult like group of immature morons.

    11. The key word and unifying common denominator in all the ills that plague society is “politicians” equaled only by “government”. Less, much less, of both are sorely NEEDED!

    12. I have followed Walter E. Williams for many years now, he is a very intelligent man and again he hits the nail right on the head in this article! This is the same thing many black leaders with any brains have been saying for a long time. The same is true in my ethnic ground. My Dad was full blood Cherokee the American Indian reservations and people in general have been programed into the government teat to suckle, the Latin community is the same way, we are moving closer and closer to socialism and that WILL BE OUR COUNTRIES DEATH!

    13. You forgot to mention the constant whine about racism when blacks get caught with their hands in the cookie jar. And that racism whining leads to policing cutbacks which leads to greater irresponsibility on the part of those caught because they don’t have to pay any penalties for their poor choices and decisions. And don’t forget the politicians who promise to make things better by supporting racism claims which turn out very often to be BS. Poor Jussie; poor Michael Brown. Let’s hear it for politicians and no accountability for constant poor/bad decisions. You say $20 Trillion spent on poverty programs since 1965? Tell me again about reparations.

      1. The key word and unifying common denominator in all the ills that plague society is “politicians” equaled only by “government”. Less, much less, of both are sorely NEEDED!

      2. I hear you. We need a lot of people to listen, and learn the truth about how “effective” Democratic rule in these cities really is… NOT. They are STILL the party of slavery.

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