Police Chief Suspended For Liking Trump & NRA Tweets Bullied Into Apology To Keep Job


South Hadley, Mass.-(Ammoland.com)-Mount Holyoke College and Smith College place Police Chief Daniel Hect on administrative leave for liking tweets from the NRA and President Trump.

The Massachusetts Colleges placed Police Chief Hect on administrative leave before he had the chance even to start the job after students found his Twitter account. The career law enforcement official announced on his Twitter that he took the new position for the joint campus.

“I am excited to announce I have accepted the position of Chief of Police at Mount Holyoke and Smith colleges, two of the most prestigious all women’s institutions in the nation,” read the tweeted.

Once students found his Twitter, they became outraged that Hect was an apparent Trump supporter and a member of the NRA. Students called his conservative beliefs “red flags” that should disqualify him from serving in law enforcement on the campuses.

One student tweeted “show his dangerous support of Trump, as well as anti-immigration (specifically latinx immigrants) and pro-gun sentiments” and declared that Hect “cannot keep this community safe.”

Before coming to Mount Holyoke and Smith colleges, Hect served at Xavier University as their director of public safety and chief of police. He has in the past also had a stellar career at Denison University.

At Denison University, Hect made significant inroads in building a bond between the police and the community. He sat in on club meetings and got to know the students. He was planning on bringing the same community policing to Mount Holyoke College and Smith College.

Mount Holyoke College President Sonya Stephens decided to place Hect on administrative leave. She announced the decision to students and staff via email.

“Over the past few weeks, members of our community have expressed concerns about the ability of Chief Daniel to develop the level of trust required to engage in community policing,” the email read.

On March 19th, Mount Holyoke College hosted a forum where students could ask the incoming police chief questions. The goal of the discussion was to alleviate students concerns about Hect.

Mount Holyoke College and Smith College
Mount Holyoke College and Smith College

Heck was forced to humble himself to keep his job. He apologized to the panel for liking Trump's Tweets calling it a “huge mistake.” Hect also had to state to students that he did not support the President of the United States.

“Donald Trump’s viewpoints do not represent our country very well,” Hect said. “When [Trump] did something that I thought he did well, I wanted to like [his tweets in reference to those successes] in hopes to lead to more good behavior. I do not support Donald Trump. The hate that comes out of the White House is not okay.”

Students also focused on his liking of Tweets by the NRA. Students seemed outraged that he liked the NRA's Tweet wishing people a “Merry Christmas.” Ignorant students appeared to lecture at Hect instead of asking him real questions.

“You seem to understand racism as a result of individual bad people,” said one student. “Racism is systemic. It is perpetuated by individuals, but it’s not the result of individual bad people.”

The 30-year law enforcement officer implied that the students taught him about his bias.

“I am taking steps to address this bias,” Hect said. “I didn’t see it until people pointed it out, to be honest….[but] I take ownership of that, and that’s one of the reasons why I’ve taken those posts down.”

MHC President Sonya Stephens appointed Deputy Police Chief Ray LaBarre as the Acting Chief of Campus Police.

About John CrumpJohn Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. He is the former CEO of Veritas Firearms, LLC and is the co-host of The Patriot-News Podcast which can be found at www.blogtalkradio.com/patriotnews. John has written extensively on the patriot movement including 3%'ers, Oath Keepers, and Militias. In addition to the Patriot movement, John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and is currently working on a book on leftist deplatforming methods and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, on Facebook at realjohncrump, or at www.crumpy.com.

  • 50 thoughts on “Police Chief Suspended For Liking Trump & NRA Tweets Bullied Into Apology To Keep Job

    1. To the gentleman who supported Heck’s choice to keep his ‘no doubt’ high paying job (Smith is for VERY wealthy little girls), you are correct. He can probably retire comfortably from this position. What is a disgrace is how the college allows the students to have any say in this. I attended a state college in western Mass in 1970, and Smith was a home for rich brats back then; I can only imagine what it is now. It’s sad that Massachusetts, the veritable birthplace of the American revolution and our great republic, has fallen to the depths of outlawing freedom of speech and instituting thought control. God Bless America, please, she needs it more now than ever.

    2. Exactly right. Hit ’em with a lawsuit, collect millions, retire and drive thru the fascist campus every day in a gold plated Trump/NRA mobile with music blaring. 🙂

    3. This is what elitism looks like. Do what I say, not what I do. These women will become the Hillarys of the world. Their corruption will take many forms as witnessed here. To deny anyone the freedom of speech, privacy, and the pursuit of happiness is against all we stand for in America. These uneducated women will be first to squeal to mommie and daddy when they get a taste of their own medicine.

    4. If that college received any federal funds, that should be pulled and any student receiving funds to go to that college should be denied. This man or any person who voices their first amendment rights on who he supports should not subject to this action from the college. If there was a law suit possible I would hope he would go forward with it and a go fund could help him in pursuing the suit.

    5. I read the newspaper article, of course, you can’t believe half of what the MSM says but it seems like the schools have a problem with the inmates running the asylum. Where in this country does an “undocumented” individual get the right to tell the administration what to do. I think the admin. needs replaced and send the inmates home or someplace to grow up. Maybe some deportrations are in order before they end up like congressperson Omar.

      1. Why weren’t there requirements posted with the job position. E.g. 1. You must not like the current president. 2. You must not like or be affiliated with the NRA. 3. You must comply with everything we tell you to do including your cognitive input and output. Including but not limited to how you respond to each call that comes to your office that requires police intervention to gain control over the environment both social and violent.
        However back to the officer who accepted the job, I personally have never worked anywhere that has told me how “YOU WILL VIEW…..” something as seen by this organization as political correct even if it goes against what I believe. Me personally I would exit the college with a hand shake and say “We are not a good fit for each other.” And wish them well.
        But this new police chief has to live with his decision to turn his back on what his standards , training and possibly morals were. I wouldn’t want to be him and have to explain to his family and friends of his new found beliefs.

    6. Remember Mass. is anti American and the two colleges are attended by brain dead liberals AKA young morons. Chief Hect needs a gender check because it appears he lost his balls.

      1. Maybe all those Connie libtard politically correct brain dead morons would like to know that there are now many, many Haitian and African economic migrants in Chiapas, Mexico. They are being held there temporarily by the authorities, but their intent is to get to the southern border of the USA. And then onward north, to come and eat their lunch, rape their women, and steal or wreck everything they can get their hands on, just like they did, and continue to do to Europe. Only those with half a living brain cell will arm up with an adequate weapon. The rest of them ? They deserve what’s coming to a neighborhood near them. What a bunch of dim bulbs.

    7. Police Chief Daniel Hect???. . . . .Is he from Lakeland, FL?
      44 years. I never apologized for a ticket I wrote, anyone I arrested or the ones I shot in LOD.
      What a sorry piece of work he is.

    8. A police chief who likes Trump and the NRA might actually do his job responsibly. By all means, who would want him in the position? So much better a wimpy snowflake to protect everyone’s lives…. I think Broward County can supply some excellent candidates.

      1. If I was that officers I would file a complaint with the Union and Law Enforcement agenda. That college doesn’t deserve support from Our Law Enforcement. They can hire their own security.

    9. Everyone involved with this guy being placed on leave is a horrible person. You people are the WORST generation, and you’re all in for a really big surprise if and when you ever decide to join the real world.

      1. Oh, I think the real world wants to come and meet them. Yessiree, 2 colleges full of ripe young ladies who are totally brainwashed by the wolves in sheeps clothing. Just like all the libtards in Germany who thought it was such a great thing to do, welcoming in all the economic migrants, just like Mrs. Merkel told them to. And “MRS. SPECTER FROM SWEDEN” (google her) who brainwashed them into thinking diversity was such a great idea. That is, until New Years Eve of 2015-2016 came about, and more than 2000 men in Cologn, and Hamburg, and other cities, all using cell phones given to them by their benefactors, suddenly turned on the women and sexually assaulted over 1200 of them, right out there in the street. You see, they have this little game called TAHARRASH (google it) that they like to play, and expect the women to like to play it also, but that not really necessary. And all the cops, they just stood and averted their eyes, because they didn’t want to be labeled as a fascist, or anything politically incorrect like that. Well, these young libtards in Massachusetts, and elsewhere, may soon be experiencing TAHARRASH themselves if Trump is not successful in stemming the invasion. You see, the human traffickers are already bringing in these “economic migrants” from North Africa and every other turd world country. Just tonight I watched a YouTube clip of a bunch of them rioting down in South Mexico. Their plans are to make it to the US border, and then bust on through. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are on the scent of all these stupid, brainwashed, moronic libtards, ovulating monthly up there in South Hadley. Yes, I think they would very much like to meat them. If they survive that first night, I guaranF’ingTee that they will change their tune real quick, run down to the nearest gun store and arm up, and beg Trump to get that wall built, LAST YEAR !!! Isn’t it a shame that the media don’t tell them nothing about how the real world really works ???

    10. Police Chief Hect, You owe NONE of these fools any apology. WTH for?, YOU are 100% right. The liberal idiots that attend these schools, and the lunatic zealots running these two schools, may one day have to defend themselves or their loved ones against tyranny, only they won’t have a CLUE how to do that, being such pure white goody disrespectful hypocritical lilies that they are. More poor innocent kids, ruined by idiots. Tisk tisk, too bad. I won’t help save them. Chief Hect, I hope you are employed by someone who respects you and your exemplary record, so you won’t have to either. Another Poster was correct, these two “institutions of higher learning” should be bulldozed.

    11. Despite holding a Masters degree myself, it’s my opinion this is just one more “institute of higher learning” self identifying as needing a bulldozing.

      1. Better return that degree to the comic book company that sold it to you. Universities are more than bricks and ivy covered buildings

    12. They need to study the Bill of Rights. Not just the 2A but the First. And if the libs get rid of the 2A, the others will soon follow. What fools.

    13. I live in Northampton and work at Smith College. In the last couple years, Smith has become so extremely LIBERAL that no one can say or do a thing without being targeted for some politically incorrect BS. This last thing is the last straw for me. I am quitting Smith College and I would not recommend either college for anyones children because they will not learn to be prepared for the real world. I read an list of “Demands” yesterday from the Smith students. It listed 28 sentences, each starting with the words, “We demand” then the thing they want. 28 DEMANDS, not respectful requests. These kids will be in for a large surprise once in the real world if they go in to their boss and make demands. That don’t work in the real world. Also the story here is not totally accurate. I don’t know nor have I heard anything about him offering any apology to the students. I hope he did not do that but if I was him, I would leave and sue Smith and Mt Holyoke College for harming his reputation very badly. If he stays there, he will be attacked again and again as the students will se him as an easy target and will get him sooner or later unless he fights back instead of submitting to these clowns, some of which are illegal immigrant students, who wouldn’t give their names for fear of ICE coming for them. I say, go get them ICE.

    14. He needs to retire completely. He does not owe these idiot liberal brainwashed students an apology of any kind. This is the result of what the schools are teaching now. These are students, not adults, not policy makers. They have not earned the right to have an opinion. And I am certain some of them did not even earn the right to be where they are at.

    15. Wow all the independently wealthy people here. Must be nice to have so much money we can turn down a high paying job. Face the facts, here are 2 all female colleges, extreme left wing liberals, It is Massachusetts. This guy did what was needed to keep his job. I lived up there in that shitty state for 11 years and was happy to leave. I felt like the enemy up there. But I also had to work to feed my family and pay my bills. Not a good place to live or work as a conservative.

    16. When are we gonna start holding Democrat’s feet to the fire for their corruption and mis-deeds? Democrats like Maxine Watters and University “Professors”, and certain others that spew negative ideologies about Caucasians for conjured up charges that have no basis in fact? Owning guns and belonging to groups like NRA are not legitimate reasons to fire someone. If it were; a lot of liberals would also lose or be threatened w/losing their Government jobs!

    17. It reads a bit differently in the Daily Hampshire Gazette, i.e. https://www.gazettenet.com/Smith-College-students-protest-against-racism-new-police-chief-24764370 Sounds like they are trying to cover their tracks now.

      When did schools start letting student tell them who to hire or not? Isn’t that like felons deciding who will be the new warden?

      IF Hect gets back into the job (which I doubt) just wait till he tries to arrest one of the little shits for anything. Unfortunately, he is just prolonging the inevitable – should have told them to FOAD and kept some dignity.

      1. You are correct, they are in damage control mode. Their labor lawyers about had heart attacks. Now it is “poor performance,” even though he has received nothing but positive feedback. What I really love are the claims that he is racist. His first wife and his children from that marriage are African American, and his second wife is Asian. The ‘non-racist’ students at Holyoke said she “must be a mail-order bride.”

        The man is being fired because he believes in the constitution. Holyoke and Smith only believe in diversity of thought if your thoughts align entirely with theirs.

        He should sue, sue, sue.

    18. Ok, you know how Jeussie was a set up and a lie? I think tgis is the same kind if propaganda b.s. I dont like Trump now because I want to keep my job and this fact is publicised and glorafied by the students? Where is the union on this, where is the lawsuit, why did he so willfully conform and not debate his political view and thier missconception of it is not right. Something is too fishy here.

    19. I would tell them to “Johnny Paycheck ” that job. That is “Take this job and shove it”. If people don’t like the way a person thinks or who he/she supports that’s too damn bad. Why does an individual have to apologize for his or hers beliefs?

    20. Why would one want that job much less apologize to keep it?
      The chief doesn’t sound like the kinda of man I’d want to share a squad car with. All talk and no backbone.

    21. Good for them they now have what they want, someone who’ll cave at the first sign of trouble. Do they think
      he’ll stand up for them ,when he won’t even stand up for himself?

    22. The small Town of which I reside in, located in in WA State, the Police Dept had been flying the U.S. Flag at Half Mast since April 1st. Ever since an Illegal alien gunned down a Kittitas County Sheriff back in March. Usually they raise the Flag back to Full Mast after 7 days, in honor of their fallen Brother. A common practice and ritual of sorts.

      Yesterday I walked into the Police Station, politely asked the Police Clerk why they were still flying the Flag at Half Mast? I said that it had been at Half Mast since April 1st. She did not know why? I explained to her that I was a 3rd Gen United States Military Veteran, and that it really meant a lot to me, for the Flag to be raised back to Full Mast and that it was proper Flag etiquette.

      She stated she would speak to the Watch Commander and let him know. I thanked her and proceeded to walkout the door. Upon leaving the Police Station, the Watch Commander came outside to raise the Flag. He actually thanked me for pointing it out, and thanked me for my Service. Sometimes I think all of us get caught up in our own world, completely oblivious to our surroundings. Gazing at a computer screen while on watch, probably adds to the issue. Some times you just have to point things out to others. Never surrender, Never quit. Never.

    23. These liberal people want our guns, our money, our voice. They want to destroy the constitution period.Then what do we have, nothing but open boarders and a defenseless country!

      1. Don’t want your guns. Do want to
        learn more about what you want our future to be like and why. Bet all Americans have more
        In common than not. Wish we could talk…
        and learn from each other.

      1. It did and I am from there. Left the state 12 years ago in disgust.
        Reality is that our Founding Fathers would be shooting by now.

    24. Typical Communist, monumentally stupid students running the school for the terminally stupid school administration. I am sure they would prefer a Chief LEO assigned to “protect” them that had never done the job before because “her” previous job was Social Justice Warrior working behind a bar in the Bronx. And shame on Police Chief Hect for sacrificing his morals and beliefs for job security…which I doubt he has now anyway. If a school shooter arrives on campus, do the students think bulling him with harsh words will prevent him from slaughtering a few dozen people? Maybe they can convince Hamas to give up fighting with Israel and sing “Kum ba yah”.

    25. Not surprising snow flakes can’t handle a different political or ideology view point. Surprising however is a Law Enforcement Officer who caved in to their bullying tactics – indeed not right for the job as the snow flakes proved to the new guy, they run the asylum, while he proved to potential new employers he flips depending on who carries the bigger stick.

    26. Those little twits are going to get a real surprise when they and their “leaders” push things a step too far… and then they’ll complain and wonder how “they” can be doing this to us.

    27. Typical fascist liberal policies by the institutions of lower learning. Plus that gutless excuse of a police chief.

    28. If he was bullied into an apology then the kids were right to root him out. He doesn’t deserve the job.

    29. What a shame that he backpedaled to keep his job. Its even a bigger shame that this type of behavior is tolerated from the left.

    30. Appears there might be another case for suing Mount Holyoke College President Sonya Stephens and anyone else involved in denying him his 1st Amendment Rights. Second is for Police Chief Hect to stop apologizing to these people because of your beliefs.

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