Questions for Chase (Away) Bank

Questions for Chase (Away) Bank
Questions for Chase (Away) Bank

U.S.A.-( I have been a Chase Bank customer for years. Who knows how much longer it'll be? Will the company's thought police come for me next? How about you? If you are a non-leftist who does business with the financial giant owned by J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., you need to ask questions and get answers.

On Tuesday, investigative journalist James O'Keefe and his Project Veritas team released a disturbing new video on the runaround that Chase officials gave Texas conservative entrepreneur Enrique Tarrio about his canceled account. Big business may very well be enabling America's very own version of the Chinese social credit system in which political dissent is flagged, shunned, punished and eradicated.

First, some background:

Tarrio is a young, peaceful, Afro-Cuban freethinker and chairman of the Proud Boys organization. In February 2019, the Texas Trump supporter received a letter from Chase Bank informing him that “after careful consideration,” the financial institution could “no longer support” his banking account. The notice followed a hit piece against minorities who support the president by The Daily Beast, a reliable echo chamber for the discredited Southern Poverty Law Center smear machine.

Tarrio was subsequently kicked off Chase's payment processor, which he used to sell patriotic and pro-Trump T-shirts. Next, he was deplatformed from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Airbnb, FirstData, Square, Stripe and PayPal before losing his bank accounts. When I asked on Twitter in February why we can't have just one financial institution that doesn't cave to social justice warriors, the official Chase Twitter account tweeted me back:

“Hi Michelle, this article is inaccurate. We did not close his personal account. We do not close accounts based on political affiliation.”

I pointed out that Chase's letter clearly stated that the company had closed his account. “So if not for political reasons,” I asked, “why, ‘after careful consideration,' did you close his account?” The social media manager of Chase's corporate Twitter account, previously so eager to spill the tea, replied: “For privacy reasons, we can't say more.”

Thanks to Project Veritas, we now know more. Undercover audio and video exposed how:

  • One Chase employee blamed “clerical” issues on Tarrio's account cancellation.
  • Another stated: “I see nothing that indicates any reason why the account should be closed. I don't see any outstanding transactions or anything ridiculous.”
  • Another explained: “Chase is not involved with any like, you know, alt-right people or anything.” Those with “no moral character” are people that “the bank usually doesn't get involved with in any “business relationships, period.”
  • Several repeated a company line in Tarrio's mysterious file: “Decision is not reversible.”

Others who received Chase shutdown notices so far in 2019: conservative Rebel Media contributor Martina Markota, anti-sharia and pro-borders investigative journalist Laura Loomer and U.S. Army combat vet and vocal Trump supporter Joe Biggs. Were Markota's, Loomer's and Biggs' removals “clerical” errors or unfounded or were they based on an ideological litmus test disguised as a “moral character” assessment?

More questions arise:

How exactly is J.P. Morgan Chase's $500,000 donation last year to the SPLC left-wing operatives being put to use?

Why did the company embrace a known defamation racket whose stated mission is to “destroy” its political enemies on the right?

What comment does Chase have now that SPLC's top leaders have been purged amid internal accusations of intolerance and discrimination within the walls of the notorious Poverty Palace?

Does Chase keep tabs on high-profile conservative customers' political speech on social media platforms?

Is Chase operating from the same playbook as Paypal, which is booting off conservatives in consultation with the SPLC? One of its most recent victims: Luke Rohlfing, a young reporter for, who had exposed how the payment processor was allowing Open Borders Inc. heavyweight Pueblo Sin Fronteras to raise money for illegal immigrant caravans conspiring to break our immigration laws — even though Paypal's own terms of service state clearly that users may not engage in any activities that “violate any law, statute, ordinance or regulation.”

Tarrio warns of the speech-squelching pattern emerging across Silicon Valley and on Wall Street: “First we get silenced on social media, then Paypal, then I get debanked. It's a very dangerous trend.”

He is not alone. Former Toronto mayoral candidate and social media commentator Faith Goldy told me: “To date I've been banned from: PayPal, Patreon, GoFundMe, Airbnb, Facebook and Instagram. I've committed no crime! My only fault is loving my country and quoting government statistics to a camera from my kitchen table. The nature of big tech censorship is imperialistic and these Silicon Valley nerds won't stop until every freethinker is snuffed or scared into submission.”

As for Chase Bank, I sent all my questions to chief communications officer Patricia Wexler, who challenged the authenticity of one of the employees recorded by Veritas (O'Keefe showed proof of the Chase New York media relations number dialed and had audio of the employee identifying himself as a Chase rep) and ignored the substance of the report.

Evasion and denial are surefire ways to lose business. Is it Chase Bank or Chase Away Bank? Inquiring customers would like to know.

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  • 24 thoughts on “Questions for Chase (Away) Bank

    1. Shell Federal Credit Union is one of the best and friendliest credit unions in the Houston metropolitan area. Give them a try and tell them mrlemm sent you. They can take care of your banking needs.

    2. You can keep your big banks, they could care less about you and only what they can overcharge you for. I deal with local banks and credit unions, as long as they are federally insured. Money is too hard to come by and then give it to some toad in a suit.

      1. Just keep in mind that “federally insured” only means they only have to pay you back one dollar for every ten they owe you,if they so desire.

    3. Years ago I had a Chase card. I called them to find out why they raised my interest rate from 6.9 to 14% at the time.
      I asked why ? the answer I got was ” Because we can”. This was after they just received the bailout.
      So much for customer service.

    4. Add Levi Strauss to the boycott.

      That one was especially hard for me, but until they get out of politics, I won’t go back.

    5. Instead of dealing with chartered banks, talk to your friendly regional credit union. They are small companies, their board members are almost always members of the local community, they are involved in LOCAL or regional issue,s helping in many ways. Every one of them I’ve dealt with are friendly helpful, realise that you are “part of the family” and treat you that way.

      Make sure, as you explore possibilities, that you join one that is part of the National Credit Union Alliance, AND “shared branching”. With shared Branching, my ATM card allows me to make deposits, withdrawals, at any member credit union wiht NO FEES< EVER. I've run mulitday events halfway across the country needing to make signficant deposits of the proceeds daily. A credit union branch was right in the same mall, so I made my daily pilgrimmage across the car park to make the deposits. Theywere SO FRIENDL and helpful, letting me use the coin counter for no charge, and by the time I walked back across the car park to the event, I could log on to my account back home and make payments from the money I had deposited ten minutes ago, move it to a different account, etc. No fees.

      Most such credit unions issue real credit cards, too, and have the lowest rates and highest reward programmes out there. Deposits are federally insured, I now have three business accounts with different local credit unions (they are NOT linked, my decision) and same story with them.
      WHO NEEDS the big name corrupt banks, anyway? Most of today's financial ills are in direct result of big banks using their
      "too big to fail" power to manipulate, scam, cheat, the general public. They also seem to be in bed with COngress and the government watchdog agencies that "protect" we little people.

      My question is: WHO will protect us from the protectors?

      Credit unions, in general operate outside that whole festering world.

    6. A post I made last summer on

      Closed my BofA savings, checking and credit card accounts today after a couple decades of banking with them. Simply decided that I will not deal with any organization, especially involving my funds, that is anti-gun/second amendment or whose policies are driven by politically correct stances.

      Noted a few ramblings online about BofA changing their decision to not service gun-related businesses. If true I’d have to read their actions as setting policy based on which way political winds blow.

      It’s a shame I’m not extremely wealthy where my actions would have drawn the attention of the BofA decision makers.

    7. It’s becoming so difficult to only use reputable companies. To truly boycott the morally corrupt ones takes serious commitment. I feel like I’d have to be Amish to actually achieve that. The phone I type this on was made in China. I have 2 chase cards. I’m not sure if it’s a consolation the I’ve never paid a cent of interest. Grocery store in town is Kroger who banned gun literature and center right magazines. You get the point…

    8. We freethinkers really need to establish our own banks, payment processors, social media, even an ISP. Failure to create trustworthy business and communication alternatives will result in further marginalization, working towards eventual elimination of “wrong thinking” and unapproved behavior. The comparison to the Chinese social credit system is accurate.

    9. I just paid off my Chase card and will NEVER use it again. I wrote them and told them why in no uncertain terms. Of course all I got was cricket chirps in return.
      I fired Bank of America for their leftwing politics. I now use Synovus, which as far as I can tell has not engaged in any of this BS. But should I find they are also Soros puppets, I’ll fire them too. It only takes a few moments …

    10. Would love to drop Chase & Citi accounts. Who are the alternatives? Will no longer do business with Dick’s, Costco and Heinz because of their actions. We need alternatives, is there any listings of conservative leaning businesses?

      1. Try USAA. Their banking is open to all and they have a VISA card. Also Pen-Federal credit union which is very good and both support our military.

    11. just read another article about the same thing happening at Citigroup. Here is the quote from the CEO. “What our policy seeks to do is not put restrictions on gun ownership, but really try and institute a series of best practices that have, hopefully, a chance of keeping guns out of the wrong people’s hands. We’ve worked with a number of retailers to come up with what we think some of those best practices are.” best practices according to who?

    12. Yup, I’ve banked with chase for the last 15+ years. Now I’m looking for a bank More friendly to the President of the United States And ME….

      1. Thank you, Michelle for exposing this under the radar tyranny. This is some third world stuff right here and it’s going on in the USA right now. It’s time we “de-fund” them, all if them. It’s past time for wealthy free thinking entrepreneurs to establish alternatives to all of the above abovementioned institutions, educate the populace, and lead.

    13. Thanks for the informative article Michelle. So far it seems the only friendly bank is Wells Fargo. Time to vote with my dollars!

      1. While I’ve not read lately about Wells playing the schoolyard bully based on political or idealogical leanings, I’ve had some VERY bad experiences wiht Wells, and know others who have as well Seems they think they OWN their customers In trying to sort out the mess THEY created, which cost me a couple hundred bucks “because they could”, I have never experienced such a load of run around, fob off, avoiding obfuscation, blame-shifting, insulting dealings from staff of any organisation I tried to patronise. I’ll never darken their door again, and encourage others to follow suit.

        1. I didn’t rant, but I have for over 20 years banked with my local unaffiliated bank with great success.
          I do not have a credit card account with them, but that is because I have had a Discover card since about 1977.

          Phil in TX

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