Radical Islam … JUST SAY IT!!!! ~ VIDEO

Art by Michael Ramirez

Ilhan Omar 911
Ilhan Omar 911

USA –-(Ammoland.com)- Radical Islam … JUST SAY IT!!!!

Why can't Ilhan Omar just say, radical Islamist attacked the USA, not just “some people.” Where is Sam Kinison when we need him?

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  • 50 thoughts on “Radical Islam … JUST SAY IT!!!! ~ VIDEO

    1. This big mouthed muzzie has felt that Al Qaeda has been misrepresented. There was a video a few days ago that verified that. Someone like this is in the congress of the United States? A sleeper cell, no doubt. The very best thing that could be done with her and the one from Michigan would be to make them resign from congress then deport them back to the shithole they came from. Neither are, or ever will be, Americans. They are only here to disrupt. If they were in their homeland their mouths would get them stoned, sounds like a good idea.

    2. People need to get a grip. Yes, there are parts of the Koran that are brutal and hateful. There are also similar passages in the Bible Christians of all types use and have used to do the same nasty stuff. It doesn’t mean all Christians are terrorists (though I’ve met a few atheists that argue that) anymore than it means all Moslems are terrorists. I dealt with them on active duty and no, I didn’t care for their culture or religion. But 99% of them are just struggling to get through life like the rest of us – one meal, night’s sleep, bowl movement, hug, and payday at a time. Indeed, I learned one of the vexations Al Qaeda had was their agents skimmed money off the top transmitting funds to pay life expenses and for retirement. You’d think crazed terrorist group members and affiliates would look to suicide vests as their retirement plan! It’s even less apparent for run of the mill Moslems who have to be coaxed, fooled, and threatened to do anything. It’s like the Global War on Terror doesn’t mean anything to the average Jamal in the bazaar and don’t relate to the holy warriors on the front line! (Jeez, where have I heard THAT before?)

        1. @James….You may be partially correct. Those Muslim patsies sure as hell didn’t load the 2 towers with explosives and incendiaries of all sorts, such as Gelitin, RDX, Thermite, Thermate, and that new stuff, NanoThermite. And they didn’t place the SADM (Special Atomic Demolition Munition) down the 50 meter deep shaft below the tower basements. Google up “The WTC NUCLEAR CRATERS” for the pics they have kept well hidden from the public. Let’s not ever forget that Lucky Larry Silverstein (cough cough), and his tribeMate, Lowey (cough cough), took over the leases of the WTC Complex from the mobbed up Port Authority (cough cough) just 7 weeks prior to the “event”. During that time, they allowed the “Gelitin Art Students” (cough cough) free run of the towers. And “Ace Elevator” had been modernizing all the elevators since around March. Not many people know, but as we breathe now, there is a SPECIAL FEDERAL GRAND JURY investigating what happened that day, and leading up to that day. The Lawyers Committee for 911 Inquiry had submitted a 50 page complaint, with over 50 exhibits, for the Grand Jury to peruse. You can read the complaint at their website “LCfor911.org”. They are also suing the FBI for doing a half assed job of compiling all the evidence they had, as mandated to them by Congress. Seems like they wanted to keep a whole lot of stuff off the record, for some reason or another, just like Zelikow (cough cough) made sure of what happened during the 911 Omission Commission report. I hear there are a bunch of people (cough cough) in NYC who are trying to lawyer up these days, but nobody wants to take the case of murdering TRAITORS for any amount of money, especially since it has the blood of thousands of innocent people on it.

    3. There is no such thing as “radical islam”. Do some research and you will see that ALL islam is about the murder of anyone who won’t assimilate to their “religion” although they may ALLOW you to pay a “tax”, at least until you run out of money, after that they kindly cut off your head, rape your wife, children, goat and dog. For the record, Mohamed “the prophet” says it is OK for a muslim to rape a goat as long as they kill it afterward. Mohamed the “prophet” also sais that drinking camel piss will make you healthy, that it’s OK to beat your wife, it’s OK to lie and defraud your neighbor etc. The “religion of peace” that is islam is just a book of excuses for evil people to justify the evil they do. As far as their “religion of peace” goes, their version of “peace” means that everyone is muslim, everyone else is dead. It’s coming, arm up and carry on.

      1. @DeplirableBill….Kinda reminds me of the Talmud. In it, they say that Jesus is in hell, boiling in a vat of semen and feces. And that his Mother was a who’re who had sex with Roman soldiers. And that it’s ok to rape a girl as soon as she is 3 years and 1 day old. And that it’s ok to murder, steal from, cheat, rape, any of the goyim, without a care in the world. And there is a lot more that wouldn’t be appropriate here.

    4. The kneeler in chief obutt before a real President could never say Islamic terrorist or radical islam because he was a moosebutt just like Owhatthehell is and for that matter bushybutt very seldom said radical islam or any description of the EVIL people at all! President Trump is the only President in a looooong time to tell it like it is about everything, illegals on the border, Mexico and South America wanting to get rid of the dregs of society, north Korea, China and the EU bilking the U.S. out of Trillions of dollars! Everyone stop listening to the idiot communist trolls that try to take over the conversations on this site! Ignore them they are socialist, communist, jihadist, anti Semites and just scum of the earth that will never be Americans they don’t deserve our recognition at [email protected]

      1. @DJ, The Saudi Kingdom had a brutal purge of people that may have had a hand in it. Even members of the “royal” family got purged. Seems like they cleaned their own skirts.

      2. @DJ….Both twin towers had an identical 1400 foot circular debris field. They didn’t “collapse”. They were “exploded”. In fact, a four story high exterior wall section from the 74th floor to the 78th floor, weighing about 20 tons, was blown laterally outward for over 600 feet, and landed on the Winter Garden. Six hundred feet is 2 football fields away. The calculated force would be equal to shooting a 200 lb. cannonball over 3 miles away. And yes, they had 200 lb. cannonballs, in the Civil War.

        1. @KK….Actually, there is a SPECIAL FEDERAL GRAND JURY going on right now that may do just that for you. Stay tuned for about a year. And you know what ? All you brainwashed morons are going to feel real stupid that you didn’t figure it out a long time ago. All you had to do was EXAMINE THE F’ing EVIDENCE. Instead, you all let others tell you what to think while thousands of our troops were getting killed for a phoney cause, and about $8 TRILLION was added to the national debt for your kids to pay off. Shame on you arseholes !!!!!!!!! And millions of foreigners were murdered by those who just wanted to drain the treasury and get rich off war. And now they will be our enemies forever.

          1. @Rotary…And look at who is being killed in the Middle East. All of the foes of Israel. They are the only ones to benefit from this whole thing. Even Lucky Larry Silverstein benefitted, being a bosom buddy of Bibi NuttyYahoo. Silverstein put down $20 million to secure the lease on the twin towers that needed a $Billion in asbestos remediation, just 7 weeks prior to 911, and he collected $5Billion in insurance money. Then he didn’t have to worry about the asbestos anymore. And he let the “Gelitin Art Students” have free run of the buildings. Even let them build a plank going out a window on the 91st floor. It was written up in The NY Times, with a picture taken from a rented helicopter. And they did an “art book” with a drawing of people diving off the plank. It looked like kindergarten drawing. Google “WTC Gelitin Art Students”. (BTW:Gelitin is a nickname for plastic explosive).

      1. Damn, I always heard that radical muslims flew the planes. I sure didn’t know Jewish Israelis flew the planes.

        1. @Sugarbbe…Yeah, you always heard. Over and over as they brainwashed you. Have fun with your cognitive dissonance when you finally figure it out. Duhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!

          1. @Sugarbee…I suppose you never heard of Rabbi Dov Zakheim and his Systems Planning Corp, where they made the Flight Termination software ? It was installed in all the big international jets since the 70’s. They used it to hijack hijackers. They could take over control and land any hujacked plane anywhere. This time, they decided to land some heavily fortified SPC planes in the sides of buildings. The real planes with their passengers were diverted elsewhere. Those “real planes” are incapapable of flying at 400 or 500 mph at 1000 feet. They would have torn themselves apart in the thick atmosphere. You know sugar bee, and all you other brainwashed morons, this knowledge has been out there for the past 15 years at least. How do you think we know that the official story is BS. You really should bone up on the TRUTH And quit listening to the Zio Tube. Are your kids as stupid as you ?

          1. Ron, so if spewing a bigoted, ignorant, insane post is original thinking, I’ll go with the non-original, rational, and reasoned post.

            1. @Heed….Either you don’t have a clue, being dumber than a bag of brainwashed billiard balls, or you are one of the “accessories after the fact”, who continues to parrot the official story lie and attacks anyone who speaks the truth. After all these years, most people who have 2 brain cells to rub together, have figured it out a long time ago. The “Architects & Engineers for 911 Truth” have compiled the forensic evidence long ago, and the “Pilots for 911 Truth” have compiled the aerodynamic evidence, and the “Firefighters for 911 Truth” have added their expert testimony, and even the “Scholars for 911 Truth” have written many books and produced many videos. So, are you oblivious to this voluminous body of evidence ? Anyone who still believes the fake news talking heads must be seriously lacking in mental capacity. We know who the perps are, and we have tracked all the IP addresses of the “Accessories After The Fact”, and since there is no statute of limitations on mass murder, we will now take our time getting these scum into court, to make it official and legal. Hopefully, a large number of them will just slit their own throats and save us the bother. Their names will go down in infamy forever, and when their souls get to the gates of hell, there will be the thousands they murdered, ready and willing to kick their arses over the precipice and down into the flames, where they can breathe sulphur forever.

          2. @Rob…I am beginning to believe that these people who make believe they are so stupid and actually believe the official story, are actually members of the fifth column that infests America today. They are the “accessories after the fact” who have been planted on all the message boards for the purpose of deriding anyone who speaks the truth. We have known about them for years. They are based in Tel Aviv and other Israeli cities. They are part of the brainwashing operation. But don’t worry, people are waking up. And remember what Alan Sobrosky said will happen when the critical mass wakes up.

          3. @Ron…If you don’t know already, the “Lawyers Committee for 911 Inquiry” (LCfor911.org), has submitted a 50+ page complaint to the Federal Courts, and after perusing the document in its entirety, the Court has agreed to convene a SPECIAL FEDERAL GRAND JURY To investigate what happened on 911. The LC also submitted an addendum that identified “Persons of Interest”, so it would be reasonable to expect that some “people” will be subpoenaed. And more recently, the LC has filed suit against the FBI, claiming that the FBI had a mandate from Congress in 2014 to identify all of the evidence they had, so far, concerning the crimes of 911. And since they left out reams of evidence that made the official story look like a pack of lies, the LC is holding them accountable to fulfill their Congressional Mandate, or else their compilation of evidence would only amount to another 911 Omission Commission Report, which we all know was set up to fail by Zelikow (cough cough), another member of the fifth column that has infested this country. Some of that evidence would be contained in the 50+ page complaint, with 50+ exhibits, which can be found at the website of the LC (LCfor911.org).

    5. Thanks be that only 1pct of Muslims want to kill or enslave all nonbelievers.
      1.5 Billion Muslims x .01 = 15 Million potential Jihadists.
      The math IS relevant and Omar is in the forefront of promoting the downfall of normalized civilization, to be replaced by a religion invented by a goat stealing pedophile.

        1. Yep. Just tossing a conservative estimate to high light how bad low a number is. True estimate is @ 150 Million radical murderers roaming free.

      1. So sorry but it’s not. I’m a Muslim man of Turkish descent born in America I condemn her sayings her believes in every way I believe she should be thrown out of Congress for what she is doing to our country. Do the real research real Islam is the first 12 years of the true beliefs after that is all the crazy bullshit that these animals are thinking they know to be Islam. They end up following idiot religious leaders just like blind Americans end up following crooked politicians.

        1. Okay then lets start hearing from more people with your train of thought. If you can get them up off their asses they should be a formidable force in eliminating the scum in the swamp. Just like all firearm owner should do the same . United there shouldn’t be anything to stop us. Also how about the Jewish force who backed clinton for the senate are you happy with what you reaped for your investment.
          This is the United States so get together and stop letting socialists / communists tear it down !!!

          1. Yes your right more Muslim should come forward and condemn these terrorists and their acts and words. We should all come together to make the United States of America stronger than its ever been. But unfortunately there are idiots out there with there own agenda. Makes me very sad that anyone in this country actually puts somebody else other than Americans first. Gun owners do need to unite cause it affects all of us.

          1. My parents are Sunni . I’m am an American with the belief in God in my heart and mind. Not in mosque or church or synagogue. I was born here in N.y. work for the City . And love my country to it’s fullest and would die defending her and you and any other American.

            1. @EC, Ok, but about that “die defending” thing … we are not going to do that. Like Patton said, We are going to make the other poor bastard die for his country. You on board with that?

            2. From your own lips. If you do not follow the Prophet in all His precepts you are, by definition, not a Muslim.

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