Ruger Announces Six New PC Carbine Models

Ruger Announces Six New PC Carbine Models
Ruger Announces Six New PC Carbine Models

U.S.A.-( Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. (NYSE: RGR) is excited to introduce six new PC Carbine configurations including three free-float handguard models chambered in the popular 9mm Luger and three standard models offered in the highly anticipated .40 S&W chambering. These new PC Carbine models are offered in varying magazine capacity and threaded barrel configurations to ensure multi-state availability.

With improved utility for home defense and competition, the 9mm free-float handguard models feature a hard-coat anodized aluminum handguard with Magpul M-LOK accessory attachment slots on all four sides for easy mounting of M-LOK-compatible accessories. The appeal of the popular PC Carbine is further broadened with new models designed to accept the powerful .40 S&W cartridge.

Ruger PC Carbine .40 S&W
Ruger PC Carbine .40 S&W

All of these new models boast the hallmark features of the original PC Carbine. Uniquely designed for use with a variety of magazines, the PC Carbine has an easily interchangeable magazine well system that allows the rifle to accept common Ruger and newer Glock magazines. The PC Carbine also features a dead blow action with a custom tungsten weight that shortens bolt travel and reduces felt recoil and muzzle rise.

Similar to the popular 10/22 Takedown rifle, the PC Carbine is designed for quick separation of the barrel/forend assembly from the action for ease of transportation and storage. Takedown is as simple as locking the bolt back and verifying that the rifle is unloaded, pushing a recessed lever, twisting the subassemblies and pulling them apart.

The rifles also feature a reversible magazine release and charging handle to accommodate right- or left-handed shooters. The bolt is machined from heat-treated, chrome-moly steel to ensure strength, structural integrity and durability. The cold hammer-forged, chrome-moly steel barrel with ultra-precise rifling provides exceptional accuracy, longevity and easier cleaning, and some models feature a threaded muzzle to allow for use of standard muzzle accessories.

Ruger Announces the Return of a Pistol Caliber Carbine
Ruger Pistol Caliber Carbine

The accurate sighting system features a barrel-mounted, ghost ring adjustable rear aperture sight and a non-glare, protected blade front sight. The durable, glass-filled nylon synthetic stock features a soft rubber buttpad with spacers to allow the rifle to be adjusted for different sized shooters or varying levels of outerwear.

The PC Carbine ships with the SR-Series magazine well installed and an additional magazine well that accepts newer Glock magazines. A 9mm Ruger American Pistol magazine well is available separately at

For more information on the PC Carbine or to learn more about the extensive line of award-winning Ruger firearms, visit or To find accessories for the PC Carbine and other Ruger firearms, visit or your local independent retailer of Ruger firearms.

About Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc.Ruger Firearms

Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc. is one of the nation's leading manufacturers of rugged, reliable firearms for the commercial sporting market. As a full-line manufacturer of American-made firearms, Ruger offers consumers almost 700 variations of more than 40 product lines. For 70 years, Ruger has been a model of corporate and community responsibility. Our motto, “Arms Makers for Responsible Citizens®,” echoes our commitment to these principles as we work hard to deliver quality and innovative firearms.

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      1. Not a bad auto handgun cartridge in my book. I think the last police study showed it over 90% fatalities when shot in the torso. I still prefer to use my little wimpy 9mm as it’s worked for me each time needed.

    1. I love my PC9, and would love one in .45acp.
      .40? No thanks. I sold all of my .40’s years ago, and apparently with the market flooded with cheap police traded in Glock 22’s, so has everyone else, including the police.

    2. What is the velocity of these calibers compared to out of a pistol? I know some blowback designs can actually slow the bullet down in longer barrels because of the timing when the shell is extracted can release pressure before the bullet leaves the barrel.
      I’d like to see some in the big bore cal. 454 up to the 500 mag that would be pretty cool…expensive lol but cool

      1. I’m pretty sure they thought of that why would rugar spend so much time money and effort to creat a carbine that actually slows the bullet down that would be a pretty big flop for the company

      2. Actually, the reason some bullets slow down is just plain ole friction. Most 9mm loads don’t produce enough gas to shove a bullet all the way down a 16″ barrel. So after about the 12″ mark the bullet actually starts to slow down and only makes it out thanks to it’s momentum.

      1. I have wanted a 10mm carbine for more than ten years. I originally wanted to convert an M1 Carbine to 10mm because the pressures were similar buit, no luck. If Ruger were to bring out a carbine in 10mm, I would have to try it.

        1. No one wants .40! 45acp and 10 mm that can fire the.40 would have people snapping them up faster than you can say holy home defense Batman. I know I would pre order a non ar 10 mm rifle that uses Glock mags right now if I could

    3. I like the 40S&W but I woulda preferred .45acp myself. Now if they made it a 10mm that can shoot 40S&W that’d be pretty sweet. I’d defenitly go with 40S&W over 9mm but yea soon as I see a .45acp one that can take cheap mags I’m saving up for CMMG Banshee Pistol with hopes they release one with lil bit longer barrel

    4. For me I would prefer the rifle be a 45 long colt/acp conversion ability. I think would be cool. Nobody wants a 40. It was a cheap weaker 10mm version. If the 9 mm rifle was for home defense they failed. I’d want a drum clip if I was using it for a home defense choice. Home defense in sticking with my 5.7, staggered metal jacket and ballistic tip combo just in case they have body armor.

      1. You’re an amature living in your mother’s basement at best.
        “Clip”? Were you talking about a m1 garand? Or stripper clips? And who in their right mind staggers ammo? Load the MAGAZINE with the best available ammo. You’re either a kid too young to buy a gun or just someone who shouldn’t be allowed to touch a water gun much less a real firearm.

      2. LOL
        “Nobody wants 40” preceded by “I would prefer the rifle be a 45 long colt/acp conversion ability”
        “I’d want a drum clip if I was using it for a home defense choice. Home defense in sticking with my 5.7”

        – you are a either fourteen year old gamer boy or a man who has never touched a firearm.

      3. Weither folks agree or disagree with you an explanation as to why should be the comment. That’s is the purpose of this forum…education of one another. I’ve noticed lots of folks who will type out rude and ugly comments in places like this, but you rarely seen or hear folks do that face to face in town.

    5. Ruger studies the market and determines what they should build based on the results. The 10 mm is very close to the 9mm that they, probably, hesitate in building it. There aren’t many 10mm’s out there so don’t hold your breath waiting for them to build one. You don’t just tool up to build another size out of the clear blue, it takes planning and engineering to develop a gun to run with the Ruger reputation and if the sales aren’t there, no build .

      1. “The 10mm is very close to the 9mm” are you kidding me? Obviously you haven’t seen specs on the round or shot it. It out classes the 40 s&w which can outclass both 9mm and 45 acp in power. It’s true that it is less popular than the other three calibers I listed but not because it’s “close to 9mm”.

    6. When I saw the headline, I was excited. That faded quickly when I saw that 40sw was the other caliber. I dont recall reading anywhere, groups of people clambering for this round to be offered. For Gods sake, listen to the people. I’ve read plenty of people asking for 10mm or 45acp. Get your heads out of your butts Ruger. You make a fine firearm but your missing the boat here.

        1. I like the 9mm offering, but a .45 that accepts the Glock mags would be really appealing! I am sure Ruger is discussing this option for this highly successful platform. Ruger doesn’t disappoint often that’s for sure.

    7. Everyone has been screaming for the PC Carbine in 10MM, including me and Ruger gives us 40S&W. Hopefully this is not where they stop. They probably want to target law enforcement who carry the Glock mags with .40 ammo.
      Okay, fine but us screaming idiots still want a walk about woods carbine in 10MM – sooner than later and we want the functionality and reliability of a Ruger. So Ruger, one more time, we’ll buy as soon as you make it in TEN MILLIMETER!!!

        1. Not at all true. There’s a lot of us who have been shooting, collecting and reloading BOTH 10mm and 40 for a long time. They serve different purposes in different firearms. Sure, I’d love to see the 10mm takedown version, but I’d happily use my collection of 22 rd Glock mags in the 40 version.

          1. I like your response because many people just don’t understand why there are different calibers Iam a carrier of the 45 but if I was shooting a squirrel I would rather use a 22 caliber but if I was needing to protect myself from criminals I would surely wish to use a 45 or 10 mm !

      1. Thank you. They are available in 10mm. I wasn’t aware the 10mm was so powerful it surpassed real rifle calibers. Why does the idea of a expensive under powered rifle caliber get people so excited. I thought the idea of a pcc was to have a matching handgun. I don’t see the advantage with out it. I’m sure Ruger would make it. But they probably here from 10mm fans all the time with little sales.

        1. Well, most pccs are take downs. If you want to fit a rifle in a backpack your options are pcc or ar pistol. Ar pistol though has legal baggage, and putting together a ar isn’t as fast as a proper takedown like the Ruger.

    8. .40 S&W has hundreds of f/s less muzzle velocity out of a carbine barrel than .30 M1 Carbine. Same for 10mm. Everyone disses the M1 carbine as ineffective (it isn’t), and it would shoot flatter than either of these. What is the point?

      1. Velocity must intersect with bullet mass in order to have effective power. Very important detail, that. There is a huge difference between the impact of a, say, 110 grain bullet and a 180 grain bullet traveling at similar velocity, or even if the 180 goes a bit slower.

      2. I used some 180gr. 10 mm round that reach 1600 Fps out of a 5 inch barrel, I’m sure would be much more out of a 16 inch barrel, not comparable to a M1 carbine 30 you say! REALLY!!!%

    9. I had a Marlin Camp 45 and loved it. Huge increase in muzzle velocity over my pistol. My reloads would consistently average a 250 fps increase over my pistol. 1100 fps with a 230 grain bullet is LOT of energy!

      1. Don Trump, I have a high point 45 ACP and it to shoots just fine. I’ve shot a thousand rounds through it in, before cleaning it and it has never malfunctioned.

    10. I think the purpose of 9mm carbine is solely for home defender. I have all kind of Rugers rifles , mini 14 ,mini 30 ,bushmaster, scout rifle and PC carbine 9mm . I don’t do hunting with PC while I can use my scout rifle chambered on 308win or for bigger game my bushmaster with Leopoldo scope . My carbine is next to my beretta 9mm and God forbidden will be use for self defense . I also have Marlin 9mm camp 9 rifle which I use it in my vacation cabin for self defense again . Bottom line is pistol cartridges are not made for hunting , they were made for close encounter .

      1. Please speak for yourself, I suppose a 22lr is not for hunting either according to you. You should probably carry a cannon when you hunt but the fact is that while you may feel undergunned with a pistol caliber hunting, those of us who place shots correctly and take ethical shots and dont judge what others hunt with are very happy to take that challenge. If it can take down a 200 lb. man, what makes you think it cant take even large game?

          1. I use 22 LR for all kinds of hunting, Rabbit, squirrel, coon. Take that crap somewhere else. 22lr is not just for plinking, has more stopping power that 25 ACP, which a number of people, for some ungodly reason, carry as a ccw.

          2. If I listed the different types of game I’ve taken with my beloved 22 mag I’d see so many responses about how unethical ive been to shoot fairly large game with it. I can say though as for non game animals in South Georgia swamps where outside of deer season you must use rimfires ive taken massive hogs and 1 shot lots of coyote just as my hunting partners.

    11. In a perfect world all ammo would if in same caliber weapon no matter who made it but it’s not close to a perfect world. The glock roger mag fitting each other seems to me like Ruger is trying to convert some Glock owners. Personally I’m a Springfield fan. But if everyone likes the same thing that perfect world would be rather boring.

    12. Everyone knows all you have to do is change the bolt face (that is removable) and barrel from 9mm to 40 cal. or 45acp on the PC9..What a disappointment…I guess Ruger wants to sell us another gun…

    13. Who has been asking for this in .40 s&w? I’ve not seen any outcry for this. I’ve seen a huge fan base wanting 10mm and some wanting .45.

      10mm would be super useful for hog hunting. And 45 would be awesome if internally suppressed like their new 10/22 take down.

      1. Totally agreed! Why the heck are they making this in 40 Smith & Wesson? And you know there’s a half a dozen other calibers that you could chamber this sweet little take down in. 40 Smith & Wesson,? Really? I think 7.62 Tokarev would probably be better.

      2. Amen! I don’t know anyone who is looking for anything new in .40 S&W. Must everyone I know is unloading them cheap. I, personally, have gotten rid of all but one, and only kept that one, because I love the way it shoots. The .40 seems all but dead, though the same could have been said of the 10mm awhile back, and that’s one I never lost the love for. I don’t know what they’d have to do to the mag well to build a 10mm, but I’d buy at least a couple. A modern take on the old .44 carbine would be nice, too, but the 10mm is a no-brainer, given its soaring popularity.

      3. If you do the math, 45ACP is way more available and affordable than 10 mm by far. My Glock 45 has been whining since I bought her. She would like to partner up some day with a rifle!?!

      4. Competition shooters looking for power factor shoot 40S&W. The PCC is marketed as a cheap way to get into competition and using the same ammo for pistol and carbine is even cheaper. I don’t really know of any other segment that is interested in 40S&W, but it does fit the primary focus of the PCC.

        1. 40 Smith & Wesson both in a handgun, and particularly in a rifle length barrel, offer a tremendous amount more power than a 9 mm. Sign me up! This is a great development.

    14. I have one in 9mm and like it very much. If Ruger makes a version chambered for 10mm I will buy one of those also. I’m not interested in a 40 S&W version, even though I own several handguns chambered for it already

    15. I have spoken to their reps and asjed repeatedly that they come out with a semi-auto 44 mag carbine that looks like the original 44 carbine rifle but uses a factory 4 round detachable rotory magazine. Also offering a extended curved magazine with 10 shot capacity from the factory. They said thats not what the customers/public want. I say BS that’s exactly what I want, and I’m a member of the public. They seem to not want to produce a semi-auto carbine in a decent hunting and self defence round. If they were smart, they would come out with the 44 carbine, a 460 S&W, a 500 S&W semi-auto carbine. All 3 have potential as a hunting and self defense weapon. They would be excellent companion weapons for their handgun counterparts. They would all be as popular as the original 44 carbines, that sell for as much as $900.00 each, at gun shows. l have supported their company for over 50 years. Not sure how long you have to support them to get them to lissen to you. Hasn’t seem to happen yet.

        1. They are excellent carbines, I’ve used mine for years to shoot deer. I started my kids out with a Ruger 10/22 and a Ruger 44 Carbine set each. They are both excellent in my opinion. Ruger needs to do this. I think they would be almost as popular as the 10/22’s. I would get one in each caliber.

            1. Way cool! I zeroed mine with 240 grain semi-jacketed hollow point, dead on at 100 yards. I have a Leupold 3×9 on them both. Good shooting.

      1. Hey Steven, funny you should say that, I’m in the process of making extended 10 round magazines for Ruger’s 44 magnum rifles. They’re a blast to shoot but 4 rounds isn’t enough.
        With all the modern rimless cartridges for the AR platform, i.e. 458 socom, Ruger probably doesn’t see a place to sell thousands of 44 magnum rifles.

        1. I have a ,458 SOCOM. It’s a awsum round. Hotter than a 45-70. I did see somthing about a 44 mag rimless. That would be very cool as a carbine. I had a 444 marlin, twice the speed of a 44 mag with the same bullet. Wasn’t that impressed with the pistol bullets at rifle speeds. Love the .458, solid rifle round, I think Ruger is missing the opportunity that’s before them. Unfortunate.

          1. .458 SOCOM is a great rimless round for an AR platform, but you must be looking at the wrong box of rounds when you say it’s hotter than 45-70. 4570 has been chambered in so many rifles for so many years they offer black powder pressure cartridges for shooting in Legacy platforms. Modern platforms, like Marlin lever rifles or Ruger number 1 rifles, are capable of much more chamber pressure and therefore handle much hotter cartridges. 458 Socom is nice, but significantly inferior to 45-70.

      2. Why would they make one in .460 and .500
        Ruger has their own magnum cartridge, the .480

        If their original .44 carbine was that much if a success they would have kept up production.

        You’ve got to remember, rimmed revolver cartridges don’t work great in semi automatics.

        1. Popriotary is the mark of death to most calibers. Sami spec 44’s are every where. 480’s are a very recent event in the firearms world. There are very few 480 handguns out there. But what the heck, make a carbine in 480 as well. In my opinion the carbines in the other calibers, would afford a larger section of the existing market to Ruger. Just an opinion. Only a few other company that are making carbines in S&W 460 and S&W 500 and they arn’t seni-auto, some are single shot, and ones a lever, none of them have 10 shot capacity. My original 44 carbine shoots 44 mag, it is rimed, works fine. I believe the production of the 44 carbine was haulted due to production cost, not lack of demand, that’s why Ruger still offers a 77/44 bolt action carbine in 44 mag. Good rifle! I have one of those as well. It uses a 4 shot rotory magazine. That change alone to the 44 carbine design would cut production cost.

      3. I used the Deerfield as well. Awesome gun. I agree with a 10 rounder too..44 Magnum is an awesome round. I would live to see a new Ruger .44 semi-auto with detachable mag…aftermarket could provide us a larger clip!

      4. I’m with you. I’ve bid on several 44 carbines on gunbroker. I never won any of the auctions because once the bidding went past $750 with no end in sight I lost interest.

    16. I own quite a few Rugers and most recently bought their SR1911 in 9mm. After a few Wilson Combat add ons, and so far has functioned flawlessly. Usually carry my G19X so going from 19 rounds to 11 was giving me an uneasy feeling. Heaven forbid I ever need it, A zone and pelvic shots should get it done using 124 gr HST +P. Ruger has always made top shelf weapons. RIP Mr. Ruger.

      1. I would! If you can run a 9mm front on a 40 rear, you could have the chamber reamed to 357sig. The bolts the same. I’m not sure about it handling 10mm pressure if reamed out. It would be very suitable to hunt most game with.

    17. I’d be interested in 10mm as a hunting rifle. In Texas, most of my shots on deer and hogs are 75-150 yards.

      I’ve shot 10mm since before there was 40 S&W. I had a 10mm conversion barrel for my LAR Grizzly pistol back in 1985 or so.
      I currently have 3 handguns chambered in 10mm: Glock 29, Rock Iisland 1911, & Springfield Xdm 5.25. I would love to add a carbine. Ruger: Hint, Hint… Haven’t been able to pull the trigger on Kriss just yet.

      I have one of the early PC-40 models which my wife has used for deer a few times due to the low recoil. I was always a little skeptical on 40 S&W as a hunting round so made sure she had the best ammo possible. She never fired it when we’re were out so I do not know how effective it is. She has since moved to 300 blk out which she has used successfully for deer & hogs.

      I’ve had a Mini-30 since the mid ’80s and have taken a lot of deer and hogs with it.

    18. Bill Ruger has been gone a while now and it seems the company listens to customers less and less. It’s clear that since the first .44 , before the Deerfield customers have wanted a heavy hitter of a carbine. Some with a rim like a 44 and more looking for a 10mm or a 45. I worked there for a time in the 90s and I know they are aware so it begs the question, what is taking so long? Are the design issues too expensive for the customers requesting them? How about it Ruger.

      1. Great question and would bet you’ll never get a straight answer if any answer at all. Their SR556 is an outstanding rifle although on the heavy side as ARs go. Love to see em put out an AR platformed carbine in 9mm, 10mm and 44 mag or 500 S&W. 16” barrel. Direct gas would be fine or blowback operated. I’m not big on conversion kits so a true PCC in the chambers I suggested.

    19. The people at Ruger need their heads examined. These new rifles only use the SR-Series™ pistol magazine and can use the glock mags. This leaves all of us with P-Series™ pistol magazines out in the cold. I have a P-89 & P-93 with 9 17 round mags and a 32 round mag (That would have fit the older ruger carbine) but are now useless with the newer ones.

      Why would they make them to fit glock mags and not their own?

      1. Mr. Sauer:

        It’s simply as to the “why.” They’re not thinking about you or me, or anyone else who has stood nehind their company for decades. They’re thinking only about them so that’s the andwer to the ” why.”

    20. A 40sw carbine will kill a bear or hog with ease. And I killed a dear with a Kahr PM40 before.
      10mm will obviously punch the animal harder, but the 40 (especially out of rifle barrel) will do the trick just fine in a self defense encounter. I’d like to see the Carbine in 357sig for actual hunting purposes. The 357sig will hold velocity at distances that 10/40 won’t and even 9mm would struggle. Then my rifle can share ammo with my pistol.

    21. I was out with my Ruger PC-9 at the range yesterday and it ran very well with no issues at all. I used Winchester 124 grain 9mm NATO that I picked up from Bass Pro and it ran flawlessly. I bought the PC-9 because of its compatibility with my Glock 19, which is my EDC gun and I wanted a grab and go gun that I could break down and that could be stored in a backpack. The PC-9 is that. I run mine with a Vortex SPARC II and it shot average groups of 1inch or less out to 25 yards the distance of the indoor range that I go to. I had my smith fine tune it and put a muzzle break on it. He also bore-sighted it for me. I also added the Catalyst Arms M-lok for end which allows me to mount accessories on the front end. I paid $499 for my PC-9, $129 for the Vortex (caught a deal here on Ammoland) and around $79 for the mount. It’s came out far less expensive then wait the PC AR’s are going for in my area. It is well worth the price. Get on before you can’t!

    22. Recent testing of the three major police and military calibers by the Federal Bureau of Investigation found that the .45 ACP was no more effective with regard to terminal ballistics than either 9 x 19mm Parabellum or .40 S&W. After two years of testing, one of the final FBI comments was that services that adopt (or stay with .40 S&W or .45 ACP) did so at the risk of increased recoil and a possible reduction in accuracy as 9 x 19mm with premium quality ammunition had nearly exactly the same performance. All of that said, a .45 leaves a .76 wound channel which is significant, coupled with a 127 percent increase of KE over 9mm with the same quality ammo. Hydrostatic shock and the central nervous system did not mix well. In any event, outside of 200 yards the pistol cartridge loses velocity significantly (100 fps decreasing with range). Oh, btw, the .45 has only 75 percent range of 9mm and .40.

      1. But according another classy unbiased (wink, wink) research study done by some group up in Boston. If we went to smaller calibers there would less people being killed by guns. If we just all carried 22 long rifle and 9mm less people would die. What people don’t understand (including idiots in these studies) is that the arena of small arms has changed considerably over the last 40 years. The only decent hollow point ammo for 9mm’s was SuperVel back in the 70’s. After the infamous FBI shootout and subsequent studies related to ammo effectiveness, the whole field changed and now there are dozens of highly effective (well tested) productions designs of ammo that almost revolutionize the terminal capability of 9mm’s, 40 S&W, and every other caliber of self defense gun. Until national studies on done on actual terminal effects of the new ammo we really don’t know the final results. I’m still a big fan of large calibers (Springfield XDS 45ACP, but I also carry a Springfield 9mm at other times.) The newer ammo gives us all wider options of carrying in different calibers and guns.

    23. A camp gun needs some ass…until such time it is chambered in a 10mm, I’ll continue to arm myself in camp with my Glock 20, the irrefutable king of the sasquatch killers !

    24. I’m looking for the carbine in 10mm, like a lot of other backwoods guys. Make it compatible with the Glock 20 mags.Not only a great personal protection option, but a good hunting option as well. A takedown carbine is a great design in today’s USA for sure!

      1. Mech Tech makes a 10mm carbine upper that takes a Glock 20 lower that shoots great. I have had one for several years and love it. Mech Tech is in Kalispell, Montana. The upper costs $400-$450 depending on how you set it up.

        1. The only problem with the MechTech CCU is that it does not recommend the use of Underwood ammo. If I’m in the woods, I want some Xtreme Penetrators to defend against bears and moose. If I could use hot ammo through a MechTech, I would have bought one a long time ago.

    25. Although a lot of you are suggesting .44 mag, maybe you forgot the Deerfield and the problems that eventually doomed it. They are collectors now and bringing huge prices, but a lot of the broke the stocks, cracked the receivers, etc. Maybe
      Ruger could do a 10MM to placate us guys, who knows?? Sometimes a tsunami of emails can get the ball rolling.

      1. Love the 9mm; have shot my friend’s; great carbine. However, I’ll not be interested in purchasing myself until Ruger offers one in .38/.357. THAT would be the winner!

      2. Sorry for the typo, recently purchased a RPR, not rmr. Gun is junk,(see prior post). Bought a mini-14 a few years ago. Also junk. If you just what to pull the trigger and have it go bang, buy Ruger. If you want to be able to shoot what you aim at, buy something better. I learned. NO MORE JUNK RUGER GARBAGE FOR ME

        1. Yes Sir, the Mini 14 is a well built carbine but you’d have better accuracy throwing a rock. I’ve owned 2 Mini 30s for decades and not junk. With a readily available supply of ammo, it’s a great SHTF weapon who’s accuracy is great at 100m. Not MOA but acceptable. Better than the 14 plus a bullet over twice the weight. Majority of ComBloc 7.62X39 is steel cored so penetration is never an issue. Took a 300+lb boar last year at 135 yards. One round that went In left shoulder and came out right shoulder. Pig ran 10’ then collapsed. Trade that 14 in for the 30.

        2. Don’t wanna scattergun , I own 2 mini 14. 1 5.56 1 6.8spc both great shooters 1-2 moa I also have a 10/22 takedown and a pc carbine . they are all fine rifles. Ever consider maybe you need eyeglasses ?

    26. Was going to build an AR9 due to the cost of ammo of the .223/.556. Then found the PC Carbine. After shooting it I had to have it. Awesome rifle, easy to clean, carry, a blast to shoot, and I can get the ammo for half the price
      Of my AR15. Yes I can and do convert my AR15 to fire .22’s but not the same. I shoot a lot and I highly recommend this rifle.

    27. Ruger all the way. I love my Rugers. They never gave a hiccup. They always perform as intended. As far as accuracy, they are some accurate guns, from semi autos to bolt action to auto rifles like the 10 22. It would be nice to see a carbine in 44 mag like the 70s model 5 shot with the wood grain frame. Shot me a bunch of game with that rifle. One accurate auto rifle I must say. I hear 10 mm being requested on this site, but 44 mag will do just the thing if not better. Those of you bad mouthing the ruger prob never owned one. But, everyone is allowed their opinions.

    28. Very nice but I did notice that a lot of people were asking for
      10 mm one and I myself would entertain either a 10 mm or of course the beloved 45 ACP version if there was one

    29. As a Long time Ruger fan that owns many Ruger 10/22, Mini-30, P90, P97, Mk3 Slab Side, American Pistol 45 acp, PC Carbine 9mm and as Soon as I see the PCC40SW I will be getting one and setting it up to take Glock Magazines since I one Several Glock 40sw and normally carry one and having a PCC in 40 that takes Glock mags is a Gift from Heaven, My wife likes shooting the PCC9 and she normally carries a Gen4 G19 and the PCC9 takes the G19 mags without any issues.

      I put a Holosun HS503GU Red Dot, Crimson Trace 500 Lumen Weapon Light, SigTac Red Laser and a 3,6,9 MLOK mount on the Picatinny section of the forearm plus some rubberized grip tape on the forearm and the grip of the stock and my PCC9 is ALMOST perfect the only thing that is wrong is that is not a 40sw, 357SIG, 45acp or 10mm auto but since the 40 is coming out of the gate the others should not be far behind!

    30. I have an original model PC Carbine take-down, in stock configuration.
      I love it, as is!
      I just added a sling, and will probably put a small pistol light on the lower front rail.
      The rifle is comfortable, reliable, and shoots very well.
      I just don’t see any changes that need to be made, but to each their own.

      Someone needs to make a good stock mounted double magazine pouch.
      A nice discrete case, with dedicated areas for the front and rear sections broken down, and extra storage, would also be nice.

      Good work Ruger!!!

      1. Roger THAT! I have been asking the same question of Ruger, but they di not answer. Piss-poor customer relations, especially with an enquirer ready to buy the .45ACP.

        1. Ruger did the RIGHT thing chambering this carbine for .40. Check energy figures and bullet weights: the .40 buries the 9mm and beats anything except the hottest +p .45. I carry both .45 and .40. Both are great and the .40 fits in a 9mm size envelope, and out of a carbine the .40 should match or beat any .357 or 10mm handgun. The 10mm would need a longer, heavier receiver, which begins to defeat the purpose of the rifle. From a light, breakdown carbine, the .40 should be just right. Now I want one.

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