Second Amendment Auditor Jailed on Hearsay Evidence, Claim of “Obstruction”

Richard Hubbard from Youtube channel

Arizona -( Second Amendment Activist Richard Hubbard has been arrested by Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, Police.  The arrest occurred on 8 April 2019 at Neinhuis Park. The police were called about an armed man in the Park. It is NOT illegal to carry a pistol in Neinhuis Park. Hubbard reportedly was carrying an AR15 type pistol, which may look like a rifle to people who are not knowledgeable about firearms.  It was slung over his back. It is currently illegal to carry a rifle openly in the park, but will become legal as of 1 November, 2019.


Broken Arrow police are defending the arrest of a Second Amendment activist in the face of accusations that officers overreacted and violated the man’s rights.

Police arrested Richard Hubbard, 37, at Neinhuis Park off Lynn Lane Road near 51st Street on Monday evening, according to a news release. The department reportedly had received several calls about an armed person, later identified as Hubbard, in the park.

Officers eventually used a pepperball launcher on Hubbard after he reportedly ignored commands from officers. Officers then arrested him on complaints of felony pointing of a firearm and obstruction. He was later posted a $15,500 bond and was released.

Constitutional Activist Richard Hubbard is known online as Perfect Picture. He has a Youtube channel with over 7,600 subscribers and dozens of videos.  Hubbard does what is known as First and Second Amendment Auditor.  He is openly carries firearms in places where it is legal to do so, and records his activities. The purpose of the action is to establish the right to bear arms and to record it. The presumption is that rights which are not exercised are degraded and lost over time.

A few weeks ago a First Amendment Auditor who routinely provokes authorities in Los Angeles, Zhoie Perez, was shot by a security guard as she pushed the envelope of what is lawful.  The Californian security guard has been arrested on suspicion of assault.

The police that arrested Richard Hubbard did not video his arrest. They did not wear body cameras. They claim he did not follow commands fast enough. He is said to have been recording on his phone.

Hubbard is an experienced Second Amendment auditor who has complied with police demands in the past.  He is reported to have been arrested and released several times in the past, without charges. He has been careful to comply with the law in past videos.

Here is the aftermath of an arrest the police did not complete in Tulsa, Oklahoma on 23 November, 2018.

It is unclear what charges will be made against Richard. Assault (for allegedly pointing a gun at someone) and obstruction have been mentioned. He was released on a $15,000 bond. Part of the bond is that he turn over all his guns to the police until the court proceedings are completed.

No video of the arrest in Broken Arrow has been made available to the public. So far, there have been no claims by police that they observed Richard pointing a gun at anyone. Given Hubbard’s non-violent actions in the past, and the questionable nature of the charges, the requirement to turn over all his privately owned firearms shows the fragility of Second Amendment rights in some areas.

The reaction to Hubbard’s legal actions are found by many to justify his activity.

About Dean Weingarten:

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of constitutional carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and recently retired from the Department of Defense after a 30 year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

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One thing this conversation did bring forth,,, a large number of people that consider themselves intellectually and morally superior to other people! Legal is legal, period. Those of you with this unfounded fear of firearms should go to the range with someone and just watch. Not a single gun jumped off the table and shot somebody! When you get through disarming all the Good Guys, just remember, the Bad Folks will still have guns! When you are raised to fear everything you are not familiar with, and you don’t grow a spine, well it’s no wonder that so many people… Read more »

Get Out

Has anyone seen or have an update to this incident?


Man what a hell storm .As to wolfs comment that I made a big deal about being in the military ,I was wounded in a fire fight after my h-60 was shot down and you can bet your ass I used my M-% or I would not be here to make a comment .and for your information an M-4 is the same as an ar-15 except the very few parts that make it select fire are the only thing that are different .. I probably know more about weapons than most of the people that are posting here . Do… Read more »


If you truly were military, then you would know that the trigger group in an M4 and an M16 are wider and longer than in an AR15. To convert an AR15 to the full auto or 3 shot burst trigger groups requires removal of metal from the lower receiver to make it fit. Additionally, you would be doing pushups from the first time you asid assault rifle until you either collapsed or your arms resembled a gorilla’s. You were not military.


Well said. And good for you. I intend on learning more. Knowledge is power.

Michael Adair

Who here lives in a high crime neighborhood in Tulsa, OK? I do! Lord willing, we’ll be out sooner than later! Before talking trash and bashing open carry, consider the crime demographics around here! If I see an open carry, I’m more than likely to give a nod and a howdy (yes, some of us do say howdy instead of hello). No way I would have been scared or offended! Would have probably discussed getting one of my own. The thugs and gangbangers don’t carry open! They’re packed off in their dropped drowsers and can’t aim for shit! Keeping an… Read more »

Dave in Fairfax

A lot of people here carry concealed, fewer carry open, but it’s purple going blue here, so hassles are more likely to happen in the future. That aside, I haven’t ever felt uncomfortable about seeing a hip holster. I get looks routinely while people try to figure out if I’m carrying, they’re looking in the wrong place. Evenso, nobody’s gotten in my face about it, or anybody else’s that I’ve seen. Looks like the cops that arrested him have some evidenciary problems that will come out in the trial.


I used to open carry in the McLean Giant all the time. The manager never had a problem and we became pretty good friends before he retired. I’d get some looks but no one ever said anything. One time at a restaurant in McLean a waiter did come over to our table and inquire “what model Glock is that?”. Another time a group of women asked the manager of a restaurant why a group of us were armed. His response was classic; “Madam they are here for your protection”. The manager later told us he felt as though his was… Read more »

Charles McVey Sr.

I live in a small town in Colorado, we have had a few problems and yes I have a CCW. My main reason for having a firearm is that I often travel the Interstate System between here and Denver, as well as some of the roads and streets of Denver and its surrounding area. Unfortunately Denver does have a major crime problem, mainly crimes of opportunity some carjacking’s and armed robberies. Quite honestly my life means more to me then the life of any scum sucking low life thug or wanna be gangbanger. I spent over 40 years serving and… Read more »

Pist Off

I arm a 2nd amendment supporter but ammoland can stick it up their ASS never have posted one comments yes you ammoland you are not the 2nd the people are fuck you!

Dave in Fairfax

It must be the day for irrational rants. I’m glad that you arm 2A supporters, but the rest of your comment doesn’t make much sense. Care to explain what Ammoland did to annoy you?

Thomas Coble

Umm, wtf weirdo. Chill out. Your unintelligible writing is hard enough to decipher. Now, slow down and try again in English.


All laws that are made that doesn’t go in hand with the Constitution are Null and Void and should be ignored without impunity.


Well shit. Children alsways obery the law and exercise your rights as we all should. The but in all this is, if you’re going to carry weapons in the open then expect people to react. Especially with all the shootings that are still fresh in peoples minds. I own many and carry according to Texas laws. Personally, I rather not alert the world and liberal or high strung law enforcement to my gear. When the Dems make forced illegal raids happen thru the red flag laws, I rather they not know me on a first name basis. Hide in plain… Read more »


Well when they take all our guns away and another country invades U.S i hope all you liberals do they right thing and be first responders and throw rocks ! This man broke no laws charges should be droped police should be investigated its not ok for policemen to violate laws they enforce. They are not above the law. My right to carry a firearm doesnt doesnt include the protection of others fears. Its for protection for my family. Have a good day to all god bless AMERICA please no rude comments if offended you im sorry not my intentions… Read more »

och will

Ammo Land says ” It is NOT illegal to carry a pistol in Neinhuis Park. Hubbard reportedly was carrying an AR15 type pistol, which may look like a rifle to people who are not knowledgeable about firearms. It was slung over his back.” If I saw this arrogant as/ho;e carrying an AR 15 with a short barrel in public I’d call the police too. This fat slob is out looking to intmidate, frighten and threaten people with his stupid guns. His peni/ must be absolutely tiny. To go with his intellect/. Since he’s a failure in life, guns give him… Read more »

Tim Isely

Tinfoil hat rant.

Dave in Fairfax

As usual. And he’s showing his obsession with small penises. Gotta wonder why.
This time he’s so worked up that he can’t type straight. Prolly foaming at the fingers.
He’s still projecting his violent nature onto those he reads about. I hope he has a good shrink. AND no access to guns.

Hammer Head

Why do people opposed to constitutional guaranteed rights to bear arms always care so much about the size of the person in question penis size? I guess these people have such a big mouth that they plan on filling it with something equally big. Maybe they think if they taunt him about his penis size, will get him to drop his pants and show them. Then the suckfest begins! That’s the only reason I can think of why anyone would make a penis size assumption related to firearms. In that case it would be safe to assume that gun protesting… Read more »

Roy D.

The shrinks call it “projection.”

M.D. Malone

Me thinks he wishes he had something to project.


Perhaps , ochWill, you’d love Venezuala…or NAZI GErmany… Iran calls you. Your Comment is a waste of space

Chris Pfeil

I’m guessing you’re one of those that are clueless on laws.


He’s a idiot if he didn’t comply with a officer


Bend over Chad”l want to put it in deep”…”COMPLY”

Aaron Walker

How much a hour does it pay to be a “Bloomberg Troll, or Shill?” Do you get health benefits? Is there ” piece work or incentive pay” for how Pro2 sites are”Trolled, or motivated into a Flame War?”What’s your quota?


Och will, You said… Glad the y arrested him. Hes looking to shoot someone and he eventually will. And when that happen we’ll all cheer. If you had any credibility you lost it with that statement. First, people with a ccw permit statistically are more law abiding than police officers. Your ‘prediction’ that he will shoot someone is extremely unlikely even if that person is committing a crime. Second, if your most unlikely prediction were to come to fruition, you would cheer. (?) You sir, are sick. Sounds like you are exactly the sort of person that should NOT be… Read more »


This is kinda his point about laws degrading over time . He has a constitutional right to carry in this country however people have gotten so used to infringements that stuff like this happens . Should I call the cops on you for excersing your 1a rights ? Absolutely not then what makes the 2a different ? The fact of the matter is the laws that restrict carrying of any weapon are unconstitutional in fact all weapons laws are unconstitutional.

Roy D.

And yet they do exactly that in England. Of course they have neither a First or Second Amendment over there. There are benefits to being a citizen as apposed to a subject. An example of one of these benefits is even mentioned in the New Testament in the Bible.

Roy D.

Sorry, that’s opposed not apposed.

Dee McWill

Can we assume she suppose what she apposes, as she claims. LOL

Charles Moore

Currently 22nd or 23rd, NOT ‘first.” Take out the liberal utopias that people like you think are the model that the whole country should adhere to, we are 4th from the BOTTOM.

Thank you, class dismissed – except 2 hour detention for you.

Gerard J Cecchettini

The fact that you or anyone else would call the police when the see a person carrying a firearm that scares them is not the issue here. The issue is not clearing him of any erroneous charges, real or made up and not clearing him after finding our that he was absolutely legal. He should not have made him post bail or confiscate his firearms or return them after clearing him. They know who he was and that he always complied with the law from past hysteria form uninformed or politically motivated citizens or members of the police. The shame… Read more »

Robert Manser

Awe are you triggered? You need to go into your mom’s room upstairs where your safe space is and get into your cry closet and get your coloring book.


Although carrying loaded weapons should be banned, name calling is not acceptable, especially about someone’s size, there is no excuse for belittling or bullying anyone.


Go away Snow Flake!

Charles Thimens

yes, och will, you would call the police…but you never said you would do it fir concern for other people.. you would do so for yoy self imoortant prejudicial view’s. There a few reasons tere is so much violence in this country..PASS LAWS MOSTLY DO NOT ENFORCE THEM OR LEARN FROM THEM OR USE LOGIC AND REASON WHEN MAKE LAWS OR ENFORCE THEM. PEOPLE LIKE YOU (I dont know you BUT by YOUR RANTINGS) think you have rights you do not have you believe you are entitled to things and rights you do not have….you most definetly have a right… Read more »


Show us all on the dolly where the bad gun touched you
Be honest now little boy you’re not allowed to own guns are you? What crime did you commit question mark beating your wife?host

APA Psychologist

100% Projection —> “His penis must be absolutely tiny.”


Lol. How triggered are you ? He is a police auditor . He is not looking to shoot anyone . He is legally following the law and exercising his right to bear arms . Why does him having a gun result in you claiming he is trying to intimidate anyone ?You don’t know anything about this man yet you disparage his appearance , intelligence and his dick size. All because he refused to be bullied by people not intelligent enough to understand that he was carrying what is considered by law and definition a pistol . He was breaking no… Read more »

Karen R

I totally agree with Och. It takes a special kind of stupid to want to be right so bad, he’s willing to get shot. Furthermore, he deserves what he gets. Who cares if you’re two blocks away. If you robbed someone, should you be in your safe zone, two blocks away? Police investigate potential crimes. That is their job! They were investigating a possible crime. Here’s a novel idea, stop wasting officer’s time. We also don’t lose laws that we don’t fight for. Murder is still against the law. Does he really think he has to commit murder to keep… Read more »

Wild Bill

@KR, Many of us, here, have taken the risk of getting shot to death, burned to death, or blown pieces to defend our Constitution. I would not call it stupid.
He will deserve what he gets … a big chunk of the PD’s budget. The police investigated and came to a wrong conclusion for which the city will be liable. The city will be forced to change their name to Broken Budget, OK.
There is no mention of murder in the article, and is not relevant to the facts.

Sam Ho

A cop or scared citizen shoots him? For what? I think the guy is a dick but that doesn’t mean he should be shot. And why would an armed citizen be fearful? Doesn’t that citizen have one of those “evil” guns too?
What a petty and childish post Karen


Everything that is wrong & ignorant with the anti gun crowd in 1 comment, how convenient. The only statement in this response that has even a remote basis in fact & not emotion, concerns gun ownership & gun violence in the US. Of course, any person with even a passing knowledge of any discipline in science knows that, ‘correlation does not equal causation’. To borrow/modify a phrase; what a pathetic comment!


guns do not commit violence, try criminal or thug-violence


For some people they just don’t have any smarts, no, none at all so they make up for it by running their mouth without knowing what their talking about.

Guy probably took an on line psychology degree.
Dumb ass!


Fair enough. I don’t blame an idiot calling the police. But I sure do blame those freedom fighters (police) and I don’t mean they fight for our freedom, for not knowing the laws. I see way to many police that don’t know simple laws. If I care enough to be a free citizen and want to know exactly all the ways our big brother government can lock me up, then they should at least know as much because you know….. it’s their job.

Get Out

You’d report this guy to the police too, before or after wetting yourself?

Mr. Bill

Clearly you support the 2A since you like exercising your 1A. NO 1A WITHOUT 2A.


OCH Will, typical liberal spouting non checked nonsense as factual statistics. Pull your head out of your ass and do a little reading, a little research, use your brain cells. Do you really believe the United States has the highest numbers of gun violence statistics in the entire world? You’re ignorant. Educate yourself so that you have a better argument in the future. I would say any number of the Middle Eastern countries currently involved in suicide bombings, Civil Wars, Mass genocide etc have a higher statistical rate of gun violence than the US! And you’re one of the people… Read more »


@OutlawGypsy – I am afraid you are overlooking a major part of the gun control argument. Because suicide bombers, bat wielding protesters, and noose utilizing lynch mobs are not using guns, they simply do not count.
Please never use the phrase “gun violence” as it is one of gun conrtrols crowning achievements. Have met too many people who seem unable to use either word separately. Even heard someone talking about skeet as involving “gun violence!”

Wild Bill

@Finn, Yeah, and don’t forget gasoline. Gasoline (and the other things that you mention) will never be controlled by so called “gun control laws”. And, one can create more destruction and terror with a gallon of gas than anyone with a gun.


Why the concentration on a penis?? No facts on display other than a Legal Carry,,,The personal attack seems immature with a dash of Penis Envy thrown in! Shake the mix up and out pours a Demorat that will run from a confrontation.

Roy D.

Allow me to point out a couple of things. The Oklahoma Self-Defense Act allows those with a carry permit to carry handguns concealed or openly. It defines a handgun/pistol as a firearm which has a barrel of less than 16 inches. It also mandates that open carry of a handgun requires the use of a holster. The story indicates that this guy did not have his “handgun” in a holster. That alone violates the Act. Barrel length is not mentioned so who knows. If you are going to try to make a point be sure that you have all your… Read more »


The act itself is unconstitutional. It amazes me that articles like this have to explain that the person was in compliance of the unconstitutional law as if the law itself wasn’t illegal


To start with you a fool, the U.S. Supreme Court already said the laws restricting gun rights, like this state law is constitutional. So you don’t have a clue what you talking about. And the state law states the gun we’ll be carried in a holster, not slung over your back. So it sounds like he already broke the law, then you must follow what the officers say, even if disagree with them.

Wild Bill

, if the legislative act is repugnant to the Constitution it is not law. It is only a statute. The elites only get their way by enforcing the statute with force of arms. Happy Easter.


A handgun sling is considered by law to be a holster

Dan Gwinn

Sounds like he enjoys making an ass out of himself and ruining others peaceful use of public property. I’m not sure why that law is changing, but hopefully it can be fixed almost as quickly.


Considering the new law is more constitutional then the old one unless you mean fixed to mean “shall not be infringed ” I dont agree that the law should change back to violating rights .

Cal Magnums

So was he part of a well regulated militia? Or just some azss trying to make gun owners look bad for his own twisted enjoyment?

James Smith

No militia needed to keep and bear…but, the guy is still a dork for carry like that in the park. It’s like using a sledge hammer to fix panel nails, wrong tool, wrong place, wrong time. He just wanted the attention that comessages with the challenging of others normalcy bias.

2A supporter

Look, another FUD sighting!


I just have to say, there are so many people that feel so safe with our government that they are willing to hand over our only safeguard. I find it funny, because I look at government and think holy crap it’s so fucking corrupt. For the record I liked Trump because he said things that needed to be said and talked about. But fuck him. It’s all this big corporate bought and paid for bullshit. I want the Constitution followed to the letter. And close the fucking border. I will never understand people that think we can let in millions… Read more »

Sean Carberry

Yea-what he said.



Robert Boone

It is a$$holes like him that do much more harm than good in protecting our second amendment rights.

Greg McDowell

You are 100% correct!


I get what you guys mean and I get if people are acting crazy and looking for fights yea that can kinda go the wrong way, but still if you are not breaking the law what is the problem. This is not about feelings and I can’t believe people can’t get over feelings. And it really stuck with me when Ammoland said if you stop showing people the rights we have and let people see it they will take it away before you even know it. I challenge you to look up laws in your state. Unfortunately I live in… Read more »


I don’t even know how this is an argument. It’s people (anti-gunners aka uninformed) telling everyone else to ignore decades of history. Because you feel like we are at a point in history that we don’t need guns anymore. THATS WHY YOU CAN FEEL LIKE THAT. Is it really that complicated. WHEN THE GOVERNMENT FEARS ITS CITIZENS YOU GET LIBERTY aka THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Did you also know that free speech does not exist anywhere else in the world besides the good ole USA. Britain ? NOPE Canada ? NOPE Mecico ? NOPE. Oh calm down that’s not… Read more »

Rickey Roland



America is drowning in liberal ideology and fear of freedom. People trust the media and politicians way too much. “Guns are bad” says the media. People see a guy walking around with a firearm (no way he was pointing it at people) and they freak out and call more people with guns (see what I did there?) A bit disappointed with cops though in how they handled the situation, however if the guy didn’t stop to even talk to them, and they couldn’t establish whether he was in fact pointing the gun at people before they arrived, I guess I… Read more »

Ban the AR

Deusche bag


Don’t be mad because he’s right.
Just get mad because your not safe.


Ban the Ar? Try spelling words correctly,; your comment as written calls someone a ‘german area’ bag…’douche’= wash/hygiene; commonly used in reference to a female internal cleaning. Product/practice….BESIDES THAT,, WTH are you. Calling THAT? Ignorance is catching; Educate yourself.. Btw: if the AR-Platform is EVER banned. , bodys wil stretch from the Atlantic to the pacific & be as Dung, with NO ONE to bury them(Bible). It really would NOT. matter, they will never go away while people EXIST.


Atlantic to Pacific did not exist when the Bible was written, sooooo……

James Smith

You’re right, they had different names … but, inasmuch as its metaphorical for far and wide et al., what difference does it make?

Trotskies Killer

How can you be so STUPID? Serious question? No less than 6 times in RECENT human history, have gun bans been successful… In EVERY SINGLE INSTANCE( EVERY ONE); mass GENOCIDE( Murdering of MILLIONS of people, by Government) ; occurred. How many millions of people need to die, before you realize; It will NEVER be different….? So, I ask again; How can you be so IGNORANT?

M.D. Malone

Saul would be so proud ! Name calling starts when truth can’t be challenged.


Oh, I know… I guess there was no argument to anything I said, so insults flew instead.

Grady Hendrix

Hey Igor what country do you live in comrade


The best country there is – USA – technically.
But I am in Comiefornia.



Bart Gulley

If this was in the State of Georgia the cop’s would shoot you down no questions asked, literally. Well first of all open carry is against the law in our state, Georgia Without A Concealed Weapons Permit. Which to me is unconstitutional when our state constitution of 1777 reads, it’s our God given right’s to keep and bear arms. Doesn’t say anything about buying a permit in our state constitution. I had to get that off my mind just in case you decide to come visit communist Georgia. To the matter in Oklahoma, first of all idk they’re laws and… Read more »

Carlos Manriquez

Bart I agree with you 100%, ot never fails me to wonder how a federal constitutional law can be twisted to mean different things in different states, the Constitution of the United states is the law of the land, Georgia should not be allowed to make theor own interpretation of the constitution. I believe innthe law, but more then that i pledge my oath to the constitution of the United states. We have all kinds of idiots out there that will define things totally different, until Americans as a whole unite and reclaim our constitution the government (s) will continue… Read more »


Wrong. You can open cary in any state in the US. Man people are so blind about the second.


Ever been to California? Lol California law now generally prohibits any person from carrying an exposed and unloaded handgun upon his or her person outside of a vehicle in a public place.4 This prohibition is subject to a number of exceptions, including for peace officers, military personnel, licensed hunters, and the carrying of an unloaded handgun in a locked container.5 The violation of this law is a misdemeanor in most cases.6 California law also prohibits the carrying in public, outside of a vehicle and on or about one’s person, of an unloaded long gun in any incorporated city or county,… Read more »


He was specifcly referencing the 2nd ammendent that makes everything you just said unconstitutional

Mike in Oregon

Some folks are perfectly happy making themselves a constitutional martyr in states like CA. That exactly what you’re going to be. They’re going to arrest you, seize and grind up all your guns, then throw you in jail. The SCOTUS isn’t likely to take up your case.

I agree that CA is violating the 2A, but martyrdom isn’t the way to fix it.

David Alan Bell


Jack Greenlee

Bart, I can’t say that I’m familiar with the gun laws in Georgia. I’m guessing you must live in the Atlanta area. However, I do recall hearing on a news report, while making a delivery there, just outside of Atlanta. That there’s a county there, I’m wanting to say Douglas, but I may be mistaken, I’m fairly certain it started with a “D” though. Anyway, in that county, any citizenry that are eligible to own, and carry a firearm, are required to do so, by county ordinance! Now, that report came from one of your local news agencies. Now that… Read more »


White privilege – a person of color never would have been arrested under these circumstances, they would in all likelihood be shot and killed.

Joe Hollis

The race card…bullshit….


It’s not racist if it’s true


More white people are shot and killed by the cops than black. Do your damn research! And if black people would stop committing the majority of the crimes maybe they wouldn’t have to worry about it! Statistic numbers don’t lie! And what the hell that has to do with your second amendment constitutional and human right… We’re all waiting for an answer

Heed the Call-up

Fi, you clearly are a moron. In Florida there is a black man that openly carries to educate the police and the public. He has yet to be shot and has numerous videos of his encounters.

Carlos Manriquez

Your the moron, tell that to his widow and kids after the cops shoot him. And for you to say color doesnt matter tells me your blind as a bat at high noon. Wake up fool.

Heed the Call-up

Carlos, you and Fi are twins? Please re-read my post for comprehension this time.

M.D. Malone

You’re – A Contraction (abbreviation) for ‘You Are’. ‘Your’ – Your grammar could use some improvement. (See how easy that was?) Your turn now.

Wild Bill

@Heed, This propagandist is probably not even a black person. Not one implication or allegation that comes from the trolls can be trusted. But everyone knows that already.

Carlos Manriquez

You are probably right in that aspect , im also a minority and teach kids not to trust any Law Enforcement, If they get pulled ovwr they need to make sure all cameras are recording, make any and all moves very very slow , let the officer (s) know what your going to do before you do it. Never and I mean never allow your hands to be obstructed from view until the stop or ticket is over, make sure they also dial me and let me know where they are at and who the officer (s) are. Arizona has… Read more »

Sam Ho

Carlos wrote, ” im also a minority and teach kids not to trust any Law Enforcement, If they get pulled ovwr they need to make sure all cameras are recording, make any and all moves very very slow , let the officer (s) know what your going to do before you do it.”
Basically, you are teaching them to hate police and have an attitude so they force a situation where they get shot or arrested for a simple moving violation.
Carry on. The less feral humans the better


FI must stand for f’n idiot…

Wild Bill

@JDL, Yes, most humorous.


Watch “MSNBC Crops Video to Incite Racial Tension over AR-15 at Obama Rally” on YouTube


Wrong again. White men are more likely to be shot by police than any other race or gender but nice try. The problem all you race baiters refuse to admit is that even though they make up a smaller percentage of the population than say white men, the majority of violent crimes in America are perpetrated by black men. So put that in your pipe and smoke it because that’s the truth

Louis Christopher Copechal

Wow. Some of you all who claim to have a Military background are clearly full of SHlT! Either that or your clearly IGNORANT of the LAWS! If a conceal carry weapon (ccw) permit DIDNT cover ALL aspects of CONCEALABLE weapons it would have been clearly stated. This man had in essence a strapped pistol EXPOSED! He did NOTHING wrong! As far as those of you who are screaming you served in the Military, evidently forgot 1 thing. We served to protect the CONSTITUTION, AMENDMENT’S AND BILL OF RIGHTS! Against ALL enemies foreign AND DOMESTIC!

Billy McMeekin

Amen brother! Though I did not serve does not mean that I haven’t given my oath as a citizen of the United States to defend our Constitution. I’ve seen and heard every kind of b.s. there is concerning the 2nd amendment and if I live to be a hundred I cannot comprehend why people fail to understand exactly what “shall not be infringed” means! Any gun control laws, whatsoever not only are violations of the 2nd amendment but of the “Dick Act” of 1902 as well. I literally know hundreds of people that can quote the 2nd all day long… Read more »


Never been to this site before. 58 years old live outside Detroit. Never would I ever think of carrying a pistol let alone a semi auto…over his shoulder no less. This is the world that the NRA hath made. You guys are PARANOID!

James Smith

I think purposefully confrontational too…they wanted trouble. Even though I support ones right to keep and bear…

Heed the Call-up

James, he wanted to exercise his rights, just as you are doing now.

Sean Carberry

Just as bad as the lgbqtlmnop’s putting something of controversy into the face of people to get a reaction and then bitching when they get one. Say someone goes into an establishment with a weapon in their hand and a parent with children that happens to also carry a weapon is fearful of the situation and kills the dipshit carrying an ar into mcdonalds…it would be senseless and justified. Why does someone need to carry an ar in a public place? Because they can? Sure if you want to look like a moron and possibly get killed. Use common sense.… Read more »

Heed the Call-up

Sean, no, shooting someone for no good reason is not justified. As to your fantasy of a firearm owner being killed that way, it has not happened, and people do OC into many places without issue. Hoplophobia is a mental disease, go see a psychiatrist.

Sam Ho

I am astounded by the trolls that this brought out.


You have problems with legal activities then? Or just those that you find…distasteful?

It is a good thing then that your opinion carries no weight in regards to a legally-protected activity. Perhaps there are some pearls you can go clutch and ponder more on your anecdotal wisdom.


A guy with a gun out in public is scary to me like it is to most people.


WHY? I’ve been in situations where there were thousands of people, almost all armed most carrying at least something plainly visible to all. I felt safer there than anywhere else I’ve been. It ain’t the arrow, its the indian it ain’t the hardware its the software it ain’t the tool its the user WHY do you have such an inordinate fear of a two pound hunk of steel, plastic, aluminium? Didjya know more people (by a factor of about four) are killed by the applicationi of bare hands and/or feet than by all firearms, nationwide, in the USA? Doubt me?… Read more »

Roy D.

I think the place I felt the safest was at the Grand Hotel in Tunica, Ms while I and my eldest son were shooting the IDPA Nationals four years running the first of this century. Three hundred plus competitors and their families and probably twice that many guns. And no one had a single bad thing happen to them that I know of. Downtown Memphis after dark, and during the day, was, shall we say, interesting.

Heed the Call-up

Tim, you need to seek professional help if you have such anxiety, it is not normal. Come to Lobby Day in Virginia, you will see hundreds of people carrying, and many of the rest that you do not see carrying, still are – CC. Safest place I have ever been.


No thanks


Regardless of the wisdom of this guy, I don’t understand your comment “Never would I ever think of carrying a pistol let alone a semi auto..” Pistols ARE semi auto by the most common contemporary definition. Handguns are almost all pistols (Glock, 1911, etc.), revolvers, or derringers.


People do not normally carry guns out in public. This is abhorrent behavior.

Heed the Call-up

Tim, only to you. Those of us that are rational, sentient humans do not fear law-abiding citizens.


I don’t want to shake up your world view, but you have no idea how many people around you every day carry guns in public. Most who do have concealed carry permits, so they are not visible. Open carry is legal in many states and where it is people are accustomed to it. The abhorrent behavior would be a person who cares so little about his life and the lives of his loved ones that he chooses not to protect them.

M.D. Malone

Do you have the same reaction when you encounter a cop carrying a gun? Why one and not the other? Cops are as human as you and I. Just because a cop carries a gun doesn’t mean he won’t someday misuse that firearm. Follow that line of thinking and no one can be trusted to carry a weapon of any kind. Humans all have a potential for violence. So why are some more privileged than others? Should the law be based upon the potential for violence as opposed to the occurrence of Actual violence when it happens? The perception of… Read more »

Sam Ho

You are a scaredy cat aren’t you, Tim? I carry guns all the time in public. I conceal carry because of silly people like you. And I don’t want the bad guys to target me.
But I find your fear unreasonable. Do you fear moslems as much as guns?

Mr. Walkker

Tim, I beg to differ. A Range of Mountains is all that separates where It is “socially acceptable” dynamic to Open Carry, where people do not freak out and light their own hair on fire, as opposed to those whom who need safe spaces and a teddy bear. The term “socially acceptable” is an Oxymoron of sorts. This new dynamic is happening in WA State as I type this. Washington State is an “Open Carry State” and a “Shall Issue State”. Yet, the new dynamic East of the Cascade Range, all is well if you Open Carry. But just head… Read more »

Heed the Call-up

Tim, no paranoia, just belief in our inalienable rights, just as you believe in your 1st amendment rights. How would you feel if you needed a criminal background check, a federal form identifying what you were going to say/post/write, and a government ID before you were allowed to exercise your 1st amendment right? Then you would only be allowed to use that right in your own home or on your property unless you got a special permit to “carry” your speech with you. Also, you would need to lock your speech in a safe when not using it, making sure… Read more »


This is probably the most clear, concise, and eloquently, assembled rebuttal to the second amendment argument by those wishing to see it infringed and using the 1st amendment to exemplify the ideals of doing so. Bravo! If you don’t mind I will be using this in the future as ammo against anti-gunners. Keep up the good fight!


I couldn’t have said it better…and indeed, IF ONE DOES NOT EXCERSISE THEIR RIGHTS THEY WILL BE LOST FOREVER! We already live in a society that some are actively trying to strip us of those rights…both our 1st and 2nd amendments are the most threatened

Gary Gallery

Absolutely true if you don’t use it you loose it!!! I live in the communist state of California and you almost can’t get a CCW here you need specific reasons to get one, so sad our country is against the legal owners of firearms in the pretext of stopping crime, all it is doing is making it easier for criminals to get weapons, gun control is not and never has been about guns it’s all about controlling the population, check your history, Hitler ,Stalin ,Castro all took the weapons first then took everything else!!!!!


Words don’t kill. Guns do

Heed the Call-up

Tim, words don’t kill, people do. Words have incited people to harm others. Words used to threaten others is a crime. Must be a reason why.

Firearms are inanimate objects, they can’t do anything without someone controlling it. Fear of inanimate objects is irrational. Here are some very bad things that words have caused: Crystal Night, the Holocaust, Japanese-American Internment, the list is long.


You never would carry a pistol let alone a semi-automatic the only guns that aren’t semi-automatic are revolvers twenty-two rifles pistols BB guns all semi-automatic unless they are cap and ball learn something before you go on here and start talking a lot of crap that you don’t know anything about


people do not normally carry guns out in public. It’s not ok.

Tim R Hughes

It is Okay!
MANY NON L.E.O.’s Carry Guns in Public as well.
You are the one that is not NORMAL…


Tim you are The one who is PARANOID.


I’m not worried about anyone doing anything to me.

Heed the Call-up

Tim, no? Why then do your posts exude fear? You don’t fear anyone, but your fear inanimate objects. Not the sign of a rational person.


Fuck you. I have three sons that are MD’s. Stay in West Virginia

Get Out

Whoa, Tim must be stressed to begin cursing. Tim should ask one of his sons to prescribe something to calm him down.


As a gun owner and 2nd Amendment supporter myself, I agree. These 2nd Amendment “auditors” are morons. Even if I had the time to walk around parks all day carrying the most provocative weapons I can legally get away with just to stress-test law enforcement and make people feel nervous I wouldn’t because it’s a pointless and stupid thing to do. Seriously, one look at Hubbard’s soft and saggy image says a lot. He’s a loser who couldn’t win a fight with an old lady and guns are his way of compensating for his lack of manliness. Walking around the… Read more »

Jim Wiseman

Fair enough, but everyone who carries is compensating for SOMETHING.

Heed the Call-up

Nigel, you are not as intelligent as you believe yourself to be. What is there to be “stressed” about if someone isn’t doing anything wrong? You believe a pistol is a “provocative weapon”? You must not get out of your dwelling much if you are “stressed” over someone with a pistol. He was walking around exercising his rights, just as you are doing now. The only difference is he is knowledgeable about his RKBA, whereas you are just an ignorant troll. Try posting a factual comment to bolster your position; an intelligent person would be capable of that, rather than… Read more »

Sam Ho

I am compensating for my inability to carry a Policeman 24/7. When seconds matter the police are minutes away


I would think of all places, Detroit, you would WANT to have a weapon…


Never enters my mind. That’s the point.


Go back to reddit f A g G o T

Gerard J. Cecchettini

This is not the world the NRA made Tim. This is the world the Democrat Socialist Party made with all the gun-control loss they passed to disarm the citizen. Why? So there won’t be any resistance when they take over our country completely. It is in their playbook. Every Authoritarian Government first took away the firearms. Check it out, Registration then Confiscation is usually the method. Check that out too. This is why the “Left” leadership hates our Constitution and our Bill of Rights (Especially the Second Amendment) because it presently stands in their way. The continually want to change… Read more »

Sam Ho

Well said Gerald

Get Out

Since 1871.


Broken Arrow Police Department needs to release him and apologize. Ignorant bunch. He’s going to own Broken Arrow if they don’t.

Michael R Garber

I think that no matter, how you feel about guns, one must defer to the constitution. The right of the people to own guns shall not be infringed. That’s the gist of it. I know I didn’t quote it precise or place the proper commas. Arresting this man was a mistake. Taking his other guns is an infringement of his rights.

Michael Gibson

Own and bear meaning have on you


Here is one of the problems with people today, misinterpretation! The second says NOTHING about ownership, it says “bear”, that means it doesn’t matter if you own it or not you are allowed to bear arms. I can borrow a gun from a friend and carry that weapon. Some of our citizens cannot afford to buy a decent weapon and rely on friends, family, or neighbors to borrow from when they feel the need to carry. This is why state CCW laws are unconstitutional – because many of them require ownership and registration as well as requiring a permit to… Read more »

Sam Ho

Ratsass Jake,
“To keep and bear arms” if your feeble mind can not understand that confers ownership, I pity your mental prowess.

Donald Frazell

No, a well Regulated militia, police, is.
Stop gisting. Try comprehending, but future SCOTUS rulings were interpreted to further protect slavers. Making it State over Federal was a political compromise to begin with.

Heed the Call-up

Donald, police are not a militia. Research the meaning of the term, and then read the speaches, letters, etc., of our founding fathers and what they actually said, wrote, and believed about our inalienable rights.

Bruce Wickizer

A well Regulated Militia , and just who is “The People ” ?
Certainly not the government
The Bill of Rights restricts government , not personal Liberty


If your argument is valid regarding “State over Federal” then that invalidates the Supremacy Clause in the Constitution ‘proper’. To my knowledgte, however, in no ruling EVER by the SCOTUS have they imposed a “State over Federal” ruling. According to the Answering a 217-year old constitutional question, the Supreme Court ruled on Thursday (June 26, 2008) that the Second Amendment protects an individual right to have a gun, at least in one’s home. The Court, splitting 5-4, struck down a District of Columbia ban on handgun possession. Although times have changed since 1791, Justice Antonin Scalia said for the… Read more »


As a veteran, I really hate when people play the oath game. Lets remember that the military is GOVERNMENT and is no more bound by that oath than politicians who take a similar oath, and just because they take an oath doesn’t make them different than the rest of the people. Anyone who is a true American and legal citizen of this nation should be held to the same oath because we are ALL responsible for protecting ourselves, our families, our liberty, and our way of life, or they should find a new home!


I don’t consider the Oath a “game”. And I’d venture to say that the other veterans weighing in on this forum do not either. But I don’t want to speak for them. I never said, nor did I imply that, because I took the Oath of Service and served, that that made me better than anyone else. I beg to differ with you on your use of the term “government”. The Preamble to the Constitution and the rest of it, clearly state that ALL citizens, “We, the People” are the GOVERNMENT, not just the politicians and/or the military. ALL of… Read more »


“Well regulated” does not mean what you think it means. When the amendment was passed it meant people were expected to have arms, know how to use them, and keep them in good condition. It had nothing to do with being regulated by the government.


What are you people ? a bunch of 16 year old trolls ? .Just because you can carry a firearm in public ,does not mean you should .I have weapons and a concealed carry ,If I saw a guy carrying a m-4 style weapon in a park I would be worried for my safety as well as the others in the park .I dont know what his intentions are ,For all I know he is another lunatic going to shoot up some place . There is a time and place to open carry a assault style weapon And yes I… Read more »

Erick Reyes

Or he is just a law abiding citizen useing his constitutional rights that u fought in 2 wars to protect I’m from Oklahoma was born and raised here I know how crooked and fucked up the cops are here they Trump up charges plant evidence lie and only care about making more money not protecting Serving the people they work for you should really have this guy’s back cuz anything the fuckin pigs say I will never believe cause it was stated a couple years ago that all police officers are to ware bodycams yet not one of the cops… Read more »


Your points would be easier to understand if you used punctuation. It contributes enormously to the effectiveness of written communication.


What the hell are you an English teacher punctuate this

M.D. Malone

Thanks for proving the rule Dick Eater !


Roberta, thank you for your service. That being said, you seem to be ignorant of the fact that an AR-15 pistol is not an M-4. It is nothing more than a semi auto pistol. Semi auto firearms have been in common use for over 300 years. The first known semi auto was patented in 1703 it was called the Puckle Gun.
Please take the time to do some research before making idiotic statements.
Hippybiker former FFL dealer and manufacturer.


If that’s what you’re going with, your an idiot. An AR pistol can have a longer barrel then a rifle and be nearly indistinguishable from a rifle yet still be called a pistol. The dumb ass git his wish. He caused a confrontation with law enforcement, and portrayed all us other gun owners as being inconsiderate Pieces of Shit to the very people we want on our side. Great job douche bag 1st and 2nd Amendment Auditors, you screw us again. For every one of those douche bags doing their 1st and 2nd Amendment Audits it take 10,000 of us… Read more »

Wes Bielinski

Actually the Puckle Gun was considered the first “machine gun”


Why do you toss out that you were in the military? You think that gives your opinion more credibility.? There are millions alive that served, most have NEVER shot a weapon outside of basic training let alone in combat. Id bet there are many many civilians that are far more versed in firearms. While I absolutely find all military service honorable, it doesnt give you more weight for ones rights in civilian life. I dont look at people and assume they are criminals. Rights are like a muscle, use it ir lose it. Personally, I dont carry my AR in… Read more »


Wolf, actually, certain rights, according to the Declaration, are “inalienable” (meaning they can’t be TAKEN away, only GIVEN away), those being the right to life, the right to liberty, and the right to the PURSUIT of happiness. At least according to those who became the framers of our Constitution. Whether you believe in a “higher power” or not is irrelevant. If this concept of a higher power giving us “inalienable” rights were not true, then, we, in this nation, have made the concept of “inalienable” rights as if they were. The rights and freedoms you have now are a derivative… Read more »

Km Krouse

Well articilated. I carry. I served. I am a member of a well armed melitia. I do not present in a manner as to create grief to others intentionally. That is an invitation to stupid.

Heed the Call-up

Km, you can’t prevent others from being hoplophobes. We can only educate those willing to learn. These hoplophobes would probably also quiver in fear if you looked at them. Why fear someone not doing anything wrong? Would you be more afraid of a plainclothes officer printing or a private citizen OC? Or as I had seen, an officer directing pedestrian traffic while his retention strap was unsnapped, or a black man OC walking down a city sidewalk just going about his business? One needs to assess the risks in one’s day-to-day life. Law-abiding citizens are not going to induce fear… Read more »


Let me see if maybe I can simplify this for all of you in terms you’ll understand. Too many people think that if they see a person out in public walking around with a gun on them, that that person could potentially be a mass shooter. Like the person above me stated “I don’t know what their intentions are I don’t know if they’re intent on causing harm”. The only reason that that is your go to fear, is because the media and the government has made you believe, yes I mean brainwashing, has made you believe that that really… Read more »


“Too many people think that if they see a person out in public walking around with a gun on them, that that person could potentially be a mass shooter.” That is EXACTLY what most people think – pro 2A or anti 2A and I think that is the point that many here are making.

Heed the Call-up

dave S, no, we don’t believe anyone OC is a potential mass shooter. Many of us are not making that point, but you just did. I bet even the other hoplophobes don’t believe that either, but it gets them attention. What is surprising is how many trolls found this story on this site. It is usually very pro-rights here in the comments. We don’t usually have to deal with too many ignorant, anti-rights trolls here. However, most that normally post here are active in their respective communities; contact their representatives, active members of various pro-rights groups, etc. Many also are… Read more »



Joe Barilari

A felony should not be a sentence for life, that discourages redemption.
Cops can not be trusted because they have a two tier society mentality. Their training reinforces this, i.e. shoot till the threat stops moving. As if it’s reasonable to keep your hands up in the air while being shot and yelled at. It’s physically impossible, therefore they shoot till you’re dead.
Plus, shooting at someone that doesn’t obey when they can’t hear you? That’s free license to kill deaf people, people with ear buds in, those working near loud machinery, it’s endless


Hi Joe,
You are misinformed. Police only are allowed to shoot when a threat to them or others exist and until the threat no longer exist. They can’t shoot you for not obeying a command and there is no “free license to kill” the non complying without a danger to them selves or others.


That not true how do you explain all the unarmed civilian deaths from police


Exactly. I call B.S on this one. Young Black kids backshot to death , while running from police. Some cops have a “authoritarian , I speak you bow ” complex. I have witnessed it first hand. Look at the guy shot in police custody. Cop mistook his pistol for his tazer & shot the guy point blank. This after the guy was patted down , locked in a cell.


Justina. Try to explain that to the widow who’s impaired husband was murdered in a hotel corridor by a hot headed cop screaming conflicting orders at him as he was trying to pull up his loose underware!


What about the people that run away from cops in the cops just open up and kill him is it really a threat and somebody’s running away from you


Well you must be a sympathizer with the government who wants to force you to obey then I guess. Which stands to reason that either you or a family member or friend works for what we call the police which is just another gang essentially. Yes there are some good people who are police officers, but I’ve known a hell of a lot more who are just bullies and a costume with a badge walking around in public with a gun! And yes they do have free license to kill. In fact you admitted to it when you contradicted yourself.… Read more »

Roy D.

I was trying to understand your screed and then it all made sense when I got to the third to the last sentence. Carry on.


See While it has largely fallen out of practice, it was legal for most of US history up to the 1990s in some states for LE or citizen to shoot at a fleeing felon. But who decides if fleeing subject is a felon? The cop or armed citizen, of course. The standard is the same for arrest: probable cause. I think most would agree, cops can pretty much arrest anyone for any reason, your only recourse is a trial (there’s no such thing as suing for wrongful arrest). If a LE officer can make a determination of probable cause… Read more »

Freddie Patterson

The police are the biggest gang in town.

Mr bear

Freddie patt u r 100% correct a gang with a license to kill they dont serve & protect now escalate & arrest.

Jim Wiseman

The most dangerous weapon a cop has is his attitude.


list of people that confiscated guns from their citizens
– Adolf Hitler
– Josef Stalin
– Mao Zedong
– Idi Amin
– Pol Pot
Don’t worry I’m not judging you…

Truth talk

same with the 1st ammendment stop stupid mother fucker from talking so much would be the best thing for this country

Russ Frangle

Guns are for the ignorant population of our Country. Mr. Hubbard is just a Fat POS that deserves everything he gets, and guns have no place in society today. 2nd Amendment is so outdated.


Your Backstabbing Jew impression is spot on, rabbi!


That’s exactly the same speech Adolf Hitler gave, everyone cheered and handed in their guns…. Then he sent them straight to the gas chambers. Heil Hitler. You know what’s great about history Russ ? some of us learn from it. “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” -Benjamin Franklin


Reliable progressive spew, erupting on cue, rather like pus from a ripe pimple. Are you a ripe pimple, Russ? No? Sure could have fooled me.


@Russ….If that’s the way you feel, you are perfectly free to move to another country where there is no 2A, and everyone is disarmed. Don’t let the door…, well, you know. Btw, there are thousands of invaders amassing on the border, and billions more who want to come here. I doubt very much that they wouldn’t mind sticking you with a knife so they could take all your property. Better move now before you have to show your cowardice.


@Rotary, take for example Great Britain. A home owner (or renter) CAN NOT defend themselves IN THEIR OWN HOME….from invasion, robbery, assault, etc. YEP, there was a recent case where a father tried to restrain a thief, injured the thief, and now the father/home-owner went to jail. For defending his family. @Russ, do you want that kind of society? Please do yourself a great favor. Actually read history. Do some good scholarship YOURSELF. Don’t depend on someone else with a political agenda to spoon feed you what THEY want you to beliieve. Here’s a tidbit of advice regarding the 2nd… Read more »

Brad Price

Same thing could therefore be said about the first

No more people's rights.

The first amendment is so outdated the government should be allowed to tell us what we can and cannot say.


Your sarcastic comment is coming to fruition. Which is terrifying.
Coming to a state near you.


The above, Is a Very Good example of why the 2nd Amendment is under siege! The Deep State is trying to accelerate their take over and disarmament MUST take place First! The greatest fear of the Left is “Term Limitations” ! IF the voting public is not able to vote them out of office, term limits would push them on out the door! However, some would say ” Better an Enemy I know, than one lurking in the back ground”! I for one, prefer freedom with it’s problems, rather than a “1984” system of slavery! RH

William Strickland

I bet u r s globalist as well U.N. educated

David Ramsey

Your an ignorant human being have fun when some goon comes breaking into your crib to steal your stuff and maybe kill you and your’s for seeing them.


russ frangle-YOU are a HUGE piece of SH!T

Miss Mary

This anger needs to stop! Y’all know what’s going to come of this….anger and loaded weapons…..REALLY?
Why the need to push the envelope on this? And may I mention that “not my” president wouldn’t know one end of a gun from another. Just saying.


Mislead Mary. Tha5s why he has a CCW! You make no sense!


Then so is your free speech so shut up.


Successful suppression of 2nd Amendment Rights as you advocate Russ, First Amendment Rights will be next.

Richard Christensen

Hey Riss. You are a stupid POS.

Russ Brumbelow

Frangle, without the second amendment, you wouldnt be free to spout such stupidity over an outlet that reaches millions of people per day.


I do believe I’ve come across the dumbest person in America, Russ Frangle. “The 2nd amendment is so outdated”, Russ words can’t describe your level of ignorance. What’s next the 1st? That 18th isn’t really needed, is it? I hope u haven’t fathered any children because that’s just not fair to those kids. So when we as a country are invaded will u still hold up ur 2nd amendment sign saying it’s not needed. Also pls don’t be ignorant and say we won’t be invaded by a foreign enemy down the road sometime………The Romans, Ottomans, Greeks all said the same… Read more »


Russ ,how about you ask the people of Venezuela, how not having the Right to protect your self and family form the government and crime is working out for them. A well armed society is a polite society.

1776 Patriot

Studies from Obama’s CDC prove you wrong. Guns are used hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of times each year by law-abiding citizens to defend themselves and their loved ones.

Edward Newbold

Mr. Frangle is obviously part of the Socialist-Communist Democrat party in our country that wants everyone disarmed so they can take over and tell EVERYONE what they can do and what they cannot do. He is a sick power-hungry individual who is a prime example of why we have the First and Second Amendments to our Constitution!


And here comes Russ, JAT: Just Another Troll.

Mark R

Come on guys.. calling names to a troll isn’t respectful to his degree of ignorance he demonstrates posting here.
Just remember to put him on your Christmas list of the first ones to go……. give him a present he’ll never forget.

Wild Bill

R, And directly responding to the non-useful beings gets them paid.

Joe Barilari

Russ is a Maroon

Russ is dumb

Russ Frangle is outdated and out of touch. PS: Also very poor at being a Troll.

Michael Kunselman

No need for a gun in a park…. it’s an asshole
Like him that makes it bad for the rest of us
Who carry so I agree with you

Heed the Call-up

Michael, I bet that is just what those Republican politicians thought, too, right before a Bernie Sanders supporter started shooting them.


Yes, personal security for your self and family and protection against tyranny are so outdated
It’s funny, being called ignorant by the likes of you.
Whoever provided you with an education failed you.


Russ I would rather be “ignorant” than stupid ! I Hope you do not have to wait too long if you have a crisis , and the police don’t arrive in time (which they won’t more than likely ) to save you or your family. Very naive to believe that someone else is going to protect you and yours. I will take my chances with myself and my own response to a threat. If you don’t like the theme here go join an Animal right group if you haven’t all ready . That’s where they value animals over human life… Read more »

Robert J. Lucas

@ Russ Frangle, “The Constitution is over 200 years old and societies change. It must change with society, like a living organism, or it will become brittle and break. But You Would Have To Be An Idiot To Believe That.” The late great, Justice Antonin Scalia “Seemingly utopian pacifists are free to profess their love of a weapon-free world, but they must start by disarming the evil, criminal and tyrannical. Disarming the public is a vent for their twisted fear and hatred, a grotesque affront to freedom, and unacceptable. Disarming an innocent person is an act of violence.” “Guns save… Read more »


In Russ’ world he would prefer: • When a robber breaks into your home with a gun that you just lay down and die for the nice man. • When a rapist is assaulting your daughter that she just bite the pillow…it will be over soon. And if he kills her afterwards, well, some eggs have to be broken to make an omelet. • When a group of thugs tries to drag your aged mother into an alley that she just ‘comply’, after all, shooting her assailants would deny them their right to a speedy trial. • When your spouse… Read more »


I think your free speech is outdated. Feel free to scribe your opinion parchment then ride hoseback through town screaming the Republicans are coming. Assclown.


You just sound ignorant as hell Russ


Russ Frangle Fuck you piece of shit. Crawl back in your cave & stay there.

Wes Bielinski

In that case Russ, so are your 1st Amendment rights, so shut up and stop spewing your ignorance.


ig·no·rance /ˈiɡnərəns/ noun: ignorance lack of knowledge or information. “he acted in ignorance of basic procedures” @Russ Frangle: I have included the definition of the word “ignorance” as you clearly don’t understand it’s proper use. A police officer operating outside of the Constitution and Bill of Rights could be called ignorant, unless acting criminally. A person defending that police officer over their fellow citizens, just because they have a sheltered view of the world and probably live in a nice neighborhood where they perceive no need to own a firearm is a prime example of ignorance. A person making decisions… Read more »


The 2nd ammendment is a self evident right not one granted to us by the government just like the 1st . There was a country in Europe in the 1900s that imprisoned people for practicing self evident rights that country was nazi Germany. Locking people up who practice rights is the same no matter the right. The right to be Jewish is equel to the right to own and carry a weapon . Putting either in prison is tyranny .

Dennis Lloyd

My understanding of well regulated is to be free of the criminal element

Ron Wallace

Another ignorant statement


Amen! I’ve always thought if you are to dangerous to have a gun, then you are too dangerous to be out in society. The right to self protection is and has always been a natural, human right. Governments should not be able to tell anyone, anywhere what they can and cannot own. And as a point of proof, the constitution says that the rights therein are protected from being attacked or limited by the government, because they are self evident. Meaning, the constitution does not give us anything, it’s there as a protection from the government. The constitution plainly put,… Read more »


Ever hear of the bill of rights? According to your argument, an individual has the right to own a nuclear weapon. Might want to rethink your logic.

Wes Bielinski

Give a nuke to a law-abiding citizen and everybody will still be safe, give a rock to a criminal and he’ll bash your skull in. Might want to rethink your logic.

Heed the Call-up

Gerald, you might want to think before posting. Yes, the 2A states arms, not twinkies and cupcakes. Do you believe the privateers that were commissioned were only allowed to own and use slingshots? Many weapons, including cannons, were bought and owned by private citizens.


Felons gave up their gun rights when they decided the become criminals. A convicted felon should not possess a firearm. People who go about trying to push the law or public opinion by being dumb enough to walk in public carrying a obvious gun needs a new brain. When you place yourself in a situation where you are displaying a firearm in a public place and then refuse to obey instructions from an officer charged with investigating the incident, your brain has ceased to function. The officer is doing their duty (keeping the public safe by investigating a reported or… Read more »

Leon Farrar

You’re f’d up!

Wild Bill