NRA Backs Outsider for 76th NRA Board Of Director Position, Support Anthony Colandro

Editor’s Note: Anthony Colandro has the endorsement of AmmoLand News for election to the 2019 NRA Board of directors. Anthony is the type of no-nonsense Jersey-bull-dog we need fighting for our rights on the NRA-BOD. Vote for Colandro.

Indiana – -( Voting NRA eligible members, if you will be at the 148th NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Indianapolis, Indiana this week be sure and vote for Anthony Colandro for the open 76th NRA Board of Directors spot.

More good news: Anthony ran this year by member petition for the board as he was not nominated by the NRA Nomination Committee, but the NRA has listened to our activism and member outcry and is now supporting Anthony Colandro for the 76th board member position.

This internal support is the first time that the NRA has supported an outsider, who ran by petition, for a one year term as the 76th board member.

From Anthony:

“As a previous candidate that was running on petition and not endorsed by NRA and now being endorsed for the 76th position, I feel my vocal activism is being heard. If elected as one of 76 I will do my best to shine some light at NRA and work as someone you will be proud you supported.

It is true that I have no filter and that can be a double-edged sword at times but I would have it no other way. I answer to no one and as I have done in NJ for the past 27 years I will continue to take a no-compromise stand for our 2A rights.

I hope to see you in Indy at the annual meeting this week. I will be at the polls Thursday, Friday, and Saturday stop by and vote, show, your support, or ask my opinion and position on our rights. I am an open book and pledge to fight for We the People!”


With your help and now with the endorsement of NRA we have an excellent chance of getting one of own on the NRA-BOD.  Please show up and vote!

Anthony Colandro for 76th NRA Board Of Director Position
Anthony Colandro for 76th NRA Board Of Director Position

NRA’s Flyer Supporting Anthony Colandro for 76th NRA Board Of Director:

NRA Flyer Anthony Colandro for 76th NRA Board Of Director
NRA Flyer Anthony Colandro for 76th NRA Board Of Director
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Dave C

The first thing they need to do is get the hell out of New York. Then do away with wine lists & other bullshirt. Then start chopping salaries. PAY FOR PERFORMANCE! Start fighting for the 2nd amendment like your donors and members EXPECT! Get rid of dead wood members and get moving before it is too late! Work WITH the GOA! Gun owners need all the help they can get. PUT INTEGRITY BACK IN THE NRA! QUIT WASTING THE MONEY!

Ed Green

I am sitting here in Indianapolis waiting to Vote For Anthony.


The NRA has supported a lot of gun control over the years. Even the Bump Stock ban hand their hands all over it; they told Trump Bump stock were garbage so he banned them and made 500,000 innocent people possible felons by executive order. The dumb arse NRA should have stood their ground but no they would rather make gun owners felons. In Illinois the ISRA and NRA actually wrote the FOID card law. Now a county judge in White county Illinois has ruled it unconstitutional sad part is the ISRA is now is control of the case. Are they… Read more »

Paul Kersey New York

I wonder how many bumpstock owners are NRA members

Anthony P Colandro

I have been on 3 committees for a few years and also ran on petition and lost like Adam. I was chosen by board members to run for 76 because I am vocal and answer to know one. If elected as one of 76 I will answer to the members that voted me in. Anthony.

Wild Bill

@APC, You got my vote, brother!


It was a pleasure to shake your hand last year in Dallas, you had my vote then and also this years election.

Charlie Foxtrot

“If elected as one of 76 I will answer to the members that voted me in.” … says pretty much every candidate. Will you work on reversing the NRA leadership’s stance on the bump stock ban and call for the NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund to help with the ongoing legislation? The use of the Chevron Deference in the bump stock ban means that the executive branch can pretty much declare anything to be a machine gun (part), such as binary triggers, 30-round magazines, Geissele triggers, compensators, etc. Do you really take a no-compromise stand for our 2A rights? Will… Read more »

Charlie Foxtrot

Mr. Colandro, some reading and thinking that you must do:

Rob Pincus

Okay… I’m a member. Take off your filter and answer our questions about who you believe is telling the Truth:

West & Knight or The Old Guard (Meadows, Cotton, et al…).

Only one of those sides can be right and you ran as the “outsider” that wouldn’t/couldn’t be silenced…. but, we can’t hear you.


Negotiating Rights Away is on the ropes, out of money and exposed for shady advertising deals , suddenly they will start ” Listening ” to paying member voices. LOL .Fold up the tent boys , give the keys to G.O.A.

Mike Candido

I have know Anthony personally for over a dozen years…he is a tireless fighter for 2nd Amendment rights in New Jersey and I know he would be an asset to the NRA Board. I will be voting for him in Indianapolis and urge y’all to do so!




I echo ssc1911, go get em Anthony!

J. Richardson

Internal support from the NRA for anyone to be the 76th Director should be the kiss of death. The insiders like Wayne and friends have so screwed things up that the NRA could cease to exist if the NY AG has her way. Is this just an effort to ensure that someone like Adam Kraut is not elected or is a sign that the insiders have already co-opted Ant despite the outsider, Jersey pitbull image?

Anthony P Colandro

I ain’t changing.


“This internal support is the first time that the NRA has supported an outsider, who ran by petition, for a one year term as the 76th board member.”
Reeks of desperation to keep Kraut out personally.

Charlie Foxtrot

Pretty much! Having said that, I have not heard much about Adam Kraut actually running for that seat. Given the recent revelations about apparent corruption and tax fraud in the NRA and that NRA Board Members may be audited by the IRS, Adam running for this seat may be rather a suicide mission. On the other hand, he may be one of the few that will survive this and could start with changes. Anyway, the NRA is going to move the voting location and employ other dirty tricks to make sure their chosen candidate wins. The Hill | Gun control… Read more »


Mr. Colandro,

Wishing you much success on getting elected. A NJ 2A Supporter

Anthony P Colandro

Thank you. If elected I will not change.

Rob Pincus

Yet, you’ve been oddly quiet on all the important issues…. ‍♂️