Thank You From Anthony Colandro to AmmoLand News Readers, RE: NRA BOD Run ~ VIDEO

EDITORS NOTE: Unfortunately, Anthony did not make the cut in this years run for NRA Board of Directors, but we are very grateful to have activists like him putting himself out there and look forward to endorsing him next year, hopefully with the support of the NRA nominating committee.

New Jersey – -( I would like to thank all of the NRA voting members that cast a ballot for me for 2019 Boards of Directors run. Although I ran on a petition and knew going in, it would be a monumental task because of all of the supporters behind me we forged ahead.

It was a valiant effort, but in the end, I did not make it. I am humbled by all of the people that supported my run. A man is truly judged by the company he keeps.

I will continue to support the NRA one hundred percent, and we all fight this constant assault on our civil rights, especially in battleground States like New Jersey. As I like to tell people, “I bleed the NRA!”

I hope to see many of you at the annual meeting in Indianapolis later this month as well. Stop me and say hello so I can personally thank you.

Keep Fighting.

Stand Strong

Anthony Colandro
Capitalist Marksman

About Anthony P. Colandro

Anthony P. Colandro, the host of “Gun For Hire Radio,” refers to himself as a “Capitalist Marksman.” He has spent most of his adult life exploring a passion for firearms and training through his range “Gun For Hire” located in New Jersey.


  • 16 thoughts on “Thank You From Anthony Colandro to AmmoLand News Readers, RE: NRA BOD Run ~ VIDEO

    1. Colandro is an establishment NRA player and a salesman BS type who will do whatever Scott Bach tells him to. He’s no outsider and that’s why I did not vote for him. Adam Kraut has far more substance than Anthony.

    2. I dropped nra as they negotiate our rights away.that feller might be great but thats not what nra they are wait for it DEMONCRAPS

    3. I have known Anthony for many years. He is a tireless advocate for our 2nd Amendment rights here in New Jersey, a place where that fight is always uphill. I voted for him and I’m sorry he didn’t make it, he would be an asset to the NRA Board for sure.

    4. Had the pleasure of meeting Anthony at last year NRA convention in Dallas, also have uses his range facility while visiting family in NJ. I hope he is nominated and runs again along with Adam.

      If you are in NJ NY metro area, check out his range you will not be disappointed, be sure to LEAVE YOUR GUNS HOME unless you have the hard to get permits in NJ, his gun library has plenty to rent from on site.
      gunforhire dot com see the virtual tour.

      When I hit the lottery I’m opening up ranges all over the USA and staff them with our retired and active military so everyone can get training to keep proficient and safe.

    5. He got one of my votes also. The issue of every NRA magazine should publish the vote count for the entire list of nominees. Who won the dang election anyway?

    6. One of the many reasons we’re no longer NRA members. I donate my time and money to
      organizations that work to protect my rights, not take them away.

    7. Anthony belongs on that board and I have no doubt he will one day soon sit with the best 2A advocates in the nation.

    8. Mine was one of your votes, unfortunately it was not enough… I fear far too many members accept the recommendations of the good ole boy nominating committee. You’ll get my vote next time you run!

    9. Negotiating . Rights . Away . abandoned your so-called ” Battleground ” state of N.J. well over 20 years ago.

      N.R.A is more interested in it’s ” wine club ” and sitting on its cash war chest to collect interest that pays Wayne-Hammers-Cox obscene salaries , than fighting at STATE Level when it can make a difference.

      1. They are Not Really Attentive to the needs of their members. There is no healthy rotation of power people. Could it be that the NRA really only exists to enrich a few that have a strangle hold on the organization?

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