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USA –-( Then The Tables Turned ~ VIDEO

The Democratic Party is not collapsing… its already collapsed.  They’re just too self-deluded to know it and too childish to care…and this includes their partners in the media (formerly known as the “broadcast media”).

Schadenfreude is a tasty dish indeed, lol.

These people live in a pretend world of their own creation— and they acknowledge nothing beyond its borders.

Watching these lefties perform such ridiculous intellectual contortions to avoid ‘the reality staring them in the face’ is now comical.

Most importantly, and whether or not they acknowledge it’s coming—- now that President Trump has been cleared of the Russian nonsense by one of their own in Robert Mueller…. he’s about to kick their ass.


Watch and see.

I hope you enjoy the show.

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  • 9 thoughts on “Then The Tables Turned ~ VIDEO

    1. Really enjoyed the comment about the bracelet WWJMD (What Would John McCain Do)…what a sorry individual he was! Even his time in a POW camp was political hype as stated by those who were there with him. He made promises to the American Public and President Trump which he never intended to keep and was the perfect example of a turn tail Rhino…might as well have been on the DNC payroll…or perhaps George Soros’ anyway. At least President Trump was the bigger man and gave him the “presidential” funeral he didn’t deserve. I strongly doubt the favor would have been returned should the shoe have been on the other foot. Several prior statements made about both parties been different sides of the same coin…well, proof is in the pudding isn’t it…very evident by just how little support President Trump receives from his own party (all need to be voted out of office as part of draining the swamp). Viewers, if we want America to Be Great Again, we need to do our part and vote these money grabbing, sucking on the government tit, entitled losers out of office in 2020…and beyond!

    2. It’s all about control… Washington new law. Kids under 12 and less than 4 ft 9in tall must be in car safety seats , 13 and younger must be in rear seat of car.

    3. Term limits are the only solution to keep both party’s from dominating government and from special interests from buying politicians. These lifetime career politicians have always been the problem, only ill health and death can remove this corruption. Term limits can change the face of government for the better.

      1. There should be term limits and they should be paying 25% of their health care not making us pay for it all see that they are all millionaires and they want to bitch about trump who is not taking any money for being president but there stealing every penny they see

    4. To Chris, I believe that you are partially correct. The whole deal seems to be about power and money but where your wrong is, demoncrats want to, kill children, steal your gun, take away your religon, destroy our history and destroy Americas prosperity and way of life.
      God bless the U.S.A, Pres. Trump. Go MAGA.
      May 2020 be the start of a new page in our history.

    5. Good video, a little too long but some very good ideas a a lot of hard work putting it together. The most memorable part for me was Beto next to Bevis Butt Head and how much resemblance there is between the two and I’m sure it isn’t just in looks alone.

    6. Both parties are just different sides of the same big government, statists, anti American coin. Trusting the
      Republicans is like trusting the scorpion not to sting you as you carry it across the river. Each side just uses different buzz words to keep their sheep under control.

      1. Excellent post and true. I’ve been saying this for years – nothing but 2 sides of the same coin. The difference is the dems are loud, obnoxious and let us see their cards while the cowardly, passive GOP just lets the dems go on and on and on. Both parties are in cahoots in destroying our country just using different methods but the end game is the same. They are like 2 family members fighting to see who will get the inheritance.
        EX: Lyndsey Graham displayed disgust towards the dems during the Kavanah hearings. Many applauded his verbal outrage. After the mid-terms he’s now for Red-Flag laws and shows his true colors – their all the same and what is interesting 3/4 are former lawyers – which leaves me only 1 thought – let us take heed of what Shakespeare said about lawyers. Look it up ’cause I don’t wish to pegged if I ‘aint already.

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