Things to Ponder, Reparations, Gun Control & Criminal Voting Rights


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Things to Ponder, Reparations, Gun Control & Criminal Voting Rights

USA – -( There's a push to change laws to permit both criminals serving time and ex-criminals the right to vote. Guess which party is pushing the most for these legal changes?

If you guessed that it was the Democrats, go to the head of the class. Bernie Sanders says states should allow felons to vote from behind bars. Elizabeth Warren doesn't go that far but believes felons should have the right to vote.

Democrats want the criminal class to have voting rights restored because they could become a significant part of the Democratic base.

These are America's murderers, rapists, burglars, child molesters and drug dealers. Over two million of these people are in prison. If we add in the number of people on probation and parole, there are 6.7 million people currently under correctional control. If cons and ex-cons get the right to vote, it's almost a guarantee that most of these people will cast their vote for a Democratic candidate.

Democrats don't stop with wanting cons and ex-cons to vote. It turns out that more than 50 percent of Democrats surveyed want illegal immigrants to have the right to vote, as they already do in some Democratic-controlled cities.

America's gun control advocates have the belief that outlawing guns would drastically reduce crime. Almost all handguns have been outlawed from private citizen use in the U.K. since 1996. Nonetheless, violent crime in the U.K. has risen almost every year since the ban. Criminals love the idea of a disarmed populace. While there are few gun crimes in the U.K., there's a recent report that in 2018 there were over 40,000 knife crimes committed. It's gotten so bad that some stores have stopped selling kitchen knives.

America's gun control advocates might have some solutions for the citizens of the U.K.

They might advocate a thorough MI5 (U.K.'s secret service) background check for anyone wishing to purchase any kind of knife, including kitchen knives. They might advocate knife registration. There might be lengthy prison sentences for anyone caught with an illegal unregistered knife. With London's murder rate higher than New York City's, Mayor Sadiq Khan has implemented knife control policies as violent crime surges. Khan deployed over 300 additional London police officers to stop and search anyone they suspect is carrying a knife.

Here's something else to ponder: Democratic candidates for the 2020 presidential elections are calling for reparations for slavery or for the study of reparations. Senators Kamala Harris, Cory Booker and Elizabeth Warren are leading the charge. Slavery was a gross violation of human rights. Justice would demand that slave owners make compensatory payments to slaves. Since both slaves and slave owners are no longer with us, such punishment and compensation is beyond our reach.

So which white Americans owe which black Americans how much? Reparations advocates don't want that question asked, but let's you and I ask it. Are the millions of European, Asian and Latin Americans who immigrated to the U.S. in the 20th century responsible for slavery? What about descendants of Northern whites who fought and died in the War of 1861 in the name of freeing slaves? Should they cough up money for black Americans? What about non-slave-owning Southern whites, who were a majority of Southern whites — should their descendants be made to pay reparations?

On black people's side of the ledger, thorny questions arise. Some blacks purchased other blacks as a means to free family members. But other blacks owned slaves for the same reason whites owned slaves — to work farms or plantations. Would descendants of these blacks be eligible for reparations?

The bottom line is because blacks are doing well in the economic arena under the Trump administration, Democrats fear losing a significant portion of the black vote. Their call for reparations is another attempt to use the promise of handouts to insure that the black vote remains in their pocket.

Reparations talk is simply another insulting Democratic rope-a-dope strategy.

Walter E.Williams
Walter E. Williams

About Walter E.Williams

Walter E. Williams is a professor of economics at George Mason University. Williams is also the author of several books. Among these are The State Against Blacks, later made into a television documentary, America: A Minority Viewpoint, All It Takes Is Guts, South Africa's War Against Capitalism, More Liberty Means Less Government, Liberty Versus The Tyranny of Socialism, and recently his autobiography, Up From The Projects.

  • 34 thoughts on “Things to Ponder, Reparations, Gun Control & Criminal Voting Rights

    1. Lemme tell you boys somethin’… THIS time around, if we expect to be able to counter the bogus, counterfeit, manipulated votes for Democrat candidates on November 6,
      , we’re gonna still be standing on the platform when the caboose goes by. Because by the time we get to that stage, the damage will have already been done. Their plan is in motion right now, for each of these illegal voting travesties.
      Illegals continue to pour in, and get away. They will resurface in towns and cities, going after our benefits. That will be when the activists grab them, pay them with Soros dirty money, like was done in 2008, 2012, and 2016, then get them registered to vote. It happened, and no one did shit about it because Obama’s Atty. Gen. Eric Holder had the Justice Dept. stifle states, by injunction, that wanted to use voter verification.
      As for convicts and felons voting, there ain’t enough space here to get into it. It’s just flat f’in wrong on every level. The time to resist, to fight this monster, is NOW, not November 6, 2020. Mark my words. We need to get to work. They are.

    2. They gave up their rights when they committed the crimes so no way should get those rights back, plain and simple, the only reason that the Demo-Rats want this is to get Scum rights voting back is to get them more votes for their Swamp in DC!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Anybody here ever owned a slave? Me neither. There are lots of people who think the world owes them a living, reparations for slavery is just the latest idea of robbing the public for what someone else did–a long time ago. For the record, if you were born in this nation, you have every reason to be grateful for the freedoms and opportunity you have. You were born into the freest nation on earth. You have every opportunity to better yourself and the lives of your children. If you are not happy because someone, long ago, made slaves of your distant relatives maybe you should just pack up and move to the nation they were taken from. Quit complaining and get to work–honest work. You came into this life with nothing and you will leave the same way. What happens in the mean time is up to you, no one owes you a living. Not me or anybody else. Be thankful for what you have and the opportunity presented to you. If you still feel sore about it, you are free to move to another country. Be careful what you wish for, sometimes you get it. Don’t try to rob someone for what happened to someone else. Out here, in rural Az., we have a sure cure for terrorism, murderers, robbers, rapist, drug dealers etc. We shoot back. Arm up and carry on.

      1. Don’t forget indentured servitude and every Blue collar worker. I think that most public service jobs could fit into some form of servitude as well.

    4. Anyone who is a citizen and of legal age has the right to vote, or should have the right to vote. Felon’s who are out of jail have paid the price for their bad decisions and crimes and should have ALL of their RIGHTS RESTORED. They did their time or probation already. They are now and should be free of their crimes. Or do one’s bad decisions follow him after the price was paid for legally? The average American commits 3 felonies per day. Most are either not caught or prosecuted but the fact remains 3 felonies were committed. He who is without sin, cast the first stone is a good rule of thumb when deciding anything.

      In Phoenix, there used to be a company called write for rights. This company actually filed papers in court to get the right to vote restored to felons. They were/are successful. Apparently there is no way at this time to get a felon’s right to keep and bear arms restored unless you get a presidential pardon or the ATFE grants you that right. To my knowledge the ATFE has NEVER given anyone their restoration of that right.

      To my knowledge the constitution does not delineate between free people and people who are not in jail. There is no mention of the issue in the 2nd amendment: The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed is what it says. Therefore, I must believe that anyone who is not in jail or a mental institution has the right to keep and bear arms. While you are in jail that right and the right to vote is not available to you. After you are out of jail or after your probation is completed you should, per the constitution, have all of your rights and freedoms restored.

      By the way, you might want to think twice before you think felons are all bad folks. You are legally charged as a felon if you pull the fire alarm in school without a fire being present. Criminal-yes but a felony? This smells like congress people producing “job justification”. Ever wonder why there are so many laws? Job justification-that’s why. There have been many famous people who were charged as felons and put to death or would have been put to death. A few are: Ben Franklin, Sam Adams, George Washington, John Hancock etc. There are even more examples like: Mathew, Mark, Luke, John and even JESUS CHRIST.

      The point is that all free men are just that–or should be. Once a crime is paid for, it’s paid for, end of story. I suspect that the government is worried about HOW a ex felon might vote. I suspect that some politicians have a guilty conscience and don’t want anyone who has disagreed with them to be armed. It’s what’s inside you that makes you afraid. People who are not in prison or the loony farm are free to live their lives, to vote and to be armed. That’s how I see it. Arm up and carry on.

      1. I wore a badge and carried a gun for many years. It came as no surprise that I could arrest anyone if given enough time to observe behavior. Most of the arrests would have been misdemeanor for certain.

      2. While I agree with some of what you write, the “Average American commits 3 felonies a day” is BS. Over 3 decades as a Police Officer in a major Midwest city, gives me somewhat empirical data to challenge that. Regarding the return of ALL rights I am hesitant to agree as well. The recidivism rate of felons should give you pause regarding the restoration of one of our most important rights that of the 2nd Amendment. Just saying….

    5. Americans paid for reparation with their blood. Nearly half of all Americans killed during war were killed in the US Civil War. Roughly 1,264,000 American soldiers have died in the nation’s wars–620,000 in the Civil War and 644,000 in all other conflicts. It was only as recently as the Vietnam War that the amount of American deaths in foreign wars eclipsed the number who died in the Civil War.

      DEBT PAID!

    6. There already are reparation payments….called welfare. Southern Democrats largely owned slaves. Northern Republicans/Conservatives took the slaves off the Cotton Plantations. Democrats put the blacks….and many whites….back on the Plantation…..the Government Plantation. Win for Democrats. They no longer hand to provide shacks and food for the slaves. The Little People now pay for the shacks and food….Section 8 Housing and Food Stamps, etc.. And, the Democrats get all the new slaves’ …..both black and white…..votes. What a perfect plan. All the benefits with the overhead and risk transferred to others.

    7. Just a reminder that is was Southern Democrats that were for slavery before the U.S. Civil War and during the reconstruction period after the U.S. Civil War it was Southern Democrats that enacted the Jim Crow laws and were involved in the Hateful KKK. It has been Democrats that have been lying to all Americans for over 160 years by saying they represent the Working Class = Not True
      It’s obvious the Democrats are scared and scraping the bottom of the barrel for any type of support ie: Felons behind bars and illegal aliens.

      1. Ah yes, the “hated KKK”. Born out of a necessity to deal with Northern provocation and aggression by Negro troops that were, by design, posted amongst the population of the most rebel minded of peoples. Little wonder that something arose to answer this egregious affront. Hurrah for Dixie!

    8. These are not my thoughts. I read them on another website. I do support the premise. I believe every American citizen of African descent who desires reparations should be given $100,000.00. $25,000.00 of that should be awarded immediately so they can get their personal affairs in order and liquidate their assets. Then, they should be stripped of their citizenship and deported, NEVER TO RETURN, back to their native land. The $75,000.00 will be awarded to them once they arrive and establish themselves in Nigeria, Mozambique, Kenya, South Africa, etc. Any takers?

    9. Reparations? Will that include the Irish and Scots that were brought here as slaves that vastly outnumbered those from Africa? Whatever the case that is an act of historical fallacy, period.

      Felons getting the right to vote? What about the rest of their rights such as gun ownership? Didn’t we lock them up long enough for them to have paid their debt to society?

      Things to think about. Oh, and for all those that love the “Law abiding citizen” phrase all they need to do is change the law and guess who is a criminal…

      1. You tell it Brother! My Irish blood boils at the mention of the “R’ word. My Grandfather was a Sharecropper for a part of his life. Today his grandchildren hold various advanced degrees from major universities. What holds back the Negro?

    10. Black persons whose ancestors were sold into slavery in the U.S. WON THE LOTTERY!!!!!!

      We owe them nothing. They should kiss the ground.

      They could be in africa.

      1. If one does some searching, one can get the real history. There were jus5 as many whites in slavery as black, maybe more. There were more slaves in the north and the biggest slave markets were in the northeast. RI and CN as well as other northeastern States. Dishonest Abe’s Emancipation Proclimation only freed slaves in the Rebel States. For everybody else, it was business as usual.
        It might also amaze someto know that t(e first slave owner in America was a black man and slave were taken and kept by native Americans.

    11. If a felon can have the right to vote he also needs to have his gun rights restored. Old enough to go to war, old enough to own a gun.Only fair, right?

      1. I was a judge in last year’s regional Ethics Bowl (a national undergraduate collegiate debate competition that happens annually and debates current issues). The issue of returning ex-felons “right” (actually a heavily regulated privilege) to vote was one of the topics debated. When I asked if the team supporting it, if they would also return the ex-Felon’s right to keep and bear guns, they said “no.” When I followed up by asking why it was OK to give back a relatively minor privilege, but continue withholding a fundamental human right to self-defense, the spokesperson said they had never thought of it that way, and had no reason. The consuls was that felons were inherently too historically dangerous to have guns, but should be allowed to vote because that wasn’t actually dangerous to the public. This can only be true if one believes the right to vote to be effectively meaningless. Think about it.

        1. Well to be accurate, in many places a felon can vote provided they are not actually incarcerated at the time. In some places they can vote in their home town via absentee ballot even if incarcerated, in some places they are barred from voting permanently…

          Partly the purpose of barring those incarcerated from voting is a prison population in some small town, if they voted there and not their previous residence, would completely scew results – ie 2000 inmates with nothing better to do in a town of 5000 people would really scew results.

          As far as firearm ownership, in some states, for some crimes, there are very straightforward remedies – as there should be, to restore the ability to own guns. Federally short of a pardon there is not, but many states say after 10 years a non violent crime, ie drug possession or theft, can be essentially forgiven, and such is recognized federally.

    12. They will do everything in their power to beat Donald Trump. The whole reason for impeachment is because they do not believe they have a decent candidate that can win.All of their actions are to gain democratic votes. All of their possible candidates are a joke. They are pathetic idiots. Vote republican.

    13. I have no problem with the current situation with criminals who have served their entire sentence, not paroled, but who do the entire sentence, having their rights restored. This new liberal crap is nothing but a scam to increase Democrat votes.

      1. In some states when they get exactly that. And in some states after a set time and they haven’t been in trouble their voting rights are restored.
        In some states almost all their civil rights rights are restored with the exception of the right to keep and bear arms.
        In most states however most felons have to go to court and have them restored.

    14. The democrats are unafraid of how low they will have to sink to regain power. Conservatives, please stay vigilant and sweep the rats out come election time.

    15. Mr. Williams, you are to be commended for being a thinking and honest person willing to put your honest thoughts on paper. Too bad there aren’t more people like you who can recognize and then state out loud the truth. Democrats buying votes, in favor of slavery, peddling BS as a promise never fulfilled, brainwashing children and then asking them to vote, selling abortions. The devil in disguise, by any other name, seems to represent the democrats.

    16. I have always liked Walter E. Williams, a very intelligent man who thinks deeply before he speaks or writes an opinion! He is again right on all of the different points above. My father was full blood Cherokee, his belief in life was never take money for anything you didn’t work for and I deeply believe in what he said about the subject. For example it took him 50 years before he used anything from the GI Bill even though he was a Ranger in WW2 in 7 beach head landings including Normandy and finished the war in his Artillery Regiment as a forward observer! How much reparations should I pay? Should I expect reparations from Spain for holding my father’s kin as slaves? I am from the South and never even thought of having anything to do with slaves so I should pay people who can’t even prove they were slaves? These demoncraps and their identity politics and pc crap are already splitting this country in half, WHAT’S NEXT ANOTHER CIVIL WAR?! IN HOPE NOT BUT IT DOES NOT LOOK GOOD!!

      1. God bless your Dad. What a great man!
        I hope a lot of people read this and learn. Africans sold blacks to the muslims to begin with. Muslims sold to white Democrats. They may not have been cld Democrats yet but that’s what they were. Then rich blacks bought slaves to work and make them richer. It was only a small percent of buying back family members.

      1. You won’t get to vote on reparations, gun control or criminal rights. Your representatives in Washington will be voting for you and you will suffer the consequences. You have no say in it once these “laws” are passed and enacted.

    17. You can bet that the felons newly enfranchised here in Florida will vote for gun control!
      Can’t have potential victims carrying firearms!

    18. The criminal element in society, those with no cause and effect genes, are the democ rat voter base. Always have been. By allowing illegal voters, and felons to vote, only serves to enlarge their communist vote generating agenda. No sentient being, with functioning cause and effect genes, can vote democ rat, for any reason. Only communists, miscreants, those with no cause and effect genes, and those with misdeveloped mental faculties, vote democ rat!

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