Trump Is a Threat to the Constitution? Nice Try, Nancy


Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)
Trump Is a Threat to the Constitution? Nice Try, Nancy

USA – -( This week, two high-profile Democrats mouthed their party's delusional mantra that President Trump is a threat to the Constitution — a rich allegation from those would dismantle major pillars of our republican system of government.

While the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris was still burning, quixotic impeachment crusader, Rep. Steve Cohen, said on MSNBC's “Hardball,” “What he has done to the Constitution and the rule of law is as bad as that fire did to Notre Dame. He's torching the entire structure of government and the people's respect for it. And the Congress needs to act.” Poor form, poor judgment and just plain over-the-top insanity.

The next day on CNN, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said, “Everything is at stake in this election: the Constitution of the United States, with the president who's trying to usurp the power of the legislative branch of government; the environment in which we live; a Republican Party that is in denial about the assault on climate and the climate crisis, which is a health issue, a national security issue, an economic and jobs issue, and a moral issue.” Misguided, incoherent hyperbole.

I doubt that these dueling attacks were coordinated. When the party sings from the same hymnal — at least on Trump — conspiratorial coordination is unnecessary. But it's noteworthy that they're still beating this drum, even though their collusion gambit has backfired, and considering that they are the ones engaging in a full-scale assault on the Constitution. Let us count the ways.

The framers believed our rights are God-given, and thus inalienable, and they sought to ensure them by designing a system of limited government.

Just providing for the people's democratic participation would be insufficient to secure their liberty, because people can vote themselves into tyranny. They knew men aren't angels and that, left to their own devices, they would eventually subjugate others. So, in addition to establishing the Bill of Rights, they divided power among different levels of government — national, state and local — and within the federal branch — legislative, executive and judicial. They crafted a partially but not purely, democratic system. Indeed, they imposed safeguards against pure democracy (including the Electoral College), which they knew would lead to mob rule.

Democrats complain about Trump's supposedly authoritarian disposition — pointing to his bullying nature and combative tweets, as if Stalin, Mao or Hitler would have relied on such anemic methods to amass their power and terrorize their people. Please don't respond that Trump is engaged in Nazi-like propaganda, or that he threatens the freedom of the press by calling the “fake news media” the “enemy of the people.” Trump is mostly defending himself against the daily barrage of propaganda leveled against him by a dishonest, monolithic, leftist media that is the arm of the Democratic Party. His rhetorical rejoinders seek to showcase the unfairness and dishonesty of his detractors. And unaccompanied by any effort to muzzle them, they are, in the scheme of things, harmless. They are certainly no threat to the Constitution.

Long before their recent barrage of proposals to alter and circumvent the Constitution to make it easier for them to win elections, the Democrats worked in other ways to undermine our system of limited government. Their judicial activism resulted in the judiciary usurping powers from the other two political branches, thereby upsetting the constitutional scheme. Their penchant for their presidents to issue unlawful executive orders has also undermined the balance of powers. Their passage of the Administrative Procedure Act in 1946 resulted in an enormous power shift from Congress to unelected, unaccountable, executive branch, bureaucrats whose administrative agencies are models of the type of tyranny the framers warned about, because they combine legislative, executive and judicial powers under one tent.

By the way, the allegedly anti-Constitution ogre, President Trump, has done more to disempower this “fourth branch of government” than any other president, so the constitutional system is stronger, not weaker, as a result.

More recently, Democrats have proposed a rash of disturbing ideas designed to alter our system of government through fundamental changes in our elections. The same Steve Cohen, who's now yelling about President Trump's threat to the constitutional order, introduced a bill to effectively eliminate the Electoral College and provide for the direct election of the president and vice president.

Democrats have advanced proposals to pack the Supreme Court, and a majority of them have voted to reduce the voting age to 16, which is egregious on multiple levels and unwise. In addition, Pelosi introduced the euphemistically dubbed For the People Act, which would overhaul federal election laws to micromanage and centralize the election process now administered by the states, and which would favor the election of Democrats. Other examples of Democrats' mischief that impairs free and fair elections, include their opposition to voter ID laws, and their objection to a citizenship question on the census form.

And please don't get me started on the Democrats' failed coup to delegitimize and oust President Trump, or their ongoing efforts to baselessly impeach him. Suffice it to say that he represents no threat to the Constitution, but Democrats do. But why shouldn't they? Many of them have openly said that America is not that great, so why trifle over preserving the integrity of the document whose ideas make it unique?

David Limbaugh
David Limbaugh

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  • 45 thoughts on “Trump Is a Threat to the Constitution? Nice Try, Nancy

    1. It just seems like the Democratic Party is out of touch with the Real World! They have pandered to Far Left Wing Freaks to the point that they can’t seem to find their way back to sanity!

    2. All this and all that blah blah!! HAVE ANY OF YOU SHUT YOUR MOUTH AND READ THE CONSTITUTION? I MEAN WTF IT’S RIGHT THERE ON PARCHMENT! QUILL PEN AND ALL!! Just read and then write comments please!! READ THE CONSTITUTION! Don’t just argue it. It is very complex and one could only assume it to be like the Bible… NOT UP FOR INTERPRETATION! IT IS WRITTEN IN ITS INTERPRETATION! If it doesn’t make sense don’t make your own sense of it!! It’s easter hell everyone LOOK FOR THE DMN EGGS!!!

    3. If you asked her if she said that she would not remember. She is just plain democrat crazy like Mad Max Waters, Feinstein, and many others. She has had so many face lifts if you kissed her on the cheek you would be, in fact, kissing her ass. Anybody want to try that? I didn’t think so.

    4. we need to have pelosi diagnosed from afar just like they did TRUMP! watch her hands shake,speech slur, etc. what is wrong? is she fit for service?

      1. Bitch needs to be put down… Most Democrat old bitches need to be put down, they are delirious, and a danger to themselves AND OTHERS. THEN there are the males(?) in the party, they too need to be dealt with.

    5. Nancy “Prozac” pelozi needs to refill her prescription of all the meds she takes. She is a very unhappy woman and likes to make people miserable because she realized she’s a moron. I hate looking at her because I start feeling I’ll and feel like I’m turning to stone…I think she is the modern Madusa. Her buddies, like “jabba the hut” Hillary, “big lips” waters, “Clamidia” Harris, “can operner teeth Cortez, “Butch Pocahontas” Warren , and all the other men hating women libs are all going through menopause and want to take their ugliness on good folks that strive to make our country great. Not like dumbama who still thinks he’s president and is continuing his agenda to destroy our country. Justice is coming…soon. He came as the Lamb and he will return as the Lion of Juda….the Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on the United States.

    6. Face It, the Democrats do not just hate President Trump, they hate all Republicans. They hate what we stand for,
      our ideas, and our way of life. They would hate who ever was in office. It’s not so much the Democrats that you have to worry about, you know who they are, it’s the RINO’s, they hide behind party affiliation, but follow the Democrat agenda.

      Shame on every Gun Owner who votes Democrat

      1. You also notice that the Republicans do NOT call out their own (RHINO’S) in print for voting lock-step with the Democrats! They should be holding them up for what they are,, Traitors to the Republican Party and Back Stabbers!

    7. Nancy is right…from the wrong direction. Trump is a threat to the Constitution as the communist democ rats see it.
      Trump threatens to support and defend the Constitution.
      Trump threatens to uphold, and enforce the Constitution.
      Trump threatens to validate Constitutional laws, and principles.
      Trump threatens to reinforce the glue that binds the Constitution together, and to the American people.
      Nancy, et al is a “rule of law” Communist pogue.
      Trump is a “Rule of Constitutional Law” enforcer. The exact opposite of the Communist doctrine- rule of law!

      1. Except when he say take the guns first, due process second. I fail to see how that supports and defends Constitutional Rights! To the contrary, in this instance, he is a threat to our Rights as he advocates chilling same.

        Another instance, bump stocks, at his direction, administratively rewrite a definition, when Congress refused too, changing legal commerce to illegal retroactively, with criminal penalties attached.

        You will notice however, the likes of Pelosi care less about these encroachments!

    8. “Nancy Pelosi, did you wander away from the nursing home again? Come back, this isn’t 1918 and you’re not in office. Nancy, come back and take your meds and lay down and take a nap and then you can take a poop!”

    9. President Trump is a threat to the Constitution? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! The biggest threat to the Constitution is Looney Tunes Nancy and her Dumbocrat cohorts in Congress along with the Republicant RINOs. And that’s for sure and for certain!

      Phil in TX

    10. The real reason all these evil democrats want to impeach Donald Trump is because they do not really think they can beat him in the 2020 election. They are doing everything in their power to change our operations to benefit what ever dumb shit they back, I really hope it is Joe Biden. There is absolutely no reason to lower the voting age to 16. There is no reason for felons locked up in prison to vote and there is absolutely no reason not to have voter ID. It is all about gaining democrat votes. If any one believes these people care about you and your rights, You are wrong. All they care about is their power to dominate this country, Socialists

    11. NO, Nancy, it is the Democrats that are the “Threat to the Constitution” ……
      It is Democrats that keep trying to UNDO the Constitution…… and believe that it is a “Living Document” ….
      It is the Democrats and their allies in in our PRAVDA West PROPAGANDA Media that are the REAL “Threat to the Constitution” ……
      Today’s Democrats are the Enemy Within……

    12. “That’s the argument of flexibility and it goes something like this. The Constitution is over 200 years old and societies change. It has to change with society, like a living organism, or it will become brittle and break. But you would have to be an idiot to believe that.”
      Justice Antonin Scalia

    13. They,demoncraps have not done 1 single dam thing for the united states of america since they invaded the house little over 100 days.they stand for nwo.only thing trump did that bothers me is the bumpstock election time every able to vote person needs to get out vote for d.j.t. And all the rest of running for office positions

    14. Well hell once again people forget that the Constitution consists of much more then Gun rights. Just sad that people actually think and have thought America was EVER GREAT!? The only time anyone thought this place was great is when people had “FREE” labor. Pretty sure the other way to word that is “Slavery”. Here we are trying to achieve that again? There are other amendments and they get over looked on the daily. Hell the presidents swear into oath hand on the bible. There is the whole Church and State thing. Country supposed to be run the the PEOPLE ALL THE PEOPLE. We can be great if scum bags like Trump just stayed in their holes. Has screwed America people!! You all want that stupid Fkn wall yet it’s cool for the countries largest monopolies to pay 0 in taxes. So yes that is you MAGA idiots that think this is good. Cool you all pay for that stupid Fkn wall. This man has done NOTHING to help America and to ever achieve GREATNESS pfst starts with him gone in jail and stfu! Nancy and plenty of Dems are Fkn idiots as well but the country obviously voted you Republicans out. And now we got few more days and your Fearless leader will also be gone. That’s when he goes to jail. No pardons no cronies just time to face the facts. This guy is a snake. Stealing from all who voted for him the most!! You all are blind to what is happening. No rural jobs. More jobs lost then gained. People getting screwed at tax time. Been great progress to greatness? I sure hope you all can get over your racism, bigotry, hatred and understand we don’t live in “White America” this is THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!! I repeat “UNITED” yep that means together as a team!! No 1 religion, no 1 race, no 1 color we are a melting pot. How we started this damn country. The people who have never stepped foot out of their own state, own city, own town yet you know how to make us great? Go see this BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY we live in and see how great it could truly be!! We destroy it with racism, pollution, and hate. Greatness will never be achieved without trying!! If you so called Americans call this trying WE ARE FKD!

      Good Luck America
      We Got This!!

        1. Not really. Reading the constitution again to make sure I read complete. I think all of you should do the same! I don’t truly think any of you have read it!! Haha funny really. Please do yourselves a favor and read the Constitution! Not a simple read in any means. So read it twice if you can manage making it through the 1st time. Smh

          1. Just Plain Something or other You must have missed your meds today. You need to go take them now maybe a double dose. What ever it takes to keep you from shooting a place up or running your rented pickup into a crowd of people.

      1. Regurgitating hateful rhetoric relative to slavery proves the level of ones intellect – lacking! The North and yes even 95% of the South was opposed to slavery. A civil war was fought during this dark time in our history; so to propose this was only when America was free, via free labor, by all accounts is shameful. Again a liberal attempts to rewrite history to fit a warped ideology.

        1. The civil war was about States rights, not about keeping slavery (which was on its way out). General Lee told the blacks if they joined the souths army, he would free them , many did because they lived there too. Also, history revisionist “forget” the fact that there were white people as slaves too. But thats not “politically correct”. With the modern era coming in, people were going to be needed to work in factories, not on farms. With tractors and farm equipment , one no longer needed 100’s to do field work.

        2. JustPlainAmerican
          Take that chip off your shoulder, you’ll find out how great America is. Maybe the slogan should have
          been MAK AMERICA GREATER. I don’t understand why people have a problem with MAGA, do you hate the United States? Don’t you want America to be great?

      2. Well, well, well… you said that there are more than gun rights in the Constitution,, and you’re right. However this is a gun rights Bb. And you wanna know what, people who post here are gun owners and/or people who are gun rights advocates.
        So what so slavery was LEAGAL when the Constitution was written and ratified. However the Civil War correct that flaw as you well know. Assuming you went to school and learned that. But it is my understanding that there is an important astritric that was not around when I was in school. That every single black man and woman and child can now express their own “Black Rage” against every single white person because there ancestors may have been a slave. Even if their ancestors did not have slaves. But they seem to think it’s their RIGHT. I looked and well and I didn’t see thst anywhere in the Constitution. Which I’ve read many times. When the Mulatto was in office, and well as he loved to violate the Constitution, and his followers were in a state of delusions to were he could do no wrong. Until I showed them what part he was violating. Their argument was “Well its time that it(the Constitution) was updated because it is a living document. And if it is updated you will see that he really isn’t violating it.”
        Well if you want to go to the whole church and state thing, you may want to consider calling this country what it really is, a Republic. Not a Democracy, a Democracy is a mob rule which is what this country does not have.
        Oh yes the wall. Yes qe are paying for it. But, there are funds set aside already for it. In theory, both Bush 2, and Obama both have funds set aside for the same thing. My question is Were did the money go? And why did Congress approve the funding for a wall for it for the 2 proceeding administrations, but would not for this one, and again where did the money go for the wall seeing as the wall was not built.
        You claim that more jobs were lost than produced. Where are your fact? As I get mine from the Labor Department, I have to say that mine are closer to real than yours. And the Labor Department has said that jobs have gone up considerably since Trump has been in office. Trump’s have nearly doubled what Obama and bush 2 administrations have produced. And within the black and Hispanic population the jobs numbers are the most ever. So what is your source?
        Apparently you have no clue about the history of this country. Wwwwwaaaaayyyyy back before this country was this country, lets say the 1500’s, we had many religions, and this country was one of many religions. They were under the umbrellas of Christianity, Judaism, Paganism, Agnosticism, Diests(sp?), and many more. And the Founding Fathers did not forget this when they wrote the Constitution. That is why they decided not to say G*d, but they said Creator, to encompass all Deities, however there are some who have the thought that this country is a Christian country. And that just baffles me. But assuming that they stop before they get in my space and preach to me and try to convince me that their religion is the best etc, let them. But the moment they are in my space and try to convince me that their religion is the best etc. is the moment they are violating my constitutional rights.
        I and many others who you wrote to have been outside their state, even out the country, and I hazard to say that they were in the military when they were out of the country. Some even saw “Democracy’s ” at work, real ones. Where mobs rules every thing.
        As for the last of your claims, we are not the only ones who practice “racism, hate, and pollution”. And if you think so then you are as delusional as the rest of liberals are. Actually the liberals that I know, are more so, when it comes to hate and racism because they hide their feelings. And they only come out when they don’t get their way.
        If you want to see what is wrong with this country, get a mirror and take it look in it.

        1. Let’s not forget some more facts about the old days when people owned slaves. First of all, it was black warlords in Africa who captured other blacks from warring tribes, and brought them down to the beach where the Sephardic Jew owned ships were ready to load them aboard. Second, there were many FREE blacks in America, and around 1830 the USA founded the country of LIBERIA in Africa for them to go back to if they wanted. What was the first thing they did when they went to Liberia ? Of course, they took over the place and made all the indigenous black people there slaves. They learned their lessons very well from the Sephardic Jews, for sure. The Carnegie Institute has a collection of Ships Logs from 300 ships owned by Sephardic Jews who ran the Mollasses-Cotton-Slave triangle. Those devils made on average $42,000 for every run, and that was even having to scuttle over 70% of the black people who got sick. And the way they scuttled them was to chain the sick ones all together in a long line and throw them overboard, ALIVE !
          And thirdly…The whole damn world was involved in slavery, and still is today. What, do these morons think it was only the white American Aristocrats in America who held slaves ?. How utterly stupid can they be.

    15. No doubt whatsoever there was a political coup in play to topple our form of government; to unseat a duly elected President over fake spurious allegations, while protecting the opposing candidate’s lawlessness whose influence spread deep within the powers of the DC swamp.

      The question now is, even though their coup failed, will these traitors, these Benedict Arnolds of the 21st Century, be held accountable?

      Moreover, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Salwell, Nader and the like, even though they may not have orchestrated the coup, (they were and continue to be), complicit in the scheme by their own conduct and rhetoric. These self serving servants are the real threat to our Republic.

      Prediction: President Trump wins hands down in 2020, the pubs take back the House, increase numbers in the Senate, and the dems lose the filibuster tool. The question then is how will the pubs govern?

    16. So Very well said!
      The only way to MAGA is for those who will stand mortally strong, for the real truth, to speak out loudly in defense of the gift of the U.S.

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