Two Dead, a Loving Father, a Career Criminal – Gunfights are Dangerous

Mark Miller Sr.
Mark Miller Sr.

Chicago, Illinois -( -A devoted family man, recently retired Mark Miller Sr., 64, had a concealed carry permit. He was accosted by a career criminal in a bad neighborhood. His family reports this was not the first time Miller had to defend himself.  From

Miller Sr. was in the gangway on the phone with his son when according to police, Joseph Lewis, 33, attempted to rob him.

Lewis shot Miller three times, police said. But Miller, a concealed carry owner, pulled out his own gun and hit Lewis twice.

Miller was able to crawl back to the basement until police got there and took him to the University of Chicago hospital where he died.

Miller Sr. was retired after 30 years at UPS. He was a devoted family man with his wife for 46 years.

Joseph Lewis was a career criminal who had just been released on parole a month earlier. He had served three years on a number of felony convictions for theft and gun charges.


Autopsies on Friday determined Miller died of multiple gunshot wounds and Lewis died of a gunshot wound to the abdomen. Both deaths were ruled homicides, the medical examiner’s office said.

Police believe Miller was outside the residence when the gunman pulled a handgun and attempted to rob him, Chicago police said. But the 64-year-old, a licensed concealed carry permit holder, pulled his own handgun, said Officer Michelle Tannehill, a police spokeswoman.

At some point during the confrontation, the suspected robber fired three shots, wounding Miller in the abdomen, and Miller returned two gunshots, striking his assailant, police said.

Accounts of what happened after the shooting differ. WGNTV reports the police took Miller to the hospital, where he died. The Chicago Tribune reports a friend dropped off Miller at the hospital.   The Tribune also reports a police spokesperson as saying both men were found dead at the scene.

Seconds are critical in timely care of gunshot wounds. They can make the difference between living and dying. How long it took emergency responders to arrive at the scene has not been reported.

Mark Miller's tragic death, so soon after retiring from a long and productive career, is a reminder of how dangerous gunfights are. They are best avoided, if possible.

It is not always possible to avoid a gunfight. That is the key issue those who wish the population disarmed always ignore or downplay. Guns cannot be wished or legislated out of existence. Guns are, essentially, a 15th century technology which is easy for people to make with 21st century tools.  Submachine guns are manufactured for the black market from Australia to Brazil to Canada and all around the world. They are an easier repeater to make than revolvers. In all of those countries, they are illegal to make, possess, or sell.

In every society, some people are armed, and some of them are human predators who are willing to kill others for personal gain.

We do not know how many people Joseph Lewis victimized before he was killed. We know he won't victimize any more. Mark Miller came from a tough neighborhood, worked his way out, raised a family, and was a productive member of society.  Joseph Lewis did not. His actions became a drain on society.

Gunfights are dangerous, but sometimes necessary.

About Dean Weingarten:Dean Weingarten

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of constitutional carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and recently retired from the Department of Defense after a 30 year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

  • 27 thoughts on “Two Dead, a Loving Father, a Career Criminal – Gunfights are Dangerous

    1. I guess our former scumbag arab POS president did not teach his “son” how to respect his fellow man. He got what he deserved.

    2. I worked with Mark Miller for many years and was shocked to hear of his murder! Mark was a good, kind man and was a friend of mine. I had not seen him since I retired but have fond memories of him. I know that he will be missed by his family, friends, and those who knew him. Unfortunately the piece of garbage who tried to rob him was recently released from jail after spending three years for gun related charges. The only good thing is that Mark prevented him from ever victimizing another innocent person. Politicians make me sick with their anti gun message. this was a good family man trying to help his son even in his retirement. God bless you Mark. May you rest in peace!

    3. This scenario, and, unfortunately, too many others to count, show us the faults in the “criminal justice system” (which, in itself, is CRIMINAL, in my opinion.

      It also demonstrates why one must ALWAYS be in “Condition Yellow”. Additionally, BE PREPARED for anything possible. I ALWAYS have a well stocked first aid kit handy, and when I don’t, I have a small “trauma kit” with things like QuikClot and bandages. Maybe had Mr. Miller had these available, he might have survived.

    4. “….worked his way out,….” Seems he FAILED to get ALL the way OUT! He was in a “dangerous neighborhood,” in Chicago. Had I “worked my way out,” I would NOT even be in Chicago, much less some “dangerous neighborhood in Chicago!” Chicago has no hope, as long as places such as it are run by DemonRATS. Anybody that can “work their way out” should GIT OUT OF DODGE. Too many thugs, and gangs running FREE for any SANE person to remain!

    5. Perhaps Mr. Miller’s surviving family members should sue those responsible for releasing lewis. Oh, and I’m told that Chicago has very strict gun laws. DID THEY WORK? NO! The criminal still was able to obtain a gun. They always will be able to obtain a gun, no matter what kind or how many gun laws are enacted.

    6. Brother Dean W.;
      When / where in the USA is it illegal to make, posses, or own a full auto firearm? As long as you pay a “sin tax” it is still legal to have / posses / own / carry a full auto firearm.

      1. My understanding is you have to purchase one manufactured before 1986 (Approximately 166,00 are registered) Fill out tons of paperwork, pay a $200.00 Tax and wait about a year for the process to work.

    7. Mark Miller sounds like my kinda guy, a decent hardworking family man. RIP.
      Lewis on the other hand looks like your typical leftist sucking off of the teat of government. He will probably retain Kim Foxx (who will recuse herself as she did with the Smollett case) and summarily have all charges dropped against another one of Obama’s (“if I had a son”) sons.

    8. George Steele I take exception to your statement: “Lewis did not kill Miller”. Lewis DID kill Mr. Miller and the weapon of choice was a firearm. People Kill People.

    9. You work your entire life supporting your family and paying taxes, then finally after MANY years look forward to retiring… And some P.O.S. RELEASED CAREER THUG murders you soon after you retire. The idiots responsible for releasing this career thug has the blood of a great family man and father on their hands.
      May the thug and those who put him back on the street, rot in hell. R.I.P. Mr. Miller.

    10. Lewis did not kill Miller; he was only the weapon. The anti-gunners and soft-on-criminal justice system killed Miller. Lewis should not have been out on bail. We need to build more jails and find more creative ways to fund them – enforced labor laws for inmates, for example – so that they are self-sustaining, and perps can remain where they belong: behind bars, instead of among the law-abiding. The ‘rats want to confiscate guns and let criminals walk, using phony “racism” as the get out of jail free card. Yeah, that will work well. We need judges and prosecutors with cojones, and ways to fund that don’t encourage early release for financial reasons. RIP Miller – you were betrayed by your country.

      1. If we were to release ALL who occupy the jails because of stupid non-violent victimless crimes, we’d have a whole lot more spacefor dirtbags like this who SHOULD have remained behind bars. Then, take all those now locked up at public expense for things like shoplifting, other petty crimes against property or persons, and make restitution part of their sentence, they’d be out of jail and working somewhere to pay back the damage they did instead ot schlurping at the public teat.
        We have plenty of jail space. It is just mis-allocated.

        1. “they’d be out of jail and working somewhere to pay back the damage they did”
          That’s funny stuff right there. News flash: They were committing crime instead of “working” (because crime is their line of work) for a reason. I like my solution to the overcrowded jails, prisons and halfway houses. Everyone who committed a crime for which the victim of said crime could have legally used deadly force to prevent/stop said crime should be put to death upon conviction of said crime. I remember a time in this country when rape was a capital offense. There was a whole lot less of it back then.

        2. When “non-violent crimes” are treated as non-crimes you get a lot more “non-violent crimes.”
          Stealing your car is “non-violent crime.”
          Burglarizing your house is a “non-violent crime.”
          Evidently you haven’t had a big enough taste of those yet.

    11. It was $hitcago. “Both deaths were ruled homicides, the medical examiner’s office said.” In the free world it would have been a DGU/public service and a homicide.

    12. There are many videos available to show that a gun is not needed to kill someone. Knives do the job just fine. Ask any of the many killed in London, England as to the truth of it.
      A decent man died because a thug was allowed to walk free.

      1. Roy, so you believe that Mr. Miller should have been armed with a knife, instead? Or you believe that a felon, already convicted of firearm charges, would not have had a firearm if they were made illegal? It was already illegal for him to obtain, possess, and use the firearm. Even in the UK there are illegal uses of firearms. The only difference is that in the UK firearm use has always been low, even before the ban. Interestingly, illegal knife usage in the UK has *increased* since the ban on knives in public. How does your love of banning things explain that?

        1. Take a chill pill. I will speak slower for you. The title contains the wording,”Gunfights are Dangerous.” It is also repeated in the body of the article. The point I am making is that the thug could have easily accomplished the same thing with a knife. Too many people have not been taught, or forget, that distance is your friend in encounters with suspicious strangers. This goes for everyone because you don’t know what the threat will be. It may just be hands and or feet; the same applies. If someone suspicious tries to take that distance away you should be in orange if not red.
          Perhaps, Heed, you should spend some time contemplating things before dashing off an ignorant post.

        2. The point is that if he had been in jail where he belonged he wouldn’t have been able to kill Mr. Miller with a gun or a knife or a 2×4 or a tire iron or a baseball bat or anything else.
          Is that too complicated for you to understand?

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