Where Trump’s and Bibi’s Interests Clash

What Bibi wants, Bibi gets.
What Bibi wants, Bibi gets.

U.S.A.-(Ammoland.com)- On Monday, President Donald Trump designated the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps a terrorist organization, the first time the United States has designated part of another nation's government as such a threat.

Iran's Supreme National Security Council responded by declaring U.S. Central Command a terrorist group.

With 5,000 U.S. troops in Iraq and 2,000 in Syria, often in proximity to Iranian units, this inches America closer to war.

Why did we do it? What benefit did the U.S. derive?

How do we now negotiate with the IRGC on missile tests?

Israel's Bibi Netanyahu took credit for Trump's decision, tweeting, “Once again you are keeping the world safe from Iran aggression and terrorism. … Thank you for accepting another important request of mine.”

Previous “requests” to which Trump acceded include moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, declaring Jerusalem Israel's eternal capital, closing the Palestinian consulate and cutting off aid, and U.S. recognition of the Golan Heights, captured from Syria in 1967, as sovereign Israeli territory.

What Bibi wants, Bibi gets.

One hopes his future requests will not include a demand that we cease dithering and deliver the same “shock and awe” to Iran that George W. Bush delivered to Saddam Hussein's Iraq.

With Bibi's election win Tuesday, his fifth, the secret Mideast peace plan Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner has been laboring on these last two years is likely to be unveiled.

Yet it is hard to see how Jared's baby is not stillborn.

Bibi is not going to accept a Palestinian right of return to Israel, or a sharing of the Holy City with a Palestinian state ruled by a successor of Yasser Arafat. And as Bibi fought Ariel Sharon's withdrawal of the 8,000 Jewish settlers from Gaza, he is not going to order the removal of tens of thousands of Jewish settlers from homes on the West Bank.

Indeed, on the eve of his reelection Tuesday, Bibi promised Israelis he would begin the annexation of Jewish settlements on the West Bank.

As for Trump, he is the most popular man in Israel. And he is not going to force Bibi to do what Bibi does not want to do and thereby imperil his major political gains in the U.S. Jewish community.

Given the indulgence of the progressive wing of the Democratic Party for BDS, the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanction movement, and the divisions among Democrats over Netanyahu's expansionism, the president's pro-Israel stance has proven a political winner for the GOP.

But while a U.S. war with Iran may be what Bibi wants, it is not what America wants or needs.

Consider what 20 years of U.S. wars in the Mideast have cost this country, as China has stayed out of the region and pushed its power and influence into Asia, Africa and Europe.

In Afghanistan, the Taliban have regained control of more territory than they have held since 2001, and they are negotiating with the Americans for a withdrawal of our remaining 14,000 troops.

Cost of the Afghan war: 2,400 U.S. dead, 32,000 wounded, $1 trillion sunk, and the U.S. on the precipice of a potential strategic defeat.

So dreadful has become the five-year Yemeni civil war between Iran-backed Houthi rebels and the Saudi-backed regime they ousted that the U.S. House and Senate have invoked the War Powers Act and directed Trump to terminate U.S. assistance for the Saudi intervention.

In Libya, where a U.S.-led NATO intervention overthrew Colonel Gadhafi in 2011, a renegade general now controls two-thirds of the country and is mounting an assault on Tripoli. U.S. soldiers and diplomats fled the capital last week.

In Syria, President Bashar Assad, with the support of Russia, Iran and Hezbollah, defeated the U.S. backed-rebels years ago.

Is Trump Standing Down in Syria?
Will Trump Hold Firm on Syrian Pullout?

The Syrian Kurdish militia we partnered with to crush ISIS have been designated as terrorists by the Turks, who promise to annihilate the Kurds if they try to return to homes along the Turkish border.

As for Turkey itself, President Erdogan says he will take delivery this summer of a Russian-made S-400 air and missile defense system.

Go through with that, says the U.S., and we cancel your order for 100 F-35s. The justified U.S. fear: Russia's S-400 system will be tested against America's most advanced fifth-generation fighter, the F-35.

If Turkey does not cancel the S-400, a NATO crisis appears imminent.

In Iraq, where 5,000 U.S. troops remain, the government has both pro-U.S. and pro-Iran elements in Baghdad, and mutual designation of the IRGC and CENT-COM as terrorist organizations can only present hellish problems for America's soldiers and diplomats still in that country.

Bottom line: Though Bibi and John Bolton may want war with Iran, U.S. national interests, based on the awful experience of two decades, and Trump's political interests, dictate that he not start any more wars.

Not a single Middle East war this century has gone as we planned or hoped.

About Patrick J. Buchanan

Pat Buchanan

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of the new book “The Greatest Comeback: How Richard Nixon Rose From Defeat to Create the New Majority.

  • 17 thoughts on “Where Trump’s and Bibi’s Interests Clash

    1. Pat’s a patriot and spot on regarding his assessment of the Middle East. The charge that Pat’s a Jew hater and an isolationist is despicable and untrue. To state the US and Israel have national security and foreign policy differences in that region of the world is not a lie, its a glaring understatement of facts.

      The origin of our insane wars and foreign policies began in the diseased mind-set’s of neocons, globalists, new world order lunatics and deep-state Juda’s goats within and without government. Hubris and the astounding stupidity of our elites starting with George Bush the elder are what got us into this mess, with hundreds of thousands in wasted lives and sunk trillions in national treasure. Defeats, not victories is the fruit of unprecedented national security disasters that could take decades, or generations, or maybe never to correct.

      President Trump does not have 8 years of treasonous government to contend and hopefully correct. It reaches back 30 years with the end of the Reagan Era and the rise of that unholy alliance of establishment Republicrats, who have wrought ruin across all the landscapes of America; selling our country down the drain to the highest bidders. In the mean time our enemies have globally gained many marches economically and militarily against us, most especially in our own hemisphere which are inferior elites had willfully ignored and in some respects aided and abetted.

      If the US gets suckered into another Middle East war with Iran, such a war will not be a regional affair, it will be global. With uncertain allies, many enemies and some with military parity and far ahead of us in cyber, super sonic missiles and space warfare, we will be too damned busy saving ourselves with no time, resources or manpower to save anyone else. It will assuredly require the total mobilization and militarization of society and economy as was effected during the Second World War.

      Israel will be on her own. So to all holier than thou, knuckle dragging and chest thumping chimpanzees, have a care for what you wish for. God rarely gives one what he or she wants or think they deserve, but what one needs.

    2. Pat Buchanan? Should have figured. Pure nonsense. Jew hater from the right. Guess he secretly loved Obozo’s anti-Israel policies. Bet Buchanan loved Obozo’s interference ln the last Israeli election.

    3. Isreal has been caught conducting espionage against the United States. Isreal sank a known United State’s naval vessel in international waters, then machine gunned the United States sailors in the water. They have been caught conducting bombings to elicit the same United States to go to war against enemies of Israel. Rahm Emanuels dad was one of the members of the organization that did the bombings. Since their trade is so good, i am sure they will not be sad if we cut off all foriegn aid and take our money out of their banking scheme of a federal bank.

      Any one with any sense knows that isreal lost their covenant with God. We, the United States have it. We have earned it through our sacrifice of blood and gold. The US needs to worry about our own country and close the borders. If you look at most of the groups that want open borders, free access to our country and its money, zero drug laws, anti gun organizations, they are funded primarily by jews.

      Another little known fact… read the actual talmud and the koran…. both will make a decent person sick by what is in them. Do not take my word on the philosophy of each, research if sex with children is allowed. Just saying.

      Klerk Cant will now call me anti semitic without knowing what the word actually means. But he cannot refute the content because every word is true.

    4. Uh, our country was NOT founded on judeo anything. It was founded by Christians who were trying to get rid of mandatory taxes to support the church of England and were tired of being picked cleam by the blood sucking Catholics. This country has given, bled, supported, and defended any country or people that has been considered oppressed. We have been blessed by the covenant of God and his blessing since its inception. Isreal is not the chosen as they have lost the covenant. They want a larger isreal. They slam anybody that talks out against them to the point that they have included in our u s laws it is a condition of mot talking out against or boycotting isreal.
      I am tired of my brothers dying and being maimed. I am tired of the us fighting isreals wars for them. The richest man in the world is in charge of the world banking system and he is a jew living in Switzerland. He paid for half of the knesset to be built. He continues to use the same fleecing of the world to enrich himself more. Half a percent on trillions is a lot of interest made each year.
      There are over 80 us congress/senate are isreali citizen and most of the media is made up of jews. How is it that we scream about a couple of muslims in politics yet nothing about the jews? I am an American, disabled vet. I am not a jew or a muslim. It is time that we mandate single citizenship for elected officials as it violates th he oath of office to be loyal to another country. It is time to build the wall, send all those brought in by obe the one, all illegals, and all the ones that dont like this country back home. It is time we take care of us and ours. To wit, kill all aid to any country. Get rid of Keynes economic system, gut the fed and pull our money out of it so it actually has worth, get back on the gold standard as our constitution mandates, and for once, just once, read the intent of the constitution, get rid of unconstitutional laws, impeach the political and judicial members destroying it, and quit being the world’s police force.

      Take care of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND THIS REPUBLIC. Stop cowtowing to cair and the attack dogs of isreal and the muslims. This is OUR country, stop stealing our treasure and lives.

      I am sure this will be censured for telling the truth.

    5. This is a very interesting article. I like Mr Pat B in most of his writings in that we have spent much in past wars in the Middle East but I also know that there is something deeper in this man who definitely dislikes the Jews. I am a Christian Pastor and vote conservative and biblical and I know that most Jews in America vote demoncrat and I don’t like this of course because I am pro Israel. These democrat Jews are not real Israelis in that they are mostly atheist and definitely not real Jews who according to biblical principals would vote against homosexual marriage and abortion murder. There are some Christians in America who like Pat re Jew haters and of course I disagree. I am not narrow minded to think Israel is all perfect but they are definitely our allies while the rest of most of the world wants to destroy us and also I am definitely one who believes in the Bible and its prophetic declarations that whosoever blesses Israel God blesses and whoever curses Israel God curses. Just look at history and I won’t say anymore about that now. The USA has been founded upon Judeo Christian principles. We have a work ethic according to if you don’t work you shouldn’t eat unless you can’t but no blessing for being lazy.and also the prison and school systems were started by the Christian churches and also we have twelve people on a jury because of the twelve tribes of Israel. You can’t deny these truths unless you believe the progressive LIES of the liberals in our schools now. I could go on for days and still many would not believe that the USA is in the middle of jerUSAlem. God bless the USA and President Trump and Israel. I don’t want war with Iran but make no mistake Iran and the Muslim religion are enemies of the USA and want to destroy us totally.

      1. Pastor: Remember Psalm 121:4. The HE the Psalmist is referring to is NOT the USA or any earthly entity. This country has a bad habit, ever since the days of Teddy Roosevelt(the FIRST Progressive) of sticking its nose into the world’s business. We are on the verge of bankruptcy because of this. Will you send your children/grandchildren to the ME to bail out Israel, the Saudis or anyone else? How about the Ukraine? How about the Baltic States?
        Mr. Buchanan does not hate Jews. Mr. Buchanan, who has spent a lot more time in public service than you sees things clearly. He has exposed the agenda of the MIC long before Bibi was PM of Israel or Putin was in charge of Russia. Mr. Buchanan, whom I have met and talked with personally when he was running in the Dead Elephant Party primary against Poppy Bush and his Illuminati cabal, loves this country and cares about America and its people. He does not want to see our blood and treasure sacrificed for the interests of foreigners. ANY foreigners.

        1. Dear Weasel I know the USA is not in the bible come on now I was just showing how we are connected. My family has fought in WWII and three brothers in the Korean War at the same time also three tours to Vietnam so come on now please don’t insult my patriotism. I know that there were 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence and there was not one Muslim, Jew, Buddahist, Hinduist and only one Catholic. We were Protestant Christians that said no king but King Jesus. Benjamin Franklin was a Deist but was born again under George Whitefields ministry. Benjamin said he could hear George preach over a mile away and supported his ministry from the proceeds of his inventions. I love all people and believe that the USA has a special calling according to our Judeo roots and prophetic positions of preaching the gospel to all the world. I again know that no Jews founded this country but the Old Testament is the New Testament concealed and the New Testament is the Old Testament revealed. Jesus said to live by every word that proceeds from Gods mouth. We are in the New blood covenant of Jesus and only through a relationship with Him are we saved and are in the covenant of Abraham through Jesus Christ Galatians 3 We are the seed of Abraham in the spirit. Some people need to study more of the Bible before they comment on it. I don’t know it all but I have preached on all the continents over the whole world in communist and Muslim countries and have seen the love of God save heal and deliver from demons. I declare the blessing of the Lord Jesus upon Ammoland and even upon all the writers knowing we are not all perfect but grace covers a multitude of sin. Mine included and yours too. We must keep standing for freedom in the Spirit and in the natural knowing the USA is the greatest country in the world because of the Jews who brought us Jesus and yes rejected Him but have still blessed civilization with Gods Word. Paul, Peter, James and John are all Jews. Jews wrote the Old AND NEW Testament. Yes through the New but from the Old Testament We stand

          1. @ Pistol Packing Preacher Thanks for taking the time and effort to present this side of the discussion. It is always a pleasure to read something from the biblical perspective and the other side of the Israel contoversity.

    6. You cannot negotiate with an enemy who is not doing it in good faith. Iran has no intention of negotiating in good faith, they are only interested in taking over the Middle East and restoring the Persian Empire. Saying that you have nothing against Jews, but Israel… sounds a lot like I support the 2A, but… They’re both lies and just one more way to play hide the salami.

      Pat has always been an isolationist and as such is unreliable when it comes to national security. I’d rather fight the enemy on their land than ours. Neville would be proud of him and you. Israel (proper spelling) produces lots of medicines and electronics that we use as, well as some nifty weapons used by militaries and civilians around the world. That is a symbiotic relationship not a parasitic one.

    7. Isreal is nothing but a parasite. I have nothing against Jews, however Isreal leaves much to be desired as an, “ally.” Why the hell do we supporting those assholes by dumping billions into their government?

      1. Well Michael, I agree 100% with you. It’s long past due time to put U.S.A. interests first. Israel is the aggressor and the terrorists. They have the Navy, they have the Army, they have the Air force, AND..they have the Nukes. Who is the threat?
        With these pro Israel comments posted here, it just goes to show how brainwashed a lot of ‘Patriots’ are.
        Don’t forget about scum spies like Jonathan Pollard and other traitors doing their part to subvert America.
        AND…….Remember the USS.Liberty!!!

      2. @Michael Martha, Please go to the CIA World Fact Book and look at the Nation of Israel and you will find more information about Israel and her commerce and international trade. Your comments about Israel being a parasite is absolutely false. Israel and the U.S. have a great technological, industrial, manufacturing, intellectual, and commerce trade off agreement that has spanned decades. The U.S. has enjoyed significant economical gain from this relationship and ignorant claims that it is one sided is beyond comprehension. Please do some research.

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