2A Introduces the Slickest .22 Caliber Rifle on the Market Today

2A Introduces the Slickest .22 Caliber Rifle on the Market Today
2A Introduces the Slickest .22 Caliber Rifle on the Market Today

Boise, ID-(Ammoland.com)- Possibly the best plinker on the market today, the 2A Armament AR 22LR is simply an exceptional .22 caliber rifle. The visual aesthetics are phenomenal, and the durability and performance meet the high bar set by every firearm and component designed and built in Idaho by the 2A team.

At 3 lbs, 4 ounces, this is one incredible lightweight rifle. Sling it on your shoulder and hit the hills all day, and the weight is not even noticeable. The lightweight design is made possible by exceptional machining and innovative components.

The patent-pending 22LR bolt is smooth and reliable, meaning you can plink away in the field with impeccable consistency. The rifle is compatible with the Atheon or Balios Lite Lower receivers, and you can run the stock components or completely customize everything to suit your specific needs.

The trigger has an optional light or heavy hammer spring for highly skilled shooters with exceptional trigger control and a specific preference. The Mission First Minimalist stock provides a stable shooting position without adding unnecessary bulk and the MAGPUL MIAD Grip is comfortable and rock solid.

If you love plinking, shooting cans and playing around with targets, this is the perfect rifle. Small game hunters will also love the accuracy and field performance delivered by an exceptionally lightweight and durable .22 rifle.

2A Armament AR 22LR
2A Armament AR 22LR

Key Product Specs:

  • 2A AETHON, or BALIOS LITE GEN 2 LOWER RECEIVER – CNC machined 7075-T6 billet with flared mag-well, hard coat type-III anodized, rear tensioning screw, rear takedown spring retainer.
  • 2A BALIOS LITE GEN 2 UPPER RECEIVER – CNC machined 7075-T6 billet “slick side” design, machined indexing marks.
  • 2A 22LR BOLT-Grade 5 6AL-4V Titanium Bolt, Stainless Steel Barrel Collar, Aluminum buffer (Patent Pending).
  • 2A 22LR FLUTED BARREL – 16.5″, 7075-T6 Billet aluminum barrel, rifled 4140 steel insert,1:16 Twist,1/2×28 thread with thread protector.
  • 2A RECEIVER EXTENSION – 2A Armament buffer tube and 2A latch plate,
  • 2A HANDGUARD – 2A Armament 12″ 6061 extruded Aethon or BL G2 rail (depending on the lower ordered), M-LOK, aluminum barrel nut.
  • STOCK/GRIP – MAGPUL MIAD Grip, Mission First minimalist stock.
  • LOWER PARTS – 2A magazine catch, 2A through drilled titanium takedown pins
  • TRIGGER – ALG-ACT trigger group with optional light or heavy hammer spring.
  • WEIGHT – 3 lbs 10 oz (Balios-lite lower/rail), 3 lbs 11 oz (Aethon lower/rail)
  • Ships with one 15 Round 2A Armament AR 22LR Magazine and die-cut foam box
  • Product of the Great State of Idaho, MADE IN THE U.S.A.
  • Please see “22LR Ammo and Performance Guide” link for insight on ammunition choices.

2A Armament: State of the Art Firearm Manufacturing

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Built with performance and craftsmanship in mind, 2A Armament offers a dynamic line up of hunting and precision rifles, uppers, parts, and accessories. 2A Armament's facilities feature state of the art manufacturing and process controls to ensure the highest possible quality in high-volume, technically demanding components and finished rifles on the market. We are a CNC, ISO 9001 and AS 9100 certified advance manufacturing machining shop for the aerospace, medical, prosthetic, motorsports, semiconductor and outdoor recreation markets. Out technical ability coupled with hand finishing of every part, results in an unmatched fit, finish, and performance of our firearms. There is no better AR platform available to consumers that present a better balance or weight, performance and value.

  • 76 thoughts on “2A Introduces the Slickest .22 Caliber Rifle on the Market Today

    1. These guys hand fitting these rifles don’t work cheap. Don’t speak bad about it just because it’s not in your price range. Like a lot of you have pointed out there are plenty of other options out there in your price range. I can’t afford it myself, that don’t mean it’s a bad rifle or not worth the money again hand fitted don’t come cheap. Check you out some Ed Brown’s or some Wilson Combat for example. They’re $3,000 Plus because of the man hours put into them. Hell yeah I’d like to have one of these 22 rifles

      1. I don’t see anybody except perhaps a couple trolls or kids who have only fired a gun in a video game claiming it’s a bad rifle. It being worth the money though? Come on now. On a purely man and materials stand point OK. But It just kind of seems pointless to put this much labor, fit, and finish into a .22LR. I mean if you’re a smith or you run a smithing shop, I could see building something like this as a one off to demonstrate your and/or your teams abilities. A price to demonstrate how fine a point you can get on a #2 lead pencil so to speak. Take a cheap generally utilitarian tool and make it be able scribe a line one micron thick. Completely useless action of which the only point is to demonstrate your ability to do it. But there is no market for the pencil itself.

        Personally I don’t even see the need in an AR style .22LR. It’s kinda like a mechanical pencil. Little more flashy. Has novelty aspect to it. Some people might just think they are cool and I see how there is a market for them. But at the end of the day they do the same thing as the old wooden pencil. Actually maybe slightly less reliably. Those leads are always breaking on the mechanical one.
        Now a Ruger 10/22 is like an old reliable wooden pencil seems to never break, rarely needs sharpened, and could potentially be doing your grandchild’s homework provided you don’t chew on it and you kept it in a decent pencil case.
        I still have mine that I got for Christmas back in e early 80’s when I was around 7 or 8 years old. I believe my dad picked it up at TG&Y but not positive. Even back then he got a belt driven 50 round clip for it. It was my first gun. It’s the one I learn about gun safety with. It’s the one I learned about proper care and maintenance on, the values of which later in life transfered to other things. It’s the first one I killed something with and learned you eat what you kill. Was a wabbit. Can’t even begin to imagine how many thousands of rounds have been through it. I don’t shoot it to often anymore. But when I do it shoots just as well and just as accurate as it ever did. My ol’man probably paid around $200 bucks for it but to me it’s priceless.
        I just can’t see a gun like this one that is machined so tightly lasting that long and by transference holding that kind of nostalgia. So what then makes it worth that kind of money?

    2. A little costly for me but, There maybe a following out there.I carried an AR frame on and off for 26 years so the design has its uses , it’s just not for me.

    3. If you need an Ar15 or Ar22 or similar guns then you have 3 problems. 1 is need to learn how to shoot. I mean really. You need to shoot that many times just to hit your target? 2 is you have so much money that you want to waste it on something like that. I could think of a lot of things to spend money on than that. 3 you must be really paranoid to want to buy something like that and all the ammo you can get. When it comes down to politics if you don’t like what they are doing then it’s time to vote them out.

        1. @Rodney, He is just a paid troll making outrageous statements to attract responses. No real person could justify substituting their judgement for everyone else’s judgments, with no facts, distances, target sizes or numbers, or other surrounding circumstances. No real human being could be so egotistical, as to tell everyone else how to spend their money.

      1. Lol. So much stupid in one comment. 1. How exactly do you learn how to do things? Normal people learn by practicing over and over and over. Learning how to shoot means practicing with “all the ammo you can get” as you put it. Pretty effective and cost effective way to do that is practicing with cheap .22 LR ammo in a rifle platform identical to the higher power weapon you want to use should it come down to life or death. And it isn’t so much how many shots it takes to hit a target as it is how many targets you may be required to hit. 2 Yes I have so much money that I want to spend it on lots of stuff like that because I prefer to retain the right to decide for myself how my money gets spent. I like knowing that no matter what goes down I will always have the ability to feed me and mine. Not to mention practicing is a lot of fun. For your money it would probably be best spent buying yourself some clean panties, them got sand in’em. Buy yourself a fucking clue while you’re at it. 3 Eh maybe slightly paranoid. But I’d rather be slightly paranoid and overly prepared than gullibly self content and blindsided any day. And nobody except you brought up politics. Not really sure why you did. But since you did I refer you back to number to and ask if that clue you bought clued you in at all to what to do when they been voted and decided they don’t want to leave. Think maybe you might be glad some of us was a little paranoid and been doing all that practic’n with all that ammo we could get our hands on with all those guns that shoot way more bullets than you need to hit a target back before the ones that got voted out and decided not to leave made it impossible to get your hands on all them guns and ammo? Hmm
        ? Maybe just a little?

    4. Looks like more overpriced ar based junk! You could buy about ten decent 22 plinkers for that rediculous price! By now if it shoots 22 it’s nothing new..

    5. my Remington nylon 66 is only half that weight and is very accurate and almost indestructible oblivious to heat or cold no

    6. A steel sleeved aluminum barrel? One slight fall with it or bump into something and you’re shooting a different direction. And for $1700, uh no. My M&P 15-22 with Winchester m-22 or rounds is every bit as accurate and reliable as any firearm can be.

    7. Hahahaha $1700 ? Ahahaha
      Couple months back I bought a Smith 15 22 for under $300 from grabagun. You telling me this rifle is 4x better? Just wow…

    8. That price is foolish.
      I’ve got an M&P 22 and another one I built using a PSA 22LR upper, and I don’t have half of that cost between the pair of them.

      1. Think about it. Just the looks will put it into the :” ×we have to band this look alike” over priced. Is the short stick, look-a-like is the way to ban 22’s. Left is working all the angles to rid us of thr 2nd Amendment.

        1. All my buddies on the left have much better guns than my buddies on the right, but the independent collections seem the most practical. The only difference between right wing gun toters and the left is my republican buddies like to strap on the hip and show off their gun, while the Lefty’s conceal theirs and retain the element of surprise.

    9. What a joke. Got to here:
      “Possibly the best plinker on the market today, the 2A Armament AR 22LR is simply an exceptional .22 caliber rifle.”

      And instantly I didn’t need to read any more.

      Amazing lead…telling me what I should think…

      I’m out.

    10. Go by a Tippmann .22lr. I have the 10.5″ and 16″. Thousands of rounds and no issues. Its a real forged ar that you can change triggers,handguards,stocks on all day long. Buy both for under 1k.

    11. Alfred Somerville, I have to interact to your statement, I bought a Ruger 10/22 in the late 70’s from Big 5 sporting good’s for $ 90 bucks, and hands down the best 22 rifle for the money !! In fact Ruger makes some of the best firearms for the money !!! But between are sorry ass selection of Government Official’s and candy ass system that cares more about the criminal than the victim and the sorry ass Corporation’s that sold out America and put everthing in the Chinese hands were left with this poor economy while the cost of everything going through the roof!!!

        1. I have a Daniel Defence that I payed the same price before Obama was elected and im happy with it. But I have grand kids and buckets of 22, they would love an ar I’n 22.

        2. One can buy a complete 22LR upper from CMMG or PSA for less than $300, on sale you can pick one sub $250 range. Just use one of your existing lowers and your in business.

          1. For me the way to go was one of the drop-in bcg conversions. There are a couple on the market. I got the CMMG bravo kit with three mags for under $150 on sale from PSA. I drop in in my AR-556 and at 100 both my red dot and my 3-9×32 rangefinder reticle are dead on. Great cheap way to practice.

    12. They’re absolutely out of their mind or their board of directors are!!!
      A CMMG stainless conversion kit for a couple hundred bucks will do all you’d expect depending on the barrel and ammunition, “like any.22”!

        1. CMMG also sells dedicated 22 barrels that work with their kits to all allow ANY AR to use 22LR with the correct twist rate for 22 LR. Not that it matters much in the real world. Just a 22 kit in a standard AR maintains reasonable accuracy. So much for twist theory.

          1. One can buy a complete 22LR upper from CMMG or PSA for less than $300, on sale you can pick one sub $250 range. Just use one of your existing lowers and your in business.

    13. I built a dedicated 22lr AR for around $500. I had parts laying around from upgrades and other builds, so all I really had to buy was the BCG mag and barrel. And it looks a lot like this one.

    14. yes, they wanna be rich. 1700 for a AR look a like 22…they will see a few to guys with more money than sense..I can see the demolition ranch dude bragging about how he can shoot it in a microwave or something else ridiculous to try to get some views. I will take a Tac sol any day and have 1200 left for the best ammo I can feed it.

    15. Does it come with a silencer for $1700? Its just not appealing at that price. Surely he market would not be so tight they have to make all the profit from the sale of a single gun?

    16. Your kidding right. I think I get it. It’s the newest,and hottest 22LR on the market in an AR15 look alike. Fun to shoot, probably. Affordable rounds to plunk with, yes. Just for plinking, Yes.
      Good for home defense, No. Plenty of knock down power, No. $1,700 I don’t think that’s a great buy, just so I can plunk some cans. I have 3 AR’s, 2 / 5.56,and 1 AR10 308, they have all the bells and whistles you can get for them. I didn’t give 1700 for any of them, and they are everything your rifle isn’t.. I wish you luck.

    17. Next! The KRISS Defiance is between $5-600. Tippman also has a very nice .22 AR-15 platform. $1700 is very overpriced. Pardon me, I only skimmed the article. Does this rifle shoot around corner, or come with an infinity mag?

      1. Infinity mag you say? Id snap that up like a 25 shot 10mm revolver that you only have to put in a 6 rd moon clip!

    18. I have a Mossburg Ar .22lr i paid like $250.00 it came with a red dot scope n 2 25 rd mags. Its a great plinker but not worth more them that. Sorry no .22 is worth $1700.00.

      1. No I will just buy a savage, a Remington and a Marlin much cheaper and plink all day with out having to look like a bad ass no too expensive for me to buy just for looks

        1. I’ll go with a 10/22. The aftermarket has MILLIONS of parts for them, and the mag system is second to none. Ironic, you pay between $1400.00 and $1700.00 for this and you get ONE frigging magazine and that magazine goes into a $500.00 (MAX) rifle ? Uhhhh, NO THANKS !
          Yeah, this is one of those guns you see a guy wearing a scarf and smoking a clay pipe at the range shooting, a “bragging rights” gun. He stands there all smug and blurts out “I PAID $1,700.00 for MY .22″…. EVERYONE in earshot, at the same time says, ASSHOLE !

    19. It comes with one mag?!?! At least five. An actual test target, good soft and hard cases, and a coupon for a case of ammo, several choices to pick from. For a 22?!?! Maybe we missed the 5.56 matching upper it ships with? Spikes had one for 1500 in the mid 2000’s. A limited edition with a lothar walther barrel, very nice too. Just not 1500 worth. But it was nice.

    20. I just want to add my comment to the flurry of already wise comments:
      GTFO!! $1,700 for a .22lr???
      Nope. All the nope.

      I could buy an M&P22 deck it out with tacticool $#!+ and still have $1,200 to buy enough 22brass to last me years. My guess is this model sells a dozen or so and then is “discontinued” by late 2019.

    21. Or a smart gun owner would go to Palmetto State Armory and buy five s&w mp22 with free shipping and still have cash for ammo.

      1. Have you ever heard/seen know,? the .22 CRICKET? About to order one, ? I would really appreciate your wisdom.

    22. Omg Smith Wesson mp15 22 is only 495 500 and is an awsome plinker/small game rifle me and my son shoot ..I can build an awsome 22/convert 223 for half 1700$

    23. Yeah, let me know when it has all of the things I’ve wanted for years…. (1) a 9 or 10 twist for aguila SSS ammo, (2) a 7-10″ barrel in pistol format with a nice brace, and (3) will run on my regular lower with Fostech Echo II trigger like a CMMG will. At about half the price. Then we’ll talk. Fail.

      1. Yeeeees. Subsonic super sniper is my favorite 22 round. 69 grain I think? I got a little 22 revolver that is NOT the correct rifling for the round. It yaws like something else. However it hits more or less where I aim within reason. I just can’t imagine what that spin would do to flesh.

    24. $1700 for a duded-up .22? I don’t think so….I’ll stay with the smart choice and keep my 10-22. Bought it new at “Woolco”(formerly Woolworth’s dept store)in the ’70’s for around $300 and it’s still going strong. Long for the good old days before the socialists took over CT and you could buy a gun in a department store…that’s a big reason why I moved to Montana in 2012.

      1. Wow. I paid about the same price for my 10/22 in 2005. So with inflation worked in they are actually cheaper now. I have spent maybe another three hundo on upgrades and accessories and can’t believe any .22 is worth more than that

    25. Lmfao I’m guessing this is for folks who want to throw away thier money.. Great looking rifle but I can get a least 4 diffent versions of the 10/22 ruger and have money left over including the tactical version and many more upgrade accessories than this. So lose lose in every aspect of this rifle.

          1. Fully agree, you can’t go wrong with a 10/22. If there’s ANY part of it you think should be “improved” just look on-line and its guaranteed you’ll find it.

    26. Lol na no typo dudes. These nutters actually think they’re .22 rifle is worth $1700.00 just checked on their site. That’s insanity.

    27. Stfu…. get lost! And you need to be out of the market…
      If you cant make a 22lr for 250$ your an idiot. I can make one for $25 in the garage, form and function complete.

    28. That’s a $300. Rifle, tops! With 5 extra mags, and a case. To be competitive, they have to beat Rugers price. Maybe they meant $170. Instead of $1700? At $170. They are still making an $80 profit pergun.

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