Are We on the Ramp to Impeachment Road?

Are We on the Ramp to Impeachment Road?
Are We on the Ramp to Impeachment Road?

U.S.A.-( After a stroke felled Woodrow Wilson during his national tour to save his League of Nations, an old rival, Sen. Albert Fall, went to the White House to tell the president, “I have been praying for you, Sir.”

To which Wilson is said to have replied, “Which way, Senator?”

Historians are in dispute as to whether Wilson actually said it.

But the acid retort came to mind on hearing that Nancy Pelosi, hours after accusing President Donald Trump of “engaging in a cover-up,” a felony, piously volunteered, “I pray for the president of the United States.”

For, by now, the hostile investigations of Trump by Pelosi's House are becoming too numerous to list.

Subpoenas have been issued to the IRS demanding Trump's tax returns. New York has enacted a law to gain access to Trump's state tax returns, to pass them on to the comrades on Capitol Hill. Democrats are not seeking these records for guidance on how to reform the tax code.

House committees want the files of his accountants. Subpoenas have been issued to lending institutions where Trump borrowed, such as Deutsche Bank, going back to the last century.

The Mueller investigation found that neither Trump nor anyone in his campaign colluded with the Russians in 2016. Yet that exoneration is insufficient for the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Jerrold Nadler. He wants public hearings with present and past White House aides under oath to put on a show trial for a national TV audience.

The euphemism for this swarm attack is “Congressional oversight of the executive.” And Trump is not wrong to see in it a conspiracy to bring down his presidency and impeach and remove him.

And if Trump believes, not without reason, that Pelosi's caucus is out to kill his presidency, should he cooperate with the co-conspirators or use all of the actual and latent powers of his office to repel them?

These are the alternatives the president faces.

Out in the Rose Garden, Trump declared there would be no further cooperation on a legislative agenda with Democrats until a halt is called to their investigations:

“I told Senator Schumer and Speaker Pelosi, ‘I want to do infrastructure. I want to do it more than you want to do it. … But you can't do it under these circumstances. So get these phony investigations over with.'”

Where, then, are we headed?

To gridlock first, then almost surely down the impeachment road.

For if Trump continues to defy subpoenas and denounce those who issue them, and Pelosi cannot deliver on the Democrats' agenda, the louder will be the clamor of the Democratic base to remove Trump. At some point, Pelosi will have to go along or lose control of her rebellious caucus.

Consider Trump's immigration plan, which was introduced to no great enthusiasm among his supporters.

In April in Las Vegas, after 75,000 asylum seekers had crossed the U.S. border in February and 100,000 in March — an average of a million crossers a year — Trump declared:

“There is an emergency on our southern border. … It's a colossal surge and it's overwhelming our immigration system, and we can't let that happen. … We can't take you anymore. … Our country is full.”

But if the country is “full,” and we cannot stop the illegal crossings swamping the southern border, how can we take in and hand out green cards to another million legal immigrants every year?

What is the carrying capacity of a country whose debt is larger than its economy and whose social welfare system is overflowing with applicants?

Given the lukewarm reception among Republicans, the refusal of Democrats to back an immigration bill that does not put millions of undocumented migrants on a path to citizenship, and the animosity that has arisen between Trump and Pelosi, the bill seems stillborn.

Pelosi and her leadership in the House, it is said, do not want impeachment. They see it as a dead end. And understandably so.

For if the House holds hearings and fails to impeach, Democrats would be seen as impotent. And if they did impeach the president and the Senate swiftly acquitted him, House Democrats would be seen a having wasted their two years, only to make Trump a political martyr.

Still, as Emerson wrote, things are in the saddle and ride mankind.

The left and its media allies are demanding more subpoenas, and Trump is growing more defiant. And if Pelosi continues to argue that impeachment is not justified now, the anti-Trump sentiment in her party could turn against her.

The left's ultimatum: Lead, follow, or get out of the way.

Impeachment is how a democratic republic does regicide, the dethroning and beheading of a sovereign like England's Charles I.

For the left, Trump's fate is decided. The only lingering question is whether proceeding with impeachment now is premature for the progressives' cause in 2020.

Pat Buchanan

About Patrick J. Buchanan

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of the new book “The Greatest Comeback: How Richard Nixon Rose From Defeat to Create the New Majority.

  • 20 thoughts on “Are We on the Ramp to Impeachment Road?

    1. Actually, it all boils down to the Declaration of Independence and the Second Amendment.
      The American people, in a REPUBLIC, are an active part. They have a Right & Duty to control government by force if necessary. The PEOPLE are the masters, not the government.
      Cowardice, a common ailing in Americans, has kept them sedentary as un-Constitutional gun control laws are foisted on them and while government murders American citizens and allows wholesale invasion by illegals.
      Cowardly Americans sat, quietly, as government terrorists murdered and burned alive Americans in a Waco church.
      Cowardly Americans kneel and kiss the hand of government tyrants as they install ‘bullet buttons’ and remove their pistol grips and magazines or divest themselves of their AR15s.
      The anti-American communist democrats know Americans will sit still for any tax, un-Constitutional gun control law or attack on Americans as long as the American people are left alone to keep their ‘stuff’.

    2. The Democrats will not like the results of all of this. These politicians need to be removed from office for breach of oath. This is utterly disgraceful.

      1. Correct.

        Sadly, that includes the complicit Republican Senate, along with the Thief in Chief, who has been violating his oath of office since day one.

        We need to be backing Bill Weld, to get an honest Republican back into the White House, instead of continuing to blindly defend criminals and opportunists who have done nothing for us. Defending Trump will ultimately result in a backlash that puts more gun grabbers in office at a time when we need to be strong, instead of aligning ourselves with liars, cheats and thieves who will ultimately weaken our cause.

          1. Worse than that, WB: Weld is a partisan in the worse sense: he thinks he is a Republican but his history suggests that he is an unreconstructed Democrat who thinks “progressive” legislative fantasies are inspired philosophy. We are very neRly midstream and our gallant steed is swimming strongly: do not hope to climb over to the flagging Nags to reach the further bank.

    3. Impeachment for who? Senator Schumer and Speaker Pelosi? Why? Maybe we could start with misappropriation of government funds? (the two years investigation that turned up NO wrongdoing) Obstruction of official business? (What has Congress done in those two years?) Slander? False statements? Aiding our enemies? Obstruction of National Security? (Immigration reform). And the list goes on and on.
      Maybe its time for Term Limits for all, not just the President!

    4. Impeachment for what? High crimes and misdemeanors? Where, when? Sorry, I’m not even sure why this is a debate. If CNN, MSNBC, etc weren’t owned and run by liberals we wouldn’t be talking about this.

      1. Yes. Impeachment for high crimes and misdemeanors:
        • rampant violations of the Emoluments Clause (high crime)
        • 10 plus counts of Obstruction of Justice related to the initial investigations (high crimes) — we’re now up to over 1000 current and former federal prosecutors who have stated that without the cover of the
        • additional counts of obstruction related to Congressional investigations (high crimes)
        • multiple felony violations of campaign finance laws (high crimes)
        • complete disdain and disregard for federal and constitutional law (We don’t elect Kings — Presidential power has limits, and requirements to abide by legal standards)
        • failure uphold his oath to protect and defend the Constitution (high crime)
        • failure to actually discharge the duties of his office (instead of spending hours a day watching TV and tweeting)

        Taking the compulsive lying out of the picture completely, and ignoring the rhetoric, what has Trump really DONE for us that’s actually worthwhile?

        He’s completely failed to deliver on, even in the 2 years the Republican’s held both the House and the Senate:
        • zero National Reciprocity — languished in committee
        • zero progress on Hearing Protection Act — also languished in committee
        • zero DOJ action to pursue challenges to continuing legislative attacks on 2A — e.g. various Circuit courts openly defying, even attempting to effectively reverse, SCOTUS clear rulings on Heller and McDonald — Maryland (effective ban on CCW, egregious HB281, and 14th amendment issues with imposition of high cost barriers to gun ownership), NY (Cuomo’s illegally passed rifle ban, and NYCs effective ban on CCW), MA (highly restricted CCW), Hawaii (effective ban on CCW), CA (universal egregiousness), NJ (attempting to become the east coast CA), et cetera
        • zero progress on loosening NFA regulations or other BATFE rules — some of which could be done within BATFE or via Executive Order
        • zero progress on DOJ rules clarifications to loosen application of ITAR application and restrictions, and additional financial hurdles for gunsmiths (FFL2s) and manufacturers who do no fabrication, but who only assemble weapons from pre-manufactured components (private citizens and FFL7s) — either via DOJ guidance, findings, clarifications or rulings, BATFE guidance, findings, or rulings, or via Executive Order

        Meanwhile, his only actual accomplishments have been:
        • to dramatically cut his own taxes, and his Robber Baron buddies, while raising them on everyone else (the supposed, and already dubious ‘cuts’ on the middle class are TEMPORARY, and phase out over six-years)
        • to drastically increase the deficit by $2+ trillion per year (the Robber Barons are the ones benefiting from the current stock boom, but it will be the rest of us that pay the piper when the bill comes due, all too soon)
        • to weaken health protections and costs for everyday Americans and individual physicians, while increasing profits for the huge Medical and Insurance corporations
        • to appoint Gorsuch and Kavanaugh to SCOTUS — let’s be honest here, they were really chosen first because of their controversial positions on expansive power for the Executive branch, second for their anti-consumer, pro-corporation, pro-religious, anti-choice positions, and then lastly as nod to pro-2A constituents — let’s hope they come out with some strong pro-2A rulings to make up for the rest — these are also the driving criteria for his other circuit court appointees, we have yet to see if this results in any net improvement in regard to 2A rulings, and yet to see what price we’ll pay in other areas
        • to significantly HARM American farmers and blue-collar workers with his ridiculous ego-based trade wars and tariffs — tariffs that are NOT being paid for by China, btw — IMPORTERS are who pay tariffs, and they pass those costs to consumers — so, every dollar paid for those tariffs comes out of the pockets of Americans — effectively they’re a significant tax increase, they’re just not labeled as such — Meanwhile, farmers have lost hundreds of billions of dollars in sales to China, Canada and Europe, and those losses have not been compensated, and China and Europe have simply made trade deals with other countries for their soy beans, lamb, pork, beef, and other goods, and are unlikely to return to American farmers even after the noise and fury finally abates, or, if they do, it will be for much smaller orders and an expectation of lower prices, which will continue to hurt those farmers who survive. Similarly, blue collar jobs continue to decrease in number, at wages that are still stagnant, because of the continuing tariff wars with not just China, but Canada, Mexico and Europe. Demand is down for American goods across the board, while continuing uncertainty either defers investment or drives cost reductions at American workers expense, and all at a time when costs of goods is rising, so American workers loose out on both ends.
        • Causing serious damage our international standing and reputation at a critical time, making us largely irrelevant in the international community — He’s a laughing stock internationally — they openly laughed at his address to the UN — he’s gutted the diplomatic corps, and effectively, he’s left a vacuum at a time when both China and Russia are moving to increase their international influence. The international community has basically put us on hold, waiting for a return in American policy to some semblance of sanity and stability, instead of being driven by the capriciousness and general understanding of a 5-year-old who’s apparently increasingly likely to start a war with Iran to try to distract Americans from his own legal imbroglios.

        Rather than defend the indefensible, we need to be getting our house in order, and looking for a non-criminal to promote our interests.

        Both Bill Weld and John Kasich have proven 2A track records, and were effective governors, able to gather voters from both sides of the aisle. Neither have the obvious and overwhelming political baggage associated with the current administration. and both were able to actually effectively drive legislation — something currently conspicuously lacking from the White House.

        1. John Kasich, please? Even if most of your post had any sort of factual content (it doesn’t), your statement that John Kasich is pro 2nd Amendment, would render it laughable.

        2. “Wake the F up”, EVERYTHING you copied & posted is directly from lies posted in Mother Jones. You post lies to make us laugh at your ignorance.
          I realize you are a basement dweller and believe that communism, under the Hildabeast, would give you everything for free, but you are just stupid and lazy.
          Crawl away, ignorant Canuck commie-wannabe, and leave the Americans alone.

          I laugh at your lies & ignorance.

          1. Really? Mother Jones has a rating of TICs track record on 2A issues? Thanks, so much, for enlightening us on that. I’m sure the rest of us would never have guessed…

            Kasich, while Governor of Ohio, signed off on a host of improvements in the CCW laws. If he was an anti- he’d have vetoed them.

            I’m sure it’s clear to the literate which of us is the ignorant one here. Try actually *reading* Muller’s report, instead of rotting your brain listening to the Echo Chamber of Hannity, and the other opportunistic non-journalistic pundits on Fox. Shepard Smith is hardly some left wing agitator, and he’s called out plenty of the lies and bull***t coming from the White House.

            Mueller, in case you’re so ignorant you have no idea who he *really* is, is a combat-decorated Marine and lifelong Republican with an impeccable reputation for professionalism and integrity, and being above politics, even in DC where that’s basically unheard of.

            Trump on the other hand, is a lifelong conman with a well-earned reputation for lying, and being caught out at it, not merely by the press, but in court where when push comes to shove under oath in court case after court case has admitted to lying. He takes lying as a point of pride. He openly admitted to lying to the Canadian Prime Minister, and presented that as if it was a good thing. Basically, anybody who believes a single word that comes out of his mouth is deluding themselves, and more interested in what they WANT to hear rather than actual truth.

            Opposing him and trying to find a viable non-anti, non-Democrat alternative is not un-American.

            Supporting a criminal with fascist delusions of grandeur, who routinely sucks up to and openly admits to admiring international strongmen, who clearly wants to become our very own Putin, is what’s un-American.

            Patriots care about our country more than subscribing to a sports mentality and blindly supporting politicians just because they’re ‘Team Red’ when they’ve clearly abandoned both Republican values and any semblance of credibility in favor of short-term political gamesmanship.

            What’s happened to the Republican party that supports fiscal conservatism? That supports free trade instead of tariff wars? That takes international diplomacy seriously as a means to combat expansionism by China and Russia? That distrusts authoritarians and opposes demagogues? That supports the rule of law? That, hypothetically anyway, cares about the ethics of their leadership?

            Trump has maintained his poll numbers with the Republican base, not because he’s a legitimate leader, but because moderate, and traditional conservative Republicans who care about issues more than ‘Go Team, Go Team, Rah, Rah, Rah’ are abandoning the party.

            So, wake the F up.

        3. WtFU, THANK YOU for your excellent post! Facts mean nothing to the brainwashed Foxbots here, even when the facts slap them in the face and are strangling them to death. Nevertheless, we need way more knowledgable and fearless posters to shine a light on the staggering ignorance of these un-American morons.

        4. @WtFU, Yes, I can see that you are the right person to lead the rebellion when Trump is elected next time. The timing would be perfect and millions of thoughtful Democrats would rise up to support you. Millions would spontaneously leave their homes to join your ranks. You can’t lose. You could declare yourself HMWIC. History is calling you.

        5. @ Wtfu It is so nice for a crack pot to have a place he can rock on his keyboard and spout all the BS you have gained from the snowflake crowd. You are totally without merit and Trump is at fault for Cuomo? Give me a break.Your two choices for 2020 in the republican party would be the worse of anything the democrats can offer. Let’s say DeBlasio would be more popular than either of these two.
          On a more authentic note, there has to be an impeachable offence before you can impeach anyone. Some one needs to spell this out letter for letter to the brain dead democrats. They have nothing but the pile they flush.

        6. Fuck RINO wannabe democrat John kasich. he’s much too unworthy. His record sucks. WTFU has to be a liberal socialist progressive marxist/democrat troll. Mod should get him gone for lying.

          1. I have allot of family that live in Ohio, they have lived there for generations. NONE are behind Kasich, he is notably sneaky and he has done very little to help (actually HELP) gun owners. No, Kasich is a HUGE ZERO ! Ohioans can finally buy the Shockwave shotguns in the state, the sometime thinkers in power have finally granted the O.K. that should have NEVER been a question.

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