Brady Should Apologize to Gun Owners for Vigil Exploitation

Brady Should Apologize to Gun Owners for Vigil Exploitation
Brady Should Apologize to Gun Owners for Vigil Exploitation, photo @TrevorHughes

BELLEVUE, WA-( While the Brady Campaign has expressed sorrow that some anti-gun politicians tried to turn a vigil for victims of the STEM School Highlands Ranch shooting into a gun control event, Brady should apologize to all American gun owners for allowing the attempted exploitation to happen, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms said today.

The event was reportedly organized by a Brady youth group called “Team Enough.” But Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet, who is among 23 Democrats now running for president, and Democrat Congressman Jason Crow reportedly tried to make this into a gun control campaign platform, and it backfired, according to published reports.

“The students and parents who attended the vigil didn’t deserve that,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb, “and neither do tens of millions of law-abiding gun owners whose rights are under constant attack. No honest gun owner is responsible for the STEM high school incident, and their rights should not be scapegoated by headline-hunting politicians trying to capitalize on tragedy.

“The Brady Campaign was well aware that an anti-gun politician would turn such a somber event into a gun control rally,” he added. “Instead, students and their parents were rightly offended and they responded appropriately by walking out.

“Wednesday’s vigil was supposed to honor the heroic sacrifice of 18-year-old Kendrick Castillo,” Gottlieb observed, “and to support other students who were injured, and give students a chance to speak from their hearts. Instead, it turned into a backdrop for gun control grandstanding. That was both appalling and insulting, not just to those in attendance, but every Second Amendment citizen whose rights are routinely blamed after such a horrific incident.

“The Brady Campaign and the politicians who tried to exploit this tragedy should be ashamed,” he concluded. “Every one of them owes the community, and the country, an apology.”

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    1. This is the contempt that these Gun Grabbers wait for when there is a shooting, they don’t care about the victims at all just it was about the guns!!!!! This shooting cost a fine you man his life as he made a stand to try to stop his fellow students from being killed,and the people that were trying to support his bravery, by honoring him, were in their way robbed of this by the Anti-Gun politicians, and Brady Brats on their contempt to disrupt a gathering to honor this brave young man! He should be honored to the highest!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. ‘exploitation’ is the operative term in this article. The politicians are trying to use innocent children to pander for votes. I’m glad to see the kids stand up and say no, unlike the fame seekers in Parkland.

    3. The gun control lobby are like ambulance chasers, waiting for the next unlawful shooting to make an appearance and pitch their B.S. Nevermind that tragedy, what about those guns?

    4. Don’t expect an apology anytime soon if ever. These people have no shame. They only care about one thing. That is the success of disarming law abiding American citizens. Why else would they vote against a bill requiring the reporting of illegals attempting to purchase firearms to law enforcement and ICE

    5. Jeezus this pisses me off to the Nth degree. I live very close to this city, I know people there… I am a Leftist, but a genuine Leftist, and therefore I believe in civilians’ rights, and oppose exploited power imbalances and handicapping and general civilians from responding to the same threats as the gov’s elite chosen and wealthy pals, through proven senseless restrictions, red tape, 4th Amendment loopholes, laws, taxation and unaccountability, or heightened accountability packed “gun control” measures.
      And I am disgusted by the hypocritical, pseudo-intellectual, sanctimonious people who have the nerve to refer to themselves as “the left”, love to pretend to be armchair activists, daydreaming that they are saving lives by filling in the ‘yes’ bubbles next to absolutely absurd and 100% useless “gun control” initiatives on absentee ballots, that are in fact accomplishing the opposite of what they pretend they’re fighting against initiatives backed by Billionaires with ulterior motives who have armed security, and are not/will not be held to the same standards. They should not have a monopoly on self defense, and the troopers/soldiers/members of or protected by a corrupt organization, branch, unit of authority or corrupt government or power, should be held to even higher standards than civilians, and their guaranteed victory pursuant to tyranny, Civil Rights abuses, predation, terrorism, and corruption should not be weighed entirely in their favor by civilian disarmament and enforced defenselessness, and their limitless powerin such a case. And assuming an armed civilian is likely or is more likely to be violent, or rash in using lethal force, short tempered, panicky, reckless, hopeful to encounter violence or eager to hurt or kill somebody than others, or law enforcement members is completely asanine.
      Expecting law enforcement to enforce the Civil Rights stomping, anti-2A initiatives to enforce these laws that in the case of this region, made plain and we’re outspoken on their total opposition of these initiatives.
      These are idiots who will back all of their decent points and arguments up with thorough and supportive, un-biased scientific data, studies, statistics and the opinions of experts, but absolutely refuse to acknowledge that all of these things overwhelmingly destroy their propaganda/manipulation/slogan based stances on their so-called “gun control” and “human rights activism” goals and if it came down to actual records and factual stats, you will have no argument, just a mantra and cardboard sign insisting your foolish, uneducated stance and proven countereffective, fraudulent “lifesaving” Civil Right abolishment “IS COMMON SENSE”.
      I especially hate partisanship being used as a ruse and subterfuge to connect issues that have no connection, and guaranteed Civil Rights that are NON-PARTISAN, to lull the followers into thinking “if you are really think that A, than you should also hate Z! Or you’re obviously not a real ________.”…. If you hate your Constitutionally guaranteed 2A Civil Rights, you have no right to forfeit mine, but you’re welcome to self-impose any guaranteed uninfringed Civil Rights and freedoms restrictions on yourselves! I personally speak to people with a broad spectrum of beliefs, politically and otherwise, and luckily, I have brought a lot of hypnotozed people to their senses and educated them as far as 2A truths.
      I saved 2 Civilian’s lives from a known, violent historied, psychotic homicidal and armed lunatic attacker last Summer, because luckily I was a carrying civilian, familiar firearms, and I kept a clear and quick mind. I saved the perpetrator’s life as well, because I was beyond justified to use deadly force, and the police most definitely would have. In fact, I found myself at the end of a black rifle’s barrel and 6 armedofficers, who luckily were able to put what happened together, and thanked me for my handling of each encounter. I have an incident report, and video to prove my point, and luckily it occurred close to the last 2A destroying Unconstitutional initiative, and became great examples that defied the illlogic and stereotypes of a lot of people that were under the spell. I had a conversation with the neighbor who had called it in a day or so later by chance from his apt. window, and it was clear that it made him think twice. This is hardly the first time that death and malicious attacks/acts were stopped and prevented. You are definitely safer from psychopaths and predators if I am near, and just watch some news or actually study and understand what and who you rabidly oppose and attack, do not stereotype or assume any other trait or stance, or intention or disposition based on my choice to carry, and enjoying or owning firearms.
      OUR CONSTITUTIONALLY GUARANTEED UNINFRINGED 2ND AMENDMENT CIVIL RIGHTS ARE NON-PARTISAN, AND NON-NEGOTIABLE. Psychopathic, evil, sadistic, violent and predatory monsters and villains are another guarantee. They don’t care about any law, they don’t rally or join in activist against oppressive, illegal attacks on our Civil Rights because they don’t care about trying to follow any law or guideline or whether they are breaking any by using the tool they choose to victimize, assault, kill or slaughter with, or how they obtain it (and no law will prevent them from obtaining it). Nobody who wants to massacre or assault innocent victims changes their mind because their was just new restrictive legislation on the firearm or component they planned to use, that is beyond stupid. And even more stupid, is somehow believing that rallying for a Constitutional Civil Right and people illegally under attack and villainized and compromised, and that it (2A) should not be monetized or restricted to the privileged and powerful…suggests the endorsement of the killing, wounding or massacring innocent people. And to exploit and capitalize on a tragedy by using it to promote, and be a prop for your ulterior motive, and a front to harass and assault people who you are falsely accusing of doing exactly what you are; THAT is disgusting and immoral, and it’s nothing but foul exploitative opportunism, illogic, propaganda and hypocrisy. What point are you making exploiting somebody else’s tragedy or suffering to pretend you are somehow representing, speaking for or getting justice for them!?

      1. You sound more like a libertarian . And yes I notice the coopting of the liber part of who you say you are and what the sociocommunist are trying to relabel themselves . If you can find it Neal Boortz used to have a quiz of questions to answer about yourself which he said would define a libertarian .

        1. @OV, I think that you are right. A verbose libertarian, but a libertarian none-the-less. Much rain here. Feeding by canoe. Regards to Sammy.

        2. They are just kids, calling out for someone to do something. They only know what they are taught or learn in just a few minutes of gunfire that disturbs our best in military. Education and awareness can empower them to protect themselves and others from these evil, unprovoked circumstances.unless you have been in a similar situation you have no right to place any judgement on them. I am am strong supporter of the 2nd and carry daily.

    6. If these politicians holding office would do the job they swore to do and uphold the Constitution instead of trying to do away with it, that would be great. They should all be impeached. They are wasting tax payers money. ⚔️️ God bless America.

      1. Impeached? That’s asking a committee of coyotes to declare that one of their own used his teeth to deal the fatal bite to that hen they all shared for supper last night.

        How’s about charges of felony perjury for swearing their oath to uphold and defent and enforce the Constitution, ten refusing to do so? Felony indictment, no guns, no vote, suspended from their duties as public officeholders pending trial. Convicted, no guns, no vote, no holding public office, no more lawyering, and hopefully no deciding where they can go next or what’s for supper, as their new custodians down at the local GreyBar Hotel will be making those dedicions for them for some time to come.

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