CMMG Resolute Rifle Creates a New Legend… In .350

CMMG Resolute Rifle in .350 Legend
CMMG Resolute Rifle in .350 Legend

Boonville, MO – -( CMMG Inc. is proud to announce that the RESOLUTE, chambered in .350 Legend, is now shipping to consumers. The .350 Legend is the fastest straight-walled hunting cartridge, with 20% less recoil and 20% more penetration than 243 Win. Chambering a CMMG AR15 in .350 Legend is the perfect combination for hunting and shooting.

It comes as no surprise that CMMG was first to chamber the .350 Legend in the AR platform. CMMG is known for its innovation of the AR, most recently with Radial Delayed Blowback (patent pending), POWERBOLT Mid-Sized Platform for 7.62×39 and non-traditional calibers, RipBrace/RipStock Technology and its AR Conversion Kits.

The .350 Legend is a .223 case blown out to have straight walls, making it the perfect cartridge for deer hunting in straight-walled cartridge states. The diameter of the round allows usage of an existing AR15 bolt and lower. A simple barrel and magazine swap from a .223/5.56 will have users shooting .350 Legend in no time, effectively taking game at distances up to 250 yards.

States such as Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Ohio and others, have been waiting for this cartridge in an AR.

The .450 Bushmaster causes pain to the shooter’s shoulder and the wallet. Hunters and shooters alike will appreciate the retail price of .350 Legend ammunition, which is more comparable to .223/5.56.

CMMG will offer the RESOLUTE .350 Legend in its 100, 200 and 300 series, ranging from $1,049.95 to $1,549.95 and ships with one, ten-round steel .350 Legend magazine. All models come with a 16-inch barrel and weigh between 6 pounds 3 ounces – 6 pounds 5 ounces. Complete .350 Legend uppers, barrels and magazines can be purchased separately.
CMMG 350 Legend

See the unveiling of the first AR chambered in .350 Legend at SHOT Show, covered by Gavintoobe.

CMMG Lifetime Quality Guarantee

CMMG, Inc. will guarantee its products against defects in material or workmanship. CMMG, Inc. will repair, replace or substitute part(s) (at CMMG, Inc. discretion) at no charge to the customer if a defect of material or workmanship is found. All service work must be carried out by CMMG, Inc.

CMMG logoAbout CMMG:

CMMG began in central Missouri in 2002 and quickly developed into a full-time business because of its group of knowledgeable and passionate firearms enthusiasts committed to quality and service. Its reputation was built on attention to detail, cutting edge innovation and the superior craftsmanship that comes from sourcing all their own parts. By offering high quality AR rifles, parts and accessories, CMMG’s commitment to top-quality products and professional service is as deep today as it was when it began.

For more information about CMMG Inc, please visit and follow: CMMG Inc

  • 6 thoughts on “CMMG Resolute Rifle Creates a New Legend… In .350

    1. Once again a moron writes an article. The article states, “The .350 Legend is a .223 case blown out to have straight walls.” That is not true. The base diameter in front of the extraction groove is .390″ in diameter and the mouth outside diameter is .378″. That is .015″ larger than a 223 case at the base. Now, could you use a 223 case and get away with it? Yeah, probably but it would not be recommended for anyone other than an experienced handloader. But hey, let’s not let facts stand in the way of some good old fashioned gun rag quality article.

    2. How does it compare to 300blk? I feel like there’s a mad rush to release new round after new round on the AR. Why? Isn’t there enough options for every type of shooter already? Personally u don’t care for a straight wall round, and if I did I would go 450 Bushmaster. Why not have to best possible round for knocking deer over?

      1. The 300AAC is a 100yd cartridge at best on deer and very few projectiles will expand/penetrate at that velocity on medium game. The 350 Legend has bullets designed specifically to expand/penetrate out to 150 yards. The 350 Legend also can use readily-available, hard cast, gas check lead bullets as well. This should truly be a great 150 yds (think big woods) caliber with excellent performance and very mild recoil. The 450 BM has a performance advantage, but it comes at the cost of recoil and that much power is not required to kill deer at big woods distances.

    3. The 350 Legend looks like nothing more than an update of the 351 WSL cartridge. Why not bring this rifle out in 351 WSL and 401 WSL? Hornady could make ammo for 351 & 401 with polymer tip bullets and super speed. I’m sure many owners of Wincher model 07 and model10 would like to see new ammo being manufactured.

    4. Just what we need another useless caliber for another expensive rifle. As far as hunting goes I already have hunting rifles and my favorite is my 80 year old k98. I notice no ones talking about the cost of this new wonder cartridge or for that matter where can you buy it

      1. Useless? LMAO

        The cost will actually be quite reasonable, possibly less than the ammo to feed your K98. My recent 6.8SPC build was under $700 with quality components and I expect the 350 Legend to be in the same range once more houses begin making barrels for it this summer.

        I understand that you have little concept of the AR platform since that is what this article refers to. Your 7.92×57mm cartridges would never fit in the AR15 magazine which restricts the OAL to 2.250 to 2.260″ and that is the entire point. An AR15 with a 16″ M4 contour barrel would weigh about 7# with reasonably priced, lightweight components. It would have the capability to deliver humane energy levels to take whitetail at any distance you could pick a shot to within a mature hardwoods. This will be a great setup for shooters of smaller stature that gunt the woods.

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