Democrats Unhinged Over Alabama’s Abortion Bill

Democrats Unhinged Over Alabama's Abortion Bill
Democrats Unhinged Over Alabama's Abortion Bill

U.S.A.-( Alabama's mostly Republican lawmakers and governor passed a strong abortion ban this week, and liberals are fit to be tied.

“Today, I signed into law the Alabama Human Life Protection Act, a bill that was approved by overwhelming majorities in both chambers of the legislature,” said Gov. Kay Ivey. “To the bill's many supporters, this legislation stands as a powerful testament to Alabamians' deeply held belief that every life is precious and that every life is a sacred gift from God.”

In today's secular culture, the governor's invocation of God is almost as bold as signing the bill into law. But it's gratifying that some public officials are willing to observe that respect for life is fundamentally a spiritual issue.

I'm sure many leftists are horrified at the reference to God, but they have their hands full hyperventilating over the strictness of the law itself, and so, they will probably let this slide for now. The bill prohibits abortion except when the life of the mother is in jeopardy or the unborn child has a “lethal anomaly.” The bill makes it a felony for doctors to perform or attempt to perform an abortion.

In her statement, Ivey acknowledged that the law might not be constitutional under the Supreme Court's notorious 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion in all 50 states. But she noted that the bill's sponsors hope the bill will prompt the court to revisit this issue.

Not to be unduly pessimistic, but frankly, I'm not sure why Democrats are so exercised. Justices Roberts and Kavanaugh have both expressed their abiding respect for longstanding Supreme Court precedent, apparently even if, like Roe, its rationale was manufactured out of whole cloth. The court's decision was not only egregious in substance — inventing a constitutional right to abortion out of imaginary language in the Constitution creatively referred to as “emanations” and “penumbras”; its effect on society was just as bad.

Before the decision, the issue of abortion was the prerogative of the individual states, determined democratically by their duly elected representatives. The court's fiat was not only erroneous on its face; it tyrannically divested the authority of the states. This federal judicial travesty sparked national acrimony over abortion. Judicial tyranny, where it occurs, is just as bad as executive despotism.

Here we are almost 50 years later, and the court still hasn't overturned Roe. But when any of the sovereign states dares to pass a law outside Roe's parameters, liberals become unhinged, huffing hysterically about the state's audacity to deviate from the court's ruling.

Yet every day, liberals around the nation enact measures they know violate existing constitutional precedent with the undisguised intent that they serve as test cases and that courts, under relentless pressure from their activism, will change the law. When liberals do it, it's noble activism; when conservatives do it, it's anarchy.

The Guardian, for example, framed the Alabama law in racial and gender terms. Why not? That's what liberals do. It's almost all they know anymore. “These 25 Republicans — all white men — just voted to ban abortion in Alabama,” the headline reads. The law, according to the article, “will disproportionately affect black and poor women, because they are more likely to seek abortions, and less likely to have resources to obtain an abortion out-of-state.”

Not once did the article allude to the only innocent party in the equation: the unborn baby. Nor did it mention that America's abominably liberal abortion laws result in the grossly disproportionate killing of innocent black babies. Pro-life leaders in the black community have said that “the most dangerous place for an African-American is in the womb” and that abortion “is the most institutionalized form of racism” in America.

Planned Parenthood, the left's favorite abortion factory, was outraged at the bill. “Today is a dark day for women in Alabama and across the country,” said Staci Fox, CEO of Planned Parenthood Southeast. “Banning abortion is horrible … We will take this to court and ensure abortion remains safe and legal and accessible in the state of Alabama.” She forgot “profitable.”

Democratic leaders were seemingly in a competition over who could condemn the law most harshly. Hillary Clinton said it is an example of “appalling attacks on women's lives and fundamental freedoms.” We can safely infer that she was not factoring in the female babies' lives the law would protect. Sen. Elizabeth Warren said the “ban is dangerous and exceptionally cruel.” She did not comment on whether the law is cruel to the unborn babies. Warren and Sen. Kamala Harris both noted that the law is an attack on Roe v. Wade.

Yes, that's kind of the point, and Alabama's Republicans are admitting it. Isn't it about time the court revisited Roe in earnest? What these Democrats don't say is that their best hope of preserving existing abortion law is for the court to affirm its lawless 1973 decision, either through some newly created legal fiction or in almost-idolatrous fidelity to long-standing but screamingly bad precedent.

As I say, I doubt the court, even as currently constituted, will overrule Roe outright, but it would be a glorious day for America, and for God's innocent unborn babies, if it were to do so.

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  • 43 thoughts on “Democrats Unhinged Over Alabama’s Abortion Bill

    1. Abortion, sadly, has become the new “birth control” for the lazy or stupid… BUT this method DOES take an innocent life. I can see the rape or incest deal, BUT we all know it will be used as a means to the end those pregnancies in those that weren’t actually raped. They will pull the “I don’t know who raped me” card and the known “depositor” walks free….And an innocent life is taken. The incest end is harder to lie about since you have to name the family member responsible and the DNA would have to match. 95% of the problem comes down to the woman responsibility to use birth control as SHE if the final resting place for the sperm deposited in her from whomever. I am NOT taking the male off the hook as they can be extremely dumb when the blood floe id diverted to the other head. Abortion CANNOT be used as a form of birth control anymore.

    2. If Democrats would only oppose abortion and accept that the public, out of necessity, will be required to support a large percentage of the resultant children, in only 18 years they will have even more Democratic voters. But, peehaps 18 years has always seemed too long to wait for those so in need of immediate gratification that they can’t keep there knees together, when new Democratic voters can be more quickly created out of illegal immigrants…

      Republican and conservative opposition to abortion has always been on moral ground that will likely only lead to our own abjection.

    3. It’s time that Americans stand up for the rights the unborn. We have been silent too long and allowed the slaughter of 54 million innocent lives. As a pro life Christian I am against taking of innocent lives. Women think that abortion is a right they have when they have causal and unprotected sex and get pregnant.
      Abortion is an abomination to God and our country is suffering the consequences of wicked sinfulness. I am from Alabama and very proud our state took this stand against abortion.

    4. Remember you are now setting hte Standard for ALL State laws concerning COnstituional rights- THE STATE DECIDES!
      Enjoy the CA gun laws when they come to your stae you are earning them!

      1. Bob, it doesn’t, but if you haven’t noticed by now, Ammoland does offer commentary and news that is not firearm-related. Yes, most of their news and commentary does concern hunting, conservation, and arms, but clearly not all of it. If you don’t want to read something that you consider “off-topic”, don’t read it.

            1. There is something to be said for fighting for life, which is why we care about the second amendment to begin with.

    5. To me abortion is the same as the holocaust. Nazi murders millions of Jews, Democrats murder millions of babies.Not no difference. If you don’t want kids,keep them legs closed and don’t bend over. Stick to oral sex.

    6. I have no problem with a woman ending the possibility of a more difficult life for a child.
      If they know they will not love it and provide for it, let them end it.
      Abortion is better than a child growing up with someone that considers them a burden. Someone who blames them for ruining their life.
      I don’t personally believe it is right, but a bunch of people don’t believe me owning a gun is right either.
      Anytime we allow a government to dictate right and wrong we get closer to total government control.
      Forcing women to have them just gives the world more angry, neglected, unreasonable, victim minded (democratic) voters.
      As for the rights of the unborn….I suppose allowing the abortion to happen now will keep me from having to pay to raise them later.
      One abortion now prevents welfare, food stamps, Medicare, Medicaid, mental health and prison costs later on.
      Anytime we give away the ability to decide for our own futures, personal liberty takes a hit.

      1. So murder is a right? Is that in the 10 Commandments or the Bill of Rights? There are plenty wanting to adopt and there are plenty of methods to prevent conception !

      2. I bet you march too, like Maxine Walters, because your Mother could not have an abortion. If she could have, I wonder what she would have done if thinking you were of no worth.

        Killing the unwanted young, allows killing the unwanted old. You no doubt robbed death once……time will tell if can you do it again. Will your golden years be golden or your worst nightmare?

        1. I guess I didn’t make my point well enough.
          I don’t personally believe abortion is right.
          But I also believe that I cannot expect my rights to individual freedom and liberties to remain available to me while I take away individual freedoms and liberties from others.
          A child, no matter how precious, is ultimately the responsibility of it’s (no gender) parents. They know their situation better than we do. It is their decision to make.
          If they decide to have it, great. Let the responsibility and burden be theirs.
          If they abort it, that is sad. BUT, it will eliminate any future hardships experienced by the parents, society, government agencies and even the child.
          We are currently dealing with lots of hard life, emotionally empty and unguided adults that could have been much nicer people had dad not left and mommy loved them.
          And no I do not march. You can’t know enough about me from my one comment to make an accusation like that.
          I can determine from your comment that you open your mouth before your brain has a chance to truly comprehend what you just read.
          Have a great closed minded sanctimonious existence and understand that your inability to extend love, understanding and forgiveness to those around you , that make decisions in their life using information you don’t have access to, goes contrary to everything true Christianity teaches.
          WE do not judge anyone. GOD judges in the end. By judging those around us we are trying to be GOD. That sir, is a sin.

    7. The faulty premise with the well written and reasoned article is that it is rooted in a religious premise, and for all its good intentions it remains an argument based on a faulty premise in our form of Constitutional Republic. One’s notion of one’s God is outside the bounds of law making.

      If one argues that during any period of the gestation process is impactful on a baby and therefore aborted said process is murder then it follows that the physician or individual causing the abortion, the pregnant female, and anyone who conspired to enact the process have committed murder and treated as such.

      The central issue is a health care choice by an individual and based on informed consent to exercise one’s best judgement. Casting the shadow of one’s religious ideas on another is antithetical to our system and way of life.

      1. Our Creator endowed all men with the right to bear arms because He also endowed us with the right to live. If you think protecting the human right to life in the womb is relegated to religion, then give up your guns because God is the only source of that right. Not government. Not men.

    8. In this day and age there is no reason a woman can get pregnant when she doesn’t want to and if it does happen there is always the day after pill that can be taken.
      Planned parenthood needs to get out of the abortion business and get into the information on how not to get pregnant business.

      1. Well now Alabamans will have to drive to New York where you can have a discussion with your Doctor, after your baby has been out of the birth canal, about whether you want the baby or not, and Doctor will kill the baby for you! It is legal to literally kill your baby after birth there!
        Furthermore, as long as our money says “In God we trust” let not anyone tell you not to say GOD!!!

    9. It would be logical to use the same metric for beginning and end of life.
      Currently brain wave function is used for end of life.
      The few available studies identify that brain wave function starting at 8 to 10 weeks after conception.

    10. YOUR WRONG! This should be a woman’s right to choose, and there many reasons why. You, the state, and every one else should mind their own business. Keep your nose in your own yard.

      1. Agreed. I believe abortion is murder. However I also believe in being free and the State should only protect borders and establish infrastructures. After that the State should stay out of everyone’s business. We will all answer to God when we die. Let’s stay out of each others business.

      2. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I am under the understanding that it takes a male and female (of any living being) to reproduce. This said, how is it that it is only a woman’s right to literally make a life or death decision? Further, how is it that the (necessary) male portion of the equation isn’t a part of the decision?
        A “REAL Man” should readily accept his part in that which he had a part in creating.
        Then again, it appears there are no “Real Men” only selfish, self centered, lust driven, pleasure seeking, “oxygen consumers.”

      3. THANK YOU, Marginalmind!
        I’ve been saying that for YEARS.
        So, a two-cell zygote now has more rights in’Bama than a human being? Superstitious old women! If I have to flee Virginia (a distinct possibility, depending on what happens in November), Alabama will NOT neon my list!

      4. CARRY ON, Brother George! Anyone who says, “Stay OUT of my gun locker!” then turns around and says, “Your uterus, my rules!” needs to do some serious introspection! Same goes for all those screeching libs doing the exact opposite!

        1. Bob, why did the female get pregnant to begin with? Birth control is *free* for females. There is no good reason for a female to get pregnant “accidentally”. Once there is a viable life-form in utero, the female is killing a person. Look at NYS and the comment by Governor Northam (D-VA), one legalized the killing of a baby post-birth, the other stated that should be legal.

          The biggest issue with Planned Parenthood is that it was started by a eugenicist. Another issue is that most of their “clinics” are in poor minority areas. It seems the link to the beginnings of the organization are still there and strong. If you do not believe in discrimination, you should not believe in Planned Parenthood. They don’t seem to prevent pregnancies, but they surely terminate them. If you don’t believe terminating pregnancies is killing something, how is it you believe that full-term pregnancies result in live births?

            1. Grim, “put my gun away”? I have not killed anyone, nor do I ever plan on it. However, self-defense is not murder and defense of self and other is still legal in the USA. Additionally, as an Atheist, I really don’t care what the “Ten Commandments” state. If you actually read the Bible and the “Ten Commandments”, you would find that you are in violation of at least one by your judgment of me. The Bible states Jesus said that “let the one without sin throw the first stone”. I gather you are sinless?

      5. “This should be a woman’s right to choose” that statement is true where i have issues with it is when it is our tax money that pays for it. YOU DID THE DEED you pay for it one way or the other.

      1. @Dr S and Robert, Everything that you have written is true, and I concur. Sadly and with great regret, I must bring up this hypothetical point: Which groups of persons, in America, are using abortion as first choice birth control? What would be their population numbers if abortion were not available?

        1. @ Wild Bill, My thoughts concur with what you said. That could be taken two ways. One way would be to honor the God given right to life and the pursuit of happiness, or “Thou shall not kill”. The other would be the lack of parenting the child would receive and how much tax payers would have to pay from cradle to death. Of the 60,000 NY babies aborted, how many would be productive citizens and how many would be a drain on society. No one knows. The responsibility and upbringing of years long gone are different now and very non existing.

          1. @Tcat, it used to be that each baby was a great blessing, the best of entertainment, a helping hand, and a comfort in old age. Now, somehow, children are a burden on the women, a bar to career progression, a financial drain on society’s safety net programs, and a vote for the wrong party. What happened?

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