GOA to SCOTUS: Don’t “Balance” the 2A with Gun Control

Opinion By Jordan Stein
Editors Note; The case NYSRPA v. New York City is backed by the NRA in corrdination with the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association.

Bill de Blasio, Mayor of New York City
Bill de Blasio, Mayor of New York City, the defendant in the case NYSRPA v. New York City.

USA – (AmmoLand.com)- Gun Owners Foundation and Gun Owners of America have filed an amicus brief before the Supreme Court in NYSRPA v. New York City.

New York is known for its onerous gun control, like a so-called “assault weapon” ban and universal background checks. However, New York City ramps up the infringement of the Second Amendment to a whole new level.

Consider that to own a firearm in New York City, one must have a license from the police commissioner.

The city grants two types of gun licenses — one for “carry,” another for possessing a firearm on one’s “premises.” It is virtually impossible for the average citizen to obtain a “carry” license, as they are only given to the rich and influential. However, the “premises” license provides hardly any more relief.

If one obtained a “premises” license, he or she is prohibited from removing the handgun from the listed address, unless it is to take it to an “authorized” range or state “authorized” hunting location.

Clearly, beyond the many Second Amendment infringements, these policies create practical problems for honest gun owners. Consider that one with a “premises” license cannot even transport the firearm to a shooting event or a second home outside the city.

And when these regulations were challenged, the Carter-appointed judge upheld the restrictions, using mental gymnastics to claim that “nothing in the Second Amendment requires municipalities or states to allow citizens to transport their firearms.”

When this case was petitioned to the Supreme Court, Gun Owners of America and Gun Owners Foundation filed an amicus brief, urging America’s highest court to hear the case. And now for the first time since the almost decade-old Heller and McDonald decisions, the Supreme Court agreed to hear a Second Amendment case.

GOA and GOF are continuing to support this [NRA sponsored] case by submitting another amicus brief in the appeal to SCOTUS. In fact, the brief makes the case that the lower courts cannot continue to try to “balance” the right to keep and bear arms with alleged “public safety.”

As stated in the brief:

In deciding this case, [the Supreme] Court should not ask to what degree Second Amendment rights have been infringed, but rather whether they have been infringed at all. If they have, the Second Amendment makes the decision an easy one… [A]ny policy making or interest balancing that may be required has already been done — by the People — in their ratification of the Second Amendment. This Court’s task, then, is a simple one — to enforce that mandate from the People.

GOA and GOF are optimistic that this case will provide much-needed relief to New Yorkers and those “living behind enemies lines” in anti-gun states.

Gun Owners Of America Jordan Stein is the Director of Communications for Gun Owners of America (GOA), a grassroots organization representing more than 2 million gun owners. He can be followed on Twitter at @jordankstein.

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The Second Amendment is NOT a government “allowance” of a gun – it is a RIGHT to the CAPABILITY of American citizens being enabled, through ownership of EFFECTIVE firearms, to DEFEND THEIR FREEDOMS! All guns do not ENABLE THE CAPABILITY intended in the Second Amendment. Outlawing semi-automatic AR15 type rifles and standard full capacity magazines is NOT a “reasonable compromise” – IT IS THE ENDGAME! It is the difference between an effectively armed citizenry that possesses the capability to defend it’s freedoms – and a citizenry restricted by law to low capacity sporting arms that NO LONGER possesses the capability… Read more »


In Australia there is no Second Amendment – politicians are free to outlaw classes of firearms that they label “ASSAULT WEAPONS” which is any and every firearm and standard full capacity magazine that they deem to be “TOO DANGEROUS” for citizen ownership. In the USA we have a constitutional right – THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. IT IS THE LAW OF THE LAND! – It means that politicians are free to outlaw classes of firearms that they label “ASSAULT WEAPONS” which is any and every firearm and standard full capacity magazine… Read more »

The Revelator

Ahhh. The GOA

The No Compromise, less corrupt, and more honest option to the NRA. Way to go again, keep it up guys!

Love the smell of freedom,
Very glad I joined the GOA


The Federal Courts and Judiciary are CORRUPT.

The Revelator

Something many of us have been saying when warning people who don’t understand the Constitution and want to recognize the Supreme Court as having more power than it has as per the Constiution.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Wild Bill

and Rev, You’ve said a lot in few words. I’d like to recommend “Our Lost Constitution” It spotlights on the justices, their motives, and cases where the path got bent.

The Revelator

@Wild Bill

Yes, I am familiar with it and have been well behind anything written by Senator Mike Lee thus far. When Our Lost Constitution was being released, I got to hear the interview Mike Lee did on TheBlaze network.

Sharp guy, and with a little luck perhaps we can get him on the supreme court.

Military Guy

I love the title of the article however you are forgetting one thing. The 2nd Amendment is gun control in the earliest years of this country. The only thing that it doesn’t state is what type of gun a person can have. When people try to make the argument that we should have the AR-15 as a hunting rifle or have it for home defense I then have to explain that there is no difference than the M-4. Also when your in the Military you’re taught to shoot in one – three round burst. There is no difference between the… Read more »


Ok first off, I’d like you to cite your stats, throwing out numbers like “90%” of Americans agree with you is just pure nonsense. Secondly, any opinion regarding the second amendment has to recognize it’s purpose. Gun control advocates avoid this like the plague. The 2nd amendment was designed to allow citizens to protect themselves against government tyranny. Period. Forget hunting and sport shooting and even self home defense. You better recognize.

Ted Eng

[It goes without saying, as we have all just lived through a war against the British Empire, that a government controlled militia can pose a danger to the general populace. However,] A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security [from foreign invasion] of a free State, [must exist. Therefore,] the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed [so that very Militia cannot be used against them].

Read it

The justice department classifies weapons as in popular demand .

Deplorable Bill

Sir there is a LOT of difference between a AR 15 and a M-4. The M-4 is a FULLY AUTOMATIC firearm meaning you hold down the trigger and you empty the magazine. The AR-15 is a single shot for a single pull of the trigger. A semi-automatic firearm. As far as a lethal killing machine goes, a 556 bullet is not what the average knowledgeable military trained or even civilian would choose. The military chose it because most engagements are under 200 meters AND you can carry about twice the ammo verses carrying 762 x 51 (308) ammo. The hype… Read more »

Wild Bill

Gentlemen, he is just a lying troll looking for responses.


My question is, why so much focus on one particular type of gun? Every person who opposses guns, even in the slightest, references the AR-15. How did this become the de-facto weapon of choice? The average hunting rifle is way more powerful. An AR-15 chambered in 223 is easily out gunned by a 12 gauge, especially if we are talking like a Mossberg pump. I was at the gun range the other day and I was unbeknownst to me they were having a demo/meet-n-great with a local SWAT team. They had their APC and bevy of weapons out and all… Read more »

Jon Michael

The AR platform basically comes in every caliber that exists with varying magazine capacities determined by cartridge size. While that may not have been the case when it was first introduced, it had been true for over 15 years now. While I only own a fraction of the calibers available, I have them in: 22lr 9mm 223/5.56mm 300BLK/7.62x35mm 7.62x39mm 308/7.62x51mm 450 Bushmaster/11.5x43mm To say the AR platform is not “well suited” for any particular use is totally absurd due to the scalability and customization available. It’s great for training children to shoot, home defense, small game hunting, large game hunting,… Read more »

Wild Bill

@TANK, I believe that the AR-15, because it looks like the M-16, is a symbol that will get the enemies of the Constitution to a precedent. Then the precedent can be applied to all other firearms, archery, blades, etc.
Those who hate our Constitutional Republic should not fear my gun. They should fear my lawn mower gas can.


Thank you, Deplorable Bill. Every thing you said is “right on”. Military Guy is only military in his own feeble mind. Nothing he says is correct. On that bit about ” the police are not required by law to stand and defend the public”, that is not just AZ. That is the entire USA. The Supreme Court has made that ruling on several cases where people wanted to hold police responsible for not saving a specific individuals life. It is NOT the job of police to prevent the death or great bodily harm of any individual. Police are not body… Read more »


“The 2nd Amendment is gun control in the earliest years of this country” is false statement. There is nothing in the Bill of Rights put there to limit the People. Instead, the Bill of Rights was drafted and ratified by the People with the sole purpose of limiting government. So, when the 2A says “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” that is a restriction on what government can do and they’ve already way overstepped their bounds. I hope you will go back and actually read the Constitution and Bill of Rights as… Read more »


What a stupid premise. From your first word to your last, you prove that you are either stupid of a liberal, gun control shill. The Constitution(INCLUDING and ESPECIALLY the 2nd Amendment) had nothing to do with GUN control and everything to do with GOVERNMENT control. The import of every listed freedom is not to grant those freedoms but rather to PROTECT them from the government. The founding fathers had just faced tyranny from the government they had rebelled against. They were not about to create another tyranny. The AR15 is a semi automatic, the M4 is fully automatic. Neither of… Read more »


“And the NFA of 1934 and ALL other federal laws limited or requiring the licensing of firearms are Constitutional.”

NONE of the other federal laws limiting or… Oops.

Wild Bill

, He also proves to be a paid, first rung, disinformation operator.

James May

The 2nd Amendment says the people keep and bear arms, it doesn’t say except for mean looking arms or except for military arms. In fact when you look at the times it specifically includes military arms. The only question is does it cover crew served arms.


At the time the Bill of Rights was ratified, it was common for citizens to own cannon. That should answer your question. YES, the 2nd Amendment covers crew served arms. Any man who owned ships used to transport goods across an ocean had to own cannon to protect the freight from pirates.


Military Guy, you need to go back and relearn your firearm history. The AR-15 was designed for and sold on the civilian market before the military started looking at it and later modified it to a military grade weapon as the M-16 a select fire capable Assault rifle. The M4 is the same. The fact that we trained to use these weapons primarily in semi-auto mode does not make them identical to the AR-15. The AR is a civilian grade weapon that has never had select fire capability. Second the 2nd Amendment was not gun control. It stated clearly that… Read more »

The Revelator

@Military Guy Since Green Watch Dog is no longer here, I see you are claiming his “King of the idiots” crown. “I love the title of the article however you are forgetting one thing. The 2nd Amendment is gun control in the earliest years of this country.” Ok first of all, the second Amendment is not a Gun Control bill, and never has been at any point in history. What it was when it was ratified in 1791 was a restriction, a prohibition against all levels of Government from creating laws designed to interfere with, control, or limit individual ownership… Read more »

J.D. Bailey

IAt the time the Second Amendment was written, citizens were armed as well as, if not better than the military. That was its intent. Technology changes, the Constitution does not. It was written in so that the likes of you could never strip people of a right that they were born with. The right to self defense is a human right. Whether it be from a thug or a tyrannical government. You cited support of moderates. First th Constitution was written to defend the rights of Citizens of our Republic against even the tyranny of the majority. Which is a… Read more »

Charles Moore

It does not matter in the least what 100% of the people want – RIGHTS are non-negotiable and exist outside of the sphere of public opinion and influence. MY rights (ANY of them) are NOT up for discussion, barter or oppression by tyrants. Tyrants are perfectly eligible for hanging, etc., without discussion on the matter; opinions don’t count there, either. Weapons bans of any kind are illegal (see Verdugo-Urquidez decision). We, the people, ARE the militia that is spoken and we are required to possess and be skilled with the types of arms that are currently in military use at… Read more »


Until theres resistance nothing will change, But police are the good guys remember, they are just doing there job when they violate your rights by going door to door enforceing the safe act!!..Todays Royal Army is called police!!.or law enforcement!!

Heed the Call-up

Free, the police do not go door-to-door enforcing the SAFE Act. The police do not even know who has the unregistered firearms, the reason being – they are not registered. NYS stated after that was passed that they didn’t have any way of enforcing it and had no plans to do so. They obviously cannot prosecute and imprison about one million or more of their citizens for violating that act. They don’t even have the resources to enforce all their other firearm laws that felons already violate, and of which they know many of those that are in violation of… Read more »


Ask residents of New Orleans if the police when door to door confiscating firearms during Katrina.


That only happened because the police and national guard were going door to door to every house looking for bodies, and survivors and were thus able to ask the question. It’s wasn’t just the police, and they were going to every door. That said, such an action is now illegal. The Federal Katrina act was passed in 2006 outlawing using a disaster as grounds for collecting firearms or prohibiting their carry. Most states passed a similar state level Katrina Law as well. But that door to door was in a small area where communication between the residents was impossible due… Read more »

Heed the Call-up

nosferatu, we are not discussing NO, and that was already ruled unconstitutional. The SAFE Act has not been ruled upon, but by its words, it is clearly unconstitutional. And as I stated, it is written that NYS admits they have no ability to enforce that act. Have you read anything to show that the police in NYS are going door-to-door confiscating arms and arresting its citizens? I can guarantee that they are not.

The Revelator

@Heed the Call-up The purpose of the law is not to enforce in mass, but to target individuals slowly one at a time. Think about it this way. 1. A family member has an argument with another they know has a firearm in violation and reports it. Instant Felony, confiscation, and theft of individual rights going forward. 2. Another incident, or mistaken address raid finds arms not conforming to the unconstitutional law resulting in the same as point 1. The law isn’t meant for mass confiscation, but a slow strangulation of the Individual rights by turning law abiding good citizens… Read more »

Heed the Call-up

The Revelator, yes, I understand that, but I was refuting the OP’s statement that stated NYS police were doing such, which they clearly are not, cannot, and admitted that they cannot.

The Revelator

@Heed the Call-up For door to door confiscation yes you are correct, they are not and cannot. But, what they are trying to achieve is piecemeal targeting. Prime examples of this have been out of state travelers coming home through New York, New Jersey, DC, Massachusetts, Connecticut…… Who having firearms from another home or purchased in another state legally, are moving, or coming back from a trip are transporting them to their final destination get stopped and arrested for violations. My own comment was not on what they are doing, but where they are trying to get to. Don’t forget… Read more »

Heed the Call-up

Revelator, yes, I do understand that, and I do agree with you on that. I was only addressing the discussion points, trying not to expand the discussion within the thread. I am well-aware, as the rest of us that read these stories here and elsewhere, of what these anti-rights states do to individuals.


So freewill, what are YOU personally going to do about it in the next couple of weeks? Big hat, no cattle just like so many others who say this stuff.


Lol, another keyboard tough guy. What are YOU doing to support rights NOT given by the government? Yeah, thought so. You wimps are SO eager to give up more and more rights in the name of “safety”. PERCEIVED safety I might add, not REAL safety.
Your family must be thrilled to have a coward such as yourself as THEIR first responder.

Heed the Call-up

nosferatu, you must be living in opposite world. Posters here clearly are not the wimps that you speak of, we are not giving up rights in the name of safety. We are fighting against bad bills and laws, and if you look at the progress made, we have been quite successful, 42 states have “Shall Issue” or Constitutional Carry. That did not exist 3 decades ago. Yes, there are some battles lost, but there are many battles, and many victories.

Wild Bill

@Heed, I can not agree with you more. As long as we use fun as our main weapon things will continue to go our way. There are more organizations, clubs, and gun games than ever. Armed resistance, and civil war is just a lot of sweaty, complicated, hard work. Blue nosed, old money, elitists used to call them “murder weapons”. No one calls them that anymore. Then east coast morality keepers tried to label them “Saturday Night Specials”. No one calls them that anymore, either. Now we call them “My Barbecue Pistol” ! As long as we use fun and… Read more »

Richard Nascak

“We know of no other enumerated constitutional right whose core protection has been subjected to a freestanding “interest-balancing” approach. The very enumeration of the right takes out of the hands of government–even the Third Branch of Government–the power to decide on a case-by-case basis whether the right is really worth insisting upon. A constitutional guarantee subject to future judges’ assessments of its usefulness is no constitutional guarantee at all. Constitutional rights are enshrined with the scope they were understood to have when the people adopted them, whether or not future legislatures or (yes) even future judges think that scope too… Read more »

Frank V Brizzi

Sorry I dont put much faith in the SCOTUS because of Roberts and Kavanaugh


I get Roberts but why do you say Kavanaugh? He has backed gun rights in the past.

Wild Bill

@ Chad, What you say is true, but Kavanaugh’s backing is deeply flawed. We take comfort in Kavanaugh’s minority dissent, when the D.C. Circuit panel’s majority upheld the District of Columbia’s ban (before the case went to the Supreme Court) on possession of most semi-automatic rifles and its registration requirement for all guns in D.C. Here is an excerpt from Kavanaugh’s dissent: “In Heller, the Supreme Court held that handguns – the vast majority of which today are semi-automatic – are constitutionally protected because they have not TRADITIONALLY been banned and are in common use by law-abiding citizens. There is… Read more »


Gentlemen, Judges are lawyers. Lawyers are a product of law schools. Anyone think that the same libera rot that pervades K-16 and grad school hasn’t spread through law schools? Just like conservative professors are outnumbered 100 or 1000 to 1 in regular U’s, I would imagine the same is true at law schools. After all, you hear terms like “social justice” bandied about like there were various types of justice, and some were more superior than others. Bottom line on this is that we’re seeing the same rot affecting America in our Judicial system as throughout society. Occasionally, people like… Read more »

Al Cummings

Law schools are already infected.They protest Kavanaugh teaching courses, this is only one example. There are many more.

Wild Bill

@AC., I believe that was England. My question is “If Kavanaugh is to sit on the SCOTUS, then shouldn’t he be spending his time busily studying a little U.S. Constitutional law himself, rather than moonlighting to pick up spare change?”

Douglas Kuykendall

Seems like the people in these states like NY,CA you know all the communist states, nobody votes. NY race 3.5 to demorat,a little over 2.2 million for gop.Now you telling me there is only 6 million people in NY! Same goes for kalifornia,check out total votes in these states. Looks like there are a lot of lazy gop people.So if you don’t get off your asses an vote, you get what you got,really simple to deduct.

Racer x

Douglas,in his last election king Cuomo the second only won 14 of the 62 counties in New York state,the counties he lost were by 20 to 30 percentage points,iits not a matter of the gop not voting but more of the large urban cities controlling the entire state.

Douglas Kuykendall

I understand what you’re saying,but if you look at the numbers I know damn well there is more than 2.2 million gop in the whole state.


Telling, is NYs attempt, once Cert was granted by the Supremes, to go back and water down it’s own restrictive (infringing) legislation, in a child’s attempt to get out of trouble, hoping the Supremes then grant their request to hold the Cert moot and dismiss. The Supremes did not drink NYs kool aide!

The Supremes must now send a loud and clear message to the district and appellant courts, as well state legislatures, any infringement, 1%, 5% or whatever, will not be tolerated, regardless how the legislatures or lower courts twist and spin their agenda and/or opinions.

The Revelator

@John Dunlap You put too much faith in the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court doesn’t have powers not granted to it by the Constitution, and Judges as men are just as prone to corruption as their fellow men. Should they send a clear message? Yes, as long as that message is the Second Amendment and the rest of the Constitution are clear on this issue and the states, localities, and all federal authorities are prohibited from interfering. The Constitution is clear.. Don’t, however, grant power of approval to a group of men/women who also must follow the constitution but have… Read more »

Nathan Hale

Seems to me that it is boiling down to the “cities” vs. the “Country “ – the large Metropolitan centers of Population now control the politics of the State. City folks, generally have all their needs provided for them; Police, Fire, water, sewer, trash collection, shopping, Etc.. whereas the Country folks are much more self sufficient ( I.e, independent) in providing those amenities for themselves. Hence, the Cities are now the “Collective “ and Country “ Individualist “. This can be seen in its fruition in Europe and the demise of their culture. I think we’re rapidly headed down the… Read more »


You have stated the principle well. Cities are generally parasitic and heavily reliant on government benefits and services, while those outside of cities just want the freedom to live their lives. Rural folk are fighting a very difficult battle to keep from being steamrolled by constant, powerfully demanding urban interests and leftist activists that demand fascist conformity, having little remaining appreciation for individual freedom other than their own, and no sympathy whatever for people with needs, wishes, beliefs or values different from their own.


REAL FACTS ABOUT THE Sullivan Law. Timothy Sullivan was a well known to be corrupt New York politician (most are). Committed to an insane asylum for syphilis of the brain the crazy bastard escaped and faced off against a an oncoming train–the train won. Now if we could get more of these liberal/socialist/communist Democrats to do the same…the world and our country would be much better off!

Michael Marx

90million gun owners need to take there guns and let them know no more

Sovereign Citizen #7907

Fuck em hard and put them away hot and md smoking…


You cowards make me puke. ALL ‘gun control laws’ are un-Constitutional. NO LAW may stand that is in contravention to the Constitution, regardless what some anti-American activist ‘judge’ may state. Were NONE of you taught this in school? The ONLY way to change the Constitution or limit any part of it is with a Constitutional Amendment. NO LAW may abridge the Constitution. But, cowardice most surely can. I watch Americans be denied large magazines, certain firearms and the cowardly American people kneel to the governmental tyranny and tolerate it. Cowardice! Government IS NOT YOUR MASTER! The PEOPLE created governments to… Read more »


You are getting where I was years ago. I fought alone so long I have given up hope of America ever recovering while the lazy right sits idle, comfortable with their beer and cigs. As long as they are left alone its all good, screw everyone else. When they came to harass others I stood up for their rights, when they came to harass me everyone stayed quite, sat at home drinking them beers and watching football. When they come for everyone else now, all I will say is “I told you so”. I won’t fight anymore for those who… Read more »


I wonder what I said these NAZi’s didn’t like? ((Your comment is awaiting moderation. This is a preview, your comment will be visible after it has been approved.)) You are getting where I was years ago. I fought alone so long I have given up hope of America ever recovering while the lazy right sits idle, comfortable with their beer and cigs. As long as they are left alone its all good, ((sc r w d)?) everyone else. When they came to harass others I stood up for their rights, when they came to harass me everyone stayed quite, sat… Read more »


This place censors everything now too, cant reply. Another leftist site disguised as right…..


AGREED!!! Almost all of my posts are “moderated”. VERY FRUSTRATING from a “CENSORLESS” ammoland!


You DO know the 1st amendment DOES NOT apply here, right? Yeah, thought so.


You are getting where I was years ago. I fought alone so long I have given up hope of America ever recovering while the lazy right sits idle, comfortable with their beer and cigs. As long as they are left alone its all good, forget everyone else. When they came to harass others I stood up for their rights, when they came to harass me everyone stayed quite, sat at home drinking them beers and watching football.

Thomas B

Craig you should not be calling out what others have done as cowards without posting what you did about Waco, about magazine restrictions and the such. If it has made you puke then you must have stepped forward and rather than insult supporters of GOA and GOF step forward to be a leader not a divider. Post what you did and stop condemning others, we need unity not division and you are completely divisive!


We’ll said!

Wild Bill

, Feel better?

Heed the Call-up

Kansas, it appears (pun intended) that your comments have been posted and that your ignorant rant about being censored is without merit.

As to the stupidity of your and Craig’s rants about us sitting back and doing nothing, you couldn’t be more wrong. That is not surprising considering how wrong you are about your being censored. The moderator probably had to control laughing and get back in his/her seat before being able to post your foolish rants.


As a youngster, my Granny B, a wise Grand Lady, gave lesson, “Do not pat yourself on the back, hard on your elbows”.

Applying your self righteous diatribe, those who continue to refuse to turn in standard magazines in NJ (as just one example) “are cowards” because some self serving servants in their legislature passed laws banning same.

You only (oops, and Kansas AU) have been the standard bearers – laughable – better get some Ben Gay for your elbows.

Julio balacera

There is no such thing as gun control. There is communist democrat gun confiscation programs, against law abiding citizens. And there is crime control, against the democrat voter base. Time to call a spade, a spade. Use correct terminology, source everything, and use no terms currently in use by main stream useful idiot, fake news, media. No such thing as democracy! Instead, the truth, a representative republic. No such thing as communist rule of law! Instead, the truth, rule of CONSTITUTIONAL law- that which we have in the United States!


If we are calling spades spades, technically we only have left or right leaning Republicans and even that is splintered. (That said I have yet to see a true left or right leaning Republican or Democrat. )The right to bear arms is a peoples’ freedom right, gun control is a tyrannical governments agenda, like one under Kings rule. Republican government assume the masses are not educated enough to govern and control. Democratic rule would be more along the lines of one person one vote and the status quo controlling. Communism doesnt exactly come into play here. The corrupt ussr and… Read more »


@DI: Communism has no part in politics?? Ask the People in China, Russia, North Korea, etc. IF communism does not impact THE PEOPLE who want to be FREE. In each of these countries THOUSANDS and in some cases MILLIONS of PEOPLE were “PURGED”. THIS IS COMMUNISM. IF you have any doubts, go look up the “Georgia Stones” located in Georgia. It is VERY SPECIFIC about the ELIMINATION of BILLIONS of PEOPLE. THIS IS COMMUNISM!!!!!!!! America IS AGAINST COMMUNISM. Thus the current “DNC” / DemocRATic Nationalist Communist Party needs to be voted OUT OF ALL PUBLIC OFFICES. Look at what they… Read more »


Look China ussr where ever are not technically Communism, it’s a corrupt dictatorship. We call them communist and they might have some communist facets but throwing all that into gun control arguments isn’t helping or technically correct. No one in the government or China or ussr is meddling in our governments/peoples gun rights . (It’s fine throwing “communist” out there like calling someone a “pig” or a “jackass” but I think that is mudding the argument. We know a person is not a “pig” when we name call but do we know some are not a Chinese nationalist when we… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Drownling I’m, They called themselves communists, so we called them communists. Communism was, even from the beginning, just a cover story for dictatorship by elitists. I must concur with you that the political fight should be between We the People and the elitists.

Wild Bill

@Drowning-im Sorry about that spell check intervention.

Nathan Hale

Thank God for the Electoral College, since 3 million more useful idiots voted for Killery than President Trump ! ALL of America’s largest cities went for Hillary- that alone should tell you something about the divisiveness in this Country.

Julio Balaceta

There is no such thing as gun control. The term “Gun control” is just a misleading term for communist democrat gun confiscation from law abiding citizens scam. Communism is the source of the misleading scam term, “gun control”. It is one and the same! Never use the fake news communist term again!