Gun Control Failed Again in Denver – mass murderers don’t obey the law

Would another law make us safer?

U.S.A. –-( I shouldn’t have to remind the media of the obvious, but mass murderers break the law. The 17 and 18-year-old murderers broke many laws, both before and during their attack at the STEM School in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. This is important because it means that passing more restrictive laws won’t work. More laws won’t stop the next mass murderers since they too are willing to break the law. We have to wonder why we have these gun laws when they fail all the time. I hope that is glaringly obvious, but let me explain it to those who have doubts.

The two attackers smashed their way into a locked gun cabinet to steal the guns they used. Yes, safe storage laws failed to stop mass murder. This is the rule rather than the exception since virtually all criminals get their guns illegally. Why do we have safe-storage requirements if they don’t stop criminals and mass murderers?

It is illegal for a 17-year-old be in possession of a handgun. There are exceptions if the teens are accompanied by the gun owners and taking part in prescribed activities. I checked the law in Colorado, and mass murder is not one of the approved exceptions. That means that putting more age restrictions on law-abiding gun owners won’t stop mass murderers. That shouldn’t come as a surprise since those laws didn’t stop these criminals either.

The murderers took their illegally possessed handguns guns into the 1000 foot gun-free-school-zone that is around school property. The murderers took their guns onto school grounds when they drove into the parking lot. They also took their guns into school buildings. Each of those acts was illegal for them to do. Gun control laws didn’t stop mass murderers any more than the laws stop ordinary criminals from breaking the law.

The murderers hid their guns as they entered the campus. That is illegal without a concealed carry license. Criminals and mass murderers are not willing to sit through classes and pay fees to get a carry permit. Our gun laws stop law-abiding people from carrying guns, but law-abiding people were never the problem in the first place.

The two attackers committed several counts of aggravated assault and battery. They committed murder and several counts of attempted murder. You don’t care about breaking lesser laws when you intend to commit mass murder. Who thought that murderers would obey our gun laws?

These mass murderers stole the guns they used, so they never bothered to apply for a background check. Mandatory purchase-waiting-periods don’t stop murderers. Mandatory safety classes before a gun purchase don’t stop murderers. One-gun-a-month restrictions don’t stop murderers either, because murderers don’t buy their guns from gun shops. Only law-abiding gun owners do that. Why do we think mass murderers and criminals will start obeying these laws in the future?

We have to ask the obvious question since these gun-control laws don’t work. Were these laws designed to stop murderers, or to disarm the law abiding? We’ve seen these laws fail time after time. Given that history of failure, I can’t believe the politicians who call for more gun control today.

Some people obey the law and some people break it. Which type is disarmed by gun control?

Licensed concealed carry holders are the most law abiding and non-violent people on the planet. Gun control politicians want them disarmed and kept out of schools. Our children are too important to be used as pawns by politicians.


About Rob MorseSlow Facts

The original article is here. Rob Morse writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Clash Daily, and on his SlowFacts blog. He hosts the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast and co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast. Rob is an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.

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A safe in a big open space can be opened with a few tools. A safe mounted to the floor and the wall makes it a little harder for someone to bridge but it can be done. There is no absolute safe place to keep criminals out, you can only make it harder for them to get into and they might become discouraged. I hope the guy with the side grinder had the fire department on speed dial with all the cardboard stacked that close to the sparks. Sometimes common sense is rare.


Regardless of the circumstances, mass murderers are mental cases. You cannot legislate sanity, morality or common sense. Enough of the politicians pandering for votes promising safety. Recognize it for what it is and reject it!


How dumb and stupid can man be?
Laws have never stopped or prevented criminals from doing what they want. Laws are basically for after the crime has been committed . Laws have NO power until after a crime and the criminal has been caught. and tried according to the particular law. Laws can NOT STOP any crime. Laws do NOT protect you from a criminal only from those who obey the law but a criminal is one who intentionally breaks the law or looses complete self control, therefore the law provides no protection.


“Laws are basically for after the crime has been committed .”

So goes for the police.

Deplorable Bill

Great down to earth article sir. Just like locks are for honest people gun control is only for honest people. Those two kids became criminal a long time before they acquired the firearms they used. Where were their parents? How could they not see what was coming? Why didn’t they stand up for what is right? The author is absolutely correct in that they did not care what laws they broke neither did they know all the penalties for all the laws they broke except for murder–maybe. I seriously doubt if any potential criminals consider the penalties for what they… Read more »


We all agree on the futility of MORE anti-gun laws. What we must INSIST on is enforcement of the many current laws. Enforcement and PUNISHMENT for those violating (use their term) common sense gun laws have to happen in real time.
Too many CRIMINALS are not prosecuted, or released on probation (multiple times).Remember that when we ,as gun owners, only fight against legislators rehashed ideas, they will go for the jugular…..a complete ban…which would be tragic on every level. Let’s instead demand enforcement and punishment .I think we all know this but are sidetracked by the (mostly) democratic lawmakers.


The mandates “safe storage” equipment is only capable of being a signal that “these guns are not for you today”. They effectively keep casual and curious folks out. Anyone read about recent gun store heistes where the breakers steal a big hurkey pickup truck with the massive front “beat anything down” bumper fitted, then drive it THROUGH the locked, barred, often chained, front door of the shop, drive on in far enough to grab as many guns as they can in a few moments, toss them into the back of the truck, put it in R and back out the… Read more »


The lesson. I bought a nice big expensive safe and had it bolted to the concrete floor so it couldn’t be moved even though it weighed 800 lbs empty. The safe installer looked at me when he was done and said “you know a safe is only a deturant and can be broken into right?” I said ya but it will be alot of work and I hope it will discourage them. He said “not with that set of torches, plasma cutter, sawzalls on the wall and grinders with cutting disks laying around. Put the tips and blades in the… Read more »


So-called “gun control” never was about stopping mass murderers or crime, but about controlling the American people.


Notice no more news coverage 24-7 on this one incident vs other mass shooting events?

BOTH suspects are LGTBQ, one is anchor baby of ILLEGAL ALIEN FELON (yes felon criminal reproduced in USA).
Older one is male but ID”s as female, the younger one is female but ID’s as a male.
It is not PC to talk or cover this story because social media shows both were Anti Trump, Anti Christian, etc. etc.


I commented that the story would disappear quickly for all the reasons you pointed out as well as the guns were stolen from a locked location and most importantly an ‘assault rifle’ wasn’t used. None of this fits the narrative being pushed by the MSM and politicians so ‘nothing to see here, move along’

willy d

Moderated Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I might change my name to Moderated?


Me too, must be spell checker or I post many links to related articles or video.

willy d

Heed the Call-up; How true about the Safes and one more lock, I’m like you I have the back ground checks to fill a card file easily, but what I had when I was working, I drove a truck and had a full CDL licence, which with the HAZ-MAT endorsement, I had to go through a Written Test, Finger Printing, TSA Background Check, every 4 years, so when it comes to B/S laws I think most law abiding gun owners have more back ground checks than our elected officials!!!!!!!!!


The hoplophobes have ensured that there was not one armed teacher or administrator or citizen in that school to stop the slaughter. Their argument: The sight of a gun will traumatize the students. Like wholesale murder does not?

rich z

They get it all right Just dis-arm all of us , and GET THE POWER they try to get .

110% American

Democratic gun control is only to disarm the law abiding public to further their agenda. They do not give a damn about saving lives! If the country lost 100 million law abiding gun owners today, Eric Swallows and all the rest would be all too happy. They would just replace them with illegal immigrants.


There is an old saw(no pun intended)that states “ locks are for hones5 people.”


A gun safe vs. a harbor freight sawsall… hahahahahahaha Good luck with that!
You obviously have no idea what your talking about.

Bravas Nidi

There are videos all over YouTube showing people breaking into gun safes. You might want to take a look… the sides are only thin sheet metal, and they ignore the locked doors altogether. 10-15 min and you’re in.

m r c

it all brakes down to this BAD GUYS SHOOT TO KILL GOOD GUYS SHOOT TO LIVE why is that so hard to understand


A gun cabinet with glass windows and easy-to- jimmy drawers is hardly safe storage! Might as well leave them on the kitchen table Only a metal safe works.

Clark Kent

A metal safe can easily be defeated by a cheap Sawzall type tool available at Harbor Freight tools. Nice try; no cigar.

Dubi Loo

@Clark. I’d pay cash money to see you accomplish that.


Many youtube videos of ‘residential storage containers’ sliced open on the side or rear of the meal box with a $12 harbor freight grinder with aluminum oxide wheel.

OP most likely wanted to say angle grinder not sawzall (TM Milwaukee Tools).

Stuart Percell

With a saw:

Without a saw:

Gregory Romeu

We, the law abiding citizens, allow our elected officials to keep writing these dumbassed gun laws because these representatives are representative of, We, The People and they do whatever it is we either dictate them to do or, “allow” them to do. WE are the dumbassed that let these people, (representatives) in the position as, “Law Makers” and that is exactly what they are doing, MAKING LAWS. You want to complain enough then doing what YOU hired them to do? So, WHO is the dumbaas? It’s WE, The Complacent People that do NOT have the balls to enact a tighter… Read more »

Heed the Call-up

Dick, a metal safe, why stop there? Why not 12 feet of concrete and steel underground? That would work, right? Oh, wait, in the London bank robbery a number of years ago, thieves bored through 12 feet of concrete and steal to the bank vault. The metal safes used to store the safe deposit boxes there were of no match to those thieves. Odd how that worked. And you stated metal safes prevent theft. I have locks on my doors and windows, why would you believe one more lock would prevent a theft? That’s the same stupidity that believes one… Read more »


Amen to that sir!