Gunwerks Flexes Long Range Muscles with Newest Pro Build Series

U.S.A.-( Lightweight and long-range capable, sounds like a great combination for many shooters and hunters. Yet the two qualities are often difficult to achieve in one package without sacrificing performance for weight or vice versa.

Yet, the vertically integrated custom rifle manufacturer based in Cody, Wyoming boasts in-house engineering and manufacturing capabilities, enabling them to offer consumers a fully custom long-range shooting system. The result is a system that’s able to achieve both lightweight and supreme performance in a single package.

With over 10 million possible configurations of a Gunwerks shooting system, it can be a daunting task for would-be buyers to know where to begin designing a system ideal for their needs. To provide consumers some inspiration Gunwerks has introduced a new Pro-Build Rifle Series whereby a member of their sales staff or pro staff will configure a rifle purpose-built for a specific task. In this latest installation of the Pro-Build series, Gunwerks Sales Professional and competitive long Range shooter, Chris Hinojosa configured a 300 PRC on the versatile Gunwerks Magnus platform, paired with a Proof Research carbon fiber barrel. The project produced a 10.25-pound rifle capable of effectively engaging targets out to a mile (1,760 yards).

If the goal is hunting or shooting steel out to 1000 yards, the cartridge options are numerous, and with the typical Gunwerks rifle system, the task becomes almost routine. But if you’re the shooter who wants to take a hunting weight rifle far beyond that, it requires a specialized cartridge and setup featuring efficient case design, and ultra-high BC, heavy-for-caliber bullets. This 300 PRC Pro Build configuration is the ticket!

“When you pair the 300 PRC with the Gunwerks Magnus platform, you come up with a rig capable of taking elk across the canyon or destroying steel at a mile”, said Chris Hinojosa, Gunwerks Sales Professional. “This system is equally at home in the elk woods and at the ELR range.”

This Pro Build rifle can be ordered online at and a limited number of rifles are available ready to ship. Call Gunwerks for details. (307) 296-7301.

About Gunwerks:


Learn more about the Gunwerks Collective by visiting For the past 10 Years, Gunwerks has established its reputation for building and delivering complete shooting systems. From the bipod to the ballistic turret and everything in between, the Gunwerks shooting system comes ready to go. Our company is simple. We hunt hard. We shoot and train all year. We spend months, not days, with one shot between success and failure.The gear we use defines our success. The gear we make can define yours.

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Shoot steel and paper at long range all day long – more power to you! But please – I don’t care what your telephone tells you – do not lob those bullets at big game. Have a heart. There are too many things that can go wrong and cause an animal needless pain and suffering. Get your ego stroked in some other manner.


Agreed! If you must shoot at elk 1000 yards downrange, make it a paper elk!