Is Bolton Steering Trump Into War with Iran?

Is Bolton Steering Trump Into War with Iran?
Is Bolton Steering Trump Into War with Iran?

U.S.A.-( Last week, it was Venezuela in America's gun sights.

“While a peaceful solution is desirable, military action is possible,” thundered Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. “If that's what is required, that's what the United States will do.”

John Bolton tutored Vladimir Putin on the meaning of the Monroe Doctrine: “This is our hemisphere. It's not where the Russians ought to be interfering.”

After Venezuela's army decided not to rise up and overthrow Nicholas Maduro, by Sunday night, it was Iran that was in our gun sights.

Bolton ordered the USS Abraham Lincoln, its carrier battle group and a bomber force to the Mideast “to send a clear and unmistakable message to the Iranian regime that any attack on United States interests or those of our allies will be met with unrelenting force.”

What “attack” was Bolton talking about?

According to Axios, Israel had alerted Bolton that an Iranian strike on U.S. interests in Iraq was imminent.

Flying to Finland, Pompeo echoed Bolton's warning:

“We've seen escalatory actions from the Iranians, and … we will hold the Iranians accountable for attacks on American interests. … (If) these actions take place, if they do by some third-party proxy, whether that's a Shia militia group or the Houthis or Hezbollah, we will hold the … Iranian leadership directly accountable for that.”

Taken together, the Bolton-Pompeo threats add up to an ultimatum that any attack by Hezbollah in Lebanon, the Houthis in Yemen, or Iran-backed militias — on Israel, Saudi Arabia, the UAE or U.S. forces in Iraq, Syria or the Gulf states — will bring a U.S. retaliatory response on Iran itself.

Did President Donald Trump approve of this? For he appears to be going along. He has pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal and re-imposed sanctions. Last week, he canceled waivers he had given eight nations to let them continue buying Iranian oil.

Purpose: Reduce Iran's oil exports, 40% of GDP, to zero, to deepen an economic crisis that is already expected to cut Iran's GDP this year by 6%.

Trump has also designated Iran a terrorist state and the Republican Guard a terrorist organization, the first time we have done that with the armed forces of a foreign nation. We don't even do that with North Korea.

Iran responded last Tuesday by naming the U.S. a state sponsor of terror and designating U.S. forces in the Middle East as terrorists.

Iran has also warned that if we choke off its oil exports that exit the Persian Gulf through the Strait of Hormuz, the Strait could be closed to other nations. As 30% of the world's oil shipments transit the Strait, closing it could cause a global crash.

In 1973, when President Nixon rescued Israel in the Yom Kippur War, the OPEC Arabs imposed an oil embargo. Gas prices spiked so high Nixon considered taking a train to Florida for Christmas vacation.

The gas price surge so damaged Nixon's standing with the public that it became a contributing factor in the drive for impeachment.

Today, Trump's approval rating in the Gallup Poll has reached an all-time high, 46%, a level surely related to the astonishing performance of the U.S. economy following Trump's tax cuts and sweeping deregulation.

While a Gulf war with Iran might be popular at the outset, what would it do for the U.S. economy or our ability to exit the forever war of the Middle East, as Trump has pledged to do?

In late April, in an interview with Fox News, Iran's foreign minister identified those he believes truly want a U.S.-Iranian war.

Asked if Trump was seeking the confrontation and the “regime change” that Bolton championed before becoming his national security adviser, Mohammad Javad Zarif said no. “I do not believe President Trump wants to do that. I believe President Trump ran on a campaign promise of not bringing the United States into another war.

“President Trump himself has said that the U.S. spent $7 trillion in our region … and the only outcome of that was that we have more terror, we have more insecurity, and we have more instability.

“People in our region are making the determination that the presence of the United States is inherently destabilizing. I think President Trump agrees with that.”

But if it is not Trump pushing for confrontation and war with Iran, who is?

Said Zarif, “I believe ‘the B-team' wants to actually push the United States, lure President Trump, into a confrontation that he doesn't want.”

And who makes up “the B-team”?

Zarif identifies them: Bolton, Benjamin Netanyahu, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed.

Should the B-team succeed in its ambitions — it will be Trump's war, and Trump's presidency will pay the price.

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Pat Buchanan

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of the new book “The Greatest Comeback: How Richard Nixon Rose From Defeat to Create the New Majority.

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    1. Some of the above comments are pretty toxic from multiple perspectives. The truth is Iran has been the big propagandist since prior to 9/11 but the rest of the Middle East isn’t far off from Iran, they are playing sides. That’s what tribal Arabs/Persians do. No point in sending troops or posturing against Iran. There are many interest groups vying for war in the Mid East. China is the big threat, Russia is second and so on: we know this it’s not up for debate. Iran is sponsoring terror and Israel is feeding the war machine, the best thing we can do is stay out of the nonsense. Early American lawmen had a saying “stay out of a strife. ” They will both champion their cause. The best we can do is collect Intel and punish those who cross the line on either side. We can support Israel and be fair in our association with both sides. Israel is an ally, we need to continue to foster positive relationships with our allies. Iran is not our ally. No major nation is innocent of misdeeds, but we need to be cognitive to their actions and assess them with fairness. We put our own interests first, and Bolton’s stance is merely one of a practical nature doing President Trumps bidding. Trump is taking a hard line stance with Iran, which is what our previous president should have done. I believe Mr. Buchanan is being reactionistic for fear that the Deep State has infiltrated Trump’s cabinet. This may be true, but when it comes to CIC orders Trump is the man not Bolton and his actions are his own. Yes Bolton could bait Trump but I can guarantee our President is not going to engage in a war with Iran without Congressional approval. So as you were..

    2. No, as always the American people, specifically the taxpayers and the troops will pay the price. We dont need another jew war, pulling and pushing us into their wars of expansion. They stir up crap and the dual isreali us citizens in Congress suck their way to the altar of war. They make their money on money lending. We are broke. There is nothing we need in Iran except our asses to stay out. Isreal has a great assassin squad if they want a change let them do it. Iran has f14 tomcats and Boeing sold them every spare part the us had in its inventory. Obama gave them stealth secrets when he ordered the drone to not be blown up, as well as 150 billion illegally. We can take them out at will but, again, its not our fight. Not one American is worth losing for isreal and their bullshit. Still waiting for us to retaliate for the uss liberty and the machinegunning of the us sailors in the sea after the rogue nation sank it. Not enouhh? Mexico had a failed attempted 911 of itself by the isreali terrorists, who were caught….

      Our soldiers are needed to use their weapons to secure our borders. We are being invaded by terrorists, chicoms, ms13, 20 other rival mafioso groups and fence jumping preggo’s trying to use the subverted law, to get their little bastards american papers. This is of course illegal as you have to have legal standing to confer citizenship. Jumping a fence and being here illegally does not provide that standing.
      And no, i am not racist i am a countryist… stay out of mine if you are not here legally and we need to stay out of iran

      1. The USS LIBERTY……….an act of war against America, and an act of TREASON by our Government. (Just one example)
        People gotta wake up and smell the…roses ($$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$). Israel is a detriment to America.

        1. You mean “smell the rats”. Every single member of the Israeli Lobby should have to register as foreign agents. Most of them could give a twit if the USA collapsed. Even the Nutty Yahoo was caught on a hot Mike saying that they would drain America dry and that it could turn to dust and blow away for all he cared. Ninety percent of those Israeli fakes are Khazars. Their ancestors never dipped a toe in the Holy Land, but they lie and claim Biblical ownership from God, because they were “descended from Abraham”. You have heard of lying tigers, right ? Well, they are lying bastiges. Listen to “Ben Friedman’s 1961 Speech at the Willard Hotel” for what the story really is. And now getting back to Iran, Bolton and Trump are both in the Zionists Fake Jew pockets.

    3. Most would likely agree with the well-known principal: when your enemy says they are planning to kill you, take them seriously. As matters now stand with Iran’s insane and bellicose ruling regime, war is inevitable. The choice is not so complicated. Do you want to eliminate the threat BEFORE it destroys Israel, or AFTER it destroys Israel?

      1. Personally, I don’t care a bit about what Israel does to itself. You Khazars (Eastern European AskeNAZI Khazars, to be exact), don’t have any claim on the Holy Land. If you want to go pissing off the neighbors, then do it on your own. The truth is that you are a bunch of cowards relying on the USA to fight your wars for you and shower you with $BILLIONS per year. Why don’t you go take a hike, you lying POS ! How come the Netureua Karta Rabbis showered The Iranian bigwig, Ahmadinejad, with hugs & kisses in NYC a few years ago ? They even gave him a large silver bowl in commemoration of their friendship. And how come there are 50,000 Real Hebrews living in Iran who love it, and give you Zionusts the finger every time you approach them with money to move to Israhell. Your warmongering is legendary. You Khazars never learned anything during the past thousand years. If you got the gonads, go attack Iran yourself, you pusillanimous finks. And guess what ? We know it was you Khazars Zionists and the Mossad who pulled off 911. Pretty soon all of America will know, and as Alan Sobrosky from the War College says, when enough Americans figure it out, you Zionists won’t be worth a rats arse.

    4. The biggest threat to our country right now is all the leaks we get from politicians , and the left trying to dismantle a legitimate administration .

      1. Sounds fishy to me , he is the national security advisor, and I really don’t trust him . I like most of the others TRump has but Bolton is a little trigger happy.

      2. when I read that I also was wondering who actually is the commander in chief, I thought it was the president not his national security advisor. I have really liked Bolton since he was the U.S. ambassador to the united nations. I think pat should gracefully retire from public life.

        1. @PF,Yep, Iran has been in a hot war with us for forty years, covertly; and hiding behind “You can’t prove it was us.” Bolton knows that our enemies only respect force.

          1. @WB…Why ? Why are they our enemy ? They used to be our friend and sold oil to us at $1 per barrel. What changed ??? BTW, speaking about oil, according to THE LAMP, a publication put out by EXXON, the USA gets only 14% of our oil from the Middle East. Most of our oil comes from Canada, Mexico, and South America. And those figures are from before fracking in USA. So, what is so important to us in the ME ? NOTHING, except what the Zionists have brainwashed us into thinking with their “Mighty Wurlitzer”. (There is a book by that name, written by a Zio-Nazi CIA guy named Wisner. You should read it. It’s like a blueprint as to how the Zio-Nazis brainwashed America.)

    5. Real talk. I’m glad at least one conservative is talking about it. I am hopeful that with the disappearance of the anti-war Left, the right will once again adopt conservative foreign policy of the late 19th century and early 20th century. If conservatives are serious about “America First”, it means defunding the military and cutting the taxes that support it so we can spend them here rather than on these silly and dangerous foreign gambles. Make conservatives conservative again.

      1. Why would “America First” mean defunding the military that defends us? Taxes for the middle class have already been cut. I even got a refund to prove it. Make paid propagandists unemployed again.

      2. ” If conservatives are serious about “America First”, it means defunding the military and cutting the taxes that support it…”

        This comment must have been made by either a leftist, a Socialist or a Democrat, for if we were to defund the military, as suggested, that would be the end of the United States. Remember Teddy Roosevelt’s warning about “Speak softly, but carry a big stick”? That big stick is the United States military! While we do not need boots on the ground in Venezuela, we do need to enforce the Monroe Doctrine while supporting freedom and liberty of the people in Venezuela!

        1. Nope. I’m just an Antifederalist and I don’t believe in big imperial government like neocons do. My hero is Thomas Jefferson.
          Teddy Roosevelt was a progressivist and did a lot to expand government power and control over the people.

          1. @Austin, So you’d have only a tiny military; let our enemies invade; depend upon the militia to repel the invaders; and have the destruction of combat operations occur in the US, rather than on the land of our enemies? Because Thomas Jefferson’s idea of a small standing army supported by an agrarian society will not keep our modern enemies off of our shores.

            1. The recent audit on the DOD and the HUD shows $21 TRILLION unaccounted for. That is up from the $ 2.1 TRILLION Donald Rumsfeld was all excited about on TV the day before 9/11. Where did all the money go ? How about asking Rabbi Dov Zakheim, Comptroller of the Pentagon Budget at the time, who resigned later, saying that “the job is too draining”. Georgie “Shrub” Bush and his father just smirked at that ! BTW, good old Dov was also a principle in a company that made drones out of large aircraft. They could remotely land a 757 or 767 anywhere they liked, even in the side of a building, or three. So, with our very large military budget, just where does all the money disappear to ?

      3. I for one agree with you Austin. Mr. Buchanan has once again made a good point.Our tax dollars would be better spent here at home and not spent funding yet ‘another’ war. People like Bolton, Pompeo etc are just doing Israels bidding. America first.
        And there are always the name callers in every crowd. George Washington’s farewell address should be required reading for everyone. Even Eke warned us about the military complex.

      4. that is called isolationism, and if I recall correctly almost lead to Nazi Germany taking over Europe and Japan taking over most of south-east asia and the pacific ocean.

    6. Here’s the real deal on what bootlickers are up against. While were here bleating like sheep for our rights instead of seizing them as the founders did the country has been lost long ago due to the illusion these fake actors are/have created of everything you currently know being a lie. The sooner sheep bleating bootlickers wake up to this fact the sooner it can begin getting corrected. The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled is making us think he doesn’t exist. This documentation speaks for itself. If it is too much for some to grasp well, there is the problem.

      1. @RM….Yes, the “World Bank WhistleBlower” has told us about the 40% cut of our income tax revenue GPU g to the City of London, and the remaining 60% going to the Vatican Bank. All laundered through bank in Puerto Rico. Their only problem with this deal is that there was never any @informed consent” necessary to make it a legal deal. They never bothered to tell WE THE PEOPLE that we had been screwed, blued, and tattooed. Now it becomes increasingly clear why they must disarm us. Never give up even a nail file. This ain’t over yet and clawback is gonna be a bit*h. And take sharp note of all our TREASONOUS leaders who are on board with the NWO. They know but aren’t telling. They are paid off dirtbags.

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