Knock It Off and Protect the NRA Wall

Opinion by Carrie Lightfoot

NRA Danger
Knock It Off and Protect the NRA Wall

USA – -( I’m surprised and disappointed at how quickly and blindly so many grab on to the misinformation about the NRA that’s put forth and paid for by Bloomberg and those foaming at the mouth to take away our Second Amendment.

If you didn’t know, they are the source of all the lies that we see flooding the news. This tactic of intentionally spreading misinformation to discredit an enemy is no different from what we see happening in DC every day. We witnessed it during the confirmation of Justice Kavanaugh, and we see it happening now to Attorney General Barr. I would wager you abhor this foul play and shake your fist at it every day.

Now ask yourself is what we are seeing with the NRA somehow different? I think you will see that it isn’t.

This spreading of misinformation is an intentional tactic designed to weaken the NRA.

Why? Because the NRA is the solid brick wall between them and our Second Amendment. Guess what? Those that believe the garbage and attack the NRA without knowing the facts are creating cracks in our wall. You do as much damage to our Second Amendment as Bloomberg and his ilk.

  • Of course, there is work to be done at the NRA.
  • Of course, it isn’t a 100% perfect organization free of mistakes.

There have been actions some won’t agree with or understand, but don’t we all want the healthiest and most effective NRA we have ever had? However, some rip the leadership, the staff, and those that passionately volunteer their time on OUR behalf, damaging the wall even further. You undermine not only them personally but undermine their work as well. Based on what? Falsehoods, gossip, and lies?

It is true, and you don’t have all of the facts and all the information. It’s essential to keep in mind this is necessary for them to protect us as well as themselves.

The NRA is in the middle of MAJOR legal actions. They are wrapped up in lawsuits with NY Governor Cuomo, New York’s financial regulation agency, and NY Attorney General Leticia James. For example, the NRA is fighting back for the state of New York’s “blacklisting campaign” aimed at getting banks to cut ties with the NRA. James, while campaigning for her election last year, said in an interview “The NRA holds [itself] out as a charitable organization, but in fact, [it] really [is] a terrorist organization.” Now elected, she is coming after us. She has opened an investigation threatening the NRA’s nonprofit status. These legal battles threaten the very existence of the NRA.

The facts MUST be protected to ensure our success. The NRA can’t put out information or evidence that would in any way jeopardize our position in these cases. Is it a coincidence that the misinformation put out there that is causing the anxiety and anger towards the NRA is precisely the type of information that can’t be released to clear their name? It is more than a coincidence; it’s intentional. It is intended to cause the exact response we are seeing in the gun community with the intended goal of creating division, discrediting NRA leaders and bringing down the NRA-giving them free run to trample our Second Amendment.

“There are influential people in the gun community that are writing articles and saying it is all true” you say.

I can’t speak for them, know what is in their heart or what motivates them to do so, but I can and will tell you what I think: They don’t know the facts! They are not privy to them, period. Does ego play a role? Perhaps. Do some naysayers just have to be in a fight? Perhaps. Could retribution be the motivation? Perhaps. Do some people just love the thrill of a scandal? Perhaps.

They may tell you they heard this or that from someone on the inside, but I must ask, how can you trust what has been divulged if they so greatly lack integrity, that they are leaking information in the first place? That alone puts their “facts” into question. How do we know said leaker is not a plant or paid off by those that are hell-bent on the destruction of our Second Amendment? If someone from the inside did truly leak information, it is a fraction of incomplete information intentionally absent of “the rest of the story.” Shame on them.

Another “scandal” surrounding the NRA is that of their CEO. I can hear it already! “Wayne LaPierre is paid too much!” So how much is the protection of your Second Amendment worth to you? I don’t know about you, but I want the person best suited, best gifted, most experienced, and most qualified to lead in the fight to preserve our Second Amendment. I also want to pay him enough to compensate for all the sacrifices and the threats to him and his family. Do you really want to change the General in the middle of a battle that we are winning just to try and save a few dollars? Is putting our Second Amendment at risk worth it? No, I don’t think so.

  • The CEO of the Los Angeles Philharmonic makes more than Wayne.
  • The CEO of the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts makes a lot more than Wayne.

What has either of these CEO’s done to protect your Constitutionally protected rights? Nothing. By the way, both examples also operate on smaller budgets than the NRA. The President of the University of Chicago makes more than twice what Wayne makes. Believe it or not, these salaries are from 2014!! I wonder what they are paid now? Now, do you believe Wayne is paid too much? No, I don’t think so.

Yes, I am frustrated. I am discouraged by what I am seeing and reading out there. I have read article after article, social media post after social media post, and I just can’t take it anymore. It is painful to watch all of these forces weakening our wall. My brother and sister patriots so quickly losing sight of the decades of successes, un-grateful for all the sucker-punching of our NRA leaders on our “behalf,” and to see you turn against the one and only organization that stands between us and the loss of our ability to protect ourselves and our country is very disheartening.

Again, is the NRA perfect? No. Do we have some work to do? Yes, but for heaven’s sake, wise up to the masterful manipulation playing out and don’t fall prey to it. Don’t be a weak brick in the wall and please don’t be so quick to jump ship. Hang in there; we are all on the same side.

I am on the board of directors of the NRA, but these views are mine as a Second Amendment advocate.

Carrie Lightfoot
Carrie Lightfoot

About Carrie Lightfoot

Carrie Lightfoot is the founder of The Well Armed Woman LLC (TWAW). She also serves as the founder and chairman of the board of TWAW Shooting Chapters, Inc. She is the co-host of “The Women’s Gun Show” and contributes pro-Second-Amendment articles to leading firearms publications.

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Ghost Owners AGAINST Gun Owners.
Not good….

The Revelator

It would seem sir, that you are full of it.

Would you like to try NRA, or No Responsibility Allowed among leadership? If you have a grudge against former NRA members who have switched over to the GOA because they are tired of being BETRAYED by the NRA, then take it elsewhere dude. You’re not going to win any converts here.

Scott in Phx

I’ve been a Life Member for over 45 years (I’m 63 now) but I haven’t donated a dime in 2 decades I’m sure.

It is obvious that the NRA is not what it was in the 90’s when they correctly labeled the ATF as “jack-booted thugs”.

I hope it can be saved, but putting Ollie North in as Pres and that idiot Dana in as a spokesperson suggests to me that the leadership is absolutely clueless.

So I am not hopeful.

Jack Mac

Politicians heed organized interest groups. The larger the organization the larger the political influence of vote and money seekers. The NRA BOD should have been dedicated to increasing the number of members. Instead it is dedicated to increasing its funds. Now it is less able to do either. The BOD has squandered our funds and seeks more from us to continue squandering. By the BOD supporting the obvious confiscation red flag law, it has not only swindled us, it has betrayed us. As a paid life member I desire tens of millions of members. However, not even membership fees should… Read more »

Eric Nicholson

Simple fix- join Gun Owners of America. As Senator Ron Paul stated, “The only no-compromise gun lobby in Washington.” No politics, no compromise, no B.S.- Come on, conservatives, show what free-market competition produces! The stronger the GOA is, the less B.S. the NRA can pull. BOTH organizations will compete to prove that they are the “stronger one”, and the winners are the 2A supporters. Losers? Libtards, gun control fruitcakes, and MOST OF ALL, the dead weights that are wasting our member fees and hopes on compromises and frappuccinos. Spend 5 minutes on the GOA website, and you’ll never look back.… Read more »


GOA does less than the NRA and is even more opaque about its use of funding. If I wanted to fund the Pratt family vacation fund, I would do so directly. They have a website. I’d be hard pressed to correctly define how underwhelmed I am.

NRA leadership needs a complete change. But donating money so Pratt junior can dine with congressman and pretend he is doing something is a giant waste of money. You want to help? Use that money to take new people out shooting.

J Payne

Well said

The Revelator

@J Payne

Wow to both of you. Just a little Curious if Ted has some verifiable evidence for his claims, or yourself since you are cheering him on.

Since the GOA is actually working on cases which do not compromise or work to advance Gun Control agendas currently, considering they were behind the Heller case from the start, unlike the NRA which tried to derail it, I’m just a little curious what you two are trying to accomplish here.

Wild Bill

Now Ted, you write “GOA does less than the NRA…” how do you measure that? And I so much appreciate you telling me how to use my money.

The Revelator

@Wild Bill

It would appear that Ted and J Payne, have either not been back or decided not to answer. Tis a shame.

och will

Carrie says there is “misinformation” in the mainstream media about the NRA. Translation. I like the NRA because they’re so good at mocking children who are mass shootings survivors, denying that America has a serious gun violence epidemic and the worst per capita gun violence rate of any developed nation and because it embraces people like Oliver North the three time convicted and imprisoned gun trafficker who lied to Congress and Wayne LaPierre the worlds most successful con man salesman of fear, logical fallacies (like gun safety laws mean all your guns will be taken away) and because he likes… Read more »

The Revelator

@och will Well, Considering the fact that you are a known liar and agitator here Will, and that your only allies here have also been discredited habitual liars like Green Watch Dog, No honest person with a rational brain is going to be swayed by or ever convert to your argument. For Example: “denying that America has a serious gun violence epidemic and the worst per capita gun violence rate of any developed nation” Ok, where is the denial in pointing out that that is in fact untrue? It would seem the denial and delusion comes from you och will,… Read more »


Well,oct wil….it looks like you are one of those spreading false information… .The Col.was found guilty of mis deeds during the Iran Contra escapades in the1980s. Conviction vacated and reversed and ALL charges were dropped in 1991. He NEVER went to prison.

Wild Bill

@C-4, No one likes O Swill, very much. He was rejected by parents and family pets, alike.


Piss off Worm.

Michael Enderle

I’m obviously not the only one under this persuasion but the NRA has blown so many chances for my support. They don’t represent my interests. It’s not NRA or you love Bloomberg. What poor logic. Quite frankly, I’d rather the organization implode on itself and let more committed, honest people lead the charge. Or perhaps they can be a useless front for gun rights to take the idiot left’s PR attacks which unknown lobby groups like NAGR and GOA do the real work.


What has the NRA done to protect our god given rights? NOTHING ZiP NaDa.
Keep begging for money to fund their fancy lifestyles.
Using “fear” to extort $$$$ from gun owners.
The NRA is the worst (and underhand) “gun control” advocate organization, maybe they have been subverted by commies… or maybe they just want to retain the value of THEIR rifles??
Complicit in the GCA, NFA, Hughes amendment, “Assault” weapon ban, Bump stock ban… and on and on
NRA – you stink. No more $$$$ from me.


I don’t support gun control organizations which is exactly what the NRA is. They’re not as anti-gun as the others but they have definitely supported and helped write many of the largest infringements we have on our freedom. NFA, GCA, Mulford Act, Hughes Amendment, import bans, Brady Bill, NICS, FixNICS, bump stock ban, and red flag laws are some of the things the NRA has either supported or chosen to ignore. I’m ashamed to be a benefactor member and the NRA will not get another penny from me until Wayne, Chris, and board members like Hammer are gone and the… Read more »


Patron Member here and I agree, they have turned their backs on the cause and work to enrich themselves.

Big Jim

Good Lord comments section! …and there will be knashing of the teeth.


Sometimes people are better off to keep their mouths shut than to shoot themselves in the foot. I had not intended on commenting anymore on the NRA because it is an exercise in futility. Today I was reading my magazine and an article appeared talking about how NY is picking on the NRA and a postage paid envelope was enclosed asking of anywhere from $25 to $500. I almost laughed out loud but I was in a Dr. office and someone might have thought I was crazy. Then I read this by Ms. Lightfoot and I have to say it… Read more »


I’m on food stamps, and Wayne is constantly hitting on me for contributions, and he is taking over a million dollars a year out of the organization in personal compensation, and flying all around living like “Trump”, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on buying suites in Beverly Hills, and charging it back to the Advertising Agency, which is then charging it back to the N.R.A. without any accounting for the charges? Are you freekin kidding Me?
Not one more DIME until Wayne is gone, and the Audit Committee of the Board is gone as well!

R Vincent Warde

I really wish that there were not real, significant problems at the NRA. Unfortunately, there are VERY real problems. Demanding that they be addressed is not anti-NRA. – it is what we need to do to save the NRA. There are at least six good reasons for us, the membership, to expect LaPierre to resign. No one is saying that Wayne LaPierre has not done many great things in defense of the 2nd Amendment. He has. However, as a leader, he has unquestionably failed in at least five ways: 1) AckMac – no matter whom you believe, it is clear… Read more »

Ansel Hazen

In Maine a slew of gun bills have just been shelved. Not because of any involvement by the NRA though. Totally because of efforts by Maine citizens and groups like Gun Owners of Maine.

An organization (NRA) that makes me feel like I’m in flyover country gets no $$$ from me.

James Leow

After reading the first 15-20 comments, I think she has hit the nail on the head…What if she is right??.Maybe the left has infiltrated the NRA just as they have infilltrated our country..and we all agree they have and will do anything to destroy our country and our rights. The fall of the NRA would be the biggest anti gun measure the left could ever hope for. more than any law ever could….and we did it all by ourselves. We should be proud!!

Rock R

So we keep throwing money down the drain so the left can “not” say they destroyed the NRA ????? The media and the Left lie about everything and for any reason and “WE” will all know that it was the Scumbag Leadership of the NRA that destroyed themselves !!!! AND because the leadership has not cared about it’s membership, they have given the membership a black eye as well !!!! I DO NOT FEEL BAD FOR OR SEE ANY REASON TO KEEP WP AND HIS GANG OF THIEVES IN BUSINESS ANY LONGER … You need to read my other posts… Read more »

Joe R.

Surprised about how many problems the NRA really has.

I was hoping it was just with bump-stock lunacy and judas-goating, but it’s systemic and goes completely through all management.

If the NRA Management and the upper echelon’s of the FBI and DOJ could just fight it out to the death, the rest of us could handily take care of the stragglers and that would MAGA.


Well I see that when I left the NRA in1997 after 33 years was the right decision. Thank you for verifying that for me.

Scott in Atlanta

Madam, don’t insult us by assuming we are incapable of performing personal observations of the NRA’s actions and of evaluating our own interactions with the organization. I’ve been an NRA member my entire adult life, stretching over several decades, and I’ve contributed thousands upon thousands of dollars to them. And when I’ve had concerns about how things have been handled, the NRA has treated me as though I’m dog droppings on the bottom of their shoes. Combine this with their treachery regarding bump stocks, red flag laws, NFA, etc., and you’ll see why so many of us have soured on… Read more »


Well said. To the author, how can we be expected to support an organization that is not supporting us. When they support gun control laws, they are not supporting us. When they let blatantly unconstitutional laws stand in states that are predominantly blue , the gun owners of those States get absolutely nothing for their time effort and money that they have sent to the NRA. The NRA overpays its Executives while crying poverty and begging for donations. If the NRA wants to survive then they need to start standing firm on the Second Amendment and not giving in to… Read more »

Alex Arnau

Goooooooooooooooooooo fuck yourself, Carrie. The NRA has done more to pass gun control laws during the last 30 years than every single gun control group, combined. You’ve protected nothing but your own bank accounts.




Applying the KISS (Keep It Simply Simple) method, the NRA, which I am a voting member, did support the NFA, the Bump Stock Ban and Red Flag Laws. That is not spin, correctly fact. I respectfully submit the vast majority of members, as I, do not support such infringements, yet the BOD and upper deck appear to care less, tone deaf, full steam ahead while raking in the outrageous payroll as awarded itself. The swamp is not just in Washington DC! Indeed, the BOD and upper deck need to sit down, shut up and listen to the majority, or watch… Read more »


Spot on!

Rock R

If “WE” are absolutely “WRONG” then where are the facts to prove it ???? They can send out plenty of letters begging for money but not one word of defense of there actions ???? Not that there is a defense because anyone who takes as much money from members of an organization that lives on donations as they do, is a despicable, disgusting, scumbag, PERIOD !!!!! (and by the way, I don’t support the other two organizations you mentioned either !!!) All of the leadership of any organization that allows that kind of corruption and that type of activities should… Read more »

Rock R

BY THE WAY, that is a two-year old’s response to try to justify stealing all that money because some buddy else is stealing more than YOU are !!!!! Shame on you and all the NRA leadership !!!! YOU ALL DISCUS ME !!!!


Ron Carter

NRA five year consecutive member here, Carrie Lightfoot, you should resign IMMEDIATELY. Rather than address the issue like LTCOL Allen West and Timothy Knight have done, you call us concerned members “Bloomberg” and further try to sweep the embezzlement and improprieties under the rug.

Shame on you.

Dubi Loo

@ Ms. Lightfoot, Not only have you done nothing to end the corruption, you are striving to perpetuate it. Your “sit down and shut-up” tone is indicative of your willingness to do so. Your “Kool Aid” is something I won’t be drinking! As a BOD Member (who directs nothing) you face legal consequences for your action, or inaction. Good luck with that. In the meantime I suggest it is the members of the BOD who should sit down, shut-up, and get to work saving our NRA. If you are unwilling to do that, get out of the way and let… Read more »


NRA cut the dead weight and start standing up for 2A. There is the real answer as to what needs to happen.


I’m new to ammo and,but what I see is it’s corrupted by liberals and anti gun people posing as gun is politics,there’s alot of wasted money,and overpaid people,but they are needed,if not why would ever person running Democrat for prez saying they will take them long nra member forever!

Rock R

You have a right to your opinion, sir…. Just consider this: If you go to a gas station to buy gas and spend $25.00 at the pump but only get $2.50 worth of gas in your car, are you really going to buy at that station again ???? Especially when the Station across the street gives you what you deserve ???? That sir is your choice and for you to decide …. As far as the media and Democrats down on and gonna shut down the NRA is simply because the NRA has been around awhile and made noise and… Read more »

Alexandre Arnau

“I’m new to ammo and,but what I see is it’s corrupted by liberals and anti gun people posing as gun is politics,there’s alot of wasted money,and overpaid people,but they are needed,if not why would ever person running Democrat for prez saying they will take them long nra member forever!” 1. If you’re going to attack other people by calling them “librulz” you should at least have the decency to write an intelligible post. 2. Your partisanship does nothing but erode the foundations of liberty. The NRA has rigorously supported Trump; they shouldn’t be in the business of being… Read more »


The NRA is not an impenetrable wall. I’ve spent my whole life watching gun control laws pass right through that wall. But I understand the position of tempering the worst attacks to reduce the damage. Even if you find that acceptable and believe it is what the NRA does, We find what wall we have is threatened by the behavior of management. Not the rank adn file. If they lose non-profit status and can’t survive, the board messed that up. If they are dissolved by lawsuit, it will be because the behavior of management has made that feasible. If they… Read more »


The NRA needs to focus on its core mission: the protection and preservation of the Second Amendment. That will require abandonment of dead weight such as its insurance programs and the evaluation and possible cutback on its current programs and advertisers. The executive structure needs to be reformed and an effective and empowered board of directors elected. Reform willl take a revolt by the membership in upcoming board of directors elections. Participation in BOD elections is low, so with proper coordination, it’s entirely possible. That assumes that legal issues such as the New York insurance lawsuit leave more than a… Read more »


NRA member here. She has some good points, but is basically tone deaf to the membership’s words. Membership dues have been going up and up and up, and solicitations for funds are in every communication. Yet, we are seeing limited, if any return for that. Then we find out that in addition to his salary (gee, you think someone else makes more money than the LA philharmonic orchestra guy? Where does it stop) that Wayne goes to Beverly Hills to shop for clothes. Really? Then instead of paying out of his own pocket, he bills it to the NRA in… Read more »


The NRA that you speak of, judging by how you use the proper noun, is not the board, officers and leaders, as you imply; it’s a body made up mostly of members. The body merely wants the scar tissue that has caused some loss of functionality to be cut out of the head in order to restore health to the body and make it more efficient. The body has lost some weight because of this scar tissue and some parts have withheld resources until the scar is removed. It can be removed honorably or forced out, but it will go.… Read more »

Ken Lane

Somebody needs to tell Wayne LaPierre that he can wear the same suit twice. Nobody would mind and I can bet they probably wouldn’t even notice.
Until he’s gone, my money goes to GOA.


300K per year for Marrion Hammer.
How much do you make from any of the various NRA slush funds I used to fund?

Not a penny more till Josh, Wayne and Marrion are gone.
Patron member


Constantly I hear this opinion that without the NRA there is no significant gun lobby. Ridiculous. The NRA is an employee of America’s 2A supporters, a bad one that needs to be fired and replaced. The gun lobby will live on and be stronger for it.

How much is the protection of the Secand Amendment worth to you? As if the choice is between Wayne LaPierre and the 2A or abolishing the 2A. He’s offered too many concessions and been careless with our organization’s money. He’s nowhere near the best person for the job.

* Voting Life Member

Green Mtn. Boy

“This spreading of misinformation is an intentional tactic designed to weaken the NRA.”

Wayne LaPierre and fellow miscreants have done a fair job of spreading somethimg.


Thank you for your article and your contributions to our safety and freedom, Ms. Lightfoot. I believe I can understand your point of view. I do, however disagree with it. We at the bottom tier of the pro-gun structure are dismayed and hurt by the events, perceived or factual, that have taken place in our organization. Yes, OUR, organization. We have faithfully funded and supported the NRA and believed our money and efforts were being used to protect our constitutional freedoms. When we find out that our leadership (the noun, not the verb) has failed, we want to correct the… Read more »

m r c

Kansas I have been thinking the same thing do these babbling fools sound like people who would read AMMOLAND

Dr. Strangelove

For some time now, my donations have been going to the SAF and GOA. After seeing how much of our money LaPierre has spent on travel and clothing, (especially that gay sweatsuit) I’m glad that I haven’t been supporting them lately. I hope that they go through some serious reforms because they are the face of the 2A movement to most people.

Heed the Call-up

Carrie, the NRA, of which I am a life member, has been instrumental in crafting and/or passing most of the worst anti-rights acts and laws in our nation starting with the 1934 NFA. Most recently the NRA agreed with the bump stock ban and “certain” red flag laws. Where is the misinformation in that? Those are verifiable facts. Who’s cracking the NRA wall? Those disgusted with the NRA’s positions that are negotiating our rights away. If the NRA leadership believed in the 2A, it would not be recommending, suggesting nor accepting legislation or regulations that are anti-rights. If you are… Read more »


Why is this supposedly conservative site censoring everything now? I can’t post anything without it being set aside for moderation if it might disagree with the liberal sounding writer…


Wayne is overpaid scum, how much of the money being paid into fighting for our God given rights are you getting paid to puff on ole Wayne? This is Pathetic. We could care less how much anyone else makes for working their jobs. Wayne is stealing from us. We can jump any corrupt ship we want without your permission or insulting us for being tired of being scammed. It has NOTHING to do with left lies, its all about the NRA sponsoring every major law ever passed taking our 2a affirmed rights. You are the one trying to spin a… Read more »

Kevin Terpstra

NRA stands for nut jobs ruining America…totally self serving organization that is corrupt and hides behind the 2nd amendment and just invokes fear mongering to it’s base oh sounds like that vonman Trump…many similarities here with are corrupt and pathological liar…


If you are so anti 2A why are you reading Ammoland? Just here to troll?


Piss off Worm.

Charlie Foxtrot

So, the NRA’s lawyer, who got paid $19M and is a McQueen in-law, also donated to Beto O’Rourke in 2018 and Hillary Clinton in 2007, 2008 and 2016: Are we supposed to ignore that too? Will the NRA’s lawyer be donating to Beto O’Rourke in 2020?


Lightfoot and the NRA is a bad joke. It is not misinformation that NRA demanded bump stock regulations / bans.
We can do better. — We WILL do better.
No Compromise !

This site is liberal

Your comment is awaiting moderation. This is a preview, your comment will be visible after it has been approved. Wayne is overpaid scum, how much of the money being paid into fighting for our God given rights are you getting paid to puff on ole Wayne? This is Pathetic. We could care less how much anyone else makes for working their jobs. Wayne is stealing from us. We can jump any corrupt ship we want without your permission or insulting us for being tired of being scammed. It has NOTHING to do with left lies, its all about the NRA… Read more »

Keith Gouverneur

Thank you Ms. Lightfoot!
Yours is a sober voice of reason which I Pray others will heed. As an American I’m fully aware there is a fractionalist tendency in our great American spirit that has continued unabated since the revolution. I Always call on my fellow Patriots to be aware of who their real enemies are

Charlie Foxtrot

Well, that’s a rather disappointing article. There is clearly a solid brick wall between the NRA leadership and the NRA membership. Why argue with NRA Directors, like Carrie Lightfoot, when they simply won’t listen. What is this article supposed to accomplish? It is destroying the NRA from the inside!

Kevin Terpstra

NRA corrupt just like Trumperdoodle that is why they are in bed with each other

Pepe Le Pew

So Wayne is worth the money, but the lower level employees are not? Their pensions not being funded?
Who is going to mail out the Chinese pocket knives and vinyl NRA logo duffle bags for membership pledges if
the lower level employees can’t make a livable wage?

Upper level can show good faith by making some sacrifice.
Carrie, get woke!

Kevin Terpstra

Wayne is just like Warren jeffs remember him


I have supported the NRA my entire adult life. I will not give another penny until the leaders listen to the people. Not the general public, the NRA members.

Wild Bill

@Carrie Lightfoot, the inability to get new, non-NRA management picked candidates elected to the NRA BOD is not misinformation coming from Bloomberg, Soros or Clinton sources. Million dollar plus salaries is not misinformation coming from Bloomberg, Soros, or Clinton sources. LaPierre, Hammer, and Cox positions supporting an unconstitutional bump stock ban is not misinformation coming from Bloomberg/Soros/DNC sources.
Our information comes from Knox, Olsen, and even commentators here that were purged by the NRA hierarchy.


Hundred of thousands of dollars for private airfare to the islands and hundred of thousands in clothes, likewise, does also not come from Bloomberg. Let’s not forget where Wayne came from: He was a Democratic staffer who knew nothing about guns or firearms law. He was, quite literally, picked and groomed by Ack-Mac, more than 40 years ago. Those are not Bloomberg or Soros facts, Carrie, those are historically provable facts. Is NRA still the 5 million member elephant in the room? Yes they are. Do we want to see them abolished? I hope not because that would leave a… Read more »


‘Misinformation’?! Wayne LaPierre spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on clothing and endless trips around the globe (exactly like Michelle Obama is doing) on the backs of NRA members contributions is NOT ‘misinformation’!!! Get a clue, gal: you and the rest of the board are complicit in the corruption of the NRA!! Until you FIRE Wayne L. and Chris Cox my membership stays INACTIVE and contribution-free to the NRA.

Kevin Terpstra

Hey Mikey Wayne wishes he had the class and honesty that our former great 1st lady has and her spending money is not like Wayne stealing $$$…more fake news from a trumpian who is ignorant


Why is this supposedly conservative site censoring everything now?


The idea we must support the NRA…by giving them money…NO MATTER WHAT…is the exact mindset that has slowly soured many gun owners over the years. The fearmongering only served the organization for a limited period before people started to see through the smokescreen. Then, it distanced long term term gun owners who saw a definite pattern in their fundraising….scare ’em into donating. Exaggerate the threat. Stretch the truth. Sure, it might work once…it might work might even work five or ten times on some people….but at some point people get sick of donating money to an organization that begs… Read more »

Kevin Terpstra

Flush the NRA…why give money to s 3rd party who does not care about its members…how can so many ignorant people continue to give them money …send your money to me if you are that ignorant

Southern Living RN

You are an NRA Board member.
Shame on you for wasting your donors’ money and shrugging it off as the price to pay to keep our 2nd amendment rights.

Clean up the swamp or you are the swamp.

Wild Bill

Was Carrie petitioned by the members or recommended by the NRA BOD?

Charlie Foxtrot

Carrie Lightfoot was a Marion Hammer endorsed candidate: So, NO, she was NOT elected by a pure grassroots effort. Carrie Lightfoot was selected by a pure Astroturf effort.

If you want to hear what a grassroots effort NRA Director has to say, listen to Timothy Knight. He actually was elected by petition and was not endorsed by the NRA leadership.

Your Worst Nightmare

Hey CF, so working the NRA BOD election system that leads to a mention by Marion Hammer and you write off the 1000’s of women shooters that helped get Carrie elected with one of the biggest NRA BOD vote counts ever, give me a break. All you fucks have no idea what your talking about, oh wait that is exactly who Mrs Lightfoot was calling out, so I guess the truth stings. Where is your beloved Adam Kraut? Oh yea nowhere and left crying in the back of the room rather than haven taken the needed steps to get elected… Read more »

Charlie Foxtrot

Carrie Lightfoot is writing off the 1000’s of women shooters that supported her with her article. I am simply pointing out that this was eventually going to happen. You either serve the NRA members or the current NRA leadership. Carrie Lightfoot made her choice to serve the current NRA leadership. Marion Hammer predicted that she would and supported her in her famous “Enemy Within” article. Once one lands on Marion Hammer’s endorsement, it is easy to get the votes as part of the NRA Astroturf. Many voting NRA members are clueless and just make the cross (or fill the circle,… Read more »

Southern Living RN

I suppose Lt.Col.West – also an NRA board Member – is making all of this up to destroy our 2nd amendment rights. Get real. Carrie is obviously either misinformed or sticking her head in the stand.

Will Flatt

So Carrie lying through her fat face about Allen West knowing what was going on doesn’t count in your eyes?

She’s a bought-and-paid-for SHILL FOR WHINY LAPEWW.

Greg K

Well Carrie, the way I see it, you have a very short time span to cut out the rotten flesh, disinfect the gaping wound, and heal the whole body before we quit giving it sustenance.

Your “Sit down, Shut up, but keep the copious money flowing” attitude is exactly why we are here. Either be part of the solution or Shut your proverbial infected mouth!

Will Flatt

Shilling for the NRA, considering your position in the NRA, is to be expected Carrie. You basically just called Neal and Jeff Knox, and Adam Kraut, among others, liars. And they’re a helluva lot more credible, right now, than The Cult of Wayne. They’ve been fighting for a more honest, accountable, effective NRA for several decades, all the while you people have turned a deliberate blind eye to the financial mismanagement going on at NRA HQ, and shut out ANYONE who disagrees! This is why former NRA lifers like me QUIT THE NRA FOR GOOD AND JOINED GOA, and other… Read more »

Southern Living RN

And trust me when I say this, there is a grass roots effort to have big donors redirect their monies to credible organizations that fight for our 2nd Amendment rights without the need to pay big salaries or high-dollar apartment rent for summer interns. Jeez people. Wake up.


Yes the financial statements from the NRA are misinformation. Lmao.

If they’re intentionally lying on their financial records, as you imply, the Membership leaving is the last thing the NRA has to be worried about.