Let Venezuela Decide Its Own Destiny

Let Venezuela Decide Its Own Destiny
Let Venezuela Decide Its Own Destiny

U.S.A.-(Ammoland.com)- “Who would be free themselves must strike the blow…

“By their right arms the conquest must be wrought.”

So wrote Lord Byron of Greece's war of independence against the Turks, though the famed British poet would ignore his own counsel and die just days after arriving in Greece to join the struggle.

Yet Byron's advice is the wise course for the United States, and for the people of Venezuela who seek to free their country of the grip of the incompetent and dictatorial regime of Nicolas Maduro.

Let the Venezuelans decide their own destiny, as did we.

As of today, Caracas seems to be in something of a standoff.

Opposition leader Juan Guaido, recognized by the U.S. and 50 other nations as president, has failed to persuade the army to abandon Maduro.

Yet he can still muster larger crowds in the streets of Caracas to demand the ouster of Maduro than Maduro can call out to stand by his regime.

Tuesday and Wednesday, Guaido announced that the regime's final hour was at hand. But by midweek, the army's leaders, including the minister of defense, still stood with Maduro.

Guaido's opportunity seems to have passed by, at least for the moment. Maduro remains in power, though his generals, weighing the odds, have apparently been negotiating in secret with Guaido.

The Trump administration has backed Guaido, only to see him fail twice now at taking power.

The White House backed the plan in February to breach Venezuela's borders with truckloads of food and medicine, counting on the army not to use force to block the trucks.

Vice President Mike Pence traveled to the border.

But Guaido and the Americans miscalculated. The army stood by Maduro. The trucks were kept out.

This week, when Guaido called out the crowds again to bring the strongman down, the White House went all in. President Donald Trump, Pence, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and John Bolton all tweeted support for the uprising.

But by Thursday, it was again clear that no matter what Washington had been told and anticipated, the army remained loyal to Maduro.

Frustrated, exasperated, appearing at once bellicose and impotent, Washington has now begun to bluster about military intervention.

“All options are on the table,” says Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Joseph Dunford. Presumably that includes the 82nd Airborne.

“While a peaceful solution is desirable, military action is possible,” said Pompeo. “If that's what required, that's what the United States will do.”

“All options are open,” says Bolton. “We want a peaceful transfer of power. But we are not going to see Guaido mistreated by this regime.”

Clearly, Juan Guaido is our man in Caracas.

Bolton also had strong words for Vladimir Putin: “(T)his is our hemisphere. It's not where the Russians should be interfering. This was a mistake on their part.”

“The brutal repression of the Venezuelan people must end, and it must end soon,” said Trump. “People are starving. They have no food; they have no water. And this was once one of the wealthiest countries in the world.”

Yet Trump is reportedly reluctant to intervene. Let us hope that his anti-interventionist impulses guide his decisions. Venezuela's future is not ours to decide.

This civil conflict is not our war. We have not been attacked. Not only is there no justification for U.S. military intervention, but also any arrival of U.S. troops on Venezuelan soil could turn into yet another 21st-century strategic debacle.

There could be again Americans killing and dying in a country where no vital interest was imperiled, no matter how obnoxious the regime.

There is no Tiananmen Square slaughter, no massive human rights violations going on in Venezuela to justify military intervention. Indeed, there appears to be a conscious effort on the part of Maduro to minimize casualties and bloodshed, and the consequences they could bring.

Troops are not firing indiscriminately on protestors, though rock-throwers in the streets are provoking the soldiers. Planeloads of Russian or Cuban troops are not pouring into the country.

U.S. intervention in a nation of 30 million people, with an army of scores of thousands of troops, would enable Maduro to cast himself in the role of martyr of Yankee imperialism.

Finally, time is on our side, not Maduro's.

The Venezuelan economy, one of the richest in the hemisphere owing to the world's largest oil resources, is now in shambles. Some 3 million people, 1 in every 10 Venezuelans, have fled the disaster that Maduro and his mentor Hugo Chavez created.

The currency is sinking to Weimar levels. Oil exports are falling. Shortages of food and medicine are spreading. Power blackouts have been reported. It is difficult to foresee any turnaround the Maduro regime can execute to revive the economy or prevent the continued exodus of its people. Most of the nations of Latin America are with us and against Maduro.

Venezuela's situation is not sustainable. Let the fate of the Marxist Socialist regime of Nicolas Maduro be decided by the people of Venezuela.

About Patrick J. Buchanan

Pat Buchanan

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of the new book “The Greatest Comeback: How Richard Nixon Rose From Defeat to Create the New Majority.

  • 16 thoughts on “Let Venezuela Decide Its Own Destiny

    1. Everything seems to hinge on the army. Not sure why the Army supports Maduro, but as long as they do he will remain in power. Of course it is not the entire Army, but just the top generals who are in control. The only way things will change is if someone convinces the generals to drop their support of Maduro.

    2. Guaido is a socialist, too
      He may be a little less oppressive, but he agrees with all the basic tenets of Maduro and Chavez.

    3. Revolutionary war almost always has outside help. Even we did to a point it was France. The French helped in the final defeat of General Cornwallis. Could we have defeated England without them most say yes but the French did assist us.

      Maduro is installing a socialist government in Venezuela even though it had been socialist under Chavez, Maduro is installing communism. In order for nearly all types of socialism to take hold the nation must become desperate to survive and that is exactly where Maduro has taken Venezuela. Therefore, it would not be unusual for that country to become communist, fascist or marxist because they are all socialistic governments and much alike. Almost always all require total power over the people, a dictatorship, in order to remain in place because it takes force to keep them in place. No socialistic country offers opportunity or an ability to prosper. Government owns and controls everything. Only free men prosper. Remember that.

      Now perhaps we understand why Obama promised a federal police force in his next breath after promising a fundamental transformation. He also said that federal police force would be as well trained, funded and equipped as the US military. But no one asked why such a force would be needed. So no one knew. But now we do know don’t we?

    4. Socialism:
      It’s always the same old story, charm the people, disarm the people, take over the people, control the people, kill the people and get overthrown by the people.

    5. This is what socialists want, disarm the people and control!!!!! If you really want to look a socialist control and true control take a long hard look at all of the Indian-Reservation in this country, then go on your Demo-Rat Reparation Payments for all the people that have been discriminated against while developing this Republic, but put the Indians First, they are the true ones that have been truly SCREWED!!!!!!!!!! That is a true Socialist Control, with free everything, this is what is in store if you put the Demo-Rats back in power, THINK LONG AND HARD!!!!!!!!!

    6. Im tired of shedding American blood for the good of man and all nations. The U.N. thinks that they are the ones in control of everything and they should control the world. Lets stay out of it, let the U.N. claim its a problem and let a group of other countrys waste thier money and lives first.

    7. Mr Buchanan is not correct in his assessment of the current situation in Venezuela and omits or ignores key issues. There are in fact foreign, counter-US, malign influences in Venezuela right now – Russian “advisors”, Chinese “technical experts”, and a Cuban pseudo-Praetorian Guard which keeps Maduro safe from less reliable local soldiers. These alone without reference to the deplorable economic and social conditions brought on by the socialist government justify the US taking action, short of direct military intervention, to speed along the departure of Maduro and his allies and extra-hemispheric actors. That would be completely in keeping with the long standing US Monroe Doctrine – specifically designed to warn European (and by extension Asian) actors to stay out of the governments of this hemisphere. Finally to anyone who, justly, takes pride in the American Revolution please remember that while it was indeed a truly “American” action, had it not been for French intervention – in the form of an armed fleet – the revolution might have ended very differently.

      1. “These alone without reference to the deplorable economic and social conditions brought on by the socialist government justify the US taking action”….Only it doesnt…You want to fight this war, do so with your time, on YOUR dime.

    8. Error in reckoning. When we declared and fought successfully for independence, we had not been starved into submission; the Venezuelans are without food. When we declared, we had weapons – that’s why we have a Second Amendment in recognition of the fact that an unarmed people is helpless against an armed government – the Venezuelans are unarmed, facing an army that has already shown willingness to shoot and run over civilians. It is in Russia’s interest to influence Venezuelan oil and gas production – it is Russia’s main export, and if they can limit or co-opt the crude, it raises GAZPROM’s prospects and Russian stability. Leaving a vacuum does not last long, and Cubans, Russians, and Iranians are already filling the cap and increasing their influence. Finally, the prospect of using American troops is 20th century; an air and sea blockade with precision drone and air strikes on military installations will change the balance of power and enable the Guaido revolution without risking American lives on foreign soil; it’s not 1963. We need Russia and Cuba in proxy control of Venezuela like we need a hole in the head. This time you’re wrong, Buchanan.

      1. When the French came to our aid in our war of independence it was not without ulterior motives. Having ulterior motives is not necessarily a bad thing.

      2. “This time you’re wrong, Buchanan.”, we have seen your world view in action since 1960s, we are DONE fighting pointless wars, you want “make a difference”, you go off and fight them yourself.

    9. Thank you Nicolas Maduro for showing the world the true face of socialism. Now Bernie, get off your dead ass and go down there and fix it.

    10. Good read, Mr. Buchanan. Thank you.
      Objective reasoning re: the future of Venezuela and truly So. American, not hype, should rue the foresight of leaders in “our” hemisphere. Interesting how easy it is to jump on Russia (this is not your hemisphere) while boldly taking a stand in so many other places in “other” hemispheres.”
      The time is right to address the Bernie’s, Warren’s, Booker’s, Harris’s, AOC’s and others of the socialist ilk who are zealous to lead the lemming masses over the same cliff.
      I am not an isolationist, but rather someone who supports the US of A 1st.

    11. Absolutely. Although we should passively “encourage” allies and “discourage” enemies in plausibly deniable covert ways, we should not overtly involve ourselves in Venezuela’s morass.

      Venezuela’s problems are, in a sad way for Venezuela’s people, a living case study in the failures of socialist “progress.” As a living memorial to the failure of this kind of economic and governmental approach, Venezuela is a useful counterpoint to AOC etal.

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