NJ Democrats at War with Each Other – This Week on Gun For Hire Radio #415 ~ LISTEN

Welcome to New Jersey NJ
NJ Democrats at War with Each Other – This Week on Gun For Hire Radio #415 ~ Welcome to New Jersey

New Jersey – -(AmmoLand.com)- This week on Gun For Hire Radio, Meatball is a hit! A huge thank you to the Dancsecs Family for letting Meatball star in some Gun For Hire videos. If you’re at the range stop in and see if Meatball is napping or if he’s awake and giving out autographs in the form of licking your face.

The tide may finally be turning for us, because May 23rd there is a Supreme Court conference scheduled for the Rogers case (a.k.a. concealed carry.) Thomas Rogers and the ANJRPC are at the forefront of this fight, but the NRA is financially supporting this case, and so should you! If you aren’t a member of the NRA yet, join now! membership.nra.org/Join/Annuals and you can donate to the ANJRPC court cases by going to: www.anjrpc.org/donations/donate.asp?id=4356

Cal Carlstrom, who was also on Gun For Hire Radio, (check out Episode #389), originally was denied a permit to carry, without a judgement from the Union County Superior Court. Cal is a hard-working former Military Policeman in the U.S. Marines that needs the carry permit for his job. At first the Supreme Court was going to hear Cal’s case, but now they’ve rescinded their decision. However, that’s not the end of this story! The Supreme Court also said that because Cal was denied due process, and because the Union County Court judge summarily dismissed the requests, that Judge must now review Cal’s case and submit a judgement. For the latest on this case, and more about the other good work that Brother Nappen is doing in New jersey, go here: www.evannappen.com

“If you are tired of being told you do not have need for a 2C:58-4 Permit, please donate to the Cheeseman-Jillard case. Every dollar will go to defeating the Siccardi Rule and NJAC 13:54-2.4d-1.”

The Cheeseman-Jillard suit is called “Support the Restore Carry to NJ cause,” and the GoFundMe page is www.gofundme.com/restore-carry-nj and put in the notes on the GoFundMe.com page, “I am not an #SMP.” You can also donate to the cause by going to the CNJFO website link at: www.cnjfo.com/Donate. The Cheeseman-Jillard cases which were both denied at the State level are heading to the Supreme Court and they are just about $5,000 short of their goal to be able to fight the good fight for the rights of all of us! If you value those rights as an American, you should donate to the cause.

In other promising news, “Guv’nah Freestuff” probably won’t be seeing another gubernatorial term, or frankly any other elected office in New Jersey, anytime soon. Gun For Hire is fully supporting the efforts to recall the election where Murphy won the Governor’s seat (because no one remembered what a carpetbagging, Corzine doppelgänger was going to do to our state until it was too late.) There are several places you can currently go to sign the petition, and The Woodland Park Range in Woodland Park, New Jersey is one of those places! Just come on down to Gun For Hire and our friendly Concierge staff will get your information and notarize your signature. You can access more details about the recall here: savejersey.com/2019/04/democrat-phil-murphy-recall-petition-governor-new-jersey/

Despite his impending ouster by his own constituency, and in conjunction with the Attorney General of the State of New Jersey, the Governor recently created a task force which started a state-wide probe into corruption in some government contracts yielded by the Economic Development Agency (EDA.) Wait, WHAT?! NOOOOOO, not in New Jersey?! Oh, but yes, and thanks to his own exertions, Murphy’s biggest guzzler of “haterade” is now Mr. George E. Norcross III.

You may remember George from various scandalous behavior such as the recent 1.5-hour interview with The Star Ledger, where he was quoted insulting the Governor and comparing he and his wife to figurehead monarchs. We haven’t yet seen a response from Governor Murphy’s office to Norcross’ comments, but he will probably draft something after he legalizes recreational marijuana. We think the Governor must have the munchies because he’s clearly bitten off way more Norcross than he can chew.


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Through his own political power brokering in the Garden State, Norcross has evaded indictment, scoffed at libel and even duped the City Of Philadelphia out of a medical center. Vis-à-vis Norcross' insurance company, Conner Strong & Buckelew, various other business ventures here and board seats there, he hides behind a phony philanthropic curtain in order to procure construction and community improvement projects in New Jersey, which make up most of his massive profiteering. Sound familiar Mr. POTUS? Now let’s add that George’s brother Donald Norcross, is a former electrician and AFL-CIO Union brass, turned U.S. Congressman. Throw in that their other brother Phillip Norcross, is the CEO and lead attorney in the newly incensed Parker McCay Law Firm that just sent a scathing letter to the attorneys for the Governor’s task force. Norcross isn’t just a family name entrenched in New Jersey history for hundreds of years; it’s a threat to any hopeful candidate running for office.

One could say, Murphy is stuck between a recall and a hard place. He is basically biting the hands that fed him the election, hoping that the voters will stop paying attention to, or altogether forget, his rather persistent ineptitude. Predictably, the fickle bottom-feeders of Trenton’s political marsh have turned against him. Murphy, like so many others, will surely never rise to the top of the swamp, but be buried proverbially in the muck he saw fit to rake. All the while rivals like Senate President Steve Sweeney are brandishing Murphy’s missteps and idiotic sound bytes, ever wallowing in their own partisan mediocrity.

The hosts of the weekly Gun For Hire Radio broadcast are Sandy Berardi and Master Firearms Trainer, Anthony Colandro and they come to you from deep within the bowels of the Second Amendment waste land, that is New Jersey with THE most listened to Second Amendment broadcast in the Nation!!

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