No-Show Committee Hearing On Anti-Hunting Grizzly Bear Bill A Real Yawner

The bill's author, Natural Resources Committee Chairman Raul Grijalva, (Democrat – AZ) failed to show up to support his own anti-hunting bill!?

Safari Club International opposes a bill in Congress that would stop hunting of grizzly bears.

Washington, DC – -( The Congressional version of “what if someone threw a party and no one came” was in full force on Wednesday when House Natural Resources Committee – Water, Oceans, and Wildlife Subcommittee Chairman Jared Huffman (D- CA) held a hearing on H.R. 2532, the Tribal Heritage and Grizzly Bear Protection Act, and failed to even show up.

The bill's author, Natural Resources Committee Chairman Raul Grijalva, (D- AZ) also failed to show up.

The hearing was chaired by freshman Congressman Joe Neguse (D-CO). And there were no additional members of the majority party in attendance.

On the Republican side, Ranking Minority Member Tom McClintock (R-CA) was joined by Rep. Greg Gianforte (R-MT).

The panel of witnesses offered no surprises in their testimonies. The three representatives of Native American Organizations and Barrie Gilbert, conservation ecologist and emeritus faculty, Utah State University, offered largely emotion-based support for H.R. 2532.

On the other side of the debate, opposing H.R. 2532 and in support of the delisting of the grizzly bear, were Brian Nesvik, Director of Wyoming Game and Fish Department; and Jonathan Wood, attorney, Pacific Legal Foundation, and research fellow, Property and Environment Research Center, Arlington, Va.

Nevsik and Wood discussed the success story of grizzly bear recovery in their testimonies, Nevsik calling it: “one of the most significant conservation success stories in the history of wildlife conservation.”

“Wyoming people (primarily sportsmen or those who have purchased hunting or fishing licenses) have invested tens of millions of dollars to recover this population from their low point in the early 1970s when there were as few as 136 bears in the GYE,” Nevsik went on to say. “Wyoming people have changed the way they work, live and recreate in grizzly bear country to help with their recovery. Now, the most conservative estimates show there are over 700 grizzly bears in the GYE.”

Johnathan Wood quoted the President of the National Wildlife Federation in his testimony: “The Yellowstone grizzly's recovery, which the president of the National Wildlife Federation described as ‘a true American conservation success story,' is a story of successful collaboration between federal biologists, state wildlife officials, conservation groups, and landowners,” said Wood. “Such collaborations, which depend on having the right incentives, are the key to recovering more grizzly populations and other species.”

No further action has been scheduled for H.R. 2532.

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  • 21 thoughts on “No-Show Committee Hearing On Anti-Hunting Grizzly Bear Bill A Real Yawner

    1. the only conservation these useless a**holes are concerned about is taxpayer-supported “jobs” for dhimmi-rats

    2. Vanns 40; We as people do at times slip up on proper punctuation, but we are not all English Lit graduates, we are trying to comment on articles that have been posted, please bare with us that are are not ENGLISH MAJORS!

      1. Some insecure people who cannot find any substantial faults with the content of a statement but feel compelled by their insecurities to make negative comments on everything, resort to pointing out context inaccuracies (punctuation & spelling) to attack the writer/author’s credibility. This is an “Ad hominem” attack (attacking the writer’s character) and faulty logic of the insecure and should be ignored as the source of the attack should be pitied, if anything, as they have no basis in logic and their comments contain no credibility whatsoever.

    3. Grijalva is just like the southern Arizona desert. Full of hot air. Just what you would expect from that POS Democrap.

    4. This should happen when a party sponsoring a bill fails to show up for the their hearings the ranking member on the other side should be able to pull the bill and shelve it for good. Democrats don’t show up when they know the panel do NOT support their bills.

    5. I say we get a dozen or so bears and let them loose in the DNC! Remember you can’t harm them, IDIOTS!

      1. A portion of the Wyoming proposal to de-list Grizzlies said something similar. It proposed transporting problem bears to the state of California. Sort of a fun way to poke fun at people whom want to protect Grizzlies but live without the consequence of their stupidity.

    6. Meanwhile, another Dimwit political hack can tell his low-info voter base that he tried to save part of the planet, but the Trumpers blocked his efforts. Guaranteed to earn him a few more votes from those brainless twits. Too bad a civics and current events exam (in English only) aren’t required to qualify for voter registration.

      1. Grijalva was probably drunk again. He keeps getting reelected on the basis of his Hispanic background while voters ignore his obstructionist policies, strict party-line voting, spotty attendance, crude behavior, and on-the-job tippling. He is an embarrassment to the state and the country.

        1. This is the same guy that said climate deniers should be shot. Schools that don’t support it should have Federal funding pulled.

          1. I believe those that don’t back it should get more fundung, why because they can look at it with true scientific data.

    7. The rep from Utah State described as a “conservation ecologist and emeritus faculty, Utah State University” takes advantage of a typical leftist tactic, that of flying under the colors of conservation. The environmental movement is a religious movement, sans God, and is not science based. Science is on the side of the state and often times federal wildlife agencies who employ the North American Model of Wildlife Management to craft science based programs to manage species. In the case of apex predators the environmental religion appeals to a fictitious pre-Columbian eco-utopia in their appeals to emotion. They simply do not understand population life cycles, climate cycles and the precarious nature of natural life. That is why they need to be simply dismissed in any serious discussion.

      1. We need to stop calling it an “environmental” movement. To me, that’s like calling a poacher a hunter. True environmentalist does the greatest good, for the greatest number of people/wildlife/habitat for the longest time (as said by Gifford Pinchot), based on the best available science. Just a small gripe, but one I needed to get off my chest. I’m glad this garbage bill is dead.

    8. The Grizzly Bear is the apex predator in the 48 lower states. Kodiak and Brown and Polar Bears cover Alaska and there are so many Black Bears that they are a pest in peoples’ back yards in suburban northern states.
      Bears EAT PEOPLE because they are omnivore predators. Unarmed people make a tasty meal.
      These people against hunting bear have never been off the concrete. The grew up reading about the “beautiful wild” but have never seen it.
      Nobody wants to kill wild life to extinction. The bears are important part of life. But hunting bears will keep there numbers in check but can instill fear of the the ultimate predator,the armed human.
      The hikers and bicyclists can have more safety as they walk and pedal just off the concrete.

        1. That’s okay, I’ve written a reply, gone over it three times for content, grammar and typos and STILL had one slip through. What I find annoying are the submitted columns that are riddled with typos. That’s not excusable as far as I’m concerned.

      1. @Jim M, It could be argued, with some accuracy, that the apex predators are the radical left libtards.

    9. I cannot imagine how my conservative Arizona could elect a self-identified Marxist to Congress (how about Comrade Kirsten Sinema?)! Or maybe I can: In Arizona, it is illegal to demand proof of citizenship at polling locations, so assorted w3tbacks vote, and vote often as they are transported from one voting venue to another.

      1. The democrats lured the repubs away from other work by putting the hearing on the schedule. The democrats were just tying up the schedule for some repubs. Just a cheap trick.

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