NRA Continues Backing Supreme Court Challenge to NYC’s Travel Ban


NRA Continues Backing Supreme Court Challenge to NYC’s Travel Ban

Fairfax, VA – -( The New York State Rifle & Pistol Association (NYSRPA) filed its main brief in the United States Supreme Court case NYSRPA, et al v. the City of New York and the New York City Police Department-License Division.

The NRA supported case challenges a New York City ordinance that violates the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding New York City residents by restricting lawful travel with firearms outside of city limits.

“Despite New York City’s transparent attempts to delay and derail this landmark case, it is one step closer to affirming that the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms applies outside the home,” said Chris W. Cox, executive director, NRA-ILA. “The more than five million men and women of the NRA are proud to support the NYSRPA in their fight against this unconstitutional law.”

“Every law-abiding New York gun owner should be thankful for the NRA’s support of this suit,” said Tom King, President of NYSRPA.

Over a decade has passed since the high court issued a significant Second Amendment ruling. In 2008, the Court affirmed in District of Columbia v. Heller that the Second Amendment protects an individual right to have an operable handgun in the home. And in 2010, the Court recognized in McDonald v. City of Chicago that the individual right to keep and bear arms is fundamental and must be recognized by the states. Since those decisions, the court has declined several Second Amendment cases.

“Eventually, New York City will come to realize that the Second Amendment is a right – not a privilege. Until then, NRA members and supporters will continue to fight for their ability to exercise their fundamental freedoms,” concluded Cox.

National Rifle Association Institute For Legislative Action (NRA-ILA)

Established in 1975, the Institute for Legislative Action (ILA) is the “lobbying” arm of the National Rifle Association of America. ILA is responsible for preserving the right of all law-abiding individuals in the legislative, political, and legal arenas, to purchase, possess and use firearms for legitimate purposes as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Visit:

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willy d

JPM; You forgot ME, Md, Del, DC,& the Virus is spreading to Pa also, my friends in Pa tell me the Demo-Rats in Harrisburg are pushing all kinds of B/S bills to restrict guns & gun ownership! Hell Wolf put a moratorium on Executions to those sitting on Death-Row, I’m still waiting for the two slugs that killed my friend in 1996 to get their shots, Even if I have to travel the 1000 miles to witness their executions I’ll be there!!!! The biggest thing is that all of these states are giving more rights to criminals than anyone who… Read more »

Du Mhan Yhu

be like the liberals…….just ignore their anti-gun laws. do not comply. and yes, vote them out, protest at their meetings, in front of their homes,, sit-ins at their offices, letters to editors. protest at places they go out to eat. be like liberals. only thing we got to lose is our rights by remaining silent. I disagree with treating these ant-gun thugs with respect. Respect is earned. I call them thugs, because that is what they are. The only reason I can think of for prohibiting travel w/lawfully owned firearm outside the city is that it is ground work prepping… Read more »

rich z

What do you mean BECOMING a communist state .

Joseph Leonard

When the NRA looks at an infringement on our rights it looks for 2 things: Is it winnable in today’s political climate? And can the NRA afford a long, drawn out case that will deplete funds and/or take funds away from a winnable case?
In New York the odds are stacked against the NRA, NYSRPA other law abiding gun owners by the corrupt politicians in the state. The first thing that has to be done is difficult; vote the sob’s out of office.

Bruce Dzamba

And….the NRA haters have what to say??? That’s what I thought!


You apparently ignore how many times the NRA has incrementally given up and actually bolstered anti-gun activists with the excuse that it is better than a full ban etc. I was a life time California resident who fought with the NRA and NRA members against their support of the unConstitutional bills passed there.

Yes, they have gotten better. No, they are still not there and the recent scandals don’t help.




New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Massachusetts, California, Washington, Oregon, New Mexico, Colorado… the list goes on and on. Little by little as these states are controlled by liberals, they send liberals to the US Congress and Senate to spread their unconstitutional liberal agendas to the rest of the country via new unconstitutional Federal laws.