Paradigm Shift at Henry Rifles Enter the Model 24 Side Gate

Henry Rifles Model 24 Side Gate Rifle
Henry Rifles Model 24 Side Gate Rifle

USA – -( It has finally happened, the Henry Repeating Arms new Model H024 side-gate rifle has been announced to the shooting public. I for one have been waiting for almost two years.

Have you ever been in on a secret so close-hold that you could not talk about it with anyone to include your spouse? This situation is what happened to me back in 2017 when Andy Wickstrom, the Vice President, and general manager of Henry Repeating Arms told me about the future new Model H024 / side loading gate, lever action Cowboy Carbine, that Henry was working on.

If you own a Henry rifle or have shot someone else’s Henry you understand that Henrys are loaded through a tube magazine located under the rifle barrel. Unlike almost any other centerfire lever action rifles currently or historically manufactured in the past, there is no side loading gate or a King’s gate as the original patent on the old Winchester Model 66 ( an improved Henry designed rifle) was called.

Without the side loading gate, you could not top off a rifle as you shot rounds. You had to disengage from shooting and take the Henry rifle out of action to reload it.

The newest Henry rifle, the Model H024 has shifted the Henry Repeating Arms manufacturing paradigm forever.

The Model H024 will have a side loading gate and will be chambered in 30-30, 38-55 and 35 Remington in its first production run. But, regardless of caliber, all H024s will have that loading gate.

My Model 24 is chambered in 30-30. Tim Sundles at Buffalo Bore ammo has excellent 30-30 rounds in his inventory. His 28B 30-30 is outfitted with a 150gr. TSX lead-free bullet that should be your overall general load. If you want to stop anything in the lower 48 states with a 30-30 rifle inside of 100 yards, Mr. Sundles’ 28A 30-30 presents with a 190 gr bullet to chamber in your Henry Model 24.

Buffalo Bore has 38-55 and 35 Remington as well as the 30-30 ammunition. So, no matter what version of the Henry Model 24 you have, you can acquire Mr. Sundles’ ammo to enhance your Hunting with a Henry. Mr. Sundles sells a lot of this ammo in Alaska and Canada where big things could eat you in the middle of the night, where one shot may mean the difference in returning home or being bear bait.

If I say, 1911 everyone knows I am talking about a Colt semi-auto pistol in .45 ACP. If I say Model 29, it is understood I am talking about a 44 magnum handgun made by Smith & Wesson. If I mention a Glock 17, everyone envisions a semi-auto, 9mm pistol made in Austria.

I am here to tell you right now, no matter what the official name and model number is, the brand new Henry lever action rifle with a loading gate on the side of the receiver will forever be known as the Model 24.

When my granddaughter inherits that gorgeous and most particular rifle from my estate, the lawyer reading my last will and testimony, will loudly declare she is receiving her grandfather’s old Henry Model 24 rifle, well used and still shooting just fine.

As I said, a paradigm has forever shifted at Henry Rifles.

On the lips of almost every Henry rifle owner has been the question, when will there be a side loading lever gun? The short answer is now.

You need to know right up front; Henry Rifles will not be able to keep up with the demand. I know they have tooled up for increased production. They have released photos of senior management standing in front of million-dollar machines that produce Henrys, but it is not going to be enough.

Henry Repeating Arms is the number one selling lever action rifle company in the world, and it is their quality that has caused this sensation. Because of popular demand they cannot keep up with production now on some of the models they currently have in their stable.

Henry Rifles Model 24 Side Gate Rifle Side Profile
Henry Rifles Model 24 Side Gate Rifle Side Profile

Members of the Henry rifle family tend to want to own more than one Henry rifle.

There is going to be a symbolic log jam made of Wisconsin hardwood trees impeding the flow of new Henry Model 24s. However, this can be a good thing. Anticipation makes the heart grow fonder, and that applies to the gun owning world.

The current gun retail world is full of product. There are little if any firearms or accessories on the market that a potential shooter has to wait to acquire. I think the current person in the White House has something to do with that.

A want, a desire, and some anticipation goes a long way in helping develop positive character. Besides, if you are just now finding out about the new Henry Model 24 your anticipation has only begun. I have been anticipating this for over two years.

The original Henry lever action rifle that was manufactured from 1860 to 1866 was the first rapid-fire, multiple round, magazine fed, battle rifle that used a self-contained metal cartridge. With the one exception early in the opening days of the US Civil War, whenever a Henry rifle was used on the battlefield by Union soldiers, it was never bested in combat.

The original Henry introduced the armies of the world to the military capabilities of a lever action battle rifle. The US Army never picked up on the concept of a lever action rifle after the Civil War, but the armies of Europe did. From the Franco-Prussian War to the battlefields of today’s modern conflicts, America’s rifle, the lever action rifle, is still found when men are in harm’s way.

The politics of many have made the ownership of a “black rifle” that looks like something a soldier might use, restricted or even forbidden in many societies. This of course always comes back to haunt the unarmed and the innocent, but that is another story.

A lever action rifle that you can “top off” as you are hunting in the woods of North America offers an edge to that rifle owner. That same rifle in the hands of a person moving and shooting to defend his family, to delay evil, is an asset that is underappreciated by many. I might suggest foolishly ignored by some.

Of course, the new Model 24 Henry is manufactured with a brass action. It will have the same smooth, slick to operate, and strong to withstand hard use construction, just like any of your other Henry lever action rifles. The Model 24 is different and yet the same as, other Henry centerfire rifles and of course it has that side-loading capability.

We talk about force multipliers in the military. How you take two or more items and by combining them on the battlefield you greatly enhance your combat capability.

If you take nothing away from the announcement of the New Henry Model 24 lever action rifle but one item, let it be the distinction of the force multiplier of the side loading gate. That loading gate will increase your ability to delay evil should it come to your front door.

The side loading gate, of course, will also enhance your ability to “Hunt with a Henry” anywhere in the free world.

Joe Bullock a sales associate at The Shooters Sports Center in Racine Wisconsin with a new Henry Model 24 lever action, side loading gate rifle.
Joe Bullock, a sales associate at The Shooters Sports Center in Racine Wisconsin with a new Henry Model 24 lever action, side loading gate rifle.

The Model H024 is the scion of the Model H010B. The strength, quality, and accuracy of the H024 action and barrel are inherited from the H010B. The H024 has kept the removable magazine tube and added the side loading gate. Of course, a few of the internal parts had to be redesigned in order to work with the side gate.

The H010B is the large frame Henry Brass action that they build their 30-30 and 45-70 rifles on.

The magic of the H024 concept is you get the best of both worlds when it comes to loading, reloading and unloading the Model 24. It is a whole lot easier to load and unload a lever action rifle if you have the removable magazine tube concept that Henry currently uses on their centerfire lever guns.

When you add the new loading gate on the side of the already extremely successful H010B action, you created a new force multiplier that no other lever action rifle on the market has. Load smoothly and quickly during pre-shooting operations and reload as many rounds as fast as you can when the situation dictates.

The traditional Henry (at least for the past twenty years) magazine tube, loading concept, combined with the new loading side gate will project the Henry H024 lever action rifle into the forefront of the lever action hunting and shooting world.

No one else in the gun industry has a rifle like this, and it is an enviable position for Mr. Anthony Imperato and the entire crew at Henry Rifles to be in.

The Henry Model H024 / Side Gate Loading Lever Action Rifle made at the corner of Henry and Quality where paradigms shift and change the world for the better.

The Henry Model 24 is here, and all is right with the world. Did I mention the Model 24 is a gorgeous rifle?

Major Van Harl USAF Ret.
[email protected]

Major Van Harl USAF Ret
Major Van Harl USAF Ret

About Major Van Harl USAF Ret.:

Major Van E. Harl USAF Ret., a career Police Officer in the U.S. Air Force, was born in Burlington, Iowa, USA, in 1955. He was the Deputy Chief of police at two Air Force Bases and the Commander of Law Enforcement Operations at another. He is a graduate of the U.S. Army Infantry School.  A retired Colorado Ranger and currently is an Auxiliary Police Officer with the Cudahy PD in Milwaukee County, WI.  His efforts now are directed at church campus safely and security training.  He believes “evil hates organization.”  [email protected]

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Dick Younger

Hope they do not make the same mistake that H&R did with the 38-55 in the handy Rifle.. Winchester ammo has a bullet that is .375 in diameter, – the H&R rifle was about .378 -.380 in groove diameter. . Result – keyholes with Winchester ammo. The H&R was a cast bullet proposition only. I got rid of mine. You might want to ask Henry about this.. I am sure Buffalo Bore ammo will work however.

Donald Whitehead

I’m wanting to find out about the Henry side loader 3030 I have been waiting on I’ve got the Henry big boy steel 3030 I haven’t found out where it’s for sale at all the dealers around Pensacola Florida has not come out with it yet I’ll be glad I definitely want one




Whet took them so ling? Having to reload from the front has cost them countless rifle sales over the past decade. Henry’s top management is conservative about it’s product line, I get that. But being to conservative can sometimes bring your company down. People who worked for Borshart suggested design changes to his first effective auto pistol to make it lighter, and more reliable. He would have none of it. So Lugar went into business for himself and sold millions of Lugar Pistols. Borshart become nothing but a footnote in history. Mauser’s Employees came to him with a design for… Read more »

Michael Boettcher

Love my Henry rifle! My Grandsons and Granddaughters love shooting the accurate Henry 22 rifle! I have six 22 rifles, yet the Henry rifle is the only one they want to shoot! Thank you Henry rifle for your excellence!!!!

Lever action fan

Henry Arms, bring out this rifle in 219 Zipper, 25-35, 32 Win. Special, 357 Maximum, 375 Winchester and 414 SuperMag.

Lever action guy

Henry Arms, do the smart thing and move out of New Jersey before its too late and move to Wyoming! Weatherby did the smart thing and relocated to Sheridan, Wyoming.

Jasper Wayne

Modern Henry rifles aren’t very popular with Cowboy Action Shooters but if they make them in popular CAS calibers maybe that could change. I currently have two Rossi rifles by Braztech. that work really well when I shoot B-Western. Will Henry be able to compete with Rossi or Marlin for Cowboy’s money? So far the answer has been no.


I currently own two Henry rifles; a Small Game Carbine in .22LR and a Big Boy Steel in .44 mag. Both are a joy to shoot and are flawless in operation. Had a Marlin 336 that was a bloody pain in the thumb to load. If the new Henry H0024 (kings gate) model doesn’t bite like the Marlin, I’m gonna have to get another .35.


No gun engineer here; however, there appears little space between the ejection port and the loading port. Strength, or reliability issues? Don’t most ‘side loader’ lever guns eject up top? Have a couple lever shooters, one a 30-30 another a .22 – the .22 loads through a tube, the 30-30 on the side, but ejects out the top.


The Marlin 336 and it’s sisters have been around for a long time with a side-ejection port and loading gate chambered in 30-30, 35 Remington, and 444 Marlin. No strength problems there!


Is Buffalo Bore “gold plating” their ammo. It would be cheaper to buy my own reload equipment and get ‘er done.


Your 30-30 must not be a Marlin.


Buffalo Bore ammo is at or above SAMI max. chamber pressures. Their 38-55 can’t be safely fired in old black powder rifles. For shooters who choose not to buy the manuals & equipment required to reproduce the ballistics of Buffalo Bore ammo the the cost shouldn’t be an impediment when you only fire a few rounds for practice before hunting.


Hi i like guns and rifles i have 3 boys. I never give access. For use any weapon only 1 know about weapons because he got army trainning. A lot people die every year because some parents don’t have any control over sons and family ,that’s what i think this is my opinion thanks

James G.

I went to the linked Buffalo Bore website to check out their rifle ammo. Their prices are outrageous! .348 Winchester Ammo for $100 a box of 20??? .45-70 lead ammo for more than $70 a box??? Who’s kidding who? Their ammo is OK, but not very exceptional. If one needs these calibers, and most other listed on their site, it is best to go elsewhere.


They do like their stuff. They run it hotter than almost anybody, Corbon comes close. Double Tap not so much. I think the Henry folk rate most of their BIG stuff +P capable, but I’d definitely check! Duplicating their loading is difficult, and if not schooled in the finer art of NOT blowing yourself up, it is highly dangerous. They won’t give you the specifics on the powders they use, only to tell you they are canister types, not available to the general public, with some ‘blast reducing(?)’ coating that helps in night shooting. They claim all their loadings are… Read more »

Gerald Manthey

All weather side loading !

James Iliff

I’ll be one of those guys in line for a side gate Henry. I have a 357/38 and a 22 now. Magnificent rifles! I don’t have any problem reloading on the go by dropping a cartridge in while cycling the action, but a side gate is a plus. Oh what a joy it is shooting a Henry!

Richard Lauricella

I understand the frustration when a fine firearm has issues, but what other company, firearms or whatever, send you a prepaid, pre-insured mailer to send in your Rifle. They then follow up with progressive updates. The sincerity is there, just look at one of Anthony Imperato’s )Owner) videos. There is no innovative, well-built rifle platform out there as consistent as a Henry. Mr. Imperato invites any owner to write to him, should you have issues. Please do so and you will see what a great man and company behind the firearm.

Richard MacDonald

Fantastic idea. When they come out with one that takes 45 colt ( 1 ammo, 2 guns) I’m in to purchase…


I like the one size ammo concept like you


Not really a lever gun guy but i do own a 22 Henry lever action. Would like to see a Henery Crackshot single action falling block for kids and adults. Octagon barrel with real bluieing


When the 44 mag shows-up, I’ll be there with the $$$’s

Craig Sellier

I’ll take a Henry over any other brand lever gun any day. I own 5 different caliber Henry lever action rifles and a pump action Henry rifle and all perform flawlessly. I’m in the process of purchasing 3 more Henry rifles in the older models and have a new model 24 in the 35 Remington caliber ordered, i can hardly wait to receive it. I love guns and as long as i can continue to afford to purchase guns I’m purchasing all Henry’s, blued model and tge Golden Boy’s.

Ed Mili

I own a Henry 44 magnum Big Boy in brass and a 22 magnum Golden Boy and both are absolutely flawless. I have fired countless rounds through both with never one single FTL, FTF or FTE. If one ever has any issue with thier Henry all you have to do is call the customer service dept and I promise you it will be taken care of. Mr Imperato can be contacted easily and will personally correct and problems you think customer service didn’t handle to your 100 % satisfaction. Henry firearms are the finest all USA made weapons in the… Read more »

Henry Herman

I bought a 3030 in a brass 2 yrs ago..Had extracting issues right off the bat..Got that fixed now works great..Bought a 44 Mag Carbine Big Boy a week ago..Went out to the range to shoot it had feeding issues..Not Happy took it back to where I bought it tried another one dame problem..FEEDING ISSUES…They took it back and i bought purchased a Marlin 1894 SBL.. Took it to the range put over 100 rounds in it worked Flawlessly..Sorry no more Henry’s for me..

Mark Huett

Give me a 38/357 side loading Henry and I’m in!

Witold Pilecki

I might be too. Side-gate loading to top off a magazine from behind cover (keeping the rifle in the fight) and to have a rifle to go with my GP-161, is as handy a tool to use against zombies or ne’er-do-wells as it was against pesky injuns. I have been wanting a Marlin 1894CB with the 20″ octagon barrel, can never find one.

Texas Paul

I always laugh when I see comments like these. I just plink or hunt with my rifles. Don’t remember the last time I went up against “injuns” or zombies, nor do expect to anytime soon


Not a fan of the Henry rifles. They have filled the niche left by Winchester better than some of the other manufacturers have tried to do, but still fall way short. I’ve shot Henry rifles in various calibers and they mostly shot well, but not to the level of my Winchester, Browning or Marlin lever guns. Of course, those fine guns I own are now out or reach price-wise for me and a lot of other folks and the Henry rifles were originally bargains, but now that they have achieved a level of acceptance and success, like everything else in… Read more »