Petition To Ban Bobcat Trapping, Hunting In Colorado Fails


U.S.A.-( Today, the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission unanimously denied a petition to ban all bobcat hunting and trapping.

Safari Club International took swift action to ensure that the ill-conceived petition did not succeed.

SCI reached out to Colorado members and in less than a week they responded in full force by sending over 350 letters to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commissioners.

The letters explained why the petition was not only unnecessary but also could have negative impacts on the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Department’s ability to manage the state’s bobcat population.

SCI looks forward to continuing working with Colorado Parks and Wildlife and their Commission to make certain that hunting continues to be an important part of the state’s management of wildlife and that Colorado remains a state with excellent hunting opportunities.

About Safari Club InternationalSafari Club International

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Louis Ferro

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Mary Elizabeth Hardesty

STOP killing wildlife, bobcats included!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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So good to hear from the cheap seats (PETA, Humane Society of the United States, Vegans & other brain-dead liberal nit-wits) occupied by someone living outside of reality.


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Louis Ferro

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