Putting Together the Big Picture on Suppressing America


Masked Antifa Goons
Putting Together the Big Picture on Suppressing America: The Left's Masked Antifa Stooges.

USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- If you put all the pieces of the Left’s efforts to crush dissent together, the picture is disturbing – and more than a little frightening.

One of the key principles of playing go, or wei qi as the Chinese and Japanese call their favorite board game, is to look at the entire board before every move. To win, you must always have a sense of all the possibilities and your opponent’s situation before you make a move.

If you look up from the gossip and noise of Washington and look at the entire board of American politics, the emerging picture is the greatest threat to a free society in our lifetime – maybe since the Civil War.

Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher taught conservatives that “first you win the argument, then you win the vote.”

Beginning with President Reagan, conservatives have gotten better and better at winning the argument.

The Democrats, on the other hand, have been going further and further toward the extreme left and away from the American people. They are rapidly becoming the 15-20 percent party.

Consider just a few of their recent radical positions:

  • Killing babies after they are born (adopted in New York and Virginia by Democrats) is an incredibly radical, isolating issue. Only 13 percent of Americans support abortions in the third trimester, according to Gallup.
  • Allowing violent criminals to vote from jail is a 19 percent issue.
  • The economy is rapidly becoming a strength for Trump, and the Democrat efforts to dispute his success sound more and more hollow.
  • Border security is a growing issue to the Democrats’ disadvantage. Open borders is a 16 percent issue with 83 percent of Americans favoring more secure borders.
  • Only 10 percent of Americans have a positive view of socialism, and only 29 percent think it is compatible with American values, according to a recent Monmouth poll.
  • Only 26 percent of Americans are willing to consider reparations for slavery.

Faced with positions that cannot win a majority of the American people, the Left is increasingly trying to crush the debate rather than win the debate.

The California State Senate adopted a law to block Trump from being on the primary ballot in 2020 unless he meets their demands to release his personal taxes. If their precedent is accepted, they can rapidly change the test to something even more outrageous (just watch the Democrats in Congress as they play this game). This attack on access may spread to other Democratic-controlled legislatures.

So, it is possible the incumbent president will be denied access to his own party’s primary in the nation’s largest state.

The bitter fight between President Adams’s Federalists and Vice President Jefferson’s Democratic-Republicans had some of this bitter quality of win or die. Certainly, the bitterness of Southern slave-holding state newspapers against Lincoln in 1860-1861 resembles the bitterness the Left’s media feels against Trump (a point Historian Alan Guelzo makes repeatedly).

The Left is actively suppressing dissent on other fronts.

  • College campuses routinely deny access to conservative guest speakers.
  • Conservative nominees to the Supreme Court are viciously smeared and threatened. Look at the treatment of Judge Robert Bork, Justice Clarence Thomas, and Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Ironically, the Left’s smears often collapse. When the four-day Thomas hearing was over, a Gallup/CNN poll found on Oct. 14, 1991 that 54 percent of the American people believed Thomas and 27 believed Anita Hill. For a generation, the Left has elevated Anita Hill and turned her into an icon of nobility.

The Left’s efforts to propagandize the American people into believing falsehoods and disbelieving truth has deep roots. As Diana West’s remarkable book American Betrayal documents the entire modern mythology of the innocent Americans and the bad anti-communists is simply a lie.

After the Left’s vigorous defense of Alger Hiss (the No. 3 man in the State Department), we now know that he met secretly with Stalin at 2 a.m. at Yalta and was given the Soviet Union’s highest civilian award for his services as a Soviet agent.

Pete Earley and I wrote Collusion to remind people that there really are anti-American, pro-Russian people in the United States – who will actively work to undermine our freedoms and our government.

Remember the scale of the Left’s hostility to America and its desire to impose an unpopular system by manipulating the rules and just plain lying.

The next two years really matter in determining if their radical values, big lie campaign can impose on America policies which Americans overwhelmingly oppose.

This is the Big Picture behind all the small stories and noise.

Your Friend,

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  • 19 thoughts on “Putting Together the Big Picture on Suppressing America

    1. If California thinks that they can manipulate who is on their ballots as a way to dictate what they want or who wins, by eliminating competition then that leaves only one solution.
      All votes from California are disqualified. And they recive no electoral college representation or votes.
      They can dictate their way to being disqualified from voting on the national level, this includes having any representatives in Congress as it is at the national level.

      1. Absolutely agree, thank you… and if Cali does this underhanded shit and turns the election i will start a freekin war myself.

    2. Keep pouring it on, Newt. Too many Americans don’t know or care or have forgotten about Nikita’s promise to bury us. Though his threat was made almost 60 years ago on American soil, that Soviet’s claim is closer to coming true than ever before because the Marxist’s control educational thought and the media.

    3. I just love to see the Antifa gangs in their masks. Reminds me of the Taliban and Isis gangs. If they are such freedom fighters why cover your face?

      1. Used to be, only bad guys wore masks, but these days SWAT and other tactical police units wear them. If you have to hide who you are, there is something very wrong going on. It is understandable why these Antifa sissies wear masks (so their mothers won’t send them to their rooms if they see them on TV) and why crooks wear masks, but cops? When you can’t tell the good guys from the bad and someone is kicking in your front door, warrant or not, shooting is justifiable.

        1. That is why self defense is appropriate when masked and unidentified forces kick your door in. Where is the rule that LE must identify themselves not just verbally, but in clearly marked uniforms? LE is also required to have a warrant that must be presented before entry. No knock raids are a clear 4th Amendment violatio.

      2. I would see them as a threat and open fire. I feel they are the enemy of the united states and a danger to myself and my family…so there would be lots of holes in any antifa around here. Try it in nh you masked goons/ live free or die.

    4. Elected Servants that knowingly break the Oath of Office, are nothing more than common criminals that could care less about Constitutional rights. They have written off one of the greatest documents ever created, in an attempt to make the freedom that so many have fought and died for….. meaningless…. We want our old America back….

    5. Great article! All of USA’s problems stem from un-constitutionalism. If we strengthen the US Constitution it remedies all of the issues that citizens face from any perspective. Remember folks Article VI is Supreme Law! If California and New York legislate and gerrymander the ballot in 2020 we the people need to destroy those behind this grossly negligent coup on our Republic and attack on our democracy! Article VI within the US Constitution gives us the authorization to Defund, Disbar, and Discharge ANYONE from office who knowingly violates the US Constitution! Do not stand by idly while the Left destroys the USA!

    6. We must also not forget the imminent threat that are mooslims…..
      Thanks to the former PIMP in the WH, he allowed thousands of mooslims into our country for the sole purpose of bringing sharia law to bear over Constitutional Law. They are waiting orders to begin a “cleansing” of infidels. Make NO mistake about it, they have been preparing for this in “camps” in several states.
      I grew up in Dearborn, MI and am horrified by what has transpired in the last 30 years. I won’t set foot in East Dearborn, ever and the residents don’t seem to notice what is happening.
      The Muslim Brotherhood was created and worked with the Nazis during WWII and very few people know this in this country thanks to the dumb-downed “education” in our high schools.

    7. You can see why the left wants to take our guns away. Look out for a full-scale assault on America if Trump is reelected.
      Don’t think that there are not thousands of these in the background that are paid to stand-by. This is one of the things that the founding fathers visualized when they added the second amendment. The people that organize and support this kind of crap need to be prosecuted for treason.

    8. THE DEMO-RATS!! version of the Brown Shirts!! WAKE UP AMERICA!! Remember the Boy Scout Motto BE PREPARED!!

    9. The Dumbocrats are far from becoming the ’15 to 20 percent party’. They are the party of the ‘freebie’; free health insurance, free college tuition, free cell phones, etc. Increasingly ignorant voters (the majority, by the way) rarely vote against freebies; count on it.

    10. The tactics the left uses are the very same tactics that J. Stalin, A. Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot used and some continue to use. Burning of books, degradation or outright removal of national monuments, assaulting anyone who stands against their evil, Doxing the innocent, shouting down any other voice but their own etc. There can be no justice when you hold no law higher than your own! Most, but not all, are little more than blathering young adults who have been fed a pack of lies (socialism) for so long they believe them without question and without stopping to actually THINK. They simply parrot the bull they have been fed for years. They call themselves ANTIFA (for example) and yet they mirror, in both word and deed, the NAZI’s during and before WW-2. Like the two kids that shot up the school in Colorado, they have no care for what is right, no qualms for doing what is wrong and no idea of the consequences of their actions. Once a life is lost it usually stays that way. Right and wrong are first defined BIBLICALLY. This nation is founded upon those principals, therefore the ultimate judgment over right or wrong is BIBLICAL. I wonder what the world would look like if everyone followed the golden rule? How about the ten commandments? Instead, they tear down monuments, remove any vestige of the ten commandments from sight. Wither they realize it or not, their aggression is war like and, if the law enforcement people don’t step in and do their jobs, someone is going to get hurt–or worse. It is NOT acceptable for a terrorist ( that IS what they are) to have grace under the law while the meek, the innocent, the righteous suffer.

      The defense of my family, friends, neighbors and the innocent people that I can help is something I take seriously. So anyone threatening any or all the above would be better off if they had stayed home. Can’t we all just get along? If you just can’t be civil, if you feel you have the right to riot and destroy private property, if you feel you have the right to assault the innocent, sooner or later you will get what is coming for you. Out here, in rural Az. we have a sure cure for robbers, rapists, drug dealers, kidnappers, murderers and terrorists–WE SHOOT BACK. So, if you feel you have the right to do what is BIBLICALLY known as evil, maybe, this is not the nation you need to live in. Maybe you should start up a colony in El Salvador or Venezuela or the like.

      Right is still right and wrong is still wrong. Good is still good and evil is still evil no matter how politicians try to spin it. I took an oath, like most of you did, to protect and defend the people, the constitution of the United States of America. Righteousness brings true freedom. Freedom is worth arguing for, fighting for, warring for, killing for and if needs be, it is worth dying for. Freedom has never been free, it comes with the highest of costs. Ask any vet. There is a peace that can only be found on the other side of war, if that battle must come, I will fight it. If war must come, and it looks very likely at this point, let it be in my generation–so my children can know peace.

      Arm up, carry on.

      1. Well stated. We really need to come together as a force to be reckoned with. As individuals, we can be picked off, one or two at a time, by the corrupt actions of a House divided, by state legislatures being populated by special interest money (Soros, et al), and through the auspices of such draconian acts as the “Red Flag” confiscation regulations passed by those same state legislatures; the list of actions against citizens goes on, and increases daily in the nation.
        Consequently, these anarchist groups like ANTIFA draw their encouragement from attacks on us. I fear they may get to the point where they feel compelled to test us by outright violence, and the Socialist-leaning elements of government may look the other way, particularly if the 2020 elections are rigged by the use of illegal votes from, you guessed it – illegal immigrants, among others. The stage has been set, I believe, for confrontation. We must take this seriously; as one of those Oath keepers, I do. I cannot watch idly as the assault against lawful citizens reaches a point where our national identity and safety is in jeopardy. I hope I am among others in that position, and we find ourselves joined against the conspiracy we see building. It must be defeated, and I believe the time for realizing Thomas Jefferson’s belief that the “Tree of Liberty” needs refreshing with the blood of tyrants, and perhaps we patriots, is nearing.

    11. It’s only going to get worse here. Just prepare to do whatever you can to weather this storm and especially against racist hate groups like antifa.

      And also do whatever we can do to cripple antifa. These people are not who they claim to be. They don’t really give a crap about stopping racism, bigotry or hate. They are and will always be the very things they accuse others of being. There are scores of YouTube video showing them attacking and assaulting racial minorities, homeless people, elderly and handicapped people, random civilians including children all the while the media ignores or praising it.

      We also need to be careful as these so called “antifascist” groups will do anything to get to their accursed goal.

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