Standing Up to China

Art by Michael Ramirez

China Tariffs Intellectual Property
Standing Up to China

USA –-( Standing Up to China.

A trade war continues to escalate between the United States & China as President Trump uses increased tariffs to fight intellectual property theft by a country that doesn’t have much respect for America.

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About Michael Ramirez

Two-time Pulitzer Prize winner, Michael Ramirez, combines an encyclopedic knowledge of the news with a captivating drawing style to create consistently outstanding editorial cartoons on Ammoland Shooting Sports News.

“An editorial cartoon is not just a funny picture,” says internationally known editorial cartoonist Michael Ramirez. “It is a powerful instrument of journalism, sometimes sharp and refined, its message cutting quickly to the point, and other times, blunt and overpowering, seizing the readers' attention with its dark imagery.”

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  • 24 thoughts on “Standing Up to China

    1. @ Austin What you say about yourself is impressive and kind of possible but it is doubtful if you would be taking your precious time to comment on a pro gun site. That and the fact that your use of words in your arguments does not strike me as coming from someone with what you brag as accomplishment.
      Do you understand troll and typing from mommie’s basement?

    2. Wild Bill: I did a lot of haying in that same manner when I was a young man. Good hard work teaches a lot of valuable life lessons. Thanks for bringing back some great memories. P.S. Despite starting out at the bottom, I became quite successful. (Funny how that works)

      1. @subguy, I think that all of these website propagandists could use Farm Chores 101. They vomit out socialist gabble as if they had real knowledge, as if experienced people would buy their deceptions, and as it they were equals.
        What kind of future does “Internet Propagandist” prepare one for?

    3. Well I have heard it all from alextheidiot cortugabutt, to illhambone the Jew hater , to frogface stupider thanever , and bidtheperv (who used China and his power to make his son rich) and now pea brain Austin named after the socialist town we kind of think of as the capital of OUR GREAT STATE OF TEXAS but he wasn’t named after Stephen F. Austin a great leader and gave his all for Texas! Austin gave his all when his brain never formed it takes something called LEADERSHIP, GUTS AND BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE TO KNOW HOW TO CONTAIN DICTATORS AND NOW THAT INTELECTUAL PROPERTY IS A LITTLE SOMETHING THAT PEOPLE WITH BRAINS INVENT LIKE THE INTERNET, CELL PHONES, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, AND MILITARY AND SPACE ADVANCEMENTS THAT SHEEPLE PEA BRAINS CAN NOT EVEN SEE BECAUSE THEY ARE TOOOOO BUSY DRINKING THE SOCIALIST KOOL AID!!

      1. Man, you’re in tizzy and I don’t understand much of that first “sentence”.
        But FYI, I was named Austin because it was rare at the time of my birth and my parents wanted a more unique individual name to accompany my ubiquitous surname, Jones. And dude, do you really believe there’s some kind of metaphysical identity in a name? This is a strange way to launch a personal attack.

    4. Austin,
      You must be under 25,your last paragraph says it all.china’s strategy is to dominate all,read your history, 1st trade,2nd intellectual, then the armys.obami ignored it all,trump will man up!

    5. Intelectual Property doesn’t exist.
      And only the Dooface Trump is capable of reconfiguring the “free-trade” political party to favor authoritarian economic policy from Old World imperial Europe. Do you know why tariffs haven’t been a big thing since the fall of the European empires after WWI? Because they’re bad for the economy and the people of the countries which dare to levy them!
      Also, “when goods don’t cross borders, armies will.”

        1. The armies that the US sends to every country on earth to ensure economic imperialism. Have you never contemplated the history of US foreign policy, the monroe doctrine, and that half of your paycheck is stolen and half of that goes to the military which fights abroad solely for American economic interests? The same armies that are in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Japan, Germany, and all over the world right now for global economic interests. Only China has nukes and won’t just lay down and take it like the rest of the world.

        1. Oh yeah. The guy condemning government economic control is the socialist. And in fact Trump is saying “you didn’t make that, America did” by playing his stupid trade games with the products of private companies.
          Jeez man, you gotta be more creative than to just throw “socialist” at everything that makes you uncomfortable.

        2. No, I believe what he’s saying is that you have property over matter, not thought. Imagine in the wheel were protected by IP?

          Does “stealing” it leave you with less of it? If no, then you can’t really own it. If I’ve “stolen” your design (by looking at it) to a round thing with an axle in the middle, do you have fewer “wheels”? No, you have the same amount. I haven’t stolen anything, I simply copied your idea. If you want to be know as the first inventor of what you invented, then go ahead. I will be happy using this “wheel” to transport stuff.

          IP protection is cartel action by color of law.

      1. @Austin In you case you are correct Intellectual Property does not exist because you have you have a brain for it to be taken. You must be one of those thugs that thinks (hard to do without a brain) everyone has the right to everything and if I take advantage of you, you can’t do anything about it (or won’t want too). Here’s a though for you , find a brain and think before you post BS!

        1. @Another thinker of great thoughts that can not think up employment beyond first rung world wide web propagandist. I invite him down to the ranch to introduce him to my authoritarian economic policy.

            1. Make your way to Yantis Texas. Ask the banker to call me. Have lunch at the far end of the counter. I’ll come and look you over.

          1. I forgot to mention that haying will be starting soon. In barn stacking is 25 cents per 65 lb bale. Funewgys, have to start at the bottom. If they do a good job, they get a better job.

      2. FYI to you all,
        I say this as a 28-year-old aerospace engineer who has founded 2 companies (one of them international) and written patents on my inventions at the core of both.
        Now if anyone else who actually knows anything about “intellectual property” and international business would like to argue anything that isn’t some prepackaged bleating, I’m all ears.

        1. @austin, China hates the US. China will destroy us if possible. China will steal anything. Intellectual or material. Look at their record since communism. Millions of chinese murdered to further communism. Are you ok with that? If so talking to you is a wasted exercise.
          When I was 28 listening to wiser folks paid off. Try it!

          1. @Chuckbone, I wonder what he patented; the patent numbers; and the names of the companies. And after going through all that why would he say that there is no such thing as intellectual property.

      3. According to SCOTUS, Intellectual Property is a real thing. Of course, being a Trump hater, you won’t recognize anything that supports POTUS Trump. China has been screwing us for decades, thanks to anti-american Libtard and Globalist legislators. Trump is the 1st since Regan with the ball’s to call them out.

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