Statement from Pete Brownell on Stepping Down from NRA Board of Directors

Pete Brownell
Pete Brownell

Grinnell, IA – -( “In the coming weeks, my company will be making exciting announcements about new opportunities that are important to the future success of our business. We look forward to sharing that news soon as possible.”

“Given the hard work and full-time attention that will be needed as our brands continue to grow, I’ve decided to step down from my position on the NRA’s Board of Directors.”

“It’s been an honor to serve the five million members of the NRA and I will continue standing side-by-side with the millions of Americans who care deeply about defending the Second Amendment.”

 ~ Pete Brownell

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The rats are jumping the sinking ship.

Thomas Rolfson

GOA is a useless organization. When was the last time you heard of GOA leading the way against any major anti-gun legislation? What is their list of major accomplishments? Here is a clue: there aren’t any. The Knox famiiy has done nothing but whine for decades now. They are as useless as NAGR. If you are looking for organizations that are actually on the front lines fighting, try SAF and FPC/FPF. You should also support your state pro-gun groups(s) as well.

Free Helicopter Rides For Commies

Dear Elmer Fudd: I hear of GOA victories often, because I’m a GOA Lifer that reads his snail-mail and email.. 98% of the stuff they do is falsely claimed by the NRA. The Knox family has nothing to do with GOA. All this reveals your gross ignorance. If any gun group is as useless as NAGR, it would be the NRA, since they have failed to stop every major gun control effort in the last 85 years. The NRA is also a lot like the NAGR in that when you quit them, they keep soliciting you for more money and… Read more »


Well said. People that ask “what are GOA’s accomplishments? There are none!” Just don’t read and would rather turn in their bump stocks and luck Trumps asshole clean then to stand up for what’s right and push back when their republican friends squish on the second amendment.


Apparently ignorant of life. Just look on the records. The GOA files Criminal Law suits and has anti gun people answering in court. Solutions are the only answer and criminal charges are a very good solution to solve criminal action. I see the present day NRA as a scam on the members. When I see the local gun groups filling law suites and not complaining then I’ll start believing you. The only actual solution to end all the Anti gun crap is to charge al the politicians with Perjury Under Oath for violating their Oath of Office. According to State… Read more »

American Patriot

Pete Brownell statement is total BullSh*t! Has all the men been pussified & afraid to speak out or just gone with the herd of liberals to follow the group.

Will Flatt

Who knows… It’s possible he wanted to get clear of the NRA before the inevitable train wreck, without dissing the organization and alienating the fudds that believe everything that Whiny LaPierre says. It would have been nice if he said he was quitting the BoD because of the BS going on at HQ, not to mention the lies, and the coverup of financial misdeeds. But then again, maybe he really is getting so busy with his business that he cannot divide his attention between the two. But I really do suspect he’s wussing out on saying why he’s actually leaving,… Read more »

Bruce Dzamba

If one is not a voting member of the NRA and actually reads the bio’s and votes accordingly then you guys should STFU!


We simply need to reset management if they want to keep NRA alive……if they wait it’s over for as they are losing credibility quickly and will be an end of their era! GOA, yes!

Gregory Romeu

The Board Of Directors IS the problem! If 77 people that were BLINDLY ELECTED by NRA member from across the country couldn’t properly manage the funds, (Yeah! Tell me that 95% of the voting NRA members actually KNEW just WHO they were voting for?) then maybe they can do it with 76? MILLIONS of dollars “most” and / or squandered and the poor decision-making over the years of trading our security for a little safety with politicians, people that haven’t a clue what an Oath of Office is all about, and the masses agree THAT is responsible and accountable, “leadership”?… Read more »

Mr. Walkker

Well stated. As a LIFER of the former NRA, and walking upright on the Plane(t) for over 6 decades, ( 6 x 10 = 60 years), always expecting the best, i have now channeled all disposable income to the more effectual group of action named .G.O.A. Even after completing an intentional action of “UNSUBSCRIBING” at the NRA website, they continue to send teaser e-mails urging you to “RE-CON-CIDER”. LOOK. No other ORGANIZATION does this. Usually when one wants OUT, they LET YOU GO. Yet not so is the case at the THE BADLY BROKEN NRA. Once the hooks are in… Read more »

Kevin Reidy

Fuck Ted Nugent, Semper Fi my ass he’s a kiddie-diddling draft dodger.

Nugent is all that is WRONG with the NRA.


wow = been a NRA member since way back remember neil causing issues in the beginning have seen ups and downs but mainly this group has done right. not just on 2A rights but hunter education, instructor education, all sorts of shooting events but always i hear people talk about the NRA, usually people who never contribute, some who never belonged – others who had one bad experience and got it in their craw and never coughed it up. and the knox’s always circle back- putting their thoughts and rumors out, I am not a blind Elmer Fudd , i… Read more »

James Tennyson

I agree. Regardless of the current troubles, the NRA is the oldest and strongest gun rights organization on the planet. If people don’t like the direction it’s moving, they can gain a vote for the Board of Directors and elect people they.DO like. And, for the nay-sayer above that talks about “voting for people we don’t know”, the NRA publishes the bona fides of all the Board candidates for voters to study before casting their vote. GOA is a great organizatiin, and I’m a member. So is Bama Carry, the Virginia Citizens Defense League and Jews for the Preservation of… Read more »

Jeffery P

I am sorry about the money I gave the NRA to squander. No more, until there is full independent audit, transparency and other reforms.


Getting out while the gettins good, methinks……. How long till he sells off brownells to some investment banker?


Pete realizes that Board of Directors are personally responsible for an organization’s wrong doing. The SHTF is about to occur. Have met Pete several times and participated in Brownells in house activities. I believe Pete is a really good guy as is his family. Good Iowa stock. You have never and will never hear of any thing negative about Brownells company or family. Same with Larry and Brenda Potterfield and their MidWayUSA……all Missouri good. These are the type of people needed on the NRA Board of Directors.

peter m. gonshor

GOA why-not, no compromise gun lobby, you won’t see Bloomberg turning a cheek !!!


Hmmm, wonder why you can’t belong to both.

Lifetime NRA member.


You certainly can belong to both.

As for me, you would have to be stupid to keep giving money on someone(s) who have been treating contributions like their own personal piggybank.

Time for Wayne to get a plaque, or statue or something, and best wishes on a happy retirement (with over 5 million dollars in N.R.A. funds in his pockets). It’s long overdue!.


As a former NRA Instructor for over 18yrs. I can say that being a member is like buying a boat!!! Why, b/c it like a hole in the water you throw your money into!!! When LaPierre went for the money he endangered my life by doing things backwards, how you might ask, by allowing ppl. to obtain their permits online without any training & then sending them to me expecting me to train them! They have a firearm, sometimes loaded & putting me in a dangerous situation that hopefully I can explain to them how a gun works before they… Read more »

Richard Seaton

I have supported both GOA and NRA for years. NRA has done great things. But it has lost it’s way. GOA gets my financial support now. Hope NRA turns things around. And LaPierre, your time using the NRA as your personal bank account needs to end NOW.




I left NRA and joined GOA. I’m Glad I changed.


GOA is the best IMHO. I was an NRA member for year, bought all my kids a lifetime membership I now regret. It’s way too top heavy & IMHO will fail if the current BOD isn’t replaced. SAD.

Will Flatt

The exodus begins!!

How many NRA BoD members will need to step down before Whiny LaPierre and his cronies RESIGN??? My guess is, all of them. Meanwhile, all these big league players in the firearms community are welcome to boost GOA. We still need an 800lb. gorilla in the room; it may as well be GOA. NRA is a paper tiger now.

If you aren’t yet, join GOA.


Now,now Lil Wayne says any crticism of him is defeatism and he had several paid bloggers agree!


I FULLY agree….