Pelosi’s Scheme to Push Gun Control Though the Senate, Will Joni Ernst Stop It?


Stop Pelosi’s Scheme to Push Gun Control Though the Senate
Now radical anti-gunner Sen. Dianne Feinstein is trying to bludgeon Senate Republicans — and particularly Iowa Republican Joni Ernst — to “negotiate” over the basis of the House-passed liberal wish-list.

Washington, DC – -( House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has launched yet another campaign to outsmart Senate Republicans.

And if she is successful this time, the result will be a massive new national program of gun confiscation — conducted with no due process whatsoever.

First, a little background: In 1994, then-Senator [and now Presidential candidate] Joe Biden created the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) program.

While everyone opposes domestic violence, this bill was intended to be a vehicle for a wish-list of liberal priorities.

The bill is now up for reauthorization. And while radical liberals, and anti-gunners care deeply about it, the failure to reauthorize it would be no particular loss to anyone else.

But rather than begging for Republicans to fund a Leftist program, Nancy Pelosi has, instead, loaded the House-passed version with gun control, tax increases, and discrimination against religious charities.

On gun control, the bill would allow anyone you’ve ever dated to convene a “secret court” to strip you of your Second, Fourth, Fifth, and Fourteenth Amendment rights with no due process whatsoever. They could do so by alleging to a pliant judge — without proving — that you “scared” them or “harassed” them.

In addition, the bill would push for the imprisonment of veterans, traffic ticket scofflaws, and others who tried to purchase a gun without realizing the government had taken their Second Amendment rights away from them.

The House bill, H.R. 1585, was such a nightmare of liberal orthodoxy that a large majority of House Republicans voted against it. And the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee Collins predicted the bill would be dead on arrival in the Senate.

But now radical anti-gunner Sen. Dianne Feinstein is trying to bludgeon Senate Republicans — and particularly Iowa Republican Joni Ernst — to “negotiate” over the basis of the House-passed liberal wish-list.

It doesn’t take a genius to realize what could go wrong. When the only question is whether you get 90 percent, 50 percent, or 20 percent of a sack of garbage, the one certainty is that you’re going to end up with a sack of garbage.

So Joni Ernst is now the one who will determine whether nightmarish, Orwellian gun control passes into law — or not.

And if she capitulates, Michael Bloomberg, Gabrielle Giffords, etc., will end up massively energized. And the Second Amendment will emerge as an injured, limping, bloodied victim.

Not surprisingly, Ernst is up for reelection. And Feinstein is holding out the threat that Ernst will be portrayed as “anti-woman” unless she destroys the Second Amendment.

So please take action and urge your Senators and Sen. Mitch McConnell to stand firm for gun rights.

In liberty,

Michael Hammond
Legislative Counsel
Gun Owners of America

PS. Don’t forget to contact Sen. Mitch McConnell in addition to your Senators. As Senate Majority Leader, he has the power to strip the anti-gun language from HR 1585 by himself! Then please consider making a donation to GOA to double your efforts.

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Gun Owners Of America

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  • 28 thoughts on “Pelosi’s Scheme to Push Gun Control Though the Senate, Will Joni Ernst Stop It?

    1. I read this same thing on GOA twitter two days ago and I did what the article asked me to do. The more they hear from us the larger the chance they will do something.

    2. ALL ‘gun control laws’ are un-Constitutional. Because uneducated, or cowardly, Americans allowed ‘gun control laws’ to stand, the government got the idea they were your master.
      NO law may stand that is in contravention to the Constitution, regardless what any anti-American activist ‘judge’ says.
      NO law may limit, change, deny or negate the Constitution. ONLY a Constitutional Amendment can do that.
      April 19, 1775, government agents came to Concord, Massachusetts to take the guns and ammo. The Americans shot the government agents. Why do you think the Second Amendment says “..shall not be infringed.”? Look that word up. The American people are the ultimate power & authority in America. Governments exist because Americans created it and allow it to exist.
      Stop bowing to governmental tyranny and stop kneeling to tyrants.
      Act like Americans, for if you do not, the government will surely treat you as sheep.
      Yes, it takes American guts to live free. Try it.

    3. Here is my comment to ‘n.palooosy’ and ‘b.finestein’, ONE ITEM ON ONE BILL.
      How many INDIVIDUAL ITEMS are being PUSHED on this ONE bill that the DemocRATic Nationalist Committee wants to pass? (DNC) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Loading ONE bill with MULTIPLE DEMANDS – – – – MUST be THROWN OUT !
      NO “PORK BARREL” bills !
      ONE item only on ONE bill is to be voted on !
      As a REGISTERED Democrat, I am sick and tired of the COMMUNISTS who have taken over the Democrat party.

    4. I say we put all the gun grabbing whores in a room with all the people who’s rights there trying to take away and let them go at it who ever comes out still standing win just remember that bringing a knife to a gun fight usually isn’t a bright idea. Or maybe they should just mind there own business and keep there nose on there side of the fence and it won’t get pushed inward and bloodied

    5. The sponsors of this legislation, better include funding for building more prisons, because , the non sheep will not be turning in there guns. The democrats are trying to back door gun confiscation, because they know a constitutional ammendment would never pass. I do not want to see my country to become another Venezuela, North Korea. Syria, Honduras, etc

    6. Secret courts? Accusers hidden behind curtains. Hitler, and Stalin would have loved what America is becoming. When I swore my oath to protect America against all enemies, foreign and domestic, little did expect it be from my own government. Be warned, I have never been relived of my oath.

    7. President Trump fire Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi and Charles Schumer! And no federal pension for any of them! Make America great again!
      Man, isn’t mentally unstable Feinstein around 100? Why is she still in office?

    8. I hope and pray that there are enough real men left in this country to actually do something instead of simply paying lip service, when it finally becomes a fight or flight situation, which it appears to be heading for quickly. Voting doesn’t seem to be the answer any more as the liberals in the states control more and more of the country by dominating their states’ population centers (overwhelmingly liberal), which universally ignores or renders mute, the votes/rights of small town and rural voters (conservative). Now there is a push to eliminate the Electoral College which will completely nullify the votes of small town and rural voters across the nation at the national level. When that happens and when the liberal urbanites dominate the national agenda, it will be too late. The system is broken and it is never more obvious than when a corrupt, failing state (California, New York, Illinois, etc.) can send someone to Washington to pass laws for the rest of the country that will inevitably result in turning the entire country into a carbon copy of their own screwed up sh*thole of a state.


    10. We need to enforce the laws that are already on the books, secure our boarders, and abide by the Constitution. It has been proven time and time again that more guns laws do nothing to stop criminals from getting their hands on guns. Loose boarder regulations are a big part of the problem, just ask yourself, “how long has the war on drugs been going on?” It’s not working and never will unless we enforce the laws that are already on the books, secure our boarders, and abided by our Constitution. God help us all if the radical left gets into the White House in 2020.

    11. Red flag laws are simply gun confiscation disguised as crime prevention. Mao did it in China decades ago, convincing people to turn in their fellow countrymen. Hitler practiced the scheme as well to disarm any possible resistance to his regime. Action must be taken to stop this latest infringement.

    12. I don’t quite understand how it has come down to this one senator in Iowa to decide. Why? Because she is up for re-election? Why is she the one that Feinstein is targeting? There needs a bit more context to this story. Don’t get us all spun up over these horrific bills without giving us the whole story.

    13. Isnt this the bill that attorney general William Barr was promoting as well? You know him the anti Constitution gun grabber, complicit in the Ruby Ridge murders and other traitorous activities.

    14. The democrat party has become so radically socialist, I’d expect a hundred million owners of firearms to simply ignore any more gun control laws. Seems they’ll resist with armed violence if pushed but in the meantime, they’ll be happy to live their peaceful lives and enjoy their right to self-protection, even if it is considered illegal by the nut sector.

    15. I dropped everything and wrote a letter, to each of my janitors (or is it senators, I forget), telling them why they should not let Pelosi and the democrat party hoodwink them. Thanks for the heads up Ammoland.

      1. The problem with sending emails to them is that they can hit delete simply by pushing a button.
        I hand write a letter to their DC and local offices, I go to their local offices when I know they will be there, because it is easier for them to put a face to and an actual letter over an email that they hit the delete button.
        If their local offices are not a short trip I call it and find out at what time they will be in the office and set up a time to call them, I set a block of 45 minutes even though I probably won’t use it all. Oh yeah I do the same thing when I go there also.
        I find that way is the most effective way to make them listen to the things I want them to listen to and why it is so important. The sad thing is, that it is not the Republican Senator who actually listens and acts like he really cares about the people who have things that important to them, and actually acts on their behalf. It’s the Democrat who has come through. He actually listens and acts in his constituents behalf. I don’t agree with everything he does, but I do with a lot of the what he has done. Which is why I didn’t vote for the Republican candidate this last election.

    16. I’ve attempted to contact McConnell in the recent past about the Red Flag bill. Have not heard Jack Sh%t back from him.
      He’s a worthless RINO.

    17. DEMOCRAT Sen. Dianne Feinstein – tell us why you employed a Chinese spy as your ‘driver’ and what did you receive in return for passing national secrets through him to the People’s Liberation Army?? TREASON!!!!

      1. Because Congress sold USA to China and is bringing in the Muslims and illegals while trying to take guns to depopulate Americans. That’s why.
        Tweeting about gun rights from the chair while gov is taking those rights as we speak. Is why we’re going to war, it’s fight or get on your knees and take one to the back of the head

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