The Unstoppable 3D Gun Revolution Continues to Heat Up

Editors Note: AmmoLand News readers have reported that some CAD files from sites linked below have virus and malware hidden in them. As with all unknown files on the world wild web be sure your security and virus protection is up to date & hardened before downloading or visiting. Please re-read our series on internet security and virus protection.

Update: 05/31/2109: Attention State Government employees to stupid to understand how the internet works. Providing off-site links and reporting on the current state of 3D ghost guns is not banned (yet in America) and is our right to do so under freedom of the press. AmmoLand News does NOT host or distribute any files that fall under “banned speech” laws.

3D Printed Ghost Guns
3D Printed Ghost Guns

U.S.A.-( battle over 3D printed firearms is once again heating up. This time the distributors of these files seem to be unstoppable.

The group “Deterrence Dispensed” has started distributing CAD files allowing people to 3D print firearms. Deterrence Dispensed is unlike that of Defense Distributed. Defense Distributed is a registered non-profit that was started by Cody Wilson. Their leaders are well known.

Deterrence Dispensed is a decentralized group. The group doesn’t have a real leadership structure, they do not have a physical address, and their real names are not known. It would be tough for states like New Jersey to sue Deterrence Dispensed into silence.

Much like Deterrence Dispensed is decentralized, they use a decentralized method of sharing files called peer to peer (P2P) networks. P2P networks use the user’s computers to form a neural-like network to disseminate files. Since there is not a central server, there is nothing to shut down. If one node is shut down multiple other nodes pop up.

P2P networks came to fame in the late nineties to share pirated music files. Since that time, it has gone mainstream and is used by multiple companies to distribute data. The most popular P2P format are Torrents.

Members of Deterrence Dispensed communicate using apps such as Signal. Signal allows a user to communicate with other users using an encrypted channel. The encryption hides the messages from prying eyes such as an overreaching government.

The group also uses Discord servers to communicate. Discord is a popular communication (free text and chat tool) method used by gamers. Although primarily used by gaming enthusiast, Discord has been used by a myriad of people, including YouTube stars, to communicate with their fan base.

Twitter was another place where these crypto-anarchists communicated until recently. Last month, at the behest of New Jersey, Twitter banned the most famous member and DeFacto spokesman for Deterrence Dispensed.

Known as only IvanTheTroll, the member has been the target of the Garden State. New Jersey Senator  Bob Menendez put immense pressure on Twitter to ban Ivan because he was sharing his CAD gun files which are illegal to download in New Jersey. The social media giant banned the prominent free speech advocate without warning.

Ivanthetroll12 on Bitchute
Ivanthetroll12 on Bitchute

Although the pressure of the Democratic Senator did get Ivan kicked off Twitter, Menendez has not been able to silence Ivan or Deterrence Dispensed. IvanTheTroll still has an active Bitchute channel where he shows off his creations on video and he distributes his files through sites like Mega.

Bitchute is a YouTube alternative with more of a libertarian philosophy. The site has become a haven for free speech advocates on the Web. Mega is the site of the New Zealand based crypto-anarchist known as Kim Dotcom. The German-Finnish entrepreneur originally founded MegaUpload before the US Government successfully shut it down over piracy concerns.

Deterrence Dispensed is not the only decentralized group disseminating firearm cad files. FOSSCAD is another group that is sharing their work via P2P networks. They offer a 1.2G torrent on their site with all their CAD designs for 3D guns.

In addition to using P2P networks, these groups also share their files on CAD sharing sites such as Grabcad and Spee<h. Users can find files shared on the Defense Distributed Reddit page.

When Cody Wilson started Defense Distributed, he wanted to make all gun control obsolete. With groups like Deterrence Dispensed and FOSSCAD popping up and other independent developers creating CAD files of gun designs his dream might be coming true.

FGC9 WIP: Lower receiver function test from r/Defense_Distributed

About John Crump

John Crump Headshot blue
John Crump Headshot blue

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. He is the former CEO of Veritas Firearms, LLC and is the co-host of The Patriot News Podcast which can be found at John has written extensively on the patriot movement including 3%’ers, Oath Keepers, and Militias. In addition to the Patriot movement, John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and is currently working on a book on leftist deplatforming methods and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, on Facebook at realjohncrump, or at

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Mr. America

Why do we need instruction on exercising a right ?

Where’s the author’s free speech course certificate ?


For those who want CAD files that don’t have viruses:

Arm The People

Thank you so much.. I had almost all the videos saved on youtube play list now I dont have to login every time

Michael J

Where’s the barrel? Politicians and bureaucrats are the most uninformed people on the planet using every opportunity to exploit any gun for votes and control. Those that fall for their tactics are exactly what these treasonous vipers are counting on.


@Dear John, your either a troll, or you are actually one of the people mentioned that shouldn’t own a firearm. Not for any fault of your own, but possibly genetics has dealt you a bad hand. You have our sympathy, but not our support.


Great article John Crump, my comment was to troll John, the selector of gun owners. My bad.

John Dunlap

The entire 3D printed gun debate is just more hysterics from the hoplophobic Left. Anyone with access to machine tools and the skill to use them can produce a functional firearm: (check out the list of videos that come up with this one, Youtube hasn’t purged everything) I’ve no doubt that my little Sherline mill is up to the task for some designs. All I need to do is a patent search, and I’m in business. thousands of hobbyists lawfully make their own firearm every year, no 3D printer needed. The problem is ammunition. I could probably figure out… Read more »

Dean Weingarten

Primer mixes are actually rather easy to make and use in small quantities.
Several different methods are available.

Here is a downloadable “how to manual” developed by a PhD Chemist.


Update: 05/31/2109: Attention State Government employees to stupid to understand how the internet works.


Once more, the useless idiots masquerading as politicans are stumped and trumped at the same time. They would tell us how we should live refuse to learn thjey will never achieve this goal. While it has been weakened by two hundred years of laziness and lack of vigilance, the spirit of independence and self-rule still runs strong. It IS fun to watch the dweeb control freaks squirm and squeal when they don’t get their way. There already exist far too many arms in private hands to ever be rid of them all. Hah, even in Oz, where theyTHOUGHT they took… Read more »

Dr Michael

WARNING!!! When accessing the link that provides the CADs. i.e. FOSSCAD / Pirates Bay, it tries to download a BitCoin miner to your computer. Beware – Thanks Norton 360!

That said, I love the idea of getting these plans to everyone. 3-D printers are only going to become more ubiquitous, years from now this could be a way of ensuring guns remain available after the Democrats turn us into the next communist protectorate!


Thats great…IF you have a printer and the skill set to use it. Then there are the metal parts that need to be machined. Then there is the issue of ammunition. They are going to crackdown on that. Make ammo taxed to death, and restrict the amount you can purchase. There is no end to what they will do to infringe on the Second Amendment. Even if Trump wins re-election,the next president after, is likely to be a Democrat. More and more Millenials will vote Socialist. Allinsky’s rules have been underway for sometime. Look at the Southern Border. The system… Read more »

John Jameson

What power to the people?? What do you do when you’ve been banned by Facefart for calling Bloomberg what he is? I tried to post a picture of Bloomberg with his scowling face with the words that described him as a wealthy man whose only purpose in life is twofold. 1) Increase his personal fortune at the expense of society. 2) Extend his reach into government and business to control all aspects of this country by shredding the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. It amazed me that a minor transposition and addition of a few letters, “Bloomberg” becomes “Bilderberg”.… Read more »


Whether you like it or not there has to be some gun control because some people just shouldn’t own a gun period.

Second I would not trust one of these 3D guns blowing up in my face. Maybe one day plastic and design will allow it to be a good idea but I would rather shoot a gun design that has had 50,000 rds through it before I am the one to try the design and materials.


Hah, another troll who manages to show the fallacy of his philosophy in his first sentence! We need some gun control because some people shouldn’t have guns! And how has that worked out so far with 22,000+ gun laws? I’d say that was “some” gun control wouldn’t you, John? No, you’d probably say 100,000 would be “some”. But would you ever consider focusing on the person who commits a crime instead of the object used? Again, the answer would be a resounding no, because you’re an ideologue. No one forces you to shoot ANYTHING, that’s the beauty of living in… Read more »

Wild Bill

@John Dunlap the troll, Whether you like it or not, you do not get to decide; your theory is invalid; and you need to attend Constitutional Kindergarten.


@John Dunlap, No I do not like it! How have you missed all the gun control laws we have now? Said laws have done nothing to stop crime. How about we start teaching folks to have “self control”? Can you honestly state that government does anything well? If anything more “government control” laws are needed. Take a critical thinking course if you can find one.


there ARE gun control laws that WOLD work but are not enforced. Start with all the laws and derive from the words “thou shalt not murder”, and “thou shalt not steal”. When people do these two things, it does not matter whether they use their bare hands, a belt, baseball bat, brick, truckload of fertiliser, or a fully automatif M4 military ASSAULT weapon. Somehow we’ve decided that it is better to soend huge amounts of public dollars to warehouse they who have murdered and stolen, rather than meting out the prescribed punishment, given by the One who issued the original… Read more »

Robert Thomas

It is interesting that the more they try to restrict an object, the more alternative ways that object becomes available. A firearm, printed or otherwise, is just as likely to be used legally as it is illegally. It is just an object. The asshats will never understand that.


Power To The People!


We the people will not be silenced.


Well said. Now we need the low information types to realize this genie is never going back in the bottle. Defense Distributed is easy hanging fruit, the shiny object the lame steam media and idiot politicians want to hype to generate fear based on some hollow threat that doesn’t exist. Hegelian Dialectic.


Overall good article; I just wish you had used a picture of a 3D-printable gun instead of an 80% lower, because the article isn’t talking about 80% lowers. Also, the headline should probably be changed to reference a “3D Printed Gun Revolution” instead of just saying “3D Gun Revolution”…..all guns are 3D, and this wording is sloppy, not reflecting the high quality of the rest of the article.

HMLA-167 Warrior

Best article you have written John

Ansel Hazen

Awesome news. Good job reporting John.