The Worm Has Turned on the Democrats

Democrats staging a petulant "sit-in" in the well of the House. (Photo C-Span screenshot)
Democrats staging a petulant “sit-in” in the well of the House. (Photo C-Span screenshot)

U.S.A.-( The Democrats and their media colluders are belching last gasps of impotent protest as their dreams of interfering with the 2016 presidential election come to a screeching halt.

Through forlorn partisan lenses, they have watched the Mueller report, their joyride vehicle on the glorious highway to impeachment, spring four flat tires, all because of nails they placed on the road themselves.

As we watch the mainstream media grow hysterically strident, and the insolent Senate Democrats lash out at Attorney General William Barr for refusing to validate their malicious witch hunt, we realize we are witnessing their gobsmacked reaction to justice served cold.

For three years, they have bombarded us with the damnable lie that Trump conspired with Russia to steal the 2016 presidential election. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, they have borne false witness against the president. And now, instead of crossing the finish line and breaking the victory tape, they have run into the brick wall of justice. To quote my son, “That's gotta hurt.”

What they should be doing is eating crow — for dragging the America people along on their joyless journey of deceit. Instead, they are reacting like sore losers, doubling down on their subterfuge and transferring their unquenched antipathy to Barr.

Shame on these sanctimonious senators — Blumenthal, Harris, Booker, Hirono, etc. — for vilifying Barr to salvage their dying credibility and regain the upper hand. Shame on the media, who, in synchronized chorus, called Barr Trump's “handpicked” attorney general — as if every attorney general in history hasn't been handpicked by the president. Shame on the lot of them.

What a spectacle to behold — the Democrats and the media feigning outrage at the attorney general for merely formalizing what special counsel Robert Mueller found on the “collusion” charge, and for finishing what Mueller didn't have the courage to finish on the obstruction charge.

As the facts and law are both against them, Democrats are again pounding the table — going on the offensive to distract from their excesses; shouting epithets and leveling slanders against Barr to obfuscate Mueller's actual findings; playing semantic word games with the term “collusion”; and manufacturing a bogus complaint that Barr withheld the special counsel's 19-page summary despite the subsequent release of that summary showing there's still no “there” there.

The raw truth is that Mueller found no evidence that Trump colluded (non-legal term) or coordinated (legal term) with Russia to interfere with the election. After having used the term “collusion” for three years, Democrats are in a faux outrage that Republicans are throwing it back in their faces, saying there was none. They claim Republicans are trying to distort Mueller's findings. They know better. Mueller explicitly found no actionable coordination either.

Then, Mueller got in a snit over Barr's four-page summary, and Democrats brayed that Barr was misrepresenting Mueller's 19-page summary and the full report. But when Barr followed up with Mueller on his quibbles, Mueller assured him he was emphatically not suggesting that Barr had misrepresented his findings. He just didn't like the contextual presentation, which he thought led to an unflattering media narrative against him and his work. Herein lies the rub. The pristine and unflappable Mueller turns out not to be so unflappable after all. He just couldn't abide the media blowback after enjoying two years of high praise as the Saint of Pre-Impeachment.

Mueller's apparently thin skin might give us insight into why he didn't have the courage to issue a concrete finding that there was no actionable obstruction claim. Barr was obviously surprised and disappointed with the fecklessness of his lukewarm old friend. Probably fearful that he would go from hero to villain overnight upon the release of his lackluster report, Mueller hedged on the obstruction charge, which is appalling, especially considering that the chief executive has every right to cashier his FBI chief for any reason.

Democrats are as nervous as a criminal defendant at his sentencing, knowing the other shoe might be about to drop. Never did they imagine that their own conspiracy to hatch a false conspiracy against President Trump would not only yield them no fruit but also backfire in their smug faces. For Barr not only sealed shut their farcical investigation; he is signaling that the real investigation against the conspiracy conspirators is afoot.

Multiple criminal leak probes are underway, as well as an inquiry into whether the Steele dossier was part of a Russian disinformation campaign and whether the Democrats, not Trump, were coordinating with the Russians to interfere with the election. Further, Barr could be investigating whether a proper predicate existed for the Obama administration to investigate and spy on Trump and his campaign. Popcorn.

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    1. The fact of the matter is Simple if Mueller had found any collusion or anything illegal he would have been glad to put it in his report so the Demos could carry out their treacherous plans.

    2. When politicians and bureaucrats don’t follow the laws it’s like they temporarily rewritten them. Then along comes someone like President Trump who does enforce them, they scream foul. We had eight plus years of these vipers doing whatever they wanted, without any thought of consequence. No wonder the left is so desperate to prove their lies.

    3. Just 1 1/2 yrs left. Then the true witch hunt begins!! No pardons when not the President. So we shall see about the 4 flats!! I understand Hillary was far from the best option but if could get any further from the best we got him in office now. I understand how he makes some feel as if he is helping them. Sucks for them. Stop reading twitter and watching FOX and do some digging. This man has ripped every American off for his entire life. I’m a contractor and he rips people like me off like we mean nothing! He is supporting the FKN NRA not any of you guys with your buffed up thumbs!

      There is another election coming. Do your homework now and let’s get the proper person in office to make this country atleast decent. Great is not achievable due to simple fact we are human and ALL HUMANS SUCK! Sht all we do is destroy and kill. Truly that’s is it. All that we build is only for us! Again we suck. Everything we sell for us yep humans. Suck again. Any organization trying to preserve this GREAT EARTH gets ridiculed by forums like this. Yep Suck! THEY CAN’T TAKE OUR GUNS PEOPLE!! IMPOSSIBLE! So let’s work on America. NOW! We are running short on time so let’s start to humble ourselves and know that the people are your friends and your America. Not one politician, business man/woman, giant monopoly is out for you! Walmart/Amazon/Home Depot/Lowes/GE/GM/Ford/Haliburton and list goes on. These companies strive off the arguments of us dumb Americans. The more we fight the more they can market products to fuel our ideals. Just stop and think for a second. Shake some hands and try to meet some new people!! Americans are amazing people. ALL OF US! Just gotta get away from old America and embrace the fact it is changing and there is 0 we can do about the people. Now the government and the control they are trying to push. Again these arguments fuel the left to take guns. ” listen to the hate ” ” they are all bigots ” that’s bullshit! But they use our words to push agendas!! THIS IS 2019 PEOPLE. NOT 1987 THEY WATCH.. LISTEN.. PRY.. SPY.. AND STEAL OUR INFORMATION!!! ALL OF IT! ALLLLLL of it!

      All the fighting over all the years in America and this is how far we have gotten. I know I will get hammered for this post but it’s only the reality of the situation and yep… Reality Sucks!!

      1. Pray tell us who the proper person is “to make this country at least decent”? Another Hillary clone? ie. serial rapist/pedophile enabler and a pay-for-play Sec of State who’s foundation received 114 million from the Russians she sold our uranium to? An Obama copy with a criminal administration full of Eric Holders (fast and furious) and Loretta Lynchs(meet me on the tarmac Bill)? Or maybe the proper candidate should be a phony millionaire Socialist who never held a real job in his life like Bernie Sanders? Or maybe Nancy and the idiot AOC should run as a team? Tell us JustPlainAmerican.

      2. You are a troll, you may have some half truths here but what Obama did was far worse than Trump ever could do!!! Where are all your comments about him huh??? Your really sucks worse because it’s not entirely true!! I will fight to the bitter end for my country and if you don’t your just part of the problem!!

      3. Reality sucks for you, communist moron. Move to Russia, China or North Korea if you hate it here so much. I’ll help you pack. If ignorance is bliss, you must be in communist heaven.

      4. What you are describing applies to both sides. I’m a general contractor, I’ve been in business 20 years. Through the Obama years, I had an average 3 month backlog of work. Good work, but average income jobs. Under Trump, that backlog is now 9 months. That and the jobs have tripled in size. I’ve been able to, and had to buy new equipment, two new trailers last year, and a bunch of other stuff. I just hired another worker. Everyone I know is flat out. Every subcontractor, etc. Oh and no debt either, I paid for it all on the spot, and had plenty left over. So when you ask, what has Trump done for me? There it is. Can I say absolutely that it was Trump? Or course not. But something happened when he was elected, a switch got turned on in my industry, and we are all making the best of it. So go scream at traffic. As far as I’m concerned, he’s doing a great job so far.

      5. You sir, seem to hate everyone and everyone. I am sure that you are no longer in business as your past employees have tired of your hate filled ramblings. You have swallowed the Democratic playbook so far and so often that you can only spew their rhetoric and hate to whoever you think might listen(small audience!). Take time to see a Dr. and be sure to follow their instructions to “take a pill!”

      6. @ JustPlainAmerican You should call yourself JustPlainStupid. From your rant I would surmise you are about ready to commit yourself off the face of this earth. How can anyone be thais negative?

    4. There is little doubt Russia did try to interfere in the election of 2016. However, they did not try to install either Hillary or President Donald Trump as the president. The Russians have been interfering in US elections for decades. Their effort was instead to cause havoc in our election system. Thanks to the so called democrats they were successful beyond their wildest dreams. Obama did not report it because he thought Hillary was going to win in a landslide. And he saw the Russian interference helping her effort. However why wouldn’t democrats help the Russians succeed? After all their goals seem to be exactly alike. Fundamental transformation. Remember? When something gets fundamentally transformed the original is gone. No longer in existence. That is and was the goal of both the so called democrats and the Russian government. That goal, in both instances, was getting rid of Constitutional America!

      We can see at this time what Obama planned to fundamentally transform America into. It was a communist state with a touch of Islam. What prevented him from succeeding was the fact he was unable to get the guns although he did try quite diligently. However, Hillary had a plan to get them without having to change the second amendment. She would just stack the supreme court with like thinking communists and they would declare the word militia to mean a government agency and immediately all guns in citizens hands would become subject to registration and confiscation. Such action may cause a civil war but she thought she could do it that way. The so called democrats are still not over the fact Hillary lost to Donald J Trump. They have been trying for over two years now to get him out of office one way or another. Problem is some of the things they have tried were against the law and it is soon going to be time to pay for those crimes. Looks like it could be just in time for the 2020 election.

      One thing is for certain however, if there is no punishment for those who tried to chase President Trump out of office using the intelligent agencies it will happen again. Make no mistake about that. These so called democrats are all about power total complete power in the form of a dictatorship and a communist state.

    5. All the elected people in D.C. should remember, He who is without sin cast the first stone, if they lived by that saying they would keep their mouths shut about others.

    6. RICO conspiracy charges against Brennan, Clapper, Comey, the DNC, Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch, Adam “steaming pile of” Schiff, the Ohrs, Strzock, Page, Waters, Blumenthal, GoNadler, Soros, Pelousy, and Scummer. This is a wide-reaching conspiracy involving coordination with foreign powers to treasonously overthrow the elected government of the United States, It is public firing squad time, and I don’t mean CGI.

    7. Let the cards fall where they will. The Democrats have had the dog chasing it’s tail for a long time and now it is beginning to chase them.

    8. The dumb-craps are still “crying” that queen hillary didn’t win in 2016. So they spend 3 years running President Trump down and pushing their many gun banning plans to disarm all America. With all the problems facing America and in the world, the democrats focus only on banning or restrictions on firearms. Illegals are flooding our southern boarders, on the news they say 3 or 4 thousand a day! are coming across. the boarder asking for “political.
      asylum”. They want and demand your job and will do anything to get it too! The democrats want open boarders and let anyone and everyone to come here, this could be 25, 50 or 100 million people. Do they really think America will be better with 400, 500 or 600 million people living in it? Businesses are closing up in the USA and laying off 1000’s.of employees, so where are all these jobs the democrats say need to be filled? Around 4 million students will graduate in May and June and will be looking for jobs too. Now employer’s won’t hire anyone unless the have a green card amd speak only Spanish. If you don’t embrace the flow of illegals you are a racist, if you fly the American flag you are a racist, if you don’t speak Spanish you are a racist. President Trump finish the boarder wall and stopp all immigration to the USA now. Even countries like China and India are thinking of sending millions of “boat people refugees” to the USA! Also our roads and freeways need repairing, schools need fixing, inner cities need fixing, National Parks need help, foreign governments are buying up American farmland and ranchland and the democrats don’t care, all they are interested is in banning all firearms in America. Vote for President Trump in 2020, just say “hell no” to democrats/socialist party!

      1. Concerned Patriot, Please be advised that I do fly the American Flag every day, and I do it with pride.
        I have yet to have anyone say anything to me about or challenge me over Flying the United States Flag in the front of my property. I have been Flying the United States Flag for over 30 years and not a word from anyone. Maybe it depends on where you live. In my neck of the woods of North Puget Sound WA. State, a Liberal Bastion, not a word form any of them. Why? Because I believe that they are “Spineless Cowards”. Period. Furthermore, there is so much garbage and falsehoods being mixed in with a shred of truth by Media, clearly being distributed by AXIOS group. Who to believe? Verify, Verify, Verify.

      1. Good one!

        Yep, when one of the conspirator rats is prosecuted, the new reality TV show will be the rest of the rats running and squealing giving up the others cutting the best deal for the one stay out of jail card free.

        Aw the fun times to come watching these scumbags turn on each other!

      1. Build the wall but imprison EVERYONE associated with the fake Russian dossier and 2 year witch hunt – that means put the former PIMP who orchestrated this for Georgy-boy $oro$ up on the gallows for treason. Arrest $oro$ as well and the elite swamp creatures who were backing this as well.
        We need a “sort-of-military coup” to get things done before 2020 and before the communists try anything else. Arrest them all and let them hang as per the remedy in the Constitution. Put it on Pay-Per-View and charge a nominal fee then give the money to the homeless vets and those in dire need who’ve suffered at the hands of the democRATS.
        Take no prisoners.

        1. Brother R, check out the FDR years. There were several “Soros” in that time too, and they did the same things. Actually, Soros is following the CIA playbook to a tee. The CIA has played the anti government card many times in foreign countries. One could say that Soros learned well from the “masters of disaster”.

      2. These democrats, both elected and “civil servants” are a cancer within our government. If they are not identified and removed they will metastasize and eventually destroy this nation.

    9. Someone should be held accountable and compelled to pay back the monies taxpayers were billed for the Mueller farce and equally the cost to taxpayers now to investigate these scumbags.

      Remember Biden said not one whisper of scandal during the Obama Administration, yet the IRS scandal illegally denying exempt status while targeting tea party affiliation by authorities just prior to Obama’s reelection campaign, costs taxpayers $3.5 million in damages paid to tea party participants, all the while Lois Learner, Obama’s political IRS hack, enjoys her $175k retirement with no accountability.

      Remember Mueller and Comey (Mueller then FBI Director and Comey, US Attorney), both zeroed in on Jewel during the Anthrax matter, Jewel actually the hero, was falsely accused and beaten down by these two, coupled with constant bombardment by their media lackeys, ended up costing the taxpayers $8 million payout to Jewel, (who by the way never recovered from the onslaught of false accusations and fake news).

      It is the taxpayers who ultimately are the victims, not only paying these scumbags during their wrong doings, but then having to payout the settlements for their wrong doings! Least we forget the taxpayer slush fund created by Congress used specifically to payout settlements for their sexual exploits!

      Should the ways of old tar and feathering be reinstated?

      1. Amen brother,your words ring true. After a quarter in the new house damocraps have not done 1 single thing for the good of our country but spend money on witch hunting which they should repay US

      2. Tar and feathers? How about a crow’s cage hung in front of the house and senate office buildings? The stinking bodies in those cages will remind those who escaped that punishment that it is always waiting.

    10. Lock em up…for they have committed treason against the high office of the Presidency of the United States…It’s time to turn the tables…and only a second special consul can do the trick…without it…we will be spinning our wheels until dooms day…and the socialist will have claimed a major victory.

    11. Go Barr and investigate the group who has promoted this nonstop and with unlimited expenses for the past 3 years. Those lying thugs have made us the laughing stock of the world and have caused numerous rounds of cheers in Russian bars to Collusion. Now it is time to set the record straight and do the American thing–try and sentence those who have held high office and misused and abused the public trust.

    12. They should NOT be :eating crow”. They’ve committed felonies. Our system does NOT prescribe embarrassment and an apology as the punishment. They should face indictment and arrest. Because no criminal in history has ever ceased unlawful behavior simply because the victim asked them nicely. Or got embarrassed enough either.
      And until real punishment is meted out for their very real crimes, the idiocy will not only continue, but grow ever worse and worse. As it obviously is doing.

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