True Grit

Art by A.F. Branco

Jerry Nadler Can Pound Sand
Jerry Nadler Can Pound Sand

USA –-( True Grit.

After over 2 years of investigation and over 2800 subpoenas, Nadler wants to keep the destroy-Trump dream alive with even more subpoenas, but Trump says no more.

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About A.F. Branco

A.F. Branco is a GrassRoots Conservative Political Cartoonist for Conservative Daily News, Net Right Daily, Legal Insurrection, and now Ammoland Shooting Sports News.

A.F. Branco has taken his two greatest passions, (art and politics) and manifested them into the cartoons that have been seen all over the country, in various news outlets including “Fox News” and “The Washington Post.” He has been recognized by such personalities as James Woods, Sarah Palin, Larry Elder, Lars Larson, and even the great El Rushbo.

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  • 13 thoughts on “True Grit

    1. Dave in Farfax; I did check and still have this moderated nonsense coming up almost every post, I still think that it is because the virus in N J has struck their office and they now want us to be P C, I never have been and don’t plan to be any time soon!

    2. There is a lot of truth in this cartoon. Maybe Nadlerbelly will push the envelope too far and it will slap him in the gord. One can only hope. Before he could pound sand someone would have to teach him and that would be a long and tedious task.

    3. Perfect Cartoon, people are just getting fed up with the constant B/S that the left keeps putting out, THEY JUST CAN’T FACE THAT THEY LOST THE ELECTION IN 2016, and they HATE TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But then the other parties hate him just as much, He is not one of them, A CARRIER POLITICIAN!!!!!!!!! Nader should be turned around with the subpoena stuck on the back of his pants, then Trump with the LARGER HAMMER with a DUMP-TRUCK LOAD OF SAND TO BE DELIVERED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BET I GET MODERATED FOR THIS ONE?????????

    4. Wild Bill; I am being MODERATED almost every time I try to post a comment, I have read Ammo lands policies and I still can’t figure out what I did, the only thing I can figure out is that they are based in N.J. and the virus has hit them hard!!!!

      1. PAY ATTENTION WHINERS! All postings are being moderated (reviewed) and for good reason–to keep both the nut case’s comments out and the disinformation comments out–both are being sent to Ammoland mostly by the paid minions of anti American George Soros. Getting Ammoland and other sites like this out of business are in the list of getting rid of the NRA and that pesky Second Amendment.

      1. @MB, I agree, and we can give it to him. Next election find a “not corrupted yet” candidate and throw a party or barbecue for him. The neighbors get fun. The candidate gets contributions. Trump gets a bigger drain. The radical socialist left get the first of many surprises!

    5. The hammer is not big enough! Nadler’s not anal retentive any more so it will take more to plug it up!

    6. That’s exactly what PRESIDENT TRUMP should do tell all of the MORONS ON CAPITAL HILL TO POUND SAND!! NADTHEIDIOT could not get a passing grade many times before he graduated from Law School, they probably just passed him on because it was giving the University a BAD NAME!! I haven’t seen how long it took him to pass the BAR but I bet it was just as LONG!! HIM AND HIS IDIOT BROTHERS IN ARMS, SHIFTYSHIT, BLOOMINGIDIOT(THE LYING SO CALLED VET) and the rest of the so called U.S. CONGRESS DEMONCRAPS COULDN’T POUR PISS OUT OF A BOOT WITH THE DIRECTIONS WRITTEN ON THE HEEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    7. “Make America Laugh Again” is listed on Amazon as currently unavailable. Is it truly unavailable or is Amazon making it so?

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